is this a joke post or not

Me: All these Klance reach posts are pretty funny but they also, quite frankly, give the writers way too much credit and only set the fandom up for further disappointment :/

Keith: (goes out of his way to describe how he’ll be sleeping tonight to Lance approximately 21 minutes and 50 seconds into Season 1, Episode 2 “Some Assembly Required” (© 2017 DreamWorks Animation LLC))


Kingdom Hearts Series ending in a nutshell

Kingdom Hearts: *crying* It’s so beautiful

Chain of Memories: Um Riku where are you going? 

Kingdom Hearts II: Yay they’re finally home, now they can relax and, what’s that letter




Dream Drop Distance: ….dafuq just happened? 

I literally love everything about Japan (I guess?) I study psychology and want to major in artificial intelligence in future (thanks to Evangelion) My blog consists of mainly anime & manga & Asian related things. My dream is marrying an Asian guy and having cute children lol idk and I also

All joking aside, we can’t believe we’ve made it to 6666 followers like holy hell that’s a whole lot of you! So from the bottom of our shriveled little hearts, we want to thank each and everyone one of you! Thank you everyone for all of your support.

Now, we don’t have much to give, but we were thinking about doing a small little give away to thank our followers, but before we do an official post for that, I wanted to see the feedback on what you all think of it first. The only downside is that only our followers from the United States and Canada would be able to participate. Shipping elsewhere is hella expensive. Leave a reply and tell us what you think.

What are some good ways of making friends in the skating community?

post photos of popular skaters and gush loudly until you attract their fans. alternatively, complain about popular skaters until you attract their haters. (this is a joke but i find that expressing strong opinions online tends to attract people to you, for some reason. this is not a suggestion for you to actually do so, but i’m not in charge of that lol.) (actually i really don’t have any good advice to give here…personally i find it easier to talk to people on twitter than tumblr, but most skating fans on tumblr seem open to talking? you can also try going on the forums.)

I just read Hanyu’s Ice Jewel interview and I’m laughing so much at his skating nerdiness. Has he always been extra on a lot of things?

he’s always extra. but i like reading his thoughts, maybe because i can be overly analytical myself lol.

hey, i’m the anon that asked about yuzuru’s pcs. do you think that he’ll get deflated pcs next season? and how will nathan’s pcs be affected during the olympic season?

unless yuzuru starts bombing regularly i highly doubt his pcs will go down. nathan’s will go up, because that’s what always happens to new stars on the rise.

I’m really worried for the Winter Olympics next year. With both Satoko and Zijun withdrawing (actually you know what with all this drama zijun may still compete idek anymore) it’s literally going to be Russia VS America VS Caroline Kostner. Which we roughly know how it’s going to turn out.

speaking of the zijun drama, ziquan is apparently injured so like :))) so much for CSA’s excuse of zijun having “poor condition and fever”. anyways i assume you’re referring to worlds when you talk about “russia vs america vs caro” because it’s too soon to predict anything for the olympics. idk what’s going to happen at worlds but kaetlyn also has a shot at the podium. i care less about the podium and more about olympic spots, though.

i don’t understand why zijun’s coach wouldn’t allow her to drink water?!!! you’re not losing actual fat?!!! whyyy

because, from all accounts, mingzhu li sounds like a terrible person. she had bad splits with previous students lu chen and caroline zhang too, so. track record of bad relationships with her students. -______-

Does anybody know who choreographed Jun Hwan Cha’s EX? Because I need to go to their house and buy them some flowers or something, that program is a goddamn work of art lmao

i don’t know, can any jun fans help out? because i would also like to congratulate this choreographer on birthing a masterpiece into the world. ETA: it was jeffrey buttle, bless u jbutt

if a skater starts a jump/combo just before the halfway mark and finishes it within bonus does it get the bonus?

it doesn’t, the jump has to start after the halfway point.

I’M PANICKING all my faves are messes and are not going to win T_T

welcome to the life of a skating fan, anon!

Can you try predict the 1st,2nd,3rd standings for worlds?

give wenjing the title in every discipline, then cancel worlds. everyone go home. (i don’t like to do predictions because i’m afraid i’ll jinx someone i like lol.)

Will skaters start to retire earlier because of the quad race?

i don’t know, but i have a feeling they might. no previous generation has ever done this many quads before…we won’t know the effects until they start to appear. i worry that the skaters’ bodies won’t be able to withstand this much stress for long.

anonymous asked:

does joji have snapchat?

the only one I’ve heard of is cooldude123 which is inactive as far as I know unless the account stopped accepting people

I really think he either a) has a private snapchat for friends/family or b) messes around with the filters and posts the photos 

although the other day I was looking at joji stuff of twitter and saw an account that had something like “I have an 100 day snap streak with george” as their bio not sure if that’s a joke or not hmm