is this a headcanon or

what keith did for one year alone in his shack

  • used to crunch on dry spaghetti for every meal
  • washed his clothes in sprite
  • ‘if there are any ghosts here tonight, can you make me sneeze?’ forces himself to sneeze 'hOLY-’
  • when there was a desert storm he would run straight at the lightning, screaming the whole time
  • labelled his water tank 'sweat’ and his gasoline tank 'water’
  • had never sworn out loud before because of authority figures. the first time he finally did, it was in a whisper and he giggled so hard he blacked out
  • had a pet rock named 'not-shiro’
  • he would talk to it and ask it questions
  • 'not-shiro, can i gargle with soap if i run out of toothpaste? you’re right, that’s stupid. i’ll use laundry detergent instead’
  • the only song he had on his iPod was the barney theme song and he would breakdance gently to it
  • found a cave full of strange lion carvings and his first instinct was to lick the walls
  • 'don’t mess with me i have a knife!!!!’
  • the desert lizard he’s threatening just blinks back at him
  • missed seeing cute boys. saw himself in a mirror and got so startled he punched it
  • found himself subconsciously spelling 'lance’ in his alphabet soup and got so mad he dunked the whole bowl on his head
  • he would write in the sand 'aliens hit me up i am single and willing’
  • took pictures of strange desert cryptids for his conspiracy board but they were just selfies
  • used his radio to listen for any news of shiro and make chewbacca noises on public channels
  • 'i don’t like sand. it’s coarse and rough and irritating and it gets everywhere’
  • when he sat on his hoverbike he would pretend he was in an old spice commercial
  • every time a shooting star passed overhead he would gasp and whisper 'shiro’
  • snuck back to the garrison so he could carve 'kieth’ into all of iverson’s belongings to torment him. only realised he spelt his own name wrong after the 546th carving
  • 'snapshot this google earth!’ before he would raise his middle finger up at the sky
Last names

Okay so yeah, of course I love the idea of Draco changing his last name to Potter once he and Harry get married. Of course I love the idea of them hyphenating, and all the drama that ensues when they argue about which name should go first. But you know what I really like? What doesn’t get nearly enough thought IMHO?

The mere concept of Harry Malfoy.

Harry Malfoy, nauseated by the fame that came in a package deal with the name “Potter,” fame he never asked for, changing his to that of the person he cares about most.

Harry Malfoy, searching his husband’s eyes for approval before signing the legal documents to have his last name changed and finding just that and so much more. Finding hope and adoration and love. Real love. The warding-off-killing-curses kind of love. Harry holding onto that moment as tightly as possible.

Harry Malfoy, practicing his new signature for hours on end with every spare piece of parchment he can find, and finding an innocent sort of joy in the way his “M” melted perfectly into his “a.”

Harry Malfoy, a reinvented version of himself, finding the strength to move on from his past and sleep through the night without being afraid something might come for him.

Harry Malfoy, being able to breathe in his own skin again because he’s finally been granted the fresh start he’s always wanted.

Harry Malfoy, a name that has never plastered newspapers, has never been on the wanted list, has never been hunted by Voldemort, has never been spat out of the mouth of his aunt and uncle, has never been.

Harry Malfoy, the first page of a journal that is yet to be filled with love poems and stories and happy memories.

Harry Potter, The Boy Who Lived.

Harry Malfoy. Man.

Okay honestly idk why but I was thinking about what if Percy took a film class and had to direct a play or something, and he decided to do a remake of Ancient Greek myths and got all his friends involved. I mean, it would be a mess, and would result in at least one injury, but tbh I think it would actually be pretty good and comical.

Keith: I’m lance’s best friend.

Pidge: No I’m Lance’s best friend.

Keith: Fine, then I’m Lance’s best friend who isn’t a girl.

Pidge: Hunk is Lance’s best friend who isn’t a girl.

Keith: Then what kind of friend am I?

Pidge: His boyf-

Lance: [laughing nervously] You’re both my best friends! 

your peraltiago concept of the week #1

everytime jake peralta is taking a selfie with amy santiago, he says something to make her laugh super hard the second before tapping the shutter button. this means that in every single picture he’s ever taken of them, amy ‘s got her mouth wide open, nose scrunched up and eyes almost closed, pure joy written all over her face. 

 he is, of course, always looking very proud of himself.

Pin-up Girl

A/N: this is something I had written on my previous blog, please do tell me if any of you guys have more headcanons in mind, I’ll see if I can write them!

Warnings: NSFW-ish (+18)

(ps this gif has melted my insides)

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moodboard  ↠  the otp to rule all the otps ♡ jem carstairs and tessa gray (modern times + future (◡‿◡✿)

tessa herondale carstairs,” he whispered. “you should never worry about borrowing my name when you know that you can have it to keep.”

“we have time to do everything,” he said, tracing one of his fingers down the side of her face. “we have forever.” 


being cheryl’s bff and dating sweet pea would include: 🥀🐍

•         them fighting over who gets to see you more 

(because come one they’re both so possessive of who they love)

•        “listen here, sweet pea. she’s mine. i’ve known her since she was a little ugly duckling in middle school, so go back to your snake cave, romeo.”

•        “cheryl you can’t just say that to my boyfriend!”

•        “listen here, blossom. she’s my girl now. and call her ugly one more time, i swear to god.”

•        “you guys need to stop this, this is getting ridiculous. also, thank you very much, cheryl.”

•        cheryl buying you nice things like expensive jewelry, snidely remarking sweet pea would never be able to afford it

•        you getting mad at cheryl, telling her he doesn’t need to

•        cheryl apologizing. after a week.

•        cheryl buying you a bracelet with a snake and lipstick charm on them

•        “don’t you dare to say anything. just give me your arm.”

•        sweet pea unwillingly asking cheryl what to get you for your birthday

•        cheryl being stubborn at the beginning, not wanting to help since she wants to get you the best present

•        sweet pea confessing his feelings he has for you to cheryl, making her realize how much he actually adores you, making her fake gag

•        cheryl sighing in defeat, telling him that you’ve always wanted a picnic at night while rolling hey eyes constantly

•        cheryl threatening sweet pea that if he told you that it was her who told him, she’d make sure this was the last present he ever made you

•        sweet pea threating cheryl because he threatened her

•        you knowing that it was cheryl that gave sweet pea the idea to take you on a nightly picnic

•        thanking her

•        her denying it was her

•        you knowing she is lying but dropping it

•        you not knowing what to get pea for his birthday

•        cheryl smirking and suggesting to buy sexy underwear and to seduce him

•        cheryl calling sweet pea, asking if he liked stockings

•        “how did you even get my number? and why are you even asking me this?”

•        “shut up and answer. i have to get a manicure, so don’t waste my precious time.”

•        sweet pea still being confused by the phone call, hoping cheryl is never going to call him again

•        sweet pea’s eyes popping out when he sees you in red lacy underwear and stockings

•        him connecting all the dots and thanking cheryl blossom for the first time in his life

•        “you’re okay, blossom.”

•        “don’t expect me to say anything nice to you, snake. see you around.”

•        them acting like they hate each other

•        but they like each other. kind of. you just know it

•        cheryl and sweet pea making you the happiest person in the world

Here’s one of my pieces for @sarchengseyzine!! 

bc 10000% gansey loves aliens i dont make the rules

(Digital zines still available! Proceeds go to the Transgender Law Center. See zine blog for deets!)


In the year that Harry went back to Hogwarts after the second wizarding war to finish his NEWTs, he was paired with Draco in NEWT potions. Although at first they could barely stand to be around each other, over the course of the year they became more comfortable around each other.

In the last lesson of the year, Draco and Harry were brewing a cauldron of Amortentia. However, all Harry could smell was Draco’s conditioner, and all Draco could smell was Harry’s aftershave. When they each realised what was happening, neither of them said anything, but both of them turned a strong shade of magenta.

Escapades [pt. 1]

warnings: FratBoy!Tom, oral (female receiving), protected sex !!

summary: going to a fraternity party which ended with you hooking up with Tom Holland for a night

word count: 2,019

A/N: my favorite one c: i loved writing this so much ngl

The evening was coming to a start as you were still laying on your bed, in your dorm deciding whether the invite from the fraternity was worthy of your time. The time was half past eight and the party started at eight — better late than never though right?

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anonymous asked:

Hanzo, Mccree Reaper and Junkrat meets a girl, that is really distant, never smiles, rarely talks and really cold in general. Guys try really hard and when they're dating, the girl changes a lot - she's more social, laughing a lot and just happier.

-sigh- like usual, it didn’t go exactly as asked but in a way, it sort of did? I don’t know. I like how they turned out but they weren’t exactly what you asked for. Sorry :) Life works in mysterious ways. That and I’m an idiot, so…


  • Dating was neither of your ideas
  • Genji didn’t want Hanzo to remain alone forever, but it wasn’t like Hanzo was interested in looking for a match
  • You both seemed similar, in your long silences and brooding, cold attitudes you displayed to others
  • Neither of you were very much interested in the idea of friends. Everything was a job. The goal was to get it done quick and successfully, and that was it
  • There was no time for friendship, or making more then acquaintances 
  • So the girls and Genji pushed the two of you together…
  • Your first date started off really awkward. Neither of you really spoke
  • Hanzo though decided it was best to make an effort and tried to converse with you
  • At first, you were having none it…until…
  • One of his noodles started to steal something from off his plate
  • Immediately Hanzo scolded the dragon, who looked unashamed and just stuck out its little tongue at him
  • You’d noticed and as much as you tried, you could not pretend disinterest
  • I mean, the noodles were pretty damn adorable
  • Quietly you ended up asking about the dragons, and surprised by your decision to ask, Hanzo told you the story of the dragons
  • His other noodle crawled into your lap at the table, begging for attention and knowing Hanzo did not allow begging. You ended up scratching its chin and when it made an odd noise akin to a purr, you couldn’t help smiling
  • It was that smile that caught Hanzo’s interest. It was nothing like the silent, cold girl who had walked into the restaurant with him…and it was that smile that made him try harder
  • Building upon the conversation of the dragons, Hanzo managed to keep you talking
  • At one point, he found a weak link: you had a love of art, and when he asked you about your art, you blushed so adorably, but showed him anyway
  • You were an amazing artist, and Hanzo didn’t hesitate to admit that
  • You ended up studying the tattoo on his arm, and with shining eyes you expressed your love for the intricate designs
  • The rest of the date went perfectly, and before the two of you knew it, you two had grown comfortable around each other, talking about all kinds of things
  • You ended up going out with him again, completely different from the girl he had expected


  • The man always did like a challenge
  • At first, it was admittedly a bit of a game
  • Everyone knew you kept to yourself, and that you were rather disinterested in socializing with others
  • Jesse though figured that it was worth a shot
  • Who knows how, but he managed to convince you to go out and get a bite with him
  • The whole time his big worry was about getting you to laugh or smile
  • So, being Jesse, he told a ton of really bad jokes
  • You remained stony face the entire time, and not one of them managed to even get a snort from you
  • He tried being goofy, to be charming. None of it really worked
  • During lunch, there was a twenty minute period of silence when he realized he’d ran out of ways to charm you
  • Eventually though, you spoke to him for the first time during the ‘date’ and asked him what his belt stood for
  • When Jesse told you, you finally snorted and asked why he would get something so ridiculous
  • Hesitant, Jesse told you the story behind it and how Gabriel had given it to him. Honestly, it ended up getting a bit nostalgic, and as he reminisced, he mentioned how Gabriel had been probably the only father figure in his life
  • After another minute of silence, you admitted that you too had grown up without a father figure. Jesse was surprised by that personal information, but when you smiled softly, he could only stare in awe
  • You ended up mentioning about how your mother had raised you and what a wonderful woman she was
  • The two of you spoke of how you grew up, and with the more Jesse gave, the more you returned of yourself
  • It didn’t take him long to realize that it wasn’t the McCree who made jokes and tried to seduce women that would get you out of your shell
  • It was the McCree who was real and honest about himself and his feelings
  • Soon he was able to slip in a joke or two, and to his amazement you would smile, almost shyly
  • It was that vulnerable look and that soft way you spoke that caught his heart and made him decide to pursue you
  • The two of you ended up spending a lot more time together afterward and were soon a couple


  • The way you two fell for each other had nothing to do with dating
  • You were cold, distant from everyone else
  • It was because of this that no one really enjoyed being in your company
  • But in a way, Reaper felt a kinship with you, understanding your silence in a way most others did
  • While forced to socialize much more then you, Reaper preferred silence and was unable to open up to others. It was easier to drive them off
  • Of course, that didn’t mean he tried to talk to you but it meant he certainly noticed you
  • Once during a mission though, Reaper ended up injured heavily
  • Of course his cells could regenerate the wounds quickly, but you were unaware. When you both got back to base, you practically dragged Reaper to the infirmary
  • Despite his growls and refusals, he did not lift his weapons and you did not let go. He’d never been manhandled by a woman, at least not since becoming Reaper, but he was curious to see what the ever-silent y/n would do
  • You forced him to take off his jacket and shirt so you could get a better look. You nearly ripped it off yourself
  • For once, Reaper didn’t fight it. He hated when others looked at him, but there was something about you that made him unafraid. He wanted you to see, and he wanted to know what you would think
  • As you saw the wound closing, your face showed the first signs of emotion: shock and sympathy. Your eyes trailed over the scarred, pale flesh of his chest and stomach
  • Slowly, you reached up and brushed your fingers across a scar, noticing how cold he was
  • Finally your eyes met his, before you looked down. For a moment, he thought you were disgusted
  • Instead you lifted your shirt, and displayed a long set of scars across your side and stomach. It shocked him, but you only looked at him again with certainty
  • Everyone suffers. It is inevitable, you had told him, the first words he’d ever really heard from you. But if you want, you don’t have to suffer alone
  • This was the first time anyone had ever said something like that to him, and in the end he found himself asking quietly about your scars. The two of you spoke, though you never once asked about his scars, as if you knew it was a weak spot
  • But you didn’t pretend they weren’t there either, fingers tracing each one with care.
  • The two of you found yourselves drawn to each other more and more, talking and standing against the world together. The first time you smiled at him was the first time he realized he had fallen for you
  • You weren’t how you had seemed, but neither was he. And in the end, being together was the only way you didn’t both feel alone


  • This crazy, lovable man doesn’t know the meaning of no
  • What first drew him to you was your silence, and the fact that he had never seen you smile
  • As a man who spends almost all his time smiling, when he isn’t scrunching up his face while thinking over a new invention
  • So he made it a personal goal to make you smile
  • For days he would follow you around, try to make you laugh
  • He was a goofball, he was
  • Often you’d see Roadhog trailing behind him, worried about what stupid things he would do today
  • Nothing he seemed to do though was capable of making you open up or smile or even look at him
  • You couldn’t understand why this filthy, eccentric man kept following you all over the place
  • Junkrat never gave up though, nor was he ever deterred 
  • One day you couldn’t help glancing over when you noticed he’d been quiet for almost an hour straight. This was the most silence you’d ever managed to get out of him before
  • The man sat near you, hunched over scraps of metal and screws, wires…in front of him was this little red ball, cracked open
  • His tongue out a bit as he concentrated, Junkrat was focusing on connecting the wires
  • You knew he was a bomb expert and felt no fear, but surprisingly found yourself rather curious towards his invention
  • It took a moment to weigh the options of whether or not to walk over and look, but Junkrat pretended not to notice for at least ten minutes when you leaned over his shoulder to watch
  • Finally, Junkrat looked up and gave you a toothy grin
  • It was the first time you realized that the man was cuter then you had first noticed
  • To your surprise, instead of pestering you he asked if you wanted to try
  • Despite the risks, you found yourself eager. Without warning, the usually abrasive Aussie pulled you on his lap, and you found yourself rather flustered
  • Junkrat couldn’t help eyeing the blush on your cheeks as you leaned over the little bomb
  • Instructing you, you found it riveting as you worked, and without realizing it soon found yourself asking questions about the bomb. Which led to talk of other bomb designs and some of his earlier inventions
  • The more you spoke, the more invested you were and the more excited your speech became. It surprised Junkrat, how into it you were
  • Before you knew it, the two of you had finished four mini bombs and had spent almost two hours talking
  • Hesitantly, you asked if perhaps he’d show you more another time
  • Stunned, he eagerly agreed and the two of you started spending some more genuine time together
  • The more you talked, the more you started to like him. And the more you liked him, the more open you were. Giggling, even telling one or two of your own jokes. You loved how he always laughed at your jokes
  • The two of you fell pretty hard for each other, once you’d given him a chance
  • While getting dressed for dinner on Christmas Eve, Draco accidentally finds a scrapbook that Harry plans to give to Draco on Christmas morning.
  • The book is sleek, black and with silver lettering.
  • It is filled with pictures of them on dates, receipts from plays they went too, pictures of Draco’s parents at Harry and Draco’s first housewarming party, pictures of their first Christmas, pictures of them at the Burrow, and of them with their friends, pictures of their anniversaries, birthday’s etc.
  • As Draco flips through it he is startled when he feels tears streaming down his cheeks. He loves Harry like a wildfire. Intense and with wild abandon.
  • He flips to the very last page, and he finds a note that looks like a speech,
  • And the back of the scrapbook has a little cut out on the back page.
  • Inside is a delicate silver band, embossed with shining sapphires and glittering black diamonds.
  • With trembling hands, Draco touches the ring. He reads the speech with teary eyes and shaking hands.
  • He slides the ring on his finger, closes the book and walks out to their kitchen.
  • When Harry notices him, Harry looks concerned, because he sees that Draco is upset. “What’s wrong? Is everything okay Draco?” Draco looks into Harry’s eyes, burning with intent and passion
  • “Yes you idiot”
  • Harry looks down at the book in Draco’s hands and lets out a shaky laugh
  • He takes the scrapbook out of Draco’s hands, and wraps his arms around Draco’s shoulders “I had my speech all planned out you know”
  • Draco nods, “I know, I read it. And I accept”
  • Harry kisses Draco’s temple.
  • This was the best Christmas gift Draco had ever received.

This is not my hc, though I fully suport it, but that of a wonderful anon who came into my ask box. I added a word here and there but it’s 100% their content. Thank you so much for sharing this anon!

Spider-Man headcanon where Tony has to bail Peter out of Jail,

Tony: Have I been perfect? No! Do I know anything about children? No! Should I have picked up a book on parenting? Probably! Where was I going with this, I had a point?

Peter: I’m really sorry, Mr.Stark!

Consider the shit Andrew pulls while on his professional team
  • When he plays Neil’s team, Andrew and Neil are both on for the second half of the game
  • He shuts Neil out of the goal but 20 minutes into the second half he lets Neil’s fellow striker score, in a way that only Neil can tell was on purpose, just to fuck with his boyfriend
  • Neil runs past his high-fiving teammates to get in Andrew’s face, who gives him a smug “what? I’m having fun”
  • Neil looks like he’s going to bust a vein. Andrew clacks their sticks together in a mocking celebration of teamwork and says casually “it’s always fun to fuck you…over, Josten.” There’s an up-and-down flick of his eyes. Neil tries very hard not to get distracted. Neil does not entirely succeed and it pisses the hell out of him
  • The second goal Andrew lets happen, Neil’s coaches rotate him off the court for yelling at Andrew “if you’re gonna shut down the goal then fucking shut it down, don’t just block me you asshole, you know you’re good enough to shut him out too” like goddamn Josten we’re behind two points don’t give him ideas fuck

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