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could i request yoongi for the small au thing please?? thank you<33 (ps you're the sweetest!! i check your blog all the time and i'm always happy to see updates from you<3 hope school is ok for you and you're feeling well!!)

ofc!! aww, thank you!! i hope you’re doing well too!!

  • korean history professor!yoongi 
  • doesn’t want to be teaching this class, wishes he was at home marathoning game of thrones or something
  • and he makes this known to the class. like everytime he comes in
  • just sets down his mug and he’s like “this unit is on the joseon dynasty. who wants to tell me what they know about? but also,,,,,,,,i wish i was at home with my cat.”
  • wears thick framed glasses and a white button down that’s never ironed,,,,,his colleague namjoon was like “yoongi perhaps wear a tie? maybe a sweater?”
  • and yoongi was just like “you wear the same black shirt + black pants + black cardigan combo every day. don’t tell me how to ‘fashion’ namjoon”
  • you’re a professor in the history department as well and you’ve known yoongi since college really
  • and you’ve always thought it was really cute the way he acts so nonchalant in class but you also know that he eagerly wrote a huge dissertation neo-confucianism and how he gets all into books and the way he smiles when grading a good paper 
  • and yoongi always falls asleep if the professors have to stay overtime and you’re always the one to wake him up and take the train with him
  • and one day when you go over to wake him up, yoongi groggily reaches out and pulls you closer to him
  • and you’re aware that he must be dreaming but you’re like “yoongi, let go - yoon-”
  • but then you feel him nuzzle into your neck and murmur that you smell good and you’re getting red in the face,,,,but also his sleepy voice is so cute
  • and you’re like “yoongi, wake up”
  • but than you feel his lips against your neck and he’s like “im not asleep.”
  • and you’re,,,,,,,,like,,,,,,,,,oh,,,,,o h 
  • and yoongi leans back and tilts his head and is like 
  • “don’t you think this is long overdue, we should have made out back in college”
  • and you’re like oh so we’re gonna make out and he’s like you don’t want to?
  • and you pause but then throw your coat back onto your desk and throw yourself into his arms because hell yeah you want to 
Joffrey x Sister Reader

♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡

Imagine Joffrey falling in love with your beauty and soul despite the fact you are his sister.

♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡

\ Request from anonymous /

Hello there, may I request a Joffrey Baratheon x Sister! Reader one? Where he’s fallen for her despite the fact they were siblings. Just fluff between the two.


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And what do you want from me?”
“A cure.”  I must sound so silly. Like the stupid little girl he left in Winterfell.  “I followed you one night. I remember your screams, and then the white wolf with the red—”
“You don’t know what you saw.” 
“I do now. Listen. I never asked for this. You’ve had the curse for years, you must know something. I will be queen some day, this is not… If anyone knows what I am, I…“
"You think I did? Ask for it?” He chuckled. “Deserve it, maybe?”  
“Just… just make it go away, please, and I promise you’ll never see me again!”
I can’t” he said sharply. “It’s the wolf blood. It doesn’t go away.”
She wiped her tears and turned to go. Then I will bleed out until it does.
“Wait.” His voice was softer, now.  “I can help. I can run with you. Hunt with you. Teach you all I know. Teach you the ways to tame the beast… to keep it in control. But you need to trust me, Sansa.”

JON & SANSA: WEREWOLVES AU   |   The night Sansa Stark turns seventeen, her bones break and her world is shattered. Ashamed, terrified, unable to control the wolf that has awoken inside her —the curse of Winterfell, the servants whispered when she was little, she remembers now—she sets out to find the only person who can help her: her estranged half brother, Jon Snow.

prompt: ‘I was dancing in my room just to realize my window was open and you live next door’ AU

with Robb Stark

@nekodemon73 @kumpmk @is-that-not-something

Waking up to beautiful, bright sunshine on a Monday morning was the best, especially when you had a day off from work. You get out of bed, push the curtains to the side and open the window to let in some fresh air.

Days like this were heavenly. Everyone else was long gone or just rushing out to catch the next train and get to work. Not you. There was absolutely nothing on your plate today and you were going to enjoy it thoroughly.

You gave the, what you thought was the best so far, performance of ‘dancing queen’ while you twirled around the room with a loud singing voice to accompany your dancing moves. It looked and sounded good in your head, though that was probably not true at all. You had always been quite the awful singer.

You suddenly stop when you hear a strange noise and spin around the room, looking for ist source. Nothing here. Confused, your attention moves over to the open window, almost giving you a heart attack.  

Your neighbour leans on his open window, elbows on the windowsill and claps his hands as he watches you with an amused smirk.
“Don’t stop on my account, I was enjoying the show.” He yells over with a slight wave of his hand and a smile that would make you melt if you weren’t so utterly embarrassed right now.

You quickly slam the window shut and pull the curtains, vanishing out of sight as fast as possible.
“Nooooo…” You drop on the bed and bury your face into the pillows with a wailing sound of agony. That was not how his day should have started!


Criminal AU

She’s beautiful. All blue eyes and red hair licking her cheeks. She’s a delicate work of art, something to cherish. She’s Jons high school sweetheart, the woman he still thinks about when a glass of scotch is in his hands. She’s gorgeous, she’s heavenly. She’s in the back of his police car, handcuffed and accused of first degree murder.

fairytale au


  • Baz is a prince who’s been kidnapped (by numpties)
  • simon is the mighty knight that send to rescue him
  • except no. nobody sends him
  • and he’s not a knight
  • he’s just a warrior (more like a weapon) for the Mage’s kingdom (watford)
  • and Baz is the enemy (his family used to reign at watford)
  • but he thinks, he knows, Baz the Evil Prince is plotting something and that’s why they haven’t attacked lately
  • so Simon tracks him down
  • and finds him emprisoned in a tower
  • guarded by a dragon
  • so he kills the dragon and goes up the tower
  • and finds Baz inside a coffin
  • he’s dehydrated, so simon gives him some water
  • “they sent you to rescue me? have you changed sides?” baz says when he sees simon
  • “they sent no one.”
  • “then why are you here?”
  • “why are you here? what are you plotting?”
  • “uhm i was kidnapped? you just rescued me…?”
  • but simon doesnt believe him of course
  • and wants to take him as a hostage to the mage’s kingdom
  • and baz just lets him do it  bc it’s the only way he can find out about his mother’s death
  • in the journey to the mage’s kingdom, apart from constant bickering and an encounter with a dragon, they actually find out they have a common enemy – the insidious humdrum, an evil creature that randomly destroys lands and no one knows where it comes from
  • so they get closer
  • and closer
  • so close
  • and then they arrive to the mage’s castle
  • baz is already in SO deep
  • he’s got it bad for simon
  • simon’s agreed to help him find his mother’s killer if he gives himself up
  • but simon doesnt want baz to be a prisoner anymore
  • he wants him to be… a friend? no. more than that
  • but baz, of course, gives himself in. for simon
  • simon, with the help of his friends penny and agatha
  • penny and her family come from another land. her brother premal is a knight
  • but her mother doesn’t like the mage very much
  • her mother is the most powerful woman in the kingdom
  • before penny
  • agatha is a beautiful maiden who doesnt want to be a maiden
  • used to be simon’s gf
  • so they investigate natasha pitch’s death and get some hints
  • simon visits baz regularly and tells him everything they discover and gives him food and eventual love
  • and baz puts two and two together and realizes the mage is behind his mother’s death
  • and the humdrum
  • and he tells simon
  • but simon doesnt believe him, thinking its an evil plan of his and feels so stupid
  • so he goes tell the mage
  • who’s in the middle of a strange ritual in the chapel
  • meanwhile, baz manages to escape from his cell with penny’s help (agatha runs away)
  • and they go after simon
  • they arrive to the chapel, and shit happens and the mage dies in an accident
  • caused by simon
  • in the end, penny’s mum reigns at watford, and establishes peace accords with the pitches, and the rest of the kingdoms
  • simon and baz get together, much to baz’s family opposition
  • penny becomes a knight
  • and agatha is happy not being a maiden in another land, with friends who love her, and an adopted pet wolf


I was gonna write a short story for this pic, but I couldn’t think of a full-on story, so yeah. I’m thinking this is like a beach day in Tarth. Jaime and Brienne take their little lion to the beach or something, idk. Brienne’s all worried he’s gonna hurt himself on the rocks and Jaime’s all like, “let the kid live a little!”


asoiaf au: Lyonel Baratheon, firstborn son to Robert Baratheon and Cersei Lannister. (part 1/?). Lyonel. He was her honeymoon child. It took barely more time to Robert to conveive their boy than to start cheating on her. And sometimes, while he was kept busy the whole night by his whores, she was alone in her cold bed, she, Cersei Lannister, the Lioness of the Roc, Queen of Seven Kingdoms, was whispering the name of her precious boy. But Robert took him away from her before she could even realize. She was a Queen since less than five years, and yet all was already gone. Happiness. Pride. And now even her motherhood. There was nothing left to Cersei. Robert took everything from her. Lyonel was so much more Baratheon than Lannister. It hurt Cersei. It hurt her way more than what she expected. She didn’t expected anything actually. Certainly not the jealousy she started to feel, deep in her heart. Deeper, deeper than her wrath. What happened to the precious raven-haired-boy she bore once? He became a Baratheon. A stranger. He became his father’s heir. Not his mother’s. Robert had Lyonel, and she had nothing left. Only what she could take by herself. Jaime. Joffrey. Myrcella. Tommen. Robert could have her raven-haired-boy. But the others were hers. Only hers.

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Jon x Sansa - Jon gets hit on all the time and is oblivious. Instead of being jealous, Sansa finds it hilarious and maybe even uses it.

Jon sets a frappe in front of Sansa. They’re at their favorite coffee shop, and she’s certain she only ordered an eight-ounce drip. “What’s this?” she asks, more curious than anything else.

“The barista gave it to me. On the house. Said someone returned their order or something,” he says, glancing over his shoulder while Sansa follows his line of sight.

The barista – Trystane – gives them both a wave and a smile; the way his gaze cuts down to Jon’s backside (who’s already turned forward and sat down, utterly oblivious) lets Sansa know the frappe probably wasn’t born of customer dissatisfaction. Her suspicions are confirmed when she turns the frappe and sees a neat phone number written on the side. She nearly snorts. Of course you wouldn’t realize the cute barista flirting with you!

Sansa loves Jon. She really, truly does. He is good and sweet and smart, but it literally took her six months of subtle hints and outright flirting before she finally snapped and kissed him first. It’s much of the same for the rest of the world, she thinks. A gorgeous man oblivious to all the attention thrown his way.

“Oh, Jon,” she says, muffling laughter against her hand.

Stingue Week: Day Six
∟ Past → well, we don’t know much about their past, but I like to think that they traveled a lot before joining Sabertooth. You know, just trying to find their own place in the world~  [I hope I somehow managed to make them look slightly younger]

12 Days of Book Boys!

Christmas is almost here (almost) so please send in requests!

I’m going to write for Divergent, The Maze Runner, Hunger Games, Harry Potter (Golden Trio, Marauder, and Next Generation Eras), The Outsiders, Uncharted 4 (I don’t know much about the others so I’ll write for Sam, Nate, or Rafe) and I guess if you want a Game of Thrones AU or something.  

Requests will be open until December 10th, and I will start posting on December 13th, for 12 Days until Christmas Eve.

1. Being caught under the mistletoe with _____.

2. Sneaking out in the middle of the night with _____ to play in the snow.

3. Christmas decorating with ______.

4. Playing truth or dare with your friends at a Christmas party and you end up confessing your love for _______.

5.  _______ trying to teach you how to ice skate.

6. Celebrating (wink, wink) Christmas with ______ and ________ walks in on you.

7. Doing Secret Santa with your friends and you get _______.

8. “No ______! You can’t put candles on the tree! I don’t care if it looks nice it’ll catch on fire you idiot!”

9. “Yes. We do have to wear matching Christmas sweater, and no, it does not look stupid, it looks cute!”

10. ______ proposes to you on Christmas in hopes to give him/herself the best Christmas present ever.

11. “That dough is for my fucking cookies, if you try to steal it one more time I’m gonna beat you with this spoon!”

12. Visiting ______’s family for the first time during Christmas and they absolutely adore you.

13. Introducing ______ to all your favourite Christmas movies and spending the entire day watching them with him/her.

14. Instead of getting a present from ______ you find a clue first thing in the morning, one clue leads to another until you finally find his/her gift.  

15. You love the Christmas season, but _____ absolutely hates it. You spend the day forcing him/her to be festive.

16. You and _______ have a Christmas couple cook-off with _______ and ______ (<insert another couple here), and things get messy.

17. You and ______ are sworn enemies and you get chosen to plan a Christmas party for everyone together.

18. “Christmas is a time for spreading cheer, why not do that by pulling pranks?”

“Pranks are for Aprils Fools Day you idiot…”

“No Y/N, Christmas is the perfect time for pranks, now either help me or become a victim. Your choice.”

19. “I thought you said you knew how to wrap presents!”

“Well I never said I knew how to wrap them well!”

20. Annoying _____ by singing Christmas Carols, but by the end of the day he/she has them stuck in his/her head and can’t stop singing them either.

21. “No! That popcorn isn’t for eating, it’s for decorating!”

“How can you expect me not to eat the food if you put it in front of me, honestly it’s like you don’t even know me!”

22. Forcing your husband/wife, _____, to dress up as Santa in order to surprise your children.  

23.“You can’t spend Christmas alone!”

“I have no one to spend it with.”

“You have me.”

24. Having your first kiss with ______ on New Years Eve.

25. Taking ______ to meet your family for the first time on Christmas.

26. Create your own prompt!

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(It took me a long time to create all these prompts so if you’re going to use them please give credit and don’t just copy and paste! Thank you!)


Miraculous Ladybug - Jonsa AU

“I am not your lovebug.”

originally requested by @riahchan 

I saw my old edit, laughed/cried for a bit and decided to redo it! (The og is something special)


GOT/ASOIAF AU ♔ The Night’s Watch, a Sisterhood

When the wall was erected in the North after the Long Night thousands of years ago, no men volunteered to guard it. In the warmest Summer, it was cold, and ice and snow threatened to hide the wall and all its posts, even when the Night’s Watch was in its former glory and all castles stood guarding the realm. And why would a highborn son give up land, glory and honor for the cold, lonesome Night’s Watch?

Of course, with no other volunteers, few lowborn men and a handful of fifth or sixth born sons volunteered to hold the Watch and its posts, but as the years passed and Summers and Winters came and went, the Long Night that had inspired the once glorious Night’s Watch was long gone, and to the men of Westeros the Watch had lost its purpose.

But where there were no sons or men to guard it, there were always the women. It began with those who were lowborn and grew up on or just South of the wall, who had known Winter, been told the stories their mothers and mothers’ mothers had told them as they had done their wifely chores and needlework—a time where dead men had came in the darkness. They eventually forged and took up their own swords as the Brotherhood dwindled in number, and after time had passed and no men had been left at the wall, took it upon themselves to defend it.

Two hundred years later, they had become a Sisterhood. And while the agreement in Westeros was silent, the silence was as good as compliance.

In the present day, the Sisterhood of the Night’s Watch allows any willing woman to take the black, whether their reasons be their will to defend the realm, an escape from lowborn life, an escape from an arranged marriage, or even as a means to reclaim her independence. Regardless, the Night’s Watch still stands, guarding the realm from what still lurks beyond the wall.…