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If you wanted us to date, you didn’t have to go to such extremes // SHAWN MENDES

Overview: Shawn and Y/n both like each other but are too scared to admit it too each other in case it ruins their friendship. One of Y/n’s friends encourages her to do something about it

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Author’s note: The friend characters are fictional and aren’t based on any of Shawn’s real friends :-)

“So, you and Shawn huh?” Lucy teases me, her elbow nudging mine. It was a Saturday and a group of friends, including Shawn and I, decided to head to the shopping mall.

“What do you mean?” I ask, letting my hair fall to hide my flushed cheeks.

“Oh come on,” She giggles. Our pace had slowed and now we were trailing behind the group. “It’s so obvious that you’re both head over heels for each other,”

My gaze locks onto Shawn’s back as he walks in front of me. I watched as he shoves Damon away as he whispered something into Shawn’s ear, laughing.

“I don’t think Shawn li-“

“If you’re about to say likes you, don’t do it.” She meets my eyes. “As a complete third party opinion, my input would be that Shawn’s dying to be with you and you’re dying to be with him yet you both just can’t seem to tell each other,”

“I don’t think that-“

She holds up her hand to stop me talking. “Okay so point A. You hate sharing food with anyone. If I want some, I have to take some when you’re not looking,”

“You take me food?” I ask shocked.

“Not important,” She says and I laugh, shaking my head.

“Last Tuesday when we got Indian, Shawn asked for some of your butter chicken. What was the response?” She pauses, giving me a knowing look. “Oh Shawn, of course you can have some of my chicken Shawn,” She says in a high dramatic voice.

“Shush, they might hear you,” I laugh, looking ahead to see if anyone turned around although the quiet hum of noise in the mall seemed to just cover her voice.

“Point B, Shawn is like, always touching you 95% of the time. Whether it be his hand on your knee when we’re sitting down for dinner, his arm around your shoulders when we’re walking or even his hand on your back- just friends don’t do that,”

“I suppose so but in our friendship that’s what we do,” I say, smiling at her.

Lucy rolls her eyes. “Point C. The way you guys look at each other. Enough said.”

“You mean the look of friends?” I ask giggling.

“No!” she groans. “He looks at you like you’re his whole world, which, by the way, if that isn’t relationship goals I don’t know what is,”

“What’s you’re point with this?” I whisper as we approach the group that had stopped to look in a shop window.

“I want to devise a plan to get you and him to date,” She says, a grin forming on her face.

“And you think he would actually want to go out with me?” I raise an eyebrow septically.

“Who wants to go out with you?” Shawn asks, walking over and throwing an arm around my shoulder, tucking me into his side. Lucy gives me a look.

“No one-“

“There’s this guy that’s really interested in Y/n,” Lucy buts in. I shoot her a confused glance and she smiles reassuringly.

“Oh,” Shawn frowns for a moment. “And you’re going to ask him out?” he asks me, face blank of emotions.

“Well… I’m not sure if he would say yes to me,” I mumble. Out of the corner of my eye, I notice Lucy nodding at me enthusiastically.

“He’d be pretty stupid to say no,” Shawn says so quietly that I barely catch it.

“You think?” I ask, meeting his caramel eyes.

“Yeah,” He breathes, the noise in the room seeming to disappear.

“Oh he would so say yes,” another voice breaks me out of the haze.

“Lucy!” I say laughing.

“Well its true I mean, look at the signs,” She shrugs her shoulders.

“If he’s giving these ‘signs’ you girls are talking about, than you should go for it. I mean like, the guy could just be scared to tell you how he feels in case it scares you way,” Shawn adds, nodding his head as if he knew exactly what we were talking about.

“Shawn, you don’t know what you’re getting yourself into right now,” I tease, nudging his side as we began waking again.

“Girl talk can be dangerous water Mendes,” Lucy mentions, falling into stride.

“I can swim,” He smirks, his arm slipping down from my shoulders to my waist where his hand rested on my hip.

“So you think that if this guy likes me and is showing all the signs- I should just go for it and tell him how I feel,” I ask Shawn, my nerves picking up from what I’m about to do.

“As I said before, he’d be stupid not to say yes to you so if you feel that way about him, go for it” Shawn doesn’t meet my eyes as he talks.

“So I should go straight up to him and be like, I like you,”

“Why not?” he says, glancing at me quickly.

“I like you,” I say abruptly, as soon as the words are out of his mouth.

“Yeah, just like that,” Shawn replies, not looking down at me, one hand reaching up to ruffle his hair.

“No Shawn, I like you,

At first, he doesn’t seem to realise what I’ve confessed.

“Are you serious?” He stops, pulling me back to him when I went to continue walking.

“Of course I’m serious,” I say, a weak smile on my face. Maybe I shouldn’t have said anything.

“Holy shit,” his hands drop mine and a shocked look appears on his face.

“Damon!” He calls to the group ahead and the tallest turns around to face us. “You were fucking right,” His face breaks out in a grin.

“I told you to do it man,” Damon calls back laughing, shooting me a thumbs up.

Shawn turns back to me smirking.

“You know,” He trails off, moving back slightly to lean against the wall, pulling me gently so I stood in-between his legs. “If you wanted us to date, you didn’t have to go to such extremes.”

Feysand Fix

“His fingers tightened on mine, and I looked up. He was smiling at me. And looked so un-High-Lord-like with the glowing dust on the side of his face that I grinned back.
I hadn’t even realized what I’d done until his own smile faded, and his mouth parted slightly.
“Smile again,” he whispered.
I hadn’t smiled for him. Ever. Or laughed. Under the Mountain, I had never grinned, never chuckled. And afterward …
And this male before me … my friend …
For all that he had done, I had never given him either. Even when I had just … I had just painted something. On him. For him.
I’d—painted again.
So I smiled at him, broad and without restraint.
“You’re exquisite,” he breathed.”

A Court of Mist and Fury

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Following from that Bob's Burgers post, have you ever watched Archer and if so, what's your opinion on it. In an odd sense, I find it like one of those comfort shows, something that's good to watch every now and then and you feel like of relaxed when watching it, which is strange considering I like maybe 3-4 of the main characters and the rest I wish would just die in a horrible Scott Tennerman's parents-style way

I enjoy Archer quite a bit, but it’s not in my lineup of shows that I tune into regularly, haha.  Like, I’ve been around people who put it on as background noise while they work, or for stay-in date nights, and I’ve always found it pretty funny.  The writing is sharp and the delivery is really funny.  And I like the characters just fine, but I don’t care about them an awful lot.  Which isn’t a bad thing, not every show sets out to make you care about characters or whatever and I still enjoy plenty of shows like that.  I’m just not super compelled to keep up with it. I guess I’m kind of in the same boat with you… it’s nice to watch every so often!  I enjoy it when I do.


I know that it’s not always gonna be on that level, and I’m fine with that. I’ve seen it really mess with people when they’re in the spotlight and then they’re not necessarily in the spotlight, and they do something crazy to be in the spotlight again. So you have to have a life outside of it, and luckily, I have really great friends and family to keep me grounded, and I recognize what’s real and what’s not. I have a sense of who I am outside of my job and the Lucy Hale that people know.

sam riegel??? nah what a jerk what a— [trips] [thousands of photos of sam spill out of jacket] w-what a fucking asshole i these arent mine im just [gathering them up frantically sweating] listen i just listen fuck [hundreds of pictures of sam scatter across the floor] shit fuck im holding them for a friend just listen 

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who is your crush

she tends to push her hair aside with her left hand, on her right she has a tattoo that reminds me of how delicate and beautiful she is, when she takes a deep breath I find myself doing the same as I try to catch my own, she has a plant growing in a mug with a weiner dog on it, she wants a dog of her own, when she catches me smiling at her she smiles and I can’t help but join her, when she gets embarrassed she avoids eye contact, she likes it when I call her mine, she got the internship she wanted and I might even be more excited about it than her because I am so proud, she wants it to rain on her wedding day so after the ceremony she can go dance in it, she wants to travel to Ireland, she listens, she genuinely cares, she supports me no matter what it may be, she offered to take my best friend out for tea, she doesn’t like coffee, she sends me pictures of dogs and honestly she’s the girl of my dreams. I am so lucky to even know this girl and I have no intentions of letting her go.

Thank You.

I’m not good with these sort of posts, but I just wanted to express my gratitude to all of you. I have recently noticed that I’ve reached a little over 600 followers, and whilst that may not seem a lot, it is truly an accomplishment for me. Writing has always been a passion of mine, hell, I’m going to make a career out of it soon. Therefore, it really means a lot to me that there are people out there who enjoys what I create.

I also want to give a special thanks to @chimdeer , @astoryfor-you , @dimplecoups , @sydist and @kittae for being there during my writing woes and being amazing friends. 

Thank you, again, for being with me on my writing adventures.

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I hope I'm not bothering you but I have some questions. I'm confused because I haven't been around for a while and everyone seems to knew dan and phil are moving out. Everybody posting now and I can't reach the old posts. What were the clues about that? And also on your own post you said "wedding thing".. what wedding thing?

Alright so many people have thought they would move out because they said such things as “2017 is going to be a life thing” or they mentioned during their live shows a lot that “We don’t have enough storage” a friend of mine said that they would maybe move out because their rental contract would soon expire but I don’t know where she got that information sorry. I also think a big part of it was simply that it was a bit obvious that they had to move out someday. They talked about the drilling and the noise on the gaming chanel too.

The “Wedding Thing”, well basically someone came up with the theory that they are going to marry in May because Louise and PJ are going to a wedding that month and Dan and Phil’s calender was open on May? I don’t really think that is enough evidence to prove such a theory but it is a interesting thought.

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I've finally made a studyblr account, but now I don't know how to get my name out there. What are some tips as to how to get started? Thanks!

hii so here’s my tips on how to get started

1) post your introduction

: the first thing i did here after creating my blog is to introduce myself! talk about yourself, what you like, things you interested in, or studyblr inspiration! i really love reading other people’s introduction and their interests, and it’s great to see people who have same interests as yours♡

2) post your original contents

: people love seeing new original contents! and don’t forget to tag some tags like #studyblr, #studyspo, and #studyinspo or you can tag studyblrs’ tags, like mine #xiutingzainali so it’ll be easier for us to track and see your original contents!

3) message other people

: you can also message other people here and make friends! there are many amazing people here in studyblr community and they are all welcoming♡

4) be yourself

: finally, just be yourself and let your imagination run wild!

and welcome to the community! i hope you’ll have a great time here

Mine (EXO Chanyeol) prompt

Originally posted by visual-jongdae

17. You’re only mine.

Genre: maybe angst, fluff, boyfriend!Chanyeol, jealous!Chanyeol
Pairing: Chanyeol x reader

Chanyeol was really these days, so you spent time with Suho, who was helping you with your college assignments. You didn’t really think about it much, because they’re very close friends and you love Chanyeol too much. But wasn’t really sure about that. One day, when you and Suho were sitting in the kitchen with your assignments Chanyeol came home, not happy at all of that sight. 

“What are you two doing here?” Chanyeol asked in a low, annoyed voice. “Suho was just helping me with some things.” You replied simply, oblivious about his annoyance. “Yeah, sure.” He said in sarcastic way, which caught your attention. “What was that?” You asked. The tension was slowly building in the room. “I will leave you two alone.” Suho sensed the atmosphere and exited the kitchen. There was silence for while, until you spoke up first. 

“Are you okay?” You asked him. “Do I look okay to you?” Chanyeol spatted. You were surprised. What was wrong with him? “Don’t you spend too much time together, huh?!” He asked again, now clearly angry. “He was just helping me with assignments!” You said back. “Then why didn’t you ask me?!” Chanyeol asked, more like shouted. “Because you were too busy!” You shouted back. “Now it seems like you’re dating him and not me.” He said. You were dumbfounded. How could he think something like that.

“Are you that jealous?” You asked him, in calmer voice than before. “Of course I am.” Chanyeol replied, still angry. “So you don’t believe me?” You asked him again. There was no reply from him. We stood there in silence. I didn’t know what to say or do. Should I walk away? Or say something first? My thoughts were interrupted by his movements. He began to walk closer to me. “I just… don’t want to lose you, that’s all.” Chanyeol said quietly as he was standing close to me. “You’re only mine.” He said and passionately pressed his lips against mine.

omg i’m so bad at writing angst 😖 anyway hope you like it! Have a wonderful day ^^ requests are OPEN!

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How do you move on from your first love/first boyfriend destroying your trust and leaving you for another girl? I'm tryin to let it go but its so hard. I'm hanging in there but at the same time I feel like everything in my life is crashing down.

Girl, it is so hard. Honestly, I’m still fixing the remnants of the situation to this day and my first boyfriend cheated on me seven years ago with a “friend” of mine. Even though I do have a lot of natal placements in my chart that point to low self-esteem, I don’t think my self-esteem has ever been okay ever since that incident.

A few things that have really helped me is to love yourself. I still struggle with this because since that incident, I’ve had fears of abandonment. Like, it is honestly so hard to love yourself when the people around you show you otherwise. I’ve realized that what you put out (low self-esteem, negative energy) is really what you get, so I recommend that you try your best to have positive vibes!

One thing that’s also helped me a lot is realizing that not every guy will be an asshole. One quote that helped me a lot was, “Not everybody is talking to you with a knife behind their back.” It’s really hard to resonate with that when someone really did just stab you with betrayal, but it’ll come back when your wounds heal.

I think learning to let people in again is probably the best, but the hardest thing to do. I struggle with this also. Learn that you are worth the stay, and that the cheater lost someone worthwhile. Learn that the person who is willing to be with you no matter what won’t leave, even if you have a lot of flaws. It’s really hard to realize it when you are your worst critic, but time will heal your wounds as long as you try to be positive.

I hope you get better. Getting cheated on is probably legit one of the worst things ever.

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Ok, so, this is a rather interesting thing a friend of mine(poor thing, has to suffer from my ff obssesstion and listen to me ramble about Prompto and the chocobros) thought up! Hanahaki disease. What are your thoughts on if Prompto had it for Noctis?

There’s a fic *toss around everything trying to find it* on Ao3 *slams open a drawer* that is wonderfully sad *looks under cat* that deals with it *checks oven* FOUND IT and the second part is Noctis having it for Luna after she’s already gone. Dude.

Personally though, I think if Prompto had it for Noctis and he learned what it was he would probably tell Noctis what is was and offer to have it removed (from what I understand this means the feeling associated are also taken away) but ultimately he would want Noctis to know what was happening to him. He would leave his fate to Noctis, who I of course firmly believe would love the sunflower kid back and everything would be great.

Helpless PT2

Request: Can you do a peter parker x reader based on the song helpless from hamilton?

Part 1

Soon after that party Peter and I became close friends. We talked every night, occasionally all night.

My sister always teased me about letting her join in. I laughed, Peter is mine, always.

Though I visited his apartment quite often, he hadn’t come to my house since the party. I didn’t know what my father would do if he find out I had been dating this boy for a month. Everything was going great until I got a text from Peter.

Peter: Y/N, I was wondering if I could come over?

Peter: I haven’t been to your place since the party.

I was nervous, I wanted Peter to come and visit me very badly, but i was afraid of what my dad might think.

You: Ok Peter, but I don’t know what my dad is gong to say.

Peter: Ok, see you after school XD

I chuckled to myself, he was always so excited about everything.

I was pacing around the room by the main entrance, I thought maybe if I could open the door to him my dad wouldn’t see.

He showed up and I opened the door for him. I grabbed him by the hand and led him toward my room when suddenly someone tapped on my shoulder.

“Whatchu guys doin’?!” He asked me with a smile on is face. I jumped back in fear and then realize it was my dad

.“Really Y/N? Him?” My dad asked me as he paced around the room.

“Fine kid, but do anything, anything to her, and I’ll rip you apart”

“Okay” Peter squeaked out as he shook my fathers hand.

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I'm so upset. A friend of mine who the whole squad agrees is the Malik of the group was making a bunch of head puns -Summoner Anon

That’d make me a little upset too.. Huh, maybe it’s just me but those jokes get old after a while and what happened to Malik was not funny. Just tell your friend to stop. (or challenge them to a battle) -Mod Connor

I’m terrified of loosing a friend of mine but it’s hard to just go and be like “haha yeah for the last months I’ve been afraid you secretly hate me we cool or what let’s go back to a lovely daily chat now”

I promise I will not become one of those people who sorely talks about their boyfriend and I really won’t because I like to keep tumblr sort of unrelated to the relationships I have most of the time so when it’s over I don’t have to look back at it and cry or delete the posts but I’ve been meaning to say this one thing that was adorable.

Before I became friends with the guy I’m with we met at a meeting for the project we run together (we organize geek culture events as part of a big group) and he had been a part of the group for less time than I was but I had been away for a while working on college so we met the first time at a meeting.

Back when we first started going out we were talking in the car about first impressions because his memory is bad and mine’s really good and he kept getting the dates mixed up and what I had said or how we had met or talked and he said - matter-of-factly and not romantically at all:

“I remember feeling kinda weird cause I kept staring at you.” and I remembered that he stared and I went like

“Cause I was dressed weird? Cause I was being super cool and funny?” And once again matter-of-factly and not at all romantically he said something more to himself than to me:

“No, it was like, I think I was thinking that it wasn’t possible for someone to be that pretty, it made no sense.”

I SWEAR TO GOD THAT WAS SO NICE AND HE WASN’T EVEN BEEING LIKE SMOOTH OR ANYTHING he wasn’t even talking about attraction he was honestly just like stunned by my face???? i just!! 


“I know that it’s not always gonna be on that level, and I’m fine with that,” Hale says slowly. “I’ve seen it really mess with people when they’re in the spotlight and then they’re not necessarily in the spotlight, and they do something crazy to be in the spotlight again. So you have to have a life outside of it, and luckily, I have really great friends and family to keep me grounded, and I recognize what’s real and what’s not. I have a sense of who I am outside of my job and the Lucy Hale that people know.” — Lucy Hale for Bustle.

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hi!! so my friend bought me a binder, but after a while i found out that it wasn't really a safe one and now it's really starting to hurt my chest. my dysphoria is kinda bad too and binding helps it, but my anxiety has been bad and i'm scared to wear the binder although i want to. i'm not out, and i don't have enough money to give to my friend to get a new one. i don't really know what to do¿?? -r

Mod ember here! will be your BEST friend for those down on cash.

Not only does it support a fairly wide variety of chest binders, but some of them go as low as FIVE DOLLARS!!!

I bought BOTH myself and a great friend of mine two different chest binders from two different companies for under 15 dollars!!!!! Shipping included!!!


Anyway, as for the binding, I absolutely know how you feel. I’m very “well endowed” and even binding with my current one, which was about 30 dollars, doesn’t do much for me.

Please please PLEASE BE CAREFUL HOW YOU BIND! If it hurts your chest, only wear it for about a max of 4 hours, okay? The usual that you can only wear a binder for is 8 hours.

Drink water.


Take care of yourself and your body will take care of you.

I know it’s so tough BUT YOU CAN GET THROUGH IT. You’ve survived 100% of your worst days so far, right? :’)

Best of luck!!! <3