is this a flash forward

So it is going to be Equius who enters first after all. Furthermore:

If he and Vriska are in cahoooooooots, then that suggests that he plans on bringing her into the Medium himself.


We know already that Sollux will be the last member of his team to enter the Medium, but the flash forward to him waking up didn’t actually specify which team that was. My guess is that by the time he wakes up, Blue team will have completed their chain and he’ll be stuck on the Red team with Karkat as his server.

Blue Team:
Vriska <– Equius (first to enter) <– Aradia <– Nepeta

Red Team:
Sollux <– Karkat (first to enter) <– Terezi <– Gamzee [Possibly]

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If this shot does end up being for a potential season finale, I would be okay with if, as long as I knew JMO and Colin are coming back. I would have a problem if this how the series would end. It's not I'm a CS shipper that makes upset. I think ALL the mains should or part of the ending scene.

Yeah, I think so too.  I just want them to all be shown living happily ever after if this has to be the end of OUAT.  A nice, big group scene with everyone having dinner together or something.  Or, if they should try to parallel the pilot, but in a happy way.  I think they should pull a Parks & Rec and show flash forwards of everyone and what they end up doing in the future, but I’m not going to get my hopes up for that since they don’t know if this is it or not.  That’s something you have to plan for.

the most jarring thing my dad has ever told me is that we’re the new 60’s

when i asked him what he meant he said that he remembered being a kid in the 60’s, he remembered the long hair and the sex and the push against an older, less tolerant generation for freedom. he was born in 1955 so he wasn’t intimately involved in the progressiveness of it but he said he remembered always understanding the younger generation because they spoke to children like him, children that were being raised in restrictive households that were more prone to rebellion. flash forward to our generation and he’s floored, he’s shocked and a little bit scared because he sees the same passion in us, the same struggle and desire for change but this time he’s the older generation. we’re the new 60’s and he’s the establishment we’re trying to change. and it just strikes me how circular this world is, and how every once in a while a certain generation comes around with their radical, progressive agenda. and one day we’re going to wake up in the future and find ourselves face-to-face with a younger, more progressive generation and we’re going to have to decide if we’re still with them or if we’re the new establishment they’re fighting against

At age 29 you were convicted of a heinous crime, and sentenced to “life” in prison. But flash-forward many decades later, something very strange is happening: You won’t die, and haven’t even shown signs of aging. You’ve now spent 192 years locked up, and no one’ quite sure what to do…

[TW 6B SPOILERS] According to someone who has the script for 6x20:

- Derek comes back because one of the Hales die.
- There’s a lot of Lydia, Stiles, Scott and Derek screentime.
- Stiles and Derek are in a scene with Scott. (I’m not sure if they’re in any others.)
- Stydia will be endgame. There is no rain kiss but they have boyfriend/girlfriend banter.
- Jackson comes back. - Mason and Corey are endgame.
- Derek gets a happy ending.
- There’s a flash forward and Scott is successful and married in it but they don’t say who he’s married to.
- Theo helps Liam’s pack, hence all the old characters coming back for one final battle.
- There will be no Kira, unfortunately.
- Episode is Hale centric.
- Melissa and Chris are also endgame.
- Parrish gets a final scene with the sheriff but his story really isn’t wrapped up, or something.
- There’s a flash forward.
- The ending is epic.

(All from TwSpoilers on Twitter.)

Things we can look forward to in 7B:

- Troian’s directorial debut

- Holden’s return

- Finding out whether Toby/ Yvonne are dead or not

- WREN (In multiple episodes, including one with Ezra!) (He is also ‘part of the ultimate final twist in the final episode’)

- Pastor Ted

- Alison’s classroom flash forward (Finally!)

- PLL Wedding(s)

- New character - ‘Katherine Daly’

- A.D. reveal

- ‘the biggest question of all is yet to come, it will be revealed after A.D. is revealed’

- Alison’s pregnancy - which is ‘not average’ (Emison - potentially Emily’s eggs??)

- More people than just Jenna are working for Uber A

- Spencer’s backstory

- Charlotte’s killer

- Jessica’s killer

- Vanessa Ray’s return!

- Finding out why Sara was redcoat

- Emison morning scene

- Alison will verbalise how she feels about her sexuality

- Charlotte’s father

- 2 hour finale

- New Kissing Rock scene

- Ezria ‘hot and heavy’

- Aria wearing Ezra’s shirt

- Lucas/ Jenna/ Mona

 - Aria will go ‘dark’

- Potential Haleb sex scenes/ wedding

- We may meet a relative of Maya’s 

- More information about Charlotte/ Mary/ Elliott

- Final ever group scenes :(((((

- Melissa Hastings

- Addison Derringer

- Most likely Spoby (we all know Toby’s not dead)

- Final Rosewood high scenes

- We may hear ‘every breath you take’ again 

- Radley/ The Radley scenes

- Ashley/ Veronica/ Tanner/ Barry Maple/ Pam/ Ella/ Peter will all return

The truth is, we could flash forward to a couple years from now and I’ll probably be chasing my dreams in a different city and going on new adventures with new friends, but I know that how I feel about you will most likely always stay the same. I miss you now, and I’m probably always going to miss you.
—  j.t.l // 11.11.16

The Flash is doing something absolutely incredible and I love them from the bottom of my heart.

The new promo was released and in it Barry tells Iris and the rest of the team that he saw Iris die in his Flash Forward.

And then, after the opening scene, we see everyone on that team working to save Iris’ life. 

Even New Wells. 

And yes, sure, we all know that everyone on the team loves Iris and they don’t want her to die but like….

The Flash is confirming that Iris’ life matters.

That a Black Woman’s life matters.

That a Black Life Matters. 

And it doesn’t only matter to one guy because he’s dating her. 

But it matters to her father.

And her brother.

And her teammates because they value her contributions and just value her as a person and I am so grateful. 

I’m so grateful.   

And this doesn’t even touch on the ways in which they are tearing apart the “Strong Black Woman” stereotype.

1939: “Welcome to Britain. I hope you will be very happy here.”

2016: “That one’s got fucking STUBBLE, look! Throw them out! BURN THEM!”

Repost from @mitchelldyke I finally finished building my first AR15! This shoots so smooth. I love this gun!

Parts list:
•BCM Upper, Complete Lower, BCG, Ambidextrous Charging handle. •Geissele MK8 SMR 9.5" handguard, SSA trigger, Super Precession lower 1/3rd MRO mount, Super42 buffer and spring set up in H2 configuration. •Magpul STR, MOE K2+ , MBUS PRO sight set, MLOK QD mount, ladder rail panel. •Megiddo MLOK 2 slot rail panels. •Ballistic Advantage 10.3" 223 Wylde Hanson profile barrel, gas block, gas tube. •Battle Arms Development C.A.S.S safety. •Forward Controls ABC/R bolt catch, EMR magazine release, LDFA forward assist. •Silencerco ASR flash hider. •Arisaka Defense 300 series momentary light. •Trijicon MRO. •B5 Gripstop. •Unity Tactical MLOK weapon light interface. •TangoDown MRO clear lens cover. •Savvy Sniper dual QD Cobra sling.

#ar15 #sbr #mk18 #mk18ish #nfa geissele geisseleallthethings
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Headcanon that Alex one day decides to put on one of Magnus’s sweatshirt’s, ignoring the fact that Magnus is two sizes smaller than her. She stubbornly wears it until dinner, when Magnus asks for it. But it gets stuck on her head. Flash forward five minutes to Alex running around like a maniac with a sweatshirt on her head and Magnus and Sam crying with laughter.

I dreamt that my mom was cutting up fish on the coffe table in our living room and somehow she cut my pinky off. Flash forward and we’re sitting at the kitchen table and she’s stitching my finger back on (she’s a nurse irl). My dog trotted into the kitchen, saw all the blood, screamed ‘AAHHHH, GRAPEFRUIT JUICE!!!!’ and ran away.

Yuri on Ice vs Tropes

Yuri on Ice is becoming one of my all-time favorite anime not just because of the incredible representation and character development, but how Kubo and the crew have gone so far to smash and subvert so many of the tropes that usually underlie queerbaiting anime. Usually there are purposeful signals to the viewers that any gayness is either perceived or unhealthy, and the relationship will not happen. Literally from episode 1 I got the gut feeling that this one was going to be different. 

The first trope I call the Girl of Plausible Deniability. One of the few female roles in the show, she supports the main male character and is a potential romance option never fully denied. If there’s a flash-forward to the future when the show ends, she’s usually dating or has married one of the Possibly Gay Leads. 
When Yuuri returned to Hasetsu and met Yuko, the whole ‘best friend and childhood crush’ flashback scene pointed to an incredibly obvious Girl of Plausible Deniability. They let us believe that for about five minutes before revealing she was happily married with children. (That reveal really set the tone of the show for me. It seemed like they were saying “We know the tropes, we know you know the tropes. We’re throwing them out the window.”)

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Well, that’s going to be a fun Christmas dinner…

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