is this a condition or something

Confess: Idk why, but sometimes I get so salty when I see white Instagram beauty pages use our hair hacks. Like the trick with deep conditioning with oils and using apple cider vinegar or not washing their hair every thirty seconds. Probably because they use it, claim they made it up, and then some have the gall to say they’re “#natural” as if that means something. There’s nothing wrong with taking care of your hair, but give credit where credit is due.

exo reaction - daddy kink

This is more or less what kind of daddy they would be as well as how they would react to it in the bedroom.


I think Xiumin would be the body worship type. He wants his baby to be happy and satisfied, with a condition of course ;)

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sugar on sugar on sugar daddy. He would have only the best for you. He’d love to hear “thank you, daddy, I love it.”


Yixing is the daddy who makes sure his babygirl is shining. Diamond and velvet blindfolds.

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He’d be a gentle daddy. He likes to hear the word coming from you. However, he is strict on saying “Daddy” instead of Baekhyun, otherwise, a punishment is in order ;)

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He would be more of the rare occasion daddy. If you were home alone he’ll send a text saying something like “Be ready and waiting in daddy’s office” if it’s been a particularly hard day.


Bondage daddy. He likes wants you to crave his touch and want nothing but him.  Being the puppy he is, afterward, he wouldn’t hesitate to care for you or ask if he was too much.

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He wouldn’t be all that familiar with the term, but would quickly warm up to the idea when he sees the effect it has on you. He doesn’t have a hot body for no reason!

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As we already know Kai is a tease! As soon as he gets into daddy mode he would get much better worse. He would restrain you from touching him, bringing in toys to play with you. He’d be the ultimate teasing daddy

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I see sehun as a body worship daddy. pleasuring you, multiple orgasms, love bites along your body, you’d have his complete and utter attention.

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Editor’s Pick Wednesday

You know how sometimes a writer just gets MSR?  The way they act and react to one another or a certain situation, the way the speak to one another, and are somehow able to capture that really special teetering-on-the-brink UST that makes you want to cry and scream and throw something?

Sab just gets it.  Really.  There are few writers in the fandom who get it like Sab does.  Even taking Mulder and Scully stuck in L.A. after a case in the middle of summer, when the air conditioning is broken and the only thing to do is drink from the minibar…there’s a story to be told.  And a good one, at that.

Happy reading, Philes!

Title:  Traffic

Author:  Sab

Rating:  PG-13

Length: 5K  / Wordcount: 2,800+

Synopsis:   They’re in LA, it’s hot, they get drunk. But everyone’s sort of miserable, too. Plus all the ice is melted.

Spoilers:  None

Possible Triggers:  None

Yana’s birthday (24.01.2017)

I’m too lazy to plan something big, so I’m gonna do something small.

If you want to send Yana a short birthday message, then you can send it to me via ask and I’ll translate it for you into Japanese.

How it works (I hope):

1) You send me the birthday message you want to send to Yana.
2) I’ll translate it into Japanese and send it back to you.
3) Copy & Paste the Japanese text and send it to Yana via twitter or email.


1) You’ve never sent anyone anon hate. If you did in the past even once, then I’ll kindly ask you to GTFO^^
2) I won’t translate any messages from anons. Come off-anon, so I can send the translation back to you privately. And please send me the message via ask.
3) Your message is written in English and is not longer than 2 tumblr asks.
4) No mention of unconfirmed ships and fan theories. Sebaciel will be automatically translated to “Sebastian and Ciel”, likewise “Cielizzy” to “Ciel and Lizzy”. No mention of anything that might make Yana uncomfortable (e.g. “I don’t like the current arc”). Be nice and polite. Remember you’re a sort of “representative of the Western/non-Japanese fandom” :D
5) Briefly answer these questions:
How do you want to call Yana: Yana-san / Yana-sensei / Toboso-sensei
Your personality: rather low-key / rather energetic


22.01.2017, Sunday


If you send me something like this:

[Yana-sensei, low-key]
Happy Birthday, Yana!!! I’m a big fan of Kuroshitsuji since 2006. [*you can write anything as long as you meet the above mentioned conditions*] I’m so excited to see the BotA movie!

you’ll receive something like this:

やな先生、お誕生日おめでとうございます。2006年からずっと黒執事の大ファンです。[….] 劇場版アニメとても楽しみにしています。

Please do NOT reblog this post since this is supposed to be just a small offer to my followers. Thanks for your understanding :) 


- I’m very slow at replying, but I’ll definitely write you back before 23rd January. If you haven’t received your translation until then, let me know because it’s likely that your message wasn’t sent properly.

- About the personality thing: It’s just that if you’re a rather low-key person I’ll translate your message in a more reserved tone. Also, if you have a preferred personal pronoun, let me know. Otherwise, I’ll use the standard personal pronoun “watashi”.

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So I'm not usually one of the first people to call bullshit on something as ableist and such, but the new M Night Shyamalan movie looks fucked up. As if any mental condition not considered 'normal' wasn't already demonized.

God, is that Split or something? I saw an ad for it on YouTube before a video and it looked… ableist but also just AWFUL.

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Can you deduce something about me?

Girl, right handed, no manual labour, student, glasses, love art, very detail oriented and a big Marvel fan, specially because of Iron Man and Captain America, get bored easily, iPhone model 6 or 7, middle class.

There is this picture on your blog. If your left hand is painted like that, it means you used your right hand to colour it, so right handed. Girl because of the shape of the hand. By looking at the proportions I would say you’re 1.62 m (5 ft 3 12 in or 63′7’’) tall, approximately.

No manual labour because of the conditions and size of your nails. They’re long and clean. It is obvious you like art, you even try making something when you’re not inspired, as we can see in the photo.
Very detail oriented because unlike many, you customized your Tumblr blog quite a bit by adding a background and a theme of your choice. That means you’re quite creative, you tend to customize the space you’re inserted in to please you, to make you feel comfortable. That implies you’re a very adaptable person.

Your creativity boost makes you feel bored quite easily, that would explain why you approached art so much. You’re possibly skilled in many different styles, but ink seems to be your favourite. Your almost obsession for Iron Man indicates you like and look up to some of his most marking aspects. You apparently want to be more popular and more outgoing so you can find a way to express your thoughts in a way they’re clearer for others to understand.


skinny woman: i just really don’t feel good, something feels seriously wrong

doctor: [takes her seriously and runs various tests] you have a health condition but we can treat it and make your life better

fat woman: i just really don’t feel good, something feels seriously wrong

doctor: [doesn’t look up from clipboard] it’s because you’re fat. get out of my office and go lose weight. 

‘unusual weather conditions’

something i didn’t pick up on after watching the rwby WOR 

qrow mentions that a lot of people tried to suggest other reasons as to why the last battle was so brutal. he states how they weren’t ready for vacuo’s desert climate and that the weather was really bad 

a lot of people are speculating that the king may have had the relic to help him in single handedly beating everyone, but what if he had more magical help? 

who do we know that is exceptionally powerful with near limitless gifts that can change weather conditions?

a maiden. we’ve only see the fall maiden in action, but it’s been said that all maidens can manipulate the elements. what if to make the king decimate his opponents even harder, he asked a maiden for help?

it would explain why salem is getting all the maiden’s. she doesn’t just want the relics, she specifically is hunting all the maidens down. we’re not what she wants to do with them, but we know she desperately wants them. 

maybe to win the war, you need all 8 - the four relics, the four maidens. and that’s what salem intends to do. 

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omg pcos isn't intersex pcos isn't intersex pcos isn't intersex you're all terrible people you totally misrepresent the medical classification of intersex disorders when you accept something that is not in the standard hormonal range for the opposite sex and doesn't affect chromosomes, genetics, or genitals. you're spreading misinformation any doctor will laugh you out of the room for. i have pcos, and it doesn't make me any less female. i don't have to fake an intersex condition to be nb.

:> please take your opinion somewhere else, it’s fucked up, we don’t agree, medicine is not an institution free from dyadism, terms like ‘opposite sex’ are kinda :/// and so is accepting and furthering the use of the word female to describe having a body that would get you classified as female under the standards of a transphobic and intersexist world (tbf even if u don’t feel misgendered by that sort of language, plenty of other trans and nb people do), people with hormone disorders literally are concretely oppressed by intersexism regardless of if it’s technically considered an intersex condition or ‘disorder of sexual development’ by doctors, none of us are using our conditions to justify our genders (and we have often previously discussed with actual dyadic trans and nb people that they don’t need to appropriate intersex struggles just to be valid as trans and nb people), if you don’t consider yourself intersex then you should consider staying out of our inbox to begin with (it says all over to only send asks if you’re intersex, after all), and messages like these hurt our feelings.—mod D

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Grant x Jemma - “I’m not wearing that.”

Jemma wasn’t sure how long she had been asleep when the knock came, and the door opened. She was so stiff, every muscle burned, and her bones cracked as she rolled over and looked from Will’s bedside to the door.

“Hello?” A female voice asked, her face obscured in the sliver of curtain around the doorway.

Jemma willed herself to get up, and she frantically searched the room for something, anything she could use to defend herself when she heard the curtain draw back, and a small sigh.

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Why did they presume it was April 5th he died, why not 6th or 7th? Was he not seen after those days or something...?

from the condition of kurt’s body, the medical examiner said Kurt could have died on the 4th, 5th or 6th.  definitely not the 3rd, he was seen late evening.

he wasn’t seen after that.

definitely not the 7th.    so he took the middle road and chose the 5th.  I have always held for the 4th.   (simple reason,  and the weird way kurt looked at things.   he was born on a monday. married on a monday.   and the 4th was a monday)

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People saying that Klay looks upset at fans are stupid! He just saw his ill grandma who is in a very critical condition so of course he's not in a good mood. He's probably really sad! Maybe Klay should've taken today off to spend with his grandma 😢😢 The OKC game isn't that important and his grandma is in a very bad situation 😢😢😞🙏🏽🙏🏽Klay should've just stayed in Portland tbh. Poor Klay, he looked depressed in some pics 😿I knew something had been bothering him😿🙏🏽

Well of course I’m sure he’s sad


((Okay so I should be more upset that this weeks work hours got cut but after collapsing at work earlier in the week and pretty much having a melt down yesterday I appreciate the time to rest, also means I can watch Voltron S2 on release day so I am well pleased with that arrangement.

My friend pretty much has kidnapped me because she wants me to watch it with her and her bf, and partially since I’ve not been myself for over a month she’d gotten pretty worried. Well there is the condition that I have to construct some Ikea flat back furniture but I’m actually pretty boss at making that shit. One of the few talents I have pfft. I still need to finish her housewarming gift but the girl keeps trying to pay me for it….  Well if she tries pushing money in my hands I’ll hide the money somewhere in her home and tell her where I hid it when I’m far away and she can’t give it to me pfft. I just want to do something nice for freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ))

((I will have my laptop with me so I can bust some replies while they both join their static for a raid. I’ll be there until saturday night. ))

@mycroft-hxlmes continued from here.

Mycroft wasn’t truly as closed off as he would like people to believe, he also loved his family more than he would like to admit. Most importantly, his younger brother. They didn’t have a whole lot of good memories, but he loved his dear brother.

However, instead of returning said love with a snarky quip or literally anything else, Sherlock turned to drugs. Not the occassional joint or something reasonably safe, he was taking injections. Shooting up. It burned his heart out and filled him with such guilt, with the knowledge that he caused this. That this, all of this, was his fault. Maybe if he went to college closer to home he could have stopped it, but no he just had to dream of being a politician.

When he heard Sherlock’s plea, he crouched down beside him, hoping Sherlock couldn’t see the pain in his face. “Sherlock, I won’t tell our parents on one condition. If you ever do this again, write it down. Do you remember what you took?”

No anger. Well, he wouldn’t exactly say no anger. But- It was a calmer reaction to what he expected. His eyes flickered closed. He did remember. Vaguely. He looked over towards Mycroft, before reaching out, picking the pen from his brother’s pocket and shifting, the pen lingering over his own left hand. It took him a moment, but a second later, he began to list, keeping his handwriting as readable as he could. It was oddly difficult to write with shaking hands.

“Deal- I suppose you want me to text you when I get like this as well?” He rolled onto his back, practically placing the hand in Mycroft’s lap, as his other hand covered half his face. “Overdosed.” Not by much. But it was a whole different experience. His pulse was racing. There was a layer of sweat over him. And he may not look it - or show it - but he was actually a little scared. “Get me out of here..”

ok but like shout out to all my girls with skin conditions like eczema or acne or keratosis pilaris, etc. society paints such a false picture of women as having perfectly clear and soft skin and like….that ain’t true. so many of us have bumps and scars and dryness and redness and no matter what we do it won’t go away. but yall are perfect okay like believe me i still don’t love my skin but its so Wrong that we hate ourselves so much for something so trivial. you’re beautiful okay and so is your skin i love u.








Yurio has already left his guards down when he’s around the other boy, and maybe without even realizing it himself he already considers him as more than just another rival.

Yuuri’s now become his friend.

Guys, ep 11 was rough, but it makes a LOT of sense. Yuuri has anxiety and not just any kind, but self-worth related anxiety. Furthermore he thinks Victor has only fallen in love with him because of their skating routine - he doesn’t remember the banquet dance-off. Specifically, he thinks Victor has fallen in love with a spark that he sees in Yuuri’s skating. He thinks Victor’s love is conditional.

Which is probably why he protested the engagement confusion last episode. He thinks this is temporary. He thinks Victor is just infatuated. Maybe he started to believe in something better for a second, in the airport, but anxiety is bound to take hold and make him question everything. And we saw that, this episode, IMO.

When Yuuri sees Victor watch other skaters perform amazing feats, he instantly enters that anxious state of “I’m not good enough to keep this” And since he, himself, didn’t perform his best, he thinks it’s going to be all downhill from here. Victor will, in his anxious mind, fall quickly out of love with him once there’s nothing “special” about him. He may even start becoming infatuated with another young skater.

So what do people with anxiety and self-worth issues do? SELF SABOTAGE. Woo! There’s less anxiety if you’re the one who controls how things fall apart. It’d be more stressful for Yuuri to stay in a relationship that he thinks is doomed. It would mean that every second of every day, he’s just waiting and watching for Victor to drift away. So he’d rather rip off the bandaid now, grieve all at once, and then move on. Because even if Victor is upset now, Yuuri believes that too will pass and he’ll be “free” of his delusion that he really loved Yuuri.

So yeah, we’re all just screaming at our TVs, but this is what people with anxiety do. All the time. It’s totally IC. And it’s the one obstacle that Victuuri has, really - dealing with Yuuri’s anxiety. Because love, however true, doesn’t make mental illness go away.  Nor does winning gold, if he manages that in the free skate. These two, if they are to last, need to face the full reality of Yuuri’s anxiety. It wouldn’t be a happy ending if they didn’t solve this first.

Kudos to Kubo-sensei for the writing so far, and here’s hoping that next episode brings everything together in a way that respects the universe she’s created so far, and doesn’t just shove everyone together in a fake-happy ending.

Out of boredom, you decide to fully read Apple’s Terms and Conditions from top to bottom, something no one has ever done. You have just discovered something utterly devastating.

Every time
  • Me: so do you have any medical conditions?
  • Elderly lady: hm no
  • Patient's son: nope
  • Me: ok, do you take any medication?
  • Elderly lady: oh yes i take something for high blood pressure and for arrythmia and for my pancreas and for...
  • Me: DO have some medical conditions
  • The son: well she had then for some time now
  • Me: thats so not the point of this conversation....but ok. So anything else? Any previous hospitalisations any operations?
  • Both of them: hm no
  • Me: ok. *starts doing physical examination* and what is that big scar you have on your stomach?
  • Patient: ah thats probably from that surgery when they took the cancer out
  • Me: *looks into the void and the void looks into me*

I suggest taking these ideas and compiling your own list of things you can do to take care of yourself!

have a pamper night

  • brush your teeth, floss, and use mouthwash
  • cleanse and tone your face
  • put on a face mask
  • light candles and put on music if you want
  • rinse off the face mask and get in the shower/bath
  • use a bath bomb/bubble bar/other lush products if you have them on hand
  • read in the bath if you’re not afraid to drop your book–personally I like to put my laptop on the bathroom counter and watch something on netflix
  • shampoo your hair and use a conditioning hair mask
  • use an exfoliating bar or scrub on your body and shave if that’s your thing
  • when you get out of the shower/bath and dry off
  • spray leave-in conditioner into your hair, comb through it, and let it air dry
  • moisturize your whole body with a luxurious/heavy moisturizer
  • moisturize your face and put on chapstick
  • if you pluck your eyebrows, take time to do it now (the heat of the shower will open your pores)
  • put on your favourite comfy pajamas/sweatpants and hoodie/tshirt/whatever
  • trim your nails, file them and/or paint them if you like to do that
  • get comfortable in your bed or on the couch, with a book or a movie or tv
  • make yourself a hot tea or hot chocolate (or coffee if it isn’t too late)
  • have a healthy snack like a fruit
  • relax and enjoy!


  • have a movie marathon and make popcorn
  • buy something for yourself
  • take a day off from homework/work
  • cook something new and fresh, or cook your favourite food
  • go out to eat with your friends/family/partner
  • buy a present for a loved one
  • binge watch TV
  • bake something
  • spend time getting inspired on pinterest/tumblr
  • watch a seasonal movie and eat a seasonal snack (around halloween and christmastime for example)
  • clean/organize your room or rearrange the furniture, if you like doing that
  • personally, i love reorganizing my bookshelf!
  • take some time to do one of your hobbies such as art, writing, sports, photoshop, etc
  • buy new stationery
  • write in your journal
  • try and learn a new hobby
  • do a craft or diy project from pinterest
  • plan in your planner/bullet journal or take some time to get organized
  • go out to the movies and get snacks from the concession stand
  • go out to a cute cafe or dessert restaurant
  • buy new makeup
  • go for a long drive
  • indulge in some nice cheese, crackers, and grapes
  • buy a new book
  • meditate/practice mindfulness
  • get your nails or hair done
  • have a date night with your s/o
  • or have a night out with your friends
  • play with/spend time with your pets
  • write down some positive things or favourite memories
  • declutter your positions
  • take a break from social media
  • go for a run or walk
  • if your diet is lacking, detox and eat only fresh and healthy food for a day
  • alternatively, if you’re usually healthy, treat yourself to some junk food
  • do your hair and makeup and put on your favourite outfit
  • put on some sexy underwear/lingerie and perfume
  • watch something that makes you laugh (funny movies/tv, vine compliations, youtube videos, or just go through a funny blog on tumblr)
  • if you’re into it, do a tarot reading
  • read your horoscope
  • say no
  • or: say yes
  • take a nap
  • discover new music
  • play your instrument
  • go to a museum or an art gallery
  • look at old photos and photo albums
  • make a bucket list
  • set goals
  • go for a walk and take photos
  • watch an informative ted talk or documentary
  • play video games/computer games
  • have a board game night
  • exercise, if you enjoy it
  • plan (or simply dream about) your next travel destination
  • drink plenty of water
  • go through memorabilia and childhood souvenirs
  • clear out your inbox

add your own suggestions (and your url) below!