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Jumped on the bandwagon and started ME:A today.
Surprisingly the controls work pretty well for my “two hands ten thumbs” issues, but I’m still crap with aiming and keep my ammo in check.

Unfortunately I have found no way to change the German dubbing and I hate how unnatural everything sounds. I hope origin will offer the English audio files like they did with DAI, because THIS is horrible!

edit: could probably solve the language issue. Found a switch in the origins and right now the system is updating so I think there is hope.

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i remember i saw a post like, criticizing the last stevenbomb, that opened with 'only click this read more if youre intelligent and rational and willing to admit SU has flaws' but then like... every fucking point they made was awful and stupid, and i spent like an hour explaining to a friend why every single bullet point they made was bad. they only had one good point, the show could stand to not always be from stevens point of view- but they still phrased it in such a smug douchey way


that’s what really gets me is the sense that everyone hopping onto the bandwagon of complaining constantly about SU thinks themselves as like, ‘enlightened’ for 'daring’ to suggest that it’s not a perfect show

like no you goof!! people haven’t liked su FOREVER you’re not special for it?? you’re not unique or Smarter for thinking there are things about it that don’t work

it’s so ironic bc half the time they’re just highlighting how absolutely stupid they are and how much they have no idea what they’re talking about, haha

(also that IS a fair point - especially given where the latter episodes have been going. sometimes they do find ways to get creative and show us more, which i find an interesting aspect of the show that i think is worth praise, but it would probably help in some cases if we weren’t restricted to steven’s pov, yeah)

If you ever need evidence a bunch of the crits actually lack critical thinking skills, remember that I made a post criticizing the lack of meta (as in fandom discussion) about how Homeworld treats their soldiers, and they deadass thought I was criticizing the show runners and they jumped on that bandwagon without a moment’s hesitation. They really do suck like it’s their first night in Hollywood.

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are all of y'all [insert literally anything]100 people (and various animals) connected, or can anyone just stumble their way onto that bountiful bandwagon of what

What Are You Saying My Wandering Child

Not to get on the dick discourse bandwagon but I am 99% the reason y’all think KMS is not gifted from the Gods with a big one is because boy is wearing tuck thongs to keep it in place 

Okay, so I’m sort of on the Keith x Pidge bandwagon.

Not as a ship though but more of a one-sided thing. Like I can see Pidge gaining a crush on Keith and him being oblivious of it. She keeps it a secret because she knows that he’d never reciprocate it. (and she can see that he likes Lance). It ends up getting revealed and she gets let down similar to Sakura from Cardcaptors.

I must be the only one but I can see Pidge having a crush on Keith because of small reasons. Him being overprotective because he sees her like a sister, them having similar personalities (both being spitfires). He saves her multiple times and it becomes a superman/spiderman thing where she falls for her hero sort of thing. Maybe she catches him in the training room working out. idk

It’s not farfetched right? For her to have a crush? I know the fandom likes to headcanon her as asexual/aromantic or a lesbian and those are perfectly plausible but her having a crush wouldn’t be that bad either. And I don’t think it’d be anyone else but Keith. I think she views Lance and Hunk as more the brotherly types. 

Keith can be viewed as the brotherly type as well. I think that’s how he’d view his relationship with Pidge but I think it would be an involuntary thing where she just can’t help but develop feelings for him.

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I think it's so cute how you have a special tag for posts that make you think of your friend! Ok, sorry for interrupting, continue your love-competition.

Haha she started it! I just jumped on the bandwagon. :-)

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