is this a bandwagon

there’s been so much Shadowhunters negativity in my dash lately….. like, y’all are entitled to your own opinion, but sometimes people take things waaaay too seriously… it’s a tv show guys, it is supposed to entertain us and make us happy. if it doesn’t work out for you anymore, then just stop watching it??

i don’t know. I don’t mind negative opinions, I have my own too, but I just cringe everytime someone blow it out of proportion like this. Sure the show has its awkward moments, but even at the tiniest mistakes some people are just hastily jumping in the “””triggered””” bandwagon and calling out and disrespecting people with a different opinion…

i’m seriously missing the old days where there wasn’t this much fandom drama. I’m even missing the time I joined tumblr when we were just book fans.

all this hate is tiring me to the point where I’m not even having fun in this fandom anymore, and in almost 4 years of blogging I had never felt that way before. anyways. i’m going to sleep now :/

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ayo Idk if this has been suggested/said before but I feel like as Viktor and Yuuri's feelings develop for each other in UMFB&MHA the song Only Place I Call Home by Every Avenue becomes them. ((Also I kinda wanna get on the bandwagon of making playlists for your fic, pun intended, but it's gotta be perfect)).

We were finally changing.
It’s our luck, we’re a little too late.

aka chapter 13

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Guess you were wiser than the rest of us. You jumped off the Joshifer bandwagon before Josh kicked his career into the dumpster and disrespected THG fandom. I still follow you bc of GG and I just LIKE you....but I do miss the excitement of THG hay days.

haha i think the fact that i am usually a go-down-with-the-ship type of person really speaks to just how much bullshit i can put up with.  but eventually, i got to the point where i was just done.  

i’ve seen my fair share of actors actually be dealt with a shitty hand, being killed off of shows that made them famous, some in the most brutal of ways.  and you know what?  they still speak highly of their work, because they’re not stupid, and don’t wish to burn bridges for potential work or alienate fans for future support.

i just genuinely do not care anymore.

i don’t regret ever being involved, because i met some of the most amazing people.  and i’m glad to see that a lot of you who followed me for one thing are still around for the content i’m posting now.


Hey gang, so when I first made this account, I wasn’t expecting many people to come watch me for a number of reasons.

1. I made this after the whole Undertale bandwagon started it’s activity decline as a lot of fandoms seem to do lately, so I wasn’t expecting many people to be browsing the Undertale tags still.

2. I don’t draw a whole lot of Sans or Papyrus as many other popular artists seem to do, but then again my most liked post here is still that goddamn comic of Sans in his stupid shorts dress.

3. I don’t post a whole lot, hell I’m still getting used to the idea of reblogging and stuff, so my own activity feed is pretty lackluster compared to many of ya’ll.

And still I have about over 500 of ya’ll following me… No doubt a good majority is nothing but bots, but still.

So with that being said, couple of announcements:

* I made another account for NSFW stuff, HOWEVER, I will only give out the account link to those who are 18 years or over. I am a 26 year old adult and I don’t want to get arrested due to anyone under the legal age both in America or any other country disrespecting my own wishes and consent.

* I’m almost done with the lineart on the next few pages of Overlore, so once those are up I’ll get to work on completing the Overlore about page that’ll feature short profiles of my main four as well as the posts that contain the Overlore story. Be patient as I am a University student and I’m going to be busy with school assignments and other personal business, but I am working on them.

To wrap this all up, thank you all for following this blog and I hope you all stay tuned for more Overlore.


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Does anyone even know what 76 genders came from? Like.... why 76? Why not.... 9001 while we're being ridiculous. Or 402. I'm guessing it's just... an arbitrary number they picked for their madness? And what scares me most is.... they're serious. They're really serious.

It’s such an oddly specific number. Does anyone know why they chose 76? Or if Milo made it up or just jumped on the bandwagon?