is this a bad joke

@awkwardfortuneteller of course i’ve seen that tweet

How to edit Pyrrha Nikos

step one: 
open your image:

step two:
select the burn tool and turn the exposure up to 100, you can select either midtones or shadows, but don’t select highlights!

step three:

this has been a photoshop tutorial
written by Cinder. 
fall maiden out

(I’ll post the actual pretty image soon, I’m just making bad jokes.)

pyrrha is @alexa-rynay <3
i’m Cinder! @microkittycosplay

Every once in a while I doodle something and after I’m done I stare at the paper and scream in my head because HOLY FUCK SINCE WHEN HAVE I BEEN SO GOOD AT ANATOMY IT JUST FLOWED OUT OF MY PENCIL JESUS CHRIST

and sometimes I doodle and my human bodies look like bookshelves and I ask myself how the fuck have I gotten this far in life

im like one of the rare people who actually DO like ronaldo as a character. before this ep i feel like he was unliked bc he acted differently, there was really no reason to hate him like the fans have besides ‘he’s annoying/filler’ 

i liked him cause he was different and honestly had a good heart? he just didn’t know how to act sometimes LOL but this ep like…completely fucked up his personality for the sake of plot.. they made him annoying, the ‘oh god it’s HIM’ character (btw i hate jokes like that, where ppl dislike a character bc “that’s the joke” )..

i hope they dont write eps with him again. :S


save him

also my commissions are open, if you’d for whatever reason be interested :’)