is thier ship name

ok look can we talk about how stubborn steve and tony would be…together? Like if they weren’t fighting all the time in the mcu…anything would be possible. Steve and Tony are the most stubborn, and you bet ur sweet ass that they could probably defeat Thanos in about three seconds. 

“Thanos, no offense, but you look like a shriveled grape.” 

“Tony, do you mean a raisin? I can see the resemblance.” 


“Thanos shut up, me and Steve are communicating. This is good for us. I think. And no, Steve, I do not mean a raisin. I mean a shriveled grape, oh my god.” 

“I don’t think you know how raisins are made.” 

“Steve up until three years ago, you had no idea what Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake wore to the AMAs, and that is a tragedy. I don’t think you know who Elton John is.” 

“That’s the guy who got the knighthood, right? He sings a little?” 

“Steve, you are literally fifteen levels of wrong.” 

“Steve? Tony? We’re gonna die soon.” 

“Not yet,” Steve tells Clint. “We’ll fight this together. Thanos will lose.” 

“Yeah, Steve has a battle plan and everything. He knows that, but he doesn’t know Elton John’s main career. I bet even Bucky knows. Bucky, who is Elton John?” 

“Popular singer of the seventies? Wore weird glasses.” 

“See? Even your microwave friend knows who that man is. Steve, you’re stupid.” 


“Bad Idea?” or “The one where Steve and Tony fondue in a shared bed at Clint’s farmhouse”. by spideybaby (me!)

This is totally canon I promiseeee. Okay so I’m doing more of this comic strips because it’s TIME. So follow me if you want to see more marvel/avengers stuff!

Extra because uhhhhh I don’t know what I’m doing anyways:

ok down to  business

when the heck is the waitress going to return…… she was a super fun character who will hopefully get more screen time in the future.

Glass sword a summary part 2
  • Shade: about a week ago, I accidentally slept with Farley.
  • Mare: really?
  • Shade: yes.
  • Mare: you accidentally slept with Farley?
  • Shade: yes.
  • Mare: accidentally?
  • Shade: yes.
  • Silence...
  • Mare: I don't understand. Did you trip or something?

So did anyone else notice that Wade and Molly’s ship name could be Wally or Made?

Now, me being me, it currently being 1:30 a.m, and I can’t sleep. So I came up with this brilliant hypothesis.

If the ship name is Wally, Wade does remind me of Wall.E (the movie) Which to be honest, is freaking adorable.

If thier ship name was Made, you could say it was a match “Made” in heaven.

….I need sleep…