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Imagine being a fortune teller able to really see the future and Stephen Strange showing up at your doorstep to find out if you really have a gift and aren’t just a fraud. And you are the real thing to consult you. -Requested by anon

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Spoiler Free! THIS IS SUCH A GOOD IDEA I CAN’T WAIT TO WRITE THI S Bonus points if you figured out who the third character mentioned is ✯

You sighed as you collapsed, exhausted, in your overly decorated chair. It was a relief to finally close for the day. You owned a tiny place where you set up shop as a cheesy fortune teller: it was decent money, at least. You went all out and bought fake decorations: a crystal ball, colourful tarot cards, and hundreds upon hundreds of candles. It was something to attract the tourists who came by. Most of them came for the fun of it, expecting to hear some corny prediction. But everyone who walked out eventually met the fate that you foresaw, one way or another. Some would say you had a real gift. Others would say you had luck. But the truth was much deeper than that. For lack of a better word, it was magic.

You were about to clean up when you heard a knock on the door. Somewhat irritated, you said, “We’re closed. Check the sign on the door.”

There was a pause. You thought whoever it was had left, but then a deep voice, definitely male, spoke up. “I’m not a customer. I’m looking for (y/n) (y/l/n).”

You sighed once more, but walked over to open the door. “What do you want with-”

You stopped short when you saw who was on the other side– or rather, what he was wearing. He had some kind of long blue robe-type thing on, blue pants, a flowing red cape, and a large gold necklace with some kind of thick pendant that hung from the chain. It was the most bizarre- yet stylish- outfit you’d ever seen. You’d seen some clients wear some pretty whacky stuff to get their fortunes told, but this was a first.

The man straightened. “I take it you’re (y/n) (y/l/n),” he said. He stuck out his hand. “My name is Stephen Strange, but you can call me Doctor Strange.”

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namjoon is honestly just such a lovely pure soul. he just wants to do good in thi world and he’s so willing to change and be a better person and to make sure no one else is hurt by what he does he just wants to make the worrld a better place and he just wants everyone to be happy and healthy


im so sorry


“What a goddamn tease. How’s he even real?”

I was slain today by the first chapter of this fic and I couldn’t help but draw this moment because hollllyyyyy goooosshhh 

please go read it you won’t regret it