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On August 25th, two works by Yamamori Mika go on sale: volume 13 of Hirunaka no Ryuusei, which includes all extras and special HNR chapters, and volume 1 of Tsubaki-chou Lonely Planet, which includes the first 5 chapters of TCLP.

Yamamori-sensei likely earns her keep by how well the sales of her volumes go, so if you have spare money lying around why not buy one or two. Unfortunately the volumes are all in Japanese (there’s no official English translation yet), but even if you don’t understand the language, buying is one of the best ways to show your support.

If you do end up buying, you can post it on Tumblr with the tag #support sensei and we’ll definitely reblog it here on Damn Feels. If you also have a Twitter, you can let Yamamori Mika know since she likes seeing people outside Japan buy her work (just be sure not to mention scanlation).

Here are some sites where you can buy the volumes shown:

im fucking screaming the dorian cosplayer i called out back in april for brownfacing just showed up at mcm in fucking brownface, and didn’t even bother to blend his fucking makeup

so much for “it’s just the lighting!!!” like No, it’s Official, dude’s in brownface, and he’s still in brownface

samhighfill BTS of @entertainmentweekly’s #Supernatural cover shoot! (Mark is there, I promise. Jared is just very tall.)

“The funny thing is, Dan [Loflin] and I seem to always have these episodes that speak to Dean’s love of pie, like back in “Dark Side of the Moon,” where we showed where his love of pie had come from. It’s weird that my Supernatural career has been defined by pie-writing.” – Andrew Dabb in Supernatural: The Official Companion Season 7 (x)


Hey guys! It’s time for the first ER APPRECIATION WEEK! Hopefully people will want to participate in this. We have a really small fandom but everyone remembers this masterpiece, right? So let’s show our love! The official tag is #ERaw15

June 16th — June 22nd

Day 1: favorite character

Day 2: favorite pairing (also friendships!) 

Day 3: favorite episode/season/moment (Pick one and show your love)

Day 4: favorite quote(s)

Day 5: favorite location (anything you can think of! Remember elevators, apartments and supply closets)

Day 6: something underrated (we all have that one episode… unappreciated and forgotten. Or maybe a storyline? Be brave and tell us your opinion!)

Day 7: free choice (be creative!)

If you can’t gif remember that you can always write, create a fanmix or just tell us what you think! I will be reblogging as much as I can. NO STEALING (I will know if someone reposts!) BE NICE AND REBLOG! If you have any questions, feel free to ask. 

Spread the word,  You set the tone! 

2016 MidZel Week Prompts

Sept 23-29th 2016

Day 1 [Sep 23] – Firsts
Day 2 [Sep 24] – Modern
Day 3 [Sep 25] – Mirror
Day 4 [Sep 26] – Betrothed
Day 5 [Sep 27] – Confessions
Day 6 [Sep 28] – Role Reversal
Day 7 [Sep 29] – Reunion

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Kurogane WeekAugust 8th - 14th

Day 1 [Aug 8]: Firsts
Day 2 [Aug 9]: Crossovers
Day 3 [Aug 10]: Kuro-beast
Day 4 [Aug 11]: Parent and Child
Day 5 [Aug 12]: Careers
Day 6 [Aug 13]: Magical Kurogane
Day 7 [Aug 14]: Heat of Battle

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Dominance over Michael- Smut

I left for the day to just walk around, this was one of the cities that I have never been to before. You see, I was on tour with Michael, Luke, Calum and Ashton. Since I was the girlfriend of Michael, who had apparently been missing me just as I have been missing him as well, the boys decided I should tag along for the summer shows. Michael was going to be out most of the day rehearsing and doing a few interviews, so I thought wandering around was a good idea to pass the time. When I came back to the hotel I walked through the door, hearing Michael saying my name, and before I could ask why I ended up gasping instead. I guess Michael had gotten out earlier then expected because he was on the bed masturbating. He immediately stopped and blushed slightly while attempting to pull the covers up and over him. I closed the door and slowly walked toward him with a grin plastered on my face. “So Michael, is this what you do whenever I’m not here? You couldn’t even wait for me?” “I guess not” he said smirking as he slowly crawled over to the edge of the bed where I was. He was just about to grab onto me when I grasped his hand midair smirking back. “I’m going to show you why you should have waited for me” and with that sentence I got on the bed and pushed him down. I pressed my lips against his and slowly the kiss began to deepen. His hand traveled to my inner thigh and I slapped it away breaking contact with his lips. “No, no touching baby. I need you to close your eyes and stay still”. He obeyed me and I got up and walked over to the closet opposite the bed, looking back every once in a while making sure he was still doing as I told him. I pulled out my vibrator and some rope, feeling slightly embarrassed about how he would feel about this, but I went on anyway. I walked back to the bed and started to tie his hands to the bed post, he didn’t protest so I traveled to his feet and tied them to the bed as well. I straddled him and set the vibrator next to me, taking off my shirt and bra and then my pants and my underwear. I reveled at how Michael was watching me the whole time. I bent down and softly whispered in his ear, which sent shivers down his spine. “Now baby I want you to be a good boy for me. You will come when I say so, is that clear?” “Yes Y/N”. I grinned at being so in control and started kissing his neck and slowly traveled to his collar bones and down to his stomach. I could feel his neck and head bending back in pleasure. I then got off him and instead sat next to him on the bed and started massaging the tip of his cock, and he let a moan escape his beautiful lips. I placed my mouth on him and used one hand to message the parts I couldn’t reach. “Ugh fuck Y/N I’m going to cum”. Before he came I took my hands and mouth off of him. “Remember what I said, baby. You don’t come until I say so”. He whimpered softly and I got back on top of him, straddling him. I slowly slid onto him and let my head fall back as a moan slipped from my own mouth along with his. I grabbed the vibrator and put it on my clit and bounced up and down on top of him. “You are driving me insane kitten, fuck” Michael said as his moans filled the room and sent me over the edge, I spread my legs wider as I hit my high. “Mmmm baby I am so wet right now, I’m sure you would just love to touch me huh? But you can’t.” I grinned as he growled as a response. I slowly slid out of him and again went to sitting next to him on the bed, with the vibrator still on I put it on the tip of his cock, and he buckled his hips at the feeling. “Fucking hell” he moaned under his breath as I messaged the parts that the vibrator wasn’t touching. “I think I am ready for you to cum Michael” I moaned into his ear, knowing my moans would send him over the edge. “Fuck Y/N, I’m going to cum” “yeah baby cum for me”. He screamed my name as he hit his high, and I continued to message his cock as he did, allowing him to ride his orgasm out. When I saw he was finished I turned off the vibrator, untied him and laid next to him in the bed. He turned to me, grinning. “We should do that more often” “I would have no problem with that idea at all” I said as I returned the grin and placed my lips softly onto his.


I realized the fandom didn’t have one of these yet, and decided to fix that very serious problem.

(Guys I know I go off on the themes of this show a lot but I just love them so much)

Also seriously if I tried to add anything about character interaction into this thing it would be wayyyyy too long woah but just trust me ok the characters are GREAT

Other posts relevant to these interests: NinthFeather’s, Envy-Loves-You’s

Feel free to add anything I might have missed, guys!

we will revive this fandom if it kills us all

@ninthfeather @sapphireswimming @draconiform-algeeee @ anyone else who can spread the love and/or WATCH THIS SHOW


Moonlight hair retexture (small part of a followers gift)

Yeah, I just thought about moons ><

Heya! First of all, yeah I know I say this too much but can’t stop saying it y’all are amazing (あなたするすべてわすごいい) To be honest, I never thought I can make hair retextures, just because I did it once a while ago. And in game it always showed up black in game. But wait what! I saw a really clear explanation from ddeathflower and thank you so much!(。。ありがとうございます

-NTK- & -TOU- (need to know)
                         (terms of usage)

  • Comes all in one file
  • just don’t copy or claim as your own
  • comes in 5 swatches (understand it was a kind of test)
  • Can be found down in hair for your adorable simmies <3
  • Mesh by darkosims3 (Download the MESH!!!) Officially name (moonrise)
  • Tag me #simsumsumblr I would love to see your public creations.
  •  READ (me) my full TOU

cr in tags (three clicks must be anuff)


The textures are officially from ddeathflower, nope I were not to lazy to creat some but in my language, there is no word in photoshop for some actions I really need, in English, I guess you know what I mean. I did moved it around a bit’.

(some difference)

Clearly this was just a test for me, can I make hair recolors bleegh??? Thought it was hard after that mistake but now I clearly see it was well idk that hair.

I add this to my download page as a small followers gift but a part of it so stay tuned <33 (Pretty proud but it did took long ><’)

(One thumbnail I don’t know why is showing up everywhere in the 5 swatches and I did selected 3!!)

Leave Thomas Astruc Alone

I wish people would quit harping on Hawkdaddy’s opinions on the subbing thing. Like, he’s the creator of the show and he just wants everyone to get the best experience they can. As a writer myself, I understand the frustration of seeing my work translated both by someone not qualified and without my permission. It’s one thing to wait for an official sub and quite another to depend on subtitles provided by someone who doesn’t know the intent behind the lines. I’m all for watching origins if you want to, but don’t fault Astruc for wanting everyone to view the product as it was intended. The Korean version, while legitimate, isn’t the original french version, for one, and for two, when that gets translated even further–even if the korean dub is done “officially”–you’re still getting into muddier and muddier waters. 

So watch the korean version if you want, especially if you are, in fact, korean–as you’ll then be getting the most authentic experience you can–but quit complaining about Hawkdaddy’s opinion. He’s the one behind the show that you’re all enjoying, so even if you don’t agree with his opinion, the least you can do is respect it. It’s his creative work and he has the right to disapprove of how its handled if he wants to. Just like artists have the right to get angry when their work is posted places they didn’t post it, and writers have the right to be irritated when their stuff gets translated and posted without permission. 

Quit being jerks and respect the man for giving us such an awesome show in the first place. Those of you who are upset about what he’s said sound like a bunch of petulant children. I mean, the man is considerate enough to have a tumblr, twitter, and communicate with fans of the show in the first place. A little consideration and respect would be appreciated.

My my! Time sure does fly! Are you excited yet? Because…

…there is only one week left until the Captive Prince Week starts!

Here are some useful links for you: Prompts | About & Guidelines (very important!) | Ask

Remember that the official tag for the event is #cpweek2k16 #capriweek2k16! In order for your works to show up on the tag, this one must be listed in your first five tags

And finally, thank you so much sharing the information, for thinking about participating, and just for being such an amazing person! I hope to see you all very soon~

Kurogane WeekAugust 19th - 25th

Day 1 [Aug 19]: Favorite Thing About Kurogane
Day 2 [Aug 20]: Walk Walk Fashion Baby
Day 3 [Aug 21]: Family Moments
Day 4 [Aug 22]: Evil!AU
Day 5 [Aug 23]: Unguarded
Day 6 [Aug 24]: Non-sword Ginryuu
Day 7 [Aug 25]: Home

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W.D. Gaster in both his forms!

I know this time it’s just one character but I wanted to show him both when he was alive and in one piece and when he was  dispersed between the planes of existence. 
You can find more information about him in the AU blog!

(I’m really sorry if I’m taking a lot of time to draw and post all the work I’ve promised but the last few days have been harsh in real life for me….)

Final Character Designs

[Frisk and Toriel][Chara and Asriel] [Sans and Papyrus][Undyne, Alphys and Mettaton] [Gaster] [Flowey HyperDeath] [Asgore]


[DungeonTale tag]  ♥ [Official AU Blog]

How High School Students Use Instagram to Help Pick a College

It was easy to find schools’ official Instagram accounts. (“What does one semester on campus look like?” prompts Duke’s admissions website. “Follow @DukeStudents on Instagram.”)

But Barnett soon realized that if he clicked on an Instagram photo’s geotagged location, he would be able to see all of the pictures tagged in that specific area — which means he’d see images taken by actual students.

“I definitely went through a bunch of people’s Instagrams just to see what the life of an average student was,” he says. “It’s like having a tour of the school by a real student who isn’t paid to show you the school and tell you the things the admissions office wants you to hear. It’s like you’re getting a tiny slice of that college and it’s real and raw.”

Full Story: Time


Who’s up for running AMOK all weekend long?

Today is officially our Annual Melee of Kindness, but why stop at just one day? In fact, our fearless Co-founder already has a little something special planned in Los Angeles tomorrow. If you happen to be in the area, you might want to check out his Facebook page to see how you can join in the fun.

We’ll be posting a few of our favorites pictures from AMOK here on Tumblr today and tomorrow. So be sure to tag #AMOK and

P.S. Want to show the world you ran AMOK with us this year? Just drop by our website and share your story to download your AMOKoneers banner.

17 Times G-Dragon Lived His Best Life

Let’s celebrate G-Dragon’s 6 million Instagram followers together! Here’s lots of proof that GD is your ultimate #lifegoals reference.

First, there was the time Marc Jacobs celebrated BIGBANG‘s comeback by gifting a $3,800 Super Trooper bag with a custom gold “MADE for G-DRAGON” tag:

And Saint Laurent gave thanks to GD with this $1,990 leather duffle bag.

There was the time Monsieur G-Dragon was officially part of Chanel’s “private circle” for their casino-themed couture show in Paris:

And because Chanel really loves him, they gifted him a $3,400 canvas graffiti backpack:

And these $7,200 quilted headphones.

There was also the time he just wanted to relax in his first-class seat, so he busted out the rainbow sequin pants:

And Instagrammed a single-journey ticket to ride the Seoul subway. You know, to commemorate that one time G-Dragon took public transit… and it turned out to be to shoot a scene in the “We Like 2 Party” music video that got 26 million views on YouTube: #hesnothingliketherestofus

Because we all know that, normally, GD has other means of transportation to get around the city… such as this $489,000 matte black Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4.

There was the 63-year-old $2,000 scotch that he enjoyed:

But what’s a 53-year-old scotch when you’ve got the most special vintage of Dom? #1988

Then there was that time the chefs on “Please Take Care of My Refrigerator” went through G-Dragon’s groceries and found caviar, truffles, and foie gras. And G-Dragon explained that hey, caviar and truffles just make the perfect toppings for eggs and pancakes:

And recently, like right now, G-Dragon is collaborating with Giuseppe Zanotti to launch two pairs of shoes. The shoes are unisex, because GD is FOR THE FUTURE and removing antiquated notions of gender-based everything — half his clothes are from the women’s collections anyway!

And we can’t forget that Thom Browne sends G-Dragon his entire collection every season (because he looks really good in it, and it makes the whole world want to buy it).

Obviously, one running theme here is that G-Dragon gets free stuff. Way too much to mention all of it. But there was the time Giyongchy thanked Givenchy for the free Seventeen watch:

But preferred to wear a $27,000 diamond Chanel Boy Friend watch… which hadn’t even been released for sale at the time he wore it.

There was the time BIGBANG posed for Vogue Korea, and of course, G-Dragon was the one in the $30,000 Saint Laurent fuchsia mink coat.

And finally, there was the time that G-Dragon made the Business of Fashion 500 list. Why is this even a big deal? Because the BoF500 list isn’t some flashy compilation of beautiful celebrities. It’s a list that’s comprised of the real influencers in fashion — plenty of models, actors, and designers, but also the producers, investors, and editors that you don’t typically hear about, but who dictate what’s happening behind the scenes. Every K-pop fan already knows that GD is an influencer — and now the international fashion industry agrees.

In short, it’s G-Dragon’s world and we’re just living in it.


Fun and Respect

I just can’t sit still when it comes to this topic and twitter doesn’t have enough characters, so here’s a post about it.

Some drama went down on twitter today, which started with this:

People got upset that he replied and everything and with this alone I can see it as ‘not the best way to go, but hey, he just replied to a compliment, a crappy and offensive one, but whatever’. 

The thing is, it didn’t stop there:

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If you don’t already know today there is a live tweet using the #mmfd3please today 2 pm pst/ 10 pm in London, in hopes to get an official announcement about series 3 that the wonderful luvs-jade organized! Since not every one has twitter blue–green / fanningon had the idea to get #mmfd3please trending on tumblr too! 

So, emu’s lets get excited as a fandom and show our love for MMFD using #mmfd3please and #mmfd tags!

There are no rules but here are some suggestions:

  • What about the show stuck with you the most?
  • What you love most about the show?
  • Why mmfd is important to you?
  • Series 3 wish list….

Lets just have fun and talk about everything we love about the show!

ducky17 kneekeyta theblanknotebook cheersmedear anitavalija smiling-blue-eyes penguinsandbowties zero-for-starters myfinnnelsonpls curvygirlonabudget jackiewalsh2013 courtkismet lovejooles twentysomethingmademoiselle perfecters champagnesupernovagirl darlingdiver mirandasmadeofstone ninjarunningzico bitchy-broken ch1darkcy greenangelheart nurseollie itsmirallegro learningacceptanceme how-ardently teastaindiary gushington-central allimidori bnayy   mymadfatdiaryfinnandrae  audisodd facephase justagirlnamedkayla busstop stephsadickhead endemictoearth u2bibliophile wandering-soul-7 godgaverockandrolltofaye thatfunnygirllauren nutinanutshell ultimate-slice denaceleste thewhileloop raernundo bitcheslovebeck thisissomefreshbullshit kristicallahan areyousad8118 arashian-emu tinakegg madfatty (I would keep tagging if I didn’t have to go to class, but please spread the word it could be fun!)

I think Castle was really hurt when Esposito said he had never believed Castle’s story. Like one of his closest friends (if not one of his best friends) thinks he has has been lying all this time and that he just ran away from his fiancé for two months.
I would love it if the show looked into Esposito’s past more to see if there was a specific reason why he has trust issues as this isn’t the first time.

Lol I just got my first hater on Tumblr…They wrote a post ranting and insulting the Klaroline fandom cause their feelings got hurt when I said Hayley hasn’t gotten media coverage.

We are officially “arrogant, pigheaded, overbearing, fools, who watched .04 seconds of the show and no one gave us the right to criticize it” (this is America?).

The best part about this whole situation is that my original post was intended to bash the writers for such poor non-development of a lead character, and their absolutely ludicrous decision to take quite possibly one of the most hated characters in TVD history and make them a lead. Like, logic? Where art thou?

They practically set up Hayley and PT for that matter, for hatred and criticism. When your lead walks into a show with 80% of people hating her  already, you’re screwed. PT plays a significant part in her poor acting skills, but you know what? I never insulted her. I actually feel sorry because she’s very pretty and she has other things going for her. We can’t all be actors and actresses.

And you could be a Hayley stan or just anyone in the world that watches television to recognize that if 17 episodes in, the main heroine has not been mentioned in any articles or had media coverage - it isn’t a good sign. Is it my fault she’s not being covered? No. I am simply making an observation. Is Candice becoming the hot ticket topic on all the articles in the media lately? Yes. So you know what, I will “stay pressed” as Candice Accola finally starts getting the recognition she deserves after 5 years of playing second fiddle when she can be leading TO and get it out of the ratings gutter because she is a brilliant actress who has rightfully amassed a huge fanbase. I’ll “stay pressed” because Candice, the non lead is making headlines while Hayley isn’t.