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A dumb school story

This was at a private school, but I’m pretty sure this can fit in with the other stories.

One time in science class, we were taking a test on the human body. I finished the test pretty quickly, as it was kinda easy. I was allowed to go a computer and just do whatever.

The thing is, right as I got on the kid next to me asked if he could use the computer to get some answers. I nicely told him I don’t think I could do that. He then proceeded to try and bribe me with tamales.

Now, those are good, but I don’t think I’ve ever been tried to be bribed with food before.

all alright

summary: you and steve have been friends for a while. after the party at tina’s , you’re worried that the veil of friendship might not be so strong, after all

pairing: steve x reader (fluff + a lil bit of angst)

word count: 1k

A/N: hello kids! this is my first fic ever and im super nervous abt it! let me know what u think! also this goes out to @sanjariti bc steve is our boy 

You looked up at the front of the house with wary eyes, then back down to the smashed party goers who were milling about the lawn. There were definitely at least three people passed out in the bushes, and you had a second thought to just turn tail and get out of there.

However, you reasoned with the situation. This could be your token party for the rest of the year. You could use it as an excuse the next time Harrington was slumped against your locker practically begging for you to make an appearance.

Okay, so he didn’t really beg but, he would ferociously bother you until you gave in.

You liked Harrington, you did. You became friends over a shared hatred of Math in the eighth grade and tried to stay friends throughout highschool. But, things lead to other things. He was busy with swim and basketball, and his shitty friends that you really didn’t care for. And you had your job at the diner, and the extracurriculars that you had hoped would get you into a decent college.

Then came Nancy. You loved Nancy. She was everything that you secretly wished you could be. She was so sweet and so good for Steve. Also, she absolutely floored you with her style.

Steve had been practically in love with Nancy since sophomore year, a fact that he told you at least three times a week. And you were so happy that he finally was able to date the girl of his dreams. But sometimes you wished that was your hand he held, that he looked at you with stars in his eyes.

You sighed, suddenly overly conscious about the last minute cat ears situated on your head and the lowcut bodysuit that really didn’t hide much. Out front the new kid -Benny? - was shirtless, chugging out of a keg, with fans already cheering him on.


Sure, this would be fun.

Pushing into the throng of people, you search desperately for someone - anyone - that you knew. After a few minutes, you decide to wander into the kitchen, where you finally spy Nancy in a white top - or what looked to be a white top. The front was now a deep red, almost as red as her face.

“Woah there champ, let’s get you home, okay?” Consoling her was fine, but you needed to find someone who knew where she lived. You and her had only spoken a couple of times, but you couldn’t just leave her there.

Making sure she was awake and drinking water, you push through the crowd, searching for Steve or - boom! There was that kid Jonathan that she always hung out with, who coincidentally, also looked like he was looking for Nancy. You point toward the kitchen, encouraging him to take her home.

Jonathan walks to the kitchen and you’re relieved that she’d be getting home with someone she knew. After that, you maneuver out the back door, wanting to be anywhere but that crowded room. Hopping down to the back porch, you see the back of a familiar head of floppy hair.

Instinctively, your heart skips a beat. You tell yourself it’s nothing, act casual. Pulling your jacket closer, you take a seat next to him. He’s smoking, which you’ve never seen before. He makes a surprised noise at your appearance, but doesn’t take his eyes off his shoes.

“Yanno, that stuff will kill ya.” You chide, nudging him with a forced smile. Steve snorts, flicking the ash off and snuffing it with his boot.

He takes a hit, then hands it to you. “Didn’t think you liked parties that much.”

You take it, holding it before taking a drag, too. “I don’t, not usually. But what about you? Why aren’t ya in there with Na-”

Steve cuts you off, holding out a hand, “I’ll stop ya there.” You raise your eyebrows, glancing at how his sunglasses are slipping on his nose, and the way his lips form into a grim line. SIghing, you stand up, holding out your hand.

He had been your friend for almost five years, you couldn’t leave him to sulk on the footsteps of a party by himself. “Come on, Harrington. It’s weird not seeing you smile.”

You wonder what had happened, you figure it was something with Nancy. Putting the red shirt together and the streaks of tears on both of their faces, it wasn’t hard to figure out. But now wasn’t the time to ask. Not when you can see how red his eyes are - whether they’re red from the drug or crying you’re not sure.

You can tell he’s debating whether or not to grab your hand, because Steve was strong. He didn’t need pity. But, he needs something right now. RIght now he needs some reassurance that someone wants to be around him. He takes your hand, pulling himself up on wobbly legs.

“There we go. Look at you! You look like a fuckin tool. But, I kinda dig it.” You laugh, gesturing to his costume.

Steve scoffs good naturedly, brushing off his shoulders. He was honestly, the biggest dork you had ever seen. You two begin walking toward the street, your hands shoved in your pockets.

“What do you mean? I was the coolest guy in there!” Steve exclaims, to your amusement.

You glance up at him, squinting your eyes. “Oh yeah, for sure! Because all the cool guys wear their sunglasses at night!”

Shaking his head, Steve looks at you for a second too long to be constituted as just friends. Coughing, you break the eye contact.

Deciding on some middle ground, you stick out your hand again. Steve takes it, giving it a squeeze for good measure. You feel something change in your friendship at that moment. But it was good, for now. The buzz off the night’s delinquencies might have been dying down, but the feeling of Steve’s skin was electric.

“Come on Steve. Let’s walk home.”

phoenix love | chapter two

Summary: There’s more to Bucky than it seems.

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader [for now…]

Word Count: 1,116

A/N: Wow, I’m actually keeping to my schedule! Hope you all enjoy this chapter, and the next one will be up Dec. 18th! :) | pl masterlist

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BTS Drabble/Imagine: Truth (Yoongi)

Member: Yoongi

Prompt(s): Angst/Smut (Drabble Challenge)

  • 20) You say you don’t want to, but I know you’re lying.


  • 59) Call me that one more time, see what happens.

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Summary: Long distance relationships can be tough. They can be even tougher when you’re finally right next to each other.

Originally posted by sugagifs

They warned you. All of them. Your friends, your family, random co-workers…everyone warned that long distance relationships are nearly impossible and they only end in heartbreak. You didn’t take their words to heart because you knew that the two of you were different. You were 100% confident that you could make it work, living across the globe from each other.


The first year of your relationship with Yoongi was great. He was busy, busier than ever before, but he always found time to talk with you. Texts. Phone calls. Video calls. Letters. Emails. Audio files sent in the middle of the night. Snapchat streaks.The two of you didn’t go a day without connecting and making plans to see or speak to each other again. You traveled when you could to see him and he did the same to come see you. It worked. It worked really well. He was your rock and you were his.

Now, you aren’t so sure.

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Sooooo here just earlier today, we had smug C U Next Tuesdays……all bagging on us and trying yet again to disprove SH, snidely mocking etc….because Cole wasn’t in NC…but instead, what did we learn in the beautiful world of LiliCole/Sprousehart???

  • Cole is really unselfish person, who puts up with his imbecilic co-workers when they crash in on his time with his brother
  • Cole didn’t go to NC because it would’ve been the ultimate, painfully awkward Planes, Trains and Automobiles that ever awkwarded. For EVERYBODY
  • Sprousehart definitely did NOT break up
  • Cole confirmed SH with a “no comment” and being seekritive about it is yet another kink he has
  • SH do, indeed, fuck a shit ton and he’s really, REALLY happy about that
  • Their life together is probably more epic than we realized and seems to go well beyond even Cole’s wildest dreams and fantasies
  • Cole’s favorite word is “sexy”. And he’ll happily say “no comment’ and then tell you all about it….
  • Again, Cole will next tell you how much someone wrapped in a blanket gets him hot and bothered, too…

hey don’t be so hard on yourself and don’t ever tell yourself “i’ll be sick forever” or “this/i will never get better” or “i’m never going to graduate college/university” because i spent most of 2013/14 failing classes, almost flunking out of university, losing weight from daily panic attacks that caused me to be physically ill and then 2014/15 in hospital for suicidal thoughts/attempts. here i am now. i’m back at university, my gpa went from below 1.70 back up to 2.30, and it’s been over 2 years since i last stepped foot in a hospital because of my mental health. i graduate next year despite my setbacks. it can take time but you will get there. i once had a psychiatrist tell me i would amount to nothing but i want to tell you this: don’t listen to anyone who tells you that you can’t do something with your life, and don’t ever tell yourself it won’t get better because it does. surviving will fighting and fighting becomes thriving; surviving is worth it.

Late nights- Tony Stark

Tony Stark x reader


Up next: Sam wilson

This is set after the records. I have written for three other avengers so I you’d like, go check those out and if you want to be apart of the taglist just let me know.

Ever since the fight in Siberia, nothing has been the same. Vision seemed depressed over half the time, sad that he lost his first and only love. Rhodes was constantly in physical therapy, reminded of what his life could have been. Tony hardly talked and practically went into hiding when the government wasn’t forcing him to go out. And the rest of the team? Who knows where they are.

You we’re still in the compound, currently tossing and turned in your’s and Tony’s shared bed. You decided to retire from the avengers once the accords were first proposed. Knowing where both Steve and Tony came from you didn’t want to betray either of them so you stayed out of it.

Still tossing in the bed you finally decided to get up and look for Tony. You hardly saw him anymore and you missed him. You went down stairs to the place that you thought was obvious. His lab, but he wasn’t there. You searched the entire lab, making sure he wasn’t hidden in a corner somewhere tinkering with something.

Just as you were about to go look somewhere else you heard a noise outside on the balcony. You opened the cold glass doors and found Tony sitting in a lounge chair with a full beer in hand while two empty ones sat on the table in front of him.

“Babe? You alright?” You say on the arm of the chair and wrapped an arm around him, rubbing soothing circles on his arm.

“Alright is a very strong word.” He chuckled while taking another sip of his beer. He was only tipsy since he was a man that could hold his alcohol.

“Yeah I️ know. It’s hard for all of us. I️ bet it’s hard for them right now too.” You said referring to the other avengers. “Come on, you need to rest.” You took the beer out of his hand and stood up to take him to bed but he just pulled you into his lap.

“I️ missed you.” He said kissing your shoulder.

“I️ missed you too, but you’ve been avoiding the world, Tony. Your driving yourself into the ground.”

“I️ know I️ am. I️ don’t mean to but I️ am. I️ got a kid involved in something he didn’t need, now his low profile is blown. I️ helped tear the team apart. Crazy thing is… I️ miss them. And I️ found out how my parents died and that Steve, someone I’ve grown to trust and become friends with is protecting the man who killed them. So now no matter how hard I️ try these beers seem like the only thing left.”

“Tony Stark! I️ don’t mean to yell at you and I️ know I️ said I️ didn’t want to choose sides but when it comes to Bucky, Steve is right.” You said sternly, the only way to get through is thick skull.

“Great I’m loosing you too.” He said rubbing his temple.

“You can never lose me. Baby, Bucky did nothing to your parents. Yes it was his body but that was HYDRA’s mind. They practically turned his brain to mush and Bucky has to live everyday knowing that he killed your parents and hundreds of others against his will.” Tony sighed and laid his head on your chest. “I️ know it’s hard for you to forgive him but you will. And when this whole mess is over. When everyone comes back, including Bucky, we will do everything we can to fight HYDRA harder than before. I️ want justice for your parents and I️ will stand by you until that is fulfilled but justice has to be done right.”

“Maybe your right.”

“I️ am. And I’m also right that this beer is doing nothing for you and that alcohol is not going to fix this. You still have me. You have Rhodes and Vision. Your prodigy is doing pretty well too.” Tony chuckled at your statement. Somehow you always knew how to talk to him.

“You really think they’re coming back someday?”

“I️ know they will. It won’t be the same when they do. Who knows it might be better, but until then you need to stop carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders and come to bed.”

“Yes Mrs. Stark.” Tony says, following you back inside.

“Good. Now goodnight Mr. Stark.” You said before kissing him and falling asleep in each others arms.


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Dear Mark Edward fischbach


I don’t expect you, or anyone really, to see this, but I wanted to let you know something.

Today, I became a firefighter. Now, that may not seem like much, but to my family it was, well, a bit of a shock.

I’ve been a fan of yours for five years now, ever since I was ten.

That was a hard year for me as my parents had just split, and I had been placed in foster care. For whatever reason, whether through poor screening processes or just dumb luck, I got the short end of the stick.

My carers gave me a small room, about 4×2 metres, and for the next year, that’s where I lived, sustained on a meal a day.

The one grace was that i had my old laptop, and the neighbours had wi-fi. I discovered the internet for the first time, and stumbled on you. You seemed so happy, so full of life. Your page led me to other youtubers, such as cryaotic and pewdiepie. Then to social media such as tumblr.Sometimes, I spent days on the internet, just watching.

I’ve been told what I did didn’t help me, but to me, youtube was my coping mechanism.

By the 10th of november, 2012, I had lost almost all my body weight, and as my mother fought for my custody, I spent christmas in hospital.

My one request was my laptop.

On the 8th of january, my birthday, I was released from hospital and feinted for the first time. My time in that room, had made me agoraphobic, later i would discover, It had also given me ptsd.

Life became painful.

I was taken into my grandmothers care.

But even there, I confined myself to my bedroom. She didn’t understand why i would do that. Why would i willingly imprison myself? Again? She tried her best, I know she did. But it got to the point where she couldn’t handle it anymore.

One day I woke up, and my laptop was gone.

I wanted to die.

That sounds edgy, I know.

But… for the longest time after that, all I wanted was to die.

She began to drag me outside. To the shops. To the park. She even tried to get me into schooling.

I tried. I swear I did. I saw a councillor three times a week, I took several types of medication prescribed by the doctors i still saw weekly. I went to the library and studied, sometimes for hours on end.

Once I had caught up, they placed me i the special education unit.

Through that unit I discovered i was autistic.

Things became… easier after that. Nan got more funding for me, and because of that, bought me my first phone.

I didn’t tell her my brother had already given me one to help me cope.

By this point, i had missed grades 6-8, and half of grade 9. But I made it back to school, and I even finished top of my grade for english.

I dedicated my end of year project to the internet, and the effects it has on recovery from traumatic stress on young peoples minds.

Every day I sat down and watched youtube, or scrolled through social media. I never posted, but it helped to know that someone out there cared. That someone out there, someone, cares.

This brings me to this year, which i think i will summarise.

I was placed in AP english, and videography and am now also a multimedia design student.

I was given a part-time job at the school library.

I went to college on the weekends, which gave me 3 seperate certificates, which i am told will look good on my resume.

I still feint sometimes.

I still panic.

And if it isn’t too much trouble I’d like to say why.

But i AM getting better.

I am a firefighter now, and a qualified website designer.

And it’s all because of you.

Because of everything you do for people like me.

Because of what a wonderful person you are.

So when i watch you get emotional, like you did in your video titled “Thank you”, i want you to know,

That we do not expect thanks.

Every day, people like me, tiny, insignificant people.

Are grateful to you.

For all the love, and pride, and respect, that you have for us.

We love you mark.

We are grateful.

current mental image:

lindel and teeny tiny elias finding a hot spring. lindel wastes no time getting in and relaxing, while elias is basically like a cat, poking the water and silently observing it. he’s not afraid of the water, he just doesn’t get it. why is the water hot when there’s no fire nearby? is it enchanted? is it okay to go in without permission? lindel isn’t answering any of his questions. eventually, while lindel isn’t looking, elias slithers in, swims around a bit, and pops up right next to lindel, scaring the ever-loving shit out of the poor man.

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Guardian angel Herc protecting the reader from a perv as they're walking home and he feels something is wrong and is having none of that!?

Hercules walked next to you, still playing with the sleeves. Even after countless times of you telling him to stop, he couldn’t help himself. But he was sure to stop the act if you ever put your gaze on him.

“Guardian?” You asked, and he quickly put his hands down, looking at you. You were walking slow for a human, and he wasn’t quite sure why. He could have read your mind, but you insisted on him not doing so. But it did put him at quite a disadvantage. How could he protect you without knowing what you were thinking?

“Yes, Y/N?” He said. You kicked a rock to the side.

“Well, this whole angel thing…” You began to ramble on, and his ears perked up, focusing his gaze behind you. With human eyes, you wouldn’t be able to see, but he saw.

Two men were in the shadows, saying deep, disturbing thoughts about you. He looked down at you, seeing that you were still speaking quickly. They emerged from the darkness, pervasive thoughts on their minds. You noticed the tension on his shoulders, and looked back, seeing the men. 

“Guardian, it’s fine. They’re just some creepy dudes. No worries.” 

But worry he felt. He pulled you closer to him, staring at the men approaching. You didn’t know what they carried. A metal weapon, a gun, a terrible invention created to cause chaos. They knew what they wanted from you, and they were sure they were going to get it. Hercules closed his eyes, fading from your side.

“Guardian? Guardian!” You looked at the men approaching. Did he, did he just leave you in danger?

“What’s a pretty thing like you doing out here? Alone?” One said, twirling a gun between his fingers. You felt your heart pound until you saw your Guardian behind them. His eyes were still closed, and he held up his hands over the men’s heads.

The guns flew up, dissipating in a cloud of dust. The men panicked, looking back at your Guardian. He opened his eyes, staring down at the two men. You never saw him so… angry before. He was hiding his strengths from you, and you didn’t even realize it.

“Leave, now.” He said, and they quickly scrambled, never looking back at you. Hercules watched them go, until they were a speck on the Earth. He turned back to you. “Are you alright, Y/N?”

You didn’t say anything, but instead, ran towards him, wrapping your arms around his waist. He stood rigid, not knowing what to do. Hugs, his wings whispered underneath his skin, Give Y/N a hug. Hercules hesitated, but put his arms around you as well.

“Thank you,” You whispered, “Thank you, Hercules.”

His wings fluttered, trying to escape. You called him his name. For the first time, you called him his name. He felt a slight pain in his chest and looking down at it. It… it was throbbing profusely. Why?


Chapter 1

Summary: New girl spells bad news for the McCall Pack

Pairing: McCall Pack x Reader

Warning: none

Scott could feel it in the air.

He didn’t know why but he felt something change in the air.

The sky was no longer bright, it would get darker faster.

And it was always cold.

Sure it was November but it shouldn’t be this cold, certain things would suddenly get frozen over night.

Weather it be a car that has stayed in selective spot for a long period of time, or it be a small puddle.

The shift in the weather made others confused. One minute it could be snowing , next minute raining.

Afterwards it’ll be sunny before turning pitch black outside.

Everyone knew these changes weren’t normal, even the news cast.

The news cast could only explain the sudden change as a “once in a life time experience to ever happen.”

Everyone in the McCall pack were on edge.








“Class. Today we have a new student, so be nice.” Coach Bobby said in his normal rough tone.

“Who transfers at the end of the year?” Stiles says as he leans over to his bestfriend Scott.

“I have no clue.” Scott replies back.

That’s when it hit Scott. The smell, oh God the smell.

Scott eyes moved from Stilles to the door where a female with (h/c) hair walked in. She had (e/c) eyes which a hint of amusement in them.

Scott wondered why.

“Introduce your self missy.” Coach Bobby says.

“Well this morning I poisoned my mom with rat poison. That should teach her, to not sniff coke anymore.”

Nearly Every one looked at the new girl as if she had two or three heads. She was weird, very much weirder then Stiles.

And honest. Brutally honest.

Scott found himself listening on her heartbeat as she spoke, not one best missed a skip. She wasn’t lying that’s for sure.

‘Maybe that’s why she was so amused. Oh god!’ Scott thought to himself.

Clearing his throat Coach Bobby turns to the new girl, “New girl, front in center.” he points to an empty desk in the front of the classroom.

Walking with out a word she moved towards the seat the two students who seated beside the desk moved there seats over a bit away from hers.

They were scared.

They feared her.

Scott could smell it. It was barley a few minutes and the new student managed to scare the crap out of everyone.

“(Y/n).” she suddenly says taking out her notebook and pen.

“What?” Coach Bobby says to her holding a marker in his hand.

“My name is (Y/n). Not new girl, or any other stupid nicknames.” (Y/n) clarified.

Scott could hear them.

The whispers from the students, the sme’ll of fear and happiness.

The fear radiating from off of the other students while the happiness lingered around (Y/n).

“Talk about psycho.” Stiles leaned over and whispered to Scott who’s eyes still have not left the (h/c) haired females figure.

“Yeah, psycho.” Scott mumbled out.

Was this why everything was changing?

Was it her fault?

Was she a super natural creature?

If so why did she smell of Theo and his pack?

“Don’t you notice me yet?
I’m starting to walk in ways I believe in. There you go.
I knew it.
I’m the same as ever
Maybe I’ll try to start walking?
In that distant time

I’m looking for meaning in life
The sound’s bounding rhythmically
I close my eyes while I’m walking
If I follow each step there will be a better world

If we could put into words
Every second someone lives on
We feel ourselves live on
like scattering words about

If we could put into words
Every second someone lives on
We feel ourselves live on
like scattering words about

If we could put into words
Every second someone lives on
We feel ourselves live on
like scattering words about”

-Strobe Hello by siinamota (PowapowaP)

Translation by ikuy398:

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I got 5 gold medals as Hog Which was the first time I’d ever done that and got 9 votes. Then in the next match their Zen got 5 gold, and I was the only one who voted for them. Think that sums up dps and support (tho Hog is a tank)

that sums up the whole game

Winter’s Bite

Chapters: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6

Also on AO3

Sorry about the time between updates. I kind of… forgot. And I’m possibly avoiding finishing the next chapter… :/

The blackness began to spin around her. She could feel his hands upon her waist, his sharp stubble grazing against her cheek ever so lightly. The darkness was chased away by flickering candlelight and Darcy found herself in the middle of a crowded ballroom, her mysterious lover leading her in a waltz. Couples in ornate costumes danced and laughed as they spun around them but Darcy paid them no mind, captivated by her lover’s ice blue eyes. His arms tighten around her, pulling her close, his cold body leaching the warmth from hers as his eyes drifted to her lips. He pressed a single chaste kiss upon her plump lips before taking her chin in his hand, metal wrapped in black silk, and turned her head to expose her throat. Darcy’s chest heaved in anticipation, her ample bosom threatening to spill from the scandalous neckline of her blood-red gown as his lips chased her veins down the smooth column of her neck. She braced herself for the pain, her fingers digging into his shoulders, before losing herself in the ecstasy of his embrace…

“Bucky,” Darcy sighed, rousing from sleep. She blinked in the bright fluorescent lights until her eyes settled on the smirking visage of Bruce Banner. “I’m not dead,” she posited, though currently wished she was - bullets would have been so much faster than mortification.

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song Title 67

paper and rags have covered these bones

as they lay down

   a last pen to paper

towards the east is the fine red hue of morning

stars fade from the sky again

the light of the day starts a question

no matter what we do or say

its not going to stop in time for us or our children

watch the generations of uncaring greed erupt

leaving this all for the next bunch of humans

to try and stop it from destroying us all

we stopped the rides 

   maybe just in time 

still we can’t seem to ever get off

Togami and Ouma handcuffed together

  • “Saihara-chaan! Whyyy?” Ouma whines as Togami tries to avoid touching him.
  • “…I don’t wish to be stuck next to this brat for the next twenty four hours.”
  • Celeste is quietly laughing at Togami’s misfortune in the background.
  • He notices her and sneers.
  • “It’s not my fault Ouma-kun said he’ll be handcuffed to the person who walks in here.”
  • “It wasn’t Saihara-chan…” Ouma says dejectedly.
  • “Me? I was already in the library.” Saihara explains.
  • Ouma huffs. “What a bookworm.”
  • “Next time, leave me out of your tiresome affairs.”
  • At the end of the day, Togami hates everyone more than he ever did.
  • Ouma learned he loves toying with Togamoney.


Sorry it was short.

Basically Ouma annoyed Togami by running around, playing games, and just talking. Togami gave Ouma a nickname, “the super high school level irritation”.

~ Mod Celeste

I really hope the SG writers don’t break up Mon-el’s marriage. I like the concept playing out in the show with both sisters realizing being in love with someone doesn’t always mean they are the best person for them! This is reflected in Alex wanting kids, and Maggie not wanting kids. It’s very realistic, in that aspect, to love someone and having to accept you aren’t meant to be together forever.

My reasons for this regarding Karamel, an adorable ship, is how Mon-el and Kara’s relationship worked. In real life, it’s not good to be breaking up all the time in a relationship. I categorize Kara and Mon-el as a passionate love. Passionate love doesn’t always work out. Love matures, and grows, into a more steady and quiet love. That more quiet love is often the one that truly lasts.

C.S. Lewis states, “If the old fairy-tale ending ‘They lived happily ever after’ is taken to mean ‘They felt for the next fifty years exactly as they felt the day before they were married’, then it says what probably never was nor ever would be true, and it would be highly undesirable if it were. Who could bear to live in that excitement for even five years? What would become of your work, your appetite, your sleep, your friendships?”

Anyway, my thoughts are you can be in love with someone, and, yet, know you’re not meant for each other. There is a beauty in that phenomenon! And I think SG is capturing that beauty to a certain extent.