is there even another way to draw this one

Since it’s still femslash february it seems like a perfect moment to point out that I love these two and I really wanna know who the heck they are ?? I’m glad it looks like they’re with us on the fukurodani game too, though~


Cosmic superclusters, the Universe’s largest structures, don’t actually exist

“The idea of a supercluster and the name for ours, “Laniakea,” will persist for a long time. But just because we named it doesn’t make it real. Billions of years from now, all the different components will simply be strewn farther and farther apart from one another, and in the farthest futures of our imaginings, they’ll disappear from our view and reach entirely.”

Galaxies don’t just exist in isolation in our Universe, but are often found bound together as a part of even grander structures. Our own Milky Way is bound in a galactic group (our local group), nearby are larger groups and galaxy clusters, and on still larger scales, cosmic superclusters appear to encompass as many as 100,000 individual galaxies. Yet it isn’t sufficient to simply see what appears to be a collection and draw an imaginary line around it. You can’t just give something a name and proclaim that it’s meaningful because you defined it. Instead, for a collection of objects in space, they need to be gravitationally bound together and connected. Thanks to dark energy, these superclusters aren’t.

Over billions of years, the galaxies in even our own Local Group will separate from the other clusters and groups nearby, and we’ll never wind up with a bound supercluster. Not here, and not anywhere in the Universe.

Just INFP Things

- Doing stupid or clumsy things because you forgot to pay attention to the real world again; walked into doors, burned your food, maybe jumped a red light… 

-When someone is Having Feelings in your vicinity, you are having those feelings right along with them, even if you don’t know who they are or why they’re upset


- Really wanting to have your life all organised and together but also being the sort of person who just doesn’t do that

- When you look at a thing and it reminds you of another thing but nobody else sees it and then you become ‘the weird one’. 

- Dropping everything you’re doing to google something you got curious about, or draw an image that just occurred to you, or in any way indulging a sudden burst of imagination before it slips away and your boring life returns

- Having to say ‘I DON’T KNOW HOW TO EXPLAIN IT IT’S JUST THIS FEELING’ on a daily basis to a bunch of blank faces

- Nobody seems to appreciate the value of a long walk by yourself

- The sensible, logical voice in your head is constantly facepalming at all the stupid stuff you do, even though it told you this was a bad idea

- Your best solution to most potential problems is ‘I’ll just take to the woods and live alone with the trees where nobody will care what I do’

- ‘What are you staring at?’ ‘What are you smiling about?’ ‘Why the sudden gasp?’ 

- When you’re focused on something important then you start thinking all these other thoughts about the thing and then it snowballs and you realise you have no idea what you started off focused on anymore

- The inside of your head is basically Jean Valjean’s ‘Who Am I?’ playing on a loop


Please add your INFP things below

do you ever just sit and become very thankful that your otp exists, that two people were just so meant for each other (even if sometimes the writers can’t see it) but you just know how strongly they feel for one another or the hours of pouring over episodes and clips just to see your otp glance at eachother or be in the same scene or do you get super thankful for all the hours you spend reading, writing, drawing, giffing about them and the people you’ve met along they way because I do

Happy Christmas evening @tishawish~
so, uh, i actually drew two pictures for you for christmas lol. I actually drew this one first because the elementalists AU sounded so cool and interesting, but it didn’t feel very Christmas-y so i refrained from uploading this one and instead drew you another one. But both of them weren’t very christmas-y either way orz.
I am very proud on how it turned out and since it was meant for you i might as well show it to you too :)


Do you find it impossible to keep your kitchen organized?  Can you never find the right lid to match your tupperware?  Do you open your cabinets only to have tupperware spill out, endlessly, filling your kitchen, such that you can’t even move, oh god, you’re trapped, the phone’s all the way on the other side of the room but there’s so much goddamn tupperware when did you even buy it none of it even matches jesus christ-!

well I can’t help you there but I can draw you a picture!

  • Lineless Art // $30

[x] [x] [x]

Simple vector-style art with slight shading where it applies.  These are one person only, and adding another character (because it’s hard for me) will cost another $15.  Simple backgrounds generally, very clean and cute!

  • Colored Art // $40

[x] [x] [x]

Simple, sketchy lines, basic coloring, basic shading.  One character default, $10 extra for each additional character (I will adjust for large groups though).  Basic backgrounds, can be scenery.  My general art.

  • More Detailed Art // $60

[x] [x] [x] [x]

These are more difficult so they start at $60 and could go up more depending on the difficulty.  These pictures take me anywhere from 4 to 6 hours so they have much more detail and shading and care.

  • Danny Phantom Title Cards // $80

[x] [x] [x]

These have gotten a lot of attention recently so I’ll include them here too - I do replicate the style of Danny Phantom title cards, so if you’re in that niche and want me to make one for you, let me know!

If you want me to do something not listed here, like character design or a logo or a sketchpage or something, let me know and we’ll discuss pricing!

  • Becca, my wonderful, precious darling, will you do not-safe-for-work art?

You bet your sweet bippy!!  As long as it’s not ince$t or pedophili@ I will draw whatever your heart (or any other organ) desires.  Feti$h art and intense stuff like g0re will cost extra, especially depending on the severity .  For pieces like this I’d like to discuss it thoroughly to figure out a good price for what you’re asking.

  • What are you not great at?

Vehicles or mechas or anything mechanical, also animal-based characters.  I’m not the best at drawing these BUT if you want me to draw it I most certainly will!  I just want you to know they aren’t my forte and won’t be my best work.

  • What won’t you do?

Ince$t and pedophili@, absolutely, even if it’s not sexual.  

If you’re interested in a commission, please email me at!  Put something along the lines of “Commission inquiry” as the subject and let me know what you’re in the market for.  I use PayPal invoices so once we get everything worked out, I’ll need the email your PayPal account is linked to.  I will include the PayPal tax so it may be a dollar or two more than agreed, if that’s okay.

Thank you very much for your time, and I look forward to working with you!


I received another of those messages (not here) of people trying to get free artwork in a very awful way. It surprises me how many people do this, like, the person made a group (I have never talked with them before) and there they leave the rules: the astists that they addead should draw a picture of them the best as they could, and one winner would get 10 dollars. Yes. The winner would get 10 dollars. 

 BUDDY DONT DO IT. Its okay to ask polite about requests, give ideas and headcanons to artists, but this kind of things? This person is basically devaluing the work of the artists life, and not just because they are offering 10 dollars to a winner, its because you are saying their work is not worthy, so thats why you are picking the best. Artists WILL NOT work for you for free god dammit. We are not spending years of our lives studying and buying art supplies to draw your face for free cause you dont think our work worth it. 

 I doubt that you go to 2 mechanics and said: “Look, I am leaving my car here, I have two fucked up wheels. The one who best fix the wheel will get 10 dollars.” THEY WOULD SENT YOU TO THE SEVENTH CIRCLE OF HELL. IT IS REALLY, REALLY ARROGANT. 

 It doesn’t mean we don’t like to receive requests or do things for our friends, but buddy, I think everyone have the capacity of THE SENSE of what is too much. 

 Like: “Can you please draw —- character? I would love to see them in your lines, I really like your art!” <— That is nice, if the artists want they will do it, your message is supportive!

 But: “Hey I am sending you a photo of me and my boyfriend for you to draw. Do I need to pay, what? But God gave you that gift, you should not charge for it. Okay, if you insist I will give you ten dollars. WHAT? I am not not paying that much, I bet I can find someone better than you to do it for free” <— go to hell, please. 

  Remember, artists have a job like everyone else. Don’t do anything you wouldnt do to your dentist. 

With all these beautiful Fatesonas everyone’s making, @krazehkai and I thought that a 30 Day Art Challenge would be a great way for everyone to have fun with their characters, learn more about other Fatesonas, and interact with each other! So here we present to you 30 challenges you can do~

(I made Day 1 a greeting + a link to your ref because I figured most people already fully drew their Fatesona in their original Fatesona post/ref. I didn’t want to make you all draw another one or have to post the same one lol)

Please tag your posts with #fatesona 30 day challenge so we can all see each others’ work in one nice place!

Have fun, everyone!

Snowy Nights ~

 Plot: You go on an evening walk with Loki.

 Written for: It started feeling like Christmas today so this just kinda happened.

 Genre: Fluff.

 Word Count: 770.

 Written: 11/12/16.

Other Notes: This one’s slightly shorter than the others. Sorry about that.

— — —

“I’m so glad we got to spend today together.” Loki said softly as you walked hand in hand together through the city’s streets. It was evening now, and you and the recently reformed God of mischief had spent the day meandering from one shop to another, wandering this way and that, with no real objective on your minds other than to enjoy each other’s company. “I know, today has been so nice.” You murmured happily as you traipsed along Main Street, the bright Christmas decorations in the shop windows drawing your attention as you looked over each one with childlike glee. “This week has been ridiculously stressful. It’s nice to just…slow down.” You tore your eyes away from the shop displays to look across at the ebony haired man beside you. As you gazed into his eyes Loki couldn’t help but notice how the cold had dusted your cheeks a dainty red, how the golden lights hanging above you both reflected in your deep eyes, how the gently falling snowflakes caught themselves in your lashes. He swore to himself in that moment that you must be some sort of fallen angel.

“Ah, yes, I suppose teaching literature to teenagers must be quite taxing.” The former Prince of Asgard replied sympathetically. “It is exam season, is it not?” Loki watched in stunned silence as you nodded, wrapping your arms around one of his and rested your head on his shoulder. How, Loki wondered as he waited to see if you would give a verbal reply,  in all the time he had known you, were you still able to make him blush at the smallest of things? “It is indeed.” You sighed airily, your warm breath causing a plume of steam to rise from your lips and into the ever darkening sky. “And to make matters worse, I have the bottom set this year. They’re absolutely lovely kids, just not especially…bright.” This caused Loki to let out a deep chuckle from his chest, one that warmed you to the core. “Well, let’s try to take your mind off of work, yes?” He said lightly, with a playful edge to his tone as he set off for the local park, tugging you along in tow.

Once you reached the park, away from the hustle and bustle that the streets presented, you found yourself oddly at peace. The sun had set now, and there was very little light to go by, save for the faint stars above you. Enjoying the comforting silence that permeated in the air, you wandered down the path until Loki came to a stop under the amber glow of a lamppost and turned to face you. “Have I ever told you how much I absolutely adore you my darling?” He said with an air of wonder lacing his words as he took in every little detail of your face as if it were the last time he would ever see it again. “Oh, Loki, you tell me every day.” You giggled as you wrapped your arms around his neck and pulled him closer. “Once when we wake up, and then again when we fall asleep.” “Yes, well, maybe there’s a way I can make sure you always know, no matter what happens.” Loki smiled shyly as he pulled away from you and took a step back. The snow had begun to fall heavier, making you quickly miss the warmth of his body next to yours.

You didn’t have time to contemplate the cold however, as Loki produced a small green velvet box from his pocket and sunk onto a knee before you. An impulsive gasp left your chest, and you could feel spontaneous tears of joy well in the corners of your eyes as the God beamed up at you, opening the box to reveal the most beautiful golden ring. “(Y/N), you are, by far, the most entirely wonderful person I have ever had the fortune to meet, as well as love.” He murmured smoothly. “Will you do me the immense honor of marrying me?” Finding yourself at a loss for words, all you could do was nod enthusiastically as the tears trailed their way down your rosy cheeks. Loki slipped the ring onto your finger and stood, drawing you into his arms as he lent down to kiss you gently on the lips. “I love you Loki.” You whispered as you pulled away after a tender moment. “And I, my dear, love you as well.” You both smiled as he took your hand again, and you both continued on your way home, content in the love you both shared.

dan, you’re drunk go home

summary: vidcon is over, and dan and phil are at the afterparty. dan’s had a bit too much to drink and turns into phil trash #1, and phil’s v embarrassed.  

word count: 2.3k

trigger warnings: drinking, mentions of loud noises, music and crowds

a/n: inspired by dan’s tweet, the reappearance of phil trash #1 at vidcon and various other tweets. disclaimer: i have no way of knowing whether dan was drunk or not when he tweeted, this is just my creative spin on it or something idk

Parties were okay in the beginning. When people were having polite conversations with ice-filled glasses in their hands, old friends caught up with one another, the music was soft and peaceful—Phil preferred it that way. But all parties descended into hyperactivity and noise as evenings draw on.

It was around 12 am when the Vidcon afterparty started getting a little too intense. For Phil, at least.

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[This fic was requested anonymously, I hope it is to everyone’s liking. I love you all!]

 I understood his process, I was fascinated by it even… but it didn’t mean I always liked it. It didn’t mean it was always easy on all parties, it didn’t mean that I didn’t worry about him because I did. With artists the line between far and too far is always blurred, when you surpass the one line you just draw another, and then another. I couldn’t tell him not to be who he was, just like he couldn’t tell me to stop being who I am. He had to understand the character in every conceivable way… but still I worry.
 “Hey, Jared?” I knocked on the door.
 “Not right now,” his voice was softer, I could hear the southern accent he had been working on.
 For a second I wasn’t sure if it was Jared in there but I knew it was, I had watched him stay up all night watching interviews of Chapman. Helping him was always fascinating because suddenly Jared would just be gone and I felt like I was talking to someone completely new.
 “Jared, I brought you a hot chocolate,”
 I was met with silence for a few seconds and then the door opened a crack. He looked out at me and I smiled, holding up the mug.
 “Thank you, Y/N, that’s very kind.”
 He took the mug from me and shut the door. Going over to sit on the couch I pulled The Catcher and the Rye out of my purse so I could finish it. The more I knew about the film and the man he was playing, the more I would understand where he was going and the more involved with his process I could be.


 I had fallen asleep on the couch shortly after finishing, only to be woken up when Jared lifted me into his arms. I looked up at him bleary-eyed, smiling slightly and I stroked his cheek.
 “Hey baby, what time is it?” I asked, and he tucked me into bed before climbing in beside me.
 “Late, very late,” he grumbled.
 His tone held traces of pain and I sat up, moving to the end of the bed.
 “Y/N, it’s fine-”
 “Shhh,” I began to massage around the area’s of swelling by his feet, according to the doctors as a result of the rapid weight gain he had managed to give himself gout.
 “This doesn’t bother you?” He asked.
 I glanced up, surprised that he would ask such a thing. Or perhaps it was his characters own insecurities that made him ask this question. Even still, I was taken aback.
 “No, why would it?”
 “I don’t know, I mean, I just-”
 “Jared… this is who you are. If who you are bothered me would I really be here right now? You’re an artist, your body, your mind, your voice, every part of you is a canvas waiting for its next creation. I love you, I love everything you are and everything you will be, it’s just that simple,” I said with a shrug, glancing down.
 He was silent for a long time before shifting, he tilted my chin up so I was looking at him and he placed a kiss on my lips.
 “You’re incredible,”
 Wrapping my arms around his neck I kissed him again, smiling when he pushed me back onto the bed and settled himself over top of me. I had grown accustomed to the weight of him on top of me and found an odd sense of comfort in it.
 “Aren’t you tired?” I laughed lightly.
 “Never with you,” he whispered.


 “Bad time?” Shan asked, walking into the flat.
 “You just missed him, he went out to grab some food before heading to set, so technically it is a great time.”
 He gave me a kiss on the cheek, before plopping down beside me. Shannon came over on Tuesdays, sometimes with Tomo to keep me company when I wasn’t working. We’d talk about everything from what he was up to, to what I was up to, we’d talk about Jared, we’d talk about life, and occasionally watch a movie or go for sushi. I loved Shannon like he was my own brother and I’d like to think he was equally fond of me. It was nice having him around, especially when Jared secluded himself more.
 “How is he?”
 I pursed my lips, “He’s going to some dark places, last night was a good night, but… he wants to be alone so often and I get it. I do. He needs to understand Chapman, but it- I don’t know.”
 “Hey, I get it. To be honest you’re probably handling this better than anyone else would. You’re researching the guy for fuck sakes,” he laughed lightly and I smiled.
 “You got this, Y/N, I know you do.”


 “Hey, hey, baby, jesus,” I stroked his back as he dry heaved a few times.
 “He’s disgusting, he’s disgusting, I understand but he’s-”
 I clutched him to my chest, running my fingers through his hair and swallowing back my own emotions.
 “It’s okay, it’s okay, you have just a little left,” I whispered softly.
 I wished I could understand completely what he was going through but I didn’t, I could only be there, I could only try.

***Time Skip, 2011 Jared has been given the role of Rayon in Dallas Buyers Club***

 “Now what’s wrong?” He asked, and I couldn’t help but be mesmerised.
 I think this was a record amount of time he had stayed in character without breaking, it had gotten to the point where I had found a weird sort of friendship with his character. It would be bittersweet to lose Rayon even if I knew she was all Jared.
 “It just scares me a bit that you won’t eat a thing. I know why, I know why, so I’m not going to tell you to stop,”
 He took my hands in his and pulled me to him, his smile was so sweet and so kind, “Honey, you are the sweetest thing, but I’m gonna’ be just fine. Don’t you worry about a thing, okay?” Rayon Jared said softly.
 I nodded, his nose brushing against mine and I kissed him softly. “I’m really proud of you, you know that right? For taking on this role… for putting your heart and soul into it. You’re making a masterpiece with her, you know that right?” I asked, feeling like I could break him if I squeezed him too hard.
 He traced my face with his fingertips and hugged me gently, “I’m glad you think so, Y/N. I love you, baby.”
 “I love you too, no matter what version of you I get.”

(I am insanely happy with this. I like the concept and will probably come back to the idea in the future but I hope you all like reading it as much as I liked writing it.)

Happy Event

So , to begin with , i dont renember when i opened this account but i know its for almost 1 year i started this Tumblr !

This is a good experience for me ! and i still can’t believe that one of my tutorial still have a lot of success !

I never thought that i will meet a lot of amazing people and be friend with them ! And by the way i can write without problems in english , it helped me a lot for my exams .

Above all , even if i stopped to draw Undertale Stuff you still following me , to be honest im glad !

So thats why i want to do an another event like the +110 followers , This is a good way for me to thanks you my dears followers !

As long as im still a student i will draw for free so i just want you to reblog this post so that i can choose you !And don’t forget to open your message so that i can send you a message !

There are some things that i can’t draw : Demons,Mecha,Gore things or PEGI18 things ! and ships by the way !

I really insist on this event , To be honest i wont be fast for drawing ! And i precise that its sure that i will take so long because if i try to draw for free for every one so i will make your gift wonderful for you ! its possible that most of you will wait so long (and because i have my school stuff either ) I hope you are patient . And i insist about reblogging this because i want to give the chance for a lot of people to get an art for free . Because as i said earlier im still a high school student, so for the moment i dont completely need to gain money by Commission.Even if im graduated and have a job i wont ask you to pay for my art , even if it take a lot of time for me to learn or drawing this i wont ask you to give me any money (unless i have an emergency )

I love doing this for free ! thats it ! (and us, french don’t give easily our money by the way) And it help to improve ! Thats it ! And thats only for my followers !

imagine Jin being a pokemon trainer with this badass partner of Charizard but that’s the only pokemon he fights with and he’s beat all the gyms and he’s on his way to victory road and taking a break in the forest when another trainer comes along and wants to battle him and that other trainer is Yoongi would uses ghost types and psychic types but only cute ones bc he loves cute things and especially cute pokemon despite his cold appearance and Yoongi challenges Jin to a pokemon battle bc all he saw were Jin and Charizard and then they stand up and in front of them were like 5 different eeveelutions and they run to the front to protect Jin and Charizard and Yoongi sees them and his heart immediately soars bc all of them are so cute and this lil pink Sylveon comes up to Yoongi and he starts petting it and backs down from the fight bc holy shit is this adorable and Jin comes up to him and starts talking to him about his pokemon and how everyone always wants to battle him bc of Charizard and that he forgives Yoongi when he apologizes for wanting to fight him for the same reason and Jin offers Yoongi lunch so they can keep talking and Yoongi thinks he might be falling for him,,,

@dreamydxze glea can we make this happen bc this is adorable and beautiful

What if I never make it out of this place, what if I never live under a different sky, or wake up again with the sun in my eyes. What if I stumble and fall twenty thousand times, then lay there considering whether to rise. What if before I even get to walk through the door, I find another wall to climb again once more. What if I find that two plus two does not equal four, and I have to go back to the drawing board. What if they keep saying ‘sorry you’re just not what we’re looking for’, and that last one crushes me to my core. What if this is all just a rehearsal for the real life on it’s way, what if YOU are the role you were made to play. What if things turn out, just in time one day. What If you’re just around the corner from hearing them say, ‘we love what you do, we think that you’re great!’ Well, what if I run out of scenarios to question, oops… there it is - yet more speculation. So, we stay curious about this hectic ride, the sun and the moon, the stars in the sky, the people we miss, the ways that they lie, the reckless mistakes, the reasons we cry, the crappy old job just to get by, til we’re pulling our hair out and screaming loud ‘WHY!’
What if, we just keep moving, ascending up high, keep on evolving - and try… try… try.
—  D

Magically floating Sweetie magically floats

This is yet another part of the collab Sweetie series, this time with my good friend @flowbish! I’ve known flowbish for a long long time, all the way back to my first days drawing. They’re a fantastic friend, always been so genuine, always good for a laugh, even their sense of style is on point. Their style is so on point in fact that I think they’re one of the most unique artists the fandom has on offer. Their mix of abstract ideas and tradtional media influences make for a really cool style that you can’t find in anyone else out there, and I think that’s awesome. And to be honest, I’ve always been lowkey jealous of how unafraid they are to try new things with their art. You shouldn’t take my word for how cool their style is though, you can check out their blog linked above!

I had a long talk with @stardustgalaxy XD I gave her some drawing advices and I ended up very excited xD 

Maybe some of you don’t know but I used to be a drawing teacher in a university! when I was like 19

I’m going to put all the images I sent her lol 

basically I told her that in my head when I see what I’m going to draw I divide the face or thing in shapes and I see the size of every line in comparision to another one! mmmm for example, the horizontal line of the mouth is like the half of the horizontal line of the eye so when I draw the mouth now I now how I have to draw the eye

this way you define all the space of every element in the first steps so you prevent yourself of making a lot of mistakes for not imagining your drawing as a puzzle

there you can see she has lines in her face and neck, they are lines I used to size the space of everything and even the angle of the lines.

now what you have to do is think and to reason the shapes of your drawing everytime to erase the mistakes

AND! in the end you have something like this :D

you have to train your eye and mind! to see how the shapes and sizes are linked to each other! 

anonymous asked:

Hi, I wanna try doing some religious artwork (after gathering experience with drawings and caricatures). What particular scene or person should a beginner try out? Thanks in advance.

Oooh, what a fun question! I’m no artist, and I don’t really know what makes for good beginner’s piece, but here’s what I’ve got:

Look through a children’s illustrated Bible or book of Saints – if you don’t have one at home, try a public library or even just google images.

Mary (Mother of Jesus) is portrayed in so many ways that finding a “version” of her you want to copy might be cool (I recommend drawing her as a person of color, since she was definitely Not White). Another Saint I can think of that would be fun is Saint Francis of Assisi – if you want practice drawing animals, he’s usually portrayed with them. Another good animal practice would be the story of the Creation, or of Noah, both found in early Genesis. Personally, if I were going to draw something from the Bible, I’d probably pick Naomi and Ruth because they’re such awesome female character! Esther’s an awesome pick too – it might be fun to design her regalia. 

You could possibly look into different popular styles for Christian art, such as iconography, and try emulating those styles. Trying a modern “spin” on Bible stories is pretty neat too – draw Jesus in blue jeans, or the Last Supper in a diner or with all women figures, etc. 

Good luck, and feel free to submit anything you draw, I love religious art!

Anyone else have suggestions for anon for good Bible scenes or characters for a beginning artist to try? 


Doing a lot of pre-planning before I tackle the torso piece. I’m not sure which of the two armor variations I will do. Kozaki draws it one way, but it’s modeled in game another… In the end, I should be doing whatever is going to make the most sense mobility wise for me. I’m still debating having a seam on the side, or omitting the gold spine thing so I can be buckled or tied in.

I’ve made a lot of compromises with this cosplay, when it comes to accuracy, but I’m not sure if I’m ready to take out the spine in the back. Then again, who even sees that when it’s hidden behind a cape?

anonymous asked:

Do you need saving M'Lady? Because I'm sure a black cat like myself can save a beautiful princess, such as yourself ~😉

There’s a momentary pause as EOS tilts her head to one side in confusion. “You are a… cat? I did not believe that cats looked like that. Or spoke.” Despite her confusion, there’s something charming in the question. And in being mistaken for a princess. A beautiful princess, no less. There’s a faint pink holographic glow to her cheeks as she responds.

“I must disappoint you, for am not a princess. Nor am I in need of rescue, as far as I know. But… I thank you for asking?” She giggles. “Though I was under the impression that it was knights in shining armor who saved princesses, and not cats.”