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They were like Romeo and Juliet,
fated to fall in love.
Or maybe,
they were just fated to fall.

- the way star-crossed lovers always do. (k.b.)

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Gender: male

Star sign: Taurus

Height: 6′3 last time I checked….. nnnn might be 6′4 or 5 now tbh

Sexual Orientation: idk even know anymore man

Hogwarts House: Slytherin

Favorite Color: Orange and purple 

Favorite Animal: dogs, seals and deer

Average amount of sleep: uhhhhh 6??? 7??? it’s not good

Cat or dog person: dogs obvi

Favorite fictional characters: look at my icon duh but also Willow Rosenberg, and if you wanna be nerdy then like Rachel from Animorphs and Astrid from Gone lmao OH AND JESSICA DREW

Number or blankets I sleep with: 2 big ones and a sheet at the moment which makes me sweat like crazy and my bed a disgusting mess i am horrendous 

Favorite singer/band: Grimes, FatM and like Joni Mitchell are my all time faves… and at the moment I’m obsessed with Japanese Breakfast, The xx, Fiona Apple, and Christine and the Queens  

Dream trip: I wanna go to Hawaii so bad rn… or anywhere with a pretty ocean beach with waves that I can swim in

Dream Job: something involving writing about music and tv I think

When was this blog made: ohhh like 2012 I think… maybe 2011. That’s sad.

# of followers: i’m so happy that you now have to click to find out your followers like I literally have not looked in over a year. Probs like 350 because i never tag stuff or im unfunny

What made you decide to create this blog: my sister was like “tumblr is soooooooooooo coooool you should get it” and I was like well damn I do wanna be cool so now I’ve been trapped here for 4 years

i luv my new mutuals but i know this is lame so no presh @hagdonna @thecatsarealright @bromagnet @yardtards 

ok like the real regret of animorphs being made in the 90s is that axmarco could only happen in the tv show and even then never like, Directly Addressed. if all yall posers are gonna talk about wanting a modern interpretation yall BETTER also be hopin for a change in the relationship between ax and marco skewing towards more romantic because that would add SO MUCH THEMATICALLY to their character development and follow reoccuring themes in the series. 

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