is there anything you cannot do

Alright lads, heading off for a bit to play vidya games and tune out of the news for a bit. 

I cannot stress this enough, please don’t do anything stupid. Don’t leave the house unless you have to. Don’t go driving, cycling, or approach fallen wires or attempt to move or cut up fallen trees. Ophelia has now claimed three lives and hopefully there will be nobody else.

Be safe. Take the weather warnings seriously.

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hey del, any advice for a just became homeless trans kid stuck on the east coast? i've been staying at public libraries and friends' places but i know their kindness is going to run out soon. i got 200 in my account (after paying this months rent LMAO) and no car because my mom threatened to call the cops on me since its still under her name, even tho i paid it off a while ago. things are looking bleak and im ready to email all my teachers and tell them im dropping out

so i don’t know your age, and i don’t know where you are, but whatever awful conditions you are currently enduring, there are ways you can survive them and thrive.  don’t give up.  

if you’re near the new york area, i had a high school friend who i believe stayed with the Trinity Place Shelter and they helped him find full-time employment and a place to live. if you’re under the age of 18, i have found a number of different shelters, particularly in Washington DC and New York that provide free accommodation, employment and education resources for LGBT youth individuals.  there are also a number of places, like the center in new york that offer employment assistance to those in need.  

here is a link to a directory for homeless housing and transitional living resources from the national coalition for the homeless.  here is also a recommended list by them for those that might find themselves homeless in a short period of time:

Try to locate an assistance program near you.
Some agencies provide homeless prevention assistance. These programs may have waiting lists, require an appointment/interview, or have certain restrictions on who they serve. For these reasons, the sooner you can find a program that may be able help you, the better. If you do not know of any programs near you, the Directory may help you find one. 

Apply for Public Housing and/or Section 8 Housing
Waiting lists for public and Section 8 housing vary across the country, but in many cases, the waiting list for public housing is shorter than for Section 8 housing. You can find out how to apply by looking for the number of your local public housing authority in the government section of the phone book.

Apply for Transitional Housing
In some communities, transitional housing is an option for people who are homeless. Transitional housing programs vary greatly across the country as far as who they serve and what their requirements are. You will have to fill out an application and make an appointment for an interview. Follow through with as many of these programs as possible.

Make sure your ID is current and available.
If your driver’s license has expired, or been taken for a traffic ticket, etc., reapply or get your State ID processed. If you only have a printout of your Social Security Card, get a new card to replace it as soon as possible. Many shelters and employers have strict ID requirements, and it will make things easier if you have these things ready or in process. Set up a P.O. Box for delivery and mail if that is possible. 

Make an Emergency Pack.
If you have more than two bags for yourself, or one for each child, try to find someone you know who can and will hold your things for you. Almost every shelter has limits on the amount of baggage people can carry with them because they don’t have enough space. 
Pack the things you can take with you. Try to arrange a ride or some sort of transportation for the day you’ll have to leave. If there is anyone who can lend you some money, now would be the time to borrow it. Try to keep at least $20-$50 with you in a safe place just for emergencies. Make sure your ID is in a safe and accessible place – you will want to take it with you. Some shelters charge money, or have strict ID requirements.

i have personally never been homeless.  i do have friends who have been homeless growing up and through college, however they never explicitly discussed their experiences and that was not a discussion i felt comfortable pulling anyone into. i can say that is fucking sucks to rely on friends or family in times of need, which i definitely have, and doing so has kept me from being homeless.  being poor and homeless and surviving in america fucking sucks.  it doesn’t say anything about you, but it does suggest a lot about the failures of our country.  you have been strong enough to make it this far, and i am so proud of you.  keep fighting.  remember you don’t own anyone anything.  if my followers have had any experience surviving conditions that i personally cannot attest to, if anyone has additional resources, i am happy to update this post with links or hotlines for better visibility. 

Sunday Respite - Useful Utility of No Great Futility

Whoever said being an adventurer nowadays is easy?

As much as it pains me to say it, not all of our problems as D&D players can be resolved with force. It’s a sickening thought to some, a sobering one to others, but the reality is that the brutish approach can only get us so far in politics, diplomacy, surgery, and subtlety. With this fact comes the additional realisation that our implements of violence fall just as limp as the hand that holds them, sagging in defeat at the hip. But we are a hardy breed of folk, us danger-seekers and heroes of legend, and we can adapt to any environment. Regardless of how alien the landscape, we always find our way into the seat of the predator amongst the prey and claim our righteous victory.

And so, it is with this that I present to you all five pieces of equipment not merely designed to sever and slice, but to aid and assist in the ‘mundanities’ of dungeoneering and outdoorsmanship. Do take your time assessing each, for the miscellaneous category could often be one you turn to when you face antagonism beyond flesh and foe. A dire storm or empty stomach can kill just as efficably as anything else you have faced. Only difference is that you cannot run from these horrors.

Thief’s Anchor

The Thief’s Anchor is a black-stained leather coin purse with a fine, purple silk draw. The stitching is precise and internal, hidden from perceptive eyes, and two straps have been externally attached to allow for belt loops to pass through and hold the purse. If the possessor happens to encounter a pickpocket or petty thief then they need not fret for what was lost. If an unrecognised hand touches the purse for a second too long then the purse secretes a powerful adhesive that grips onto whatever it is touching for hours until returned. Not only that, but the gummy purse will immediately increase in weight to upwards of 200 lbs, pulling the runaway thief to the ground and holding him there until the authorities arrive or the victim decides to handle the matter themselves. A single touch of their palm releases the adhesive and any would-be criminals.

Dead-Man’s Treads

This hefty pair of knee-high boots has intricate lacing all the way from the ankle to the cuff. The grip is thick and dense enough to kick the teeth out of a bear and the leather is stern enough to protect from crossbow bolts and warhammer strikes. If the wearer of this footwear is knocked unconscious they do not fall onto their back, limp as a doll. Instead, the material grows taut and stoic, forcing the person in question to slump as they stand straight. They also resist any attempt made by others to move the poor fellow the  same way a boulder would resist the wind.

Journeyman’s Divining Rod

This Divining Rod is made of solid silver yet is molded to closely resemble a yew tree branch with the addition of two leaves at each of the forked handle holds. This implement cannot help find water underground to any significantly accurate degree, but when you hold the Rod and think of a heartfelt place of emotive resonance and love - somewhere synonymous to you of home, hope, and safety - then the Journeyman’s Divining Rod will gently tug you in the correct direction. Not only is this direction accurate, but it also chooses the most direct, safe, and optimal path of travel to best avoid natural hazards like swamps, cliff faces, and iced-over lakes.

The Blessweave Needle

This needle is unbreakable by any means. It has existed since the dawn of stitching and embroidery, often even believed to be the first needle ever created. It is perfect, stainless, and shines like chromed platinum. A craftsman holding this needle with thread tightened through its head will look at their hands as if they were seeing the palm and fingers of thousands of the expert craftsman who came before them. Each, in their own turn, took up the needle an began to weave. Each successive inheritor of the needle is cumulatively greater than the last.


The Bolt-Puller is a set of wooden tweezers with a carved pattern down each arm of Celtic decoration. The tweezers can be used to pluck odd hairs and splinters from skin, but that would waste its true potential. The Bolt-Puller can remove any lodged object from its host, ignoring texture, grip, or material. Nails pulled from furniture, bolts yanked out from machinery, teeth from an alligator’s maw. The tweezers do not even require a strong hand to succeed. A child could as easily remove a wyrm’s fang from its gums as a blackbird would tug an earthworm from wet soil.


Pixie x


The Crown: Part V

Previous PartsPart I  Part II  Part III  Part IV

Genre: Drama; Angst

Pairing: Yoongi x Reader; Jeongguk x Reader

Word Count: 3k

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Alliances and Battles of the Heart

July 21st, 1686

“Oh god!” You yell out as your contractions get closer and closer together, the pain on an entirely different level than anything else that you’ve ever felt before, “I-I can’t do this. I need my mother, someone c-call me my mother.” 

“No, you can and you will.” The nursemaid encourages, wiping the sweat on your forehead and you push once again, tears forming at the edge of your eyes, “Your mother is on her way but she’ll only be able to be here by tomorrow.”  

Your legs tremble under the other nursemaid’s hold as you keep pushing, the pain making your vision blurry as you lie on the pillow, looking up at the ceiling.  

“You cannot see her now.” You can faintly make out Jeongguk’s mother voice yelling as the door to your chambers open and you turn your head to the side to see your husband coming in. 

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Yep. If Iris did something heinous, it's "Off with her head!". With every other women on the show, they get a free pass. It's like haters breathe down Iris' neck waiting for her to inhale oxygen so they can complain.

bIris doesn’t even have to do anything heinous for the self conscious losers to come out and berate her for existing. Iris is EVERYTHING their fav will never be or dream of becoming. She sits in a role that threatens their very being, she is the one true love of their beloved hero and those simple-minded idiots cannot handle it. On one hand I love it because I love watching them seethe. On the other hand they are directing a lot of hate through the character to Candice which is such a coward move. Also quite baffling but when you see the faces of the people who do it, it makes sense. Basically nobodies who will never get the time of day to be with a woman like her. 

Which is baffling considering out of the whole cast Candice is the only one who connects with her fans and goes out of her way to meet them at Cons. Today I legit saw a post advocating for Patty to return in Iris’ place because she is “strong.” I also saw someone wishing that Caitlin turns out to be the real Iris West because she saves the day. Excuse me but, I do believe that is the very fabric of the Iris character: strong and saves the day. Hell she literally saved Barry’s ass from Savitar. 

Originally posted by rainbow-purple-unicorn

The funniest part in all of this is that even though the Iris character is written badly at times, Candice still manages to come across as likable and so damn talented it’s a wonder why she was never the centre of the show (I guess alongside Barry) until the last two seasons. Another hilarious point is that so many complain about Iris yet substitute their favs in her role. Anyway, they can continue to cry in their parent’s basements because as much as they say they cannot stand Iris, critics and execs in Hollywood stay praising her and that’s what’s most important. 

She is bae, Grant already said this and she is queen as many of us see her. 

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You are trying to see what you did. You’re trying your best to reconcile. That’s all you can do, and I think you’re handling it pretty well honestly.

As far as I can tell, I didn’t do anything. I said I’d be happy to chat. They said I replaced them. I cannot reconcile those two because I can’t see the through line. None of this makes sense to me. 

Doctor Fries #2 -Transcribed by Harvey Dent
  • Crane: What?
  • Freeze: I've been developing the cure for my wife's disease and, although I've made great progress, there's something stopping me from reviving her. Before I froze her, she was slowly beginning to suffer from organ failure. I've got a few... "Donations", but she's still missing a kidney donor. I've checked all your records, and you are a match, Doctor Crane.
  • Crane: A kidney for a cure? What's the treatment for Harley?
  • Freeze: The parasite in her is aggressive. You cannot simply flush it out of her. And if you tried to surgically remove it, it'd kill the host. It's as if it's as sentient as you and I. But if I put her into some sort of cryostasis and removed it while both Harley and everything inside her were frozen, it couldn't do anything to harm her.
  • Crane: Cryostasis? Genius, as ever, Doctor.
  • Edward: Jon, you can't give one of your kidneys. You've already got problems with them.
  • Crane: Maybe I'll learn to take better care of my kidneys when I only have one.
  • Edward: You are genetically prone to profuse amounts of kidney stones, if you get an infection, you risk dying! Doctor Fries?
  • Freeze: Yes?
  • Edward: Did you check my records? Could I be a match?
  • Freeze: I did indeed. Only Jonathan is an eligible donor from your little... Group.
  • Edward: Fine! We can kidnap someone for you! We'll take someone else's kidney, anything?
  • Crane: I'll do it.
  • Edward: Jonathan, no.
  • Crane: Edward, it'll be fine.
  • Edward: Please, don't do this. There's another way.
  • Crane: Let me learn a lesson in responsibility.
  • Edward: You've taken enough for this team, there are plenty of people in Gotham who can donate.
  • Crane: But only I can do it this soon consensually. One of my kidneys are as good as yours. Or your wife's.
  • Freeze: Excellent.
  • Crane: How soon can we do the kidney procedure?
  • Freeze: How does tomorrow sound? Your recovery will take a week or two.
  • Edward: This cannot be happening.
  • Crane: And how soon can we treat Harley.
  • Freeze: If all goes well, Tuesday or Wednesday.
  • Crane: Alright. Let's go home for the night, Edward.
  • Edward: Fries, I don't trust you.
  • Crane: Edward.
  • Edward: If Jonathan doesn't get out of the procedure alright... You need to watch your back.
  • Crane: Edward!
  • Edward: Coming.
college study tips that actually help
  • put your phone on silent and put it across the room
  • listen to classical/soundtrack music without lyrics
  • make index cards for important vocab
  • wear pajamas
  • make diagrams and pictures. they don’t have to look pretty, as long as you understand it
  • make timelines for historical events
  • have a light snack
  • drink coffee or tea to keep you going
  • take a break every hour or so
  • have one pencil/black pen and one colored pen or highlighter. anything more will just distract you. the aesthetics aren’t important, your knowledge is
  • don’t be afraid to email/message your teacher or a classmate if you don’t understand something. the last thing you want to do is learn the incorrect information
  • know that sleep and health is more important than your grade. you cannot perform as well on a test if you are tired or sick. take care of yourself
  • it’s not a race. it’s not about who can learn something in the quickest time, it’s about learning
  • take a deep breath 
  • prioritize your homework by how long it will take you and when it’s due
  • plan some you time in between studying and school
  • if you’re mentally exhausted, set a timer for 30 minutes and take a nap. any longer and you’ll wake up even more tired
  • don’t understand something? that’s perfectly fine, don’t stress over it. ask for help rather than complaining
  • have a goal in mind and write them down. say things like “i am getting an education so i can get the job of my dreams. the life that i want. the happiness that i deserve”
  • be thankful. it is a privilege that you get to go to school and get an education. 
  • you got this.


Aries; please don’t think that you’re not wanted, or loved. People need you, we need your fire and ambition; you light up the room and make everyone forget their worries.

Taurus; you will find someone to love as much as you love them, do not fret over romance. It will come to you in good time, you are like mother nature itself; beautiful but dangerous.

Gemini; do not regret the things you could have or have done, live for the present. You are a fresh breeze of renewal, just because you messed up in the past does not mean you can’t change the future. All will be forgotten and forgiven soon.

Cancer; don’t sit back and let things happen, you were born a revolutionary; a true leader! People respect you, you see something you hate - do something about it. Everyone will follow, don’t doubt your abilities.

Leo; you don’t always need to be a leader, it’s fine to be an introvert! You don’t always need to be the “popular one”, if you don’t feel like going out, then don’t. Do not feel pressured by expectations, everyone loves you.

Virgo; stop worrying! Everything doesn’t need to make sense or be immaculate, things will fall into place because everything happens for a reason. You’re great with everyone, you don’t need to be perfect.

Libra; it is natural to be insecure, do not hide it! you are beautiful when you share your insecurities, no one will judge you. It’s hard to put a happy face all the time, just be you.

Scorpio; DO NOT THINK YOURE NOT GOOD ENOUGH! You are perfect, and need to come to terms with yourself. You cannot love someone else before you love yourself. You are beautiful.

Sagittarius; you are not alone! It’s okay to be scared of loneliness, being alone can help sometimes but you have people who adore you and will help you get through anything! Just open up a little.

Capricorn; material things can’t give you pure happiness, you don’t need loads of friends to be happy. Love the precious gifts that are free, you give people a sense of comfort. Live for that.

Aquarius; you do not need to be flawless! Everyone has negative traits, and that’s normal. You don’t have to be the perfect son/daughter it’s fine to let loose and be something else. You can do whatever you want.

Pisces; do not be scared of what you say! you tread so carefully around the way you act, worrying that you might do/say something wrong. Be loud or obnoxious or even harsh, do not fret over what people think of you. Your pure innocence over laps any negative traits you own.

please love yourself, you are not worthless in any way. I hope you enjoyed this post❤️

Does it ever happen to you? You’re laughing and enjoying your day and suddenly you see something or hear something and all of a sudden all of the things that have been hidden in the depth of your nightmares comes in front of your eyes and becomes vivid. In just a little moment, all of that happiness and all of those smile turns to emptiness and sorrow.
You’re present but you’re looking for your own existence inside of your memories, Trying to solve the riddle, get off this mess but you’re struck reverse gear. All you think is how did it all go so wrong. You just want to know the reason that led you to this horrific phase of your life. The phase of denial and regret.
You try your best but you just can’t forget her, You hate it, you hate your life but you cannot do anything. “la vie est la cauchemar” Life is a nightmare.

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I demand you buy me a Ferrari. If you don’t you are denying my right to one. How is that different than you demanding I buy you food and healthcare? If you say “I need food to live” then you are saying I owe you labor because you exist. The fact that it’s a little labor or a lot of labor doesn’t equation. No one owes you anything just for existing.

So, essential goods are the same as luxury items?

This is the argument you make when you have nothing better to say. When you have no real argument against something this false equivalency bullshit is what you have to resort to. 

You see the world full of individuals who purely exist to exchange labor. What I see is that our society has been built collectively over millennia. Together we have built governments and architectural marvels, sustained our existence and built everything you see around you. There was no single person who labored to create anything, it has taken collective knowledge and skill. 

Now we must ask a question why do we have people that do not have enough to eat?

If we are to believe capitalism, it is because food is scarce and that there is not enough to feed everyone. In this line of thinking, we produce not enough food and supply and demand requires that those that can afford our limited supply are able to secure food while those that don’t have the means cannot. 

But we produce enough food to feed 10 Billion people, while there are only 7.5 billion people in the world.

So if we are producing enough food to feed all, why does everyone not have access to food? How does a system that is dependent on Supply and Demand create a system where there is a surplus of food while 1 in 9 people do not have enough food to lead a normal lifestyle?

Artifical Scarcity is why. We create a system where supply and demand do not actually apply, where companies regularly discard large amounts of perfectly good food in order to drive greater profits for their “perfect food.” This is why you don’t allow capitalist near anything that is a necessity to live. In order to turn a profit, they must create scarcity in something that is not scarce. 

So, if we collectively produce more food than we need worldwide, why can we not feed the world? 

We are calling for taking our existing system and saying, we produce more than enough food for all, everyone must be able to eat. This is not a difficult thing to pull off, and if we lived in a truly capitalistic system the price of food would be so low that everyone could afford it. Basic Supply and Demand would set pricing. 

But to take it a step further, if food was available to all, the price of feeding oneself would be less. In the end, you are arguing that you should pay more for food and healthcare so that a small group of people can become wealthy beyond their wildest dreams while another larger group dies. 

When you argue that a good that is not constrained by supply should be limited all you do is argue that you should pay more so that others cannot have access. 

Do you really have to feel special that bad? Oh, I guess that is why you asked for a Ferrari…

- @theliberaltony

Waking up- BTS

(for anon)

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-will most likely be touching you somehow.

-will smile and blush when he sees your eyes flutter open to look at him.

-”you’re so pretty in the morning.”

-cannot WAIT to being the day with you.

-”what do you want for breakfast? Anything in the world!”


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-you probably gonna wake up before he does.

-but once he opens his eyes and sees you in bed playing on your phone, he’ll smile and be grateful that he got to wake up next to the love of his life.

-”baby, good morning.”

-will throw his arm around you to pull you close to him.

-you both won’t get up from bed just yet.

-you’ll just enjoy eachother’s company in the warmth of the bed sheets for awhile.


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-SO fucking cute when he wakes up.

-is dramatic and loud af when he yawns and stretches.

-”good morning my sunshine! i hope you slept well”

-will place little kisses to your face in hopes of making you smile.

-will be nothing but smiles since he got to wake up beside you.

Rap Mon-

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-unbelievably adorable in the mornings.

-is a bit quiet but that’s cause he just wants to feel you and enjoy the morning peace together.

-will motion for you to come into his arms so he can hold you while he’s waking up.

-will place a loving kiss on top of your head as he hold you close to his chest while you listen to his heart beat.

-the atmosphere is so tranquil and calm, you’re both on the verge of falling back asleep in eachother’s arms.


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-a needy little baby when he gets up.

-you can’t help but coo at how extra swollen and adorable his cheeks and lips look.

-you’ll roll over to him and press your lips to his forehead as a good morning.

-will smile thankfully and open his eyes to look at you.

-”you never look bad ever. you always look like an angel.”

-will cuddle up closer to you and bury his face deep into your neck while you have your arms around him to rub his back in soothing circles.


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-you’ll already be tangled up with him when you both wake up.

-more than likely feeling warm cause he’d been clinging onto you the whole night.

-will press his lips to the back of your neck and head if you’re still asleep when he wakes up.

-you’ll try to remove yourself from his arms to go to the bathroom but he will NOT let you go.

-”no not yet, just stay with me for awhile more please?”


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-will smile when he wakes up and sees you peacefully asleep beside him.

-wants you to wake up already cause he misses you.

-will very softly and lovingly kiss your jawline and cheeks to wake you up.

-once you open your eyes, he’ll rub his nose against yours giving you little eskimo kisses.

-can’t help but fall in love with you all over again once your eyes meet for the first time that day.

-”i can’t wait to make you my wife.”


Aries; please don’t think that you’re not wanted, or loved. People need you, we need your fire and ambition; you light up the room and make everyone forget their worries.

Taurus; you will find someone to love as much as you love them, do not fret over romance. It will come to you in good time, you are like mother nature itself; beautiful but dangerous.

Gemini; do not regret the things you could have or have done, live for the present. You are a fresh breeze of renewal, just because you messed up in the past does not mean you can’t change the future. All will be forgotten and forgiven soon.

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the end. [ damien x reader ]

summary: the reader and damien were lovers before WKM. they still care about eachother even after the events of WKM

warnings: angst and spoilersTM

a/n: needed to get this out my system bc i’m still crying

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Gray. A whole world of nothing but gray tones and colors, a vast emptiness that has no start or finish…That is what you see, or at least what you think you see. The first time you had been here was right after being shot, faced with a dilemma whether to live on as a…being or die as yourself. Putting your trust into the wrong people had driven you to the first option. That day there was darkness all around you. Now it’s all simply gray. The surface of this place is wet, calm streams of water rush by your feet, but why or to where you have no clue. Gray. Time passes neither fast nor slow, you cannot dream or eat or do anything but exist and feel certain things. Only strong emotions though, the ones that are powerful enough to break the shell of indifference that constantly surrounds you. Those emotions flash in bright violent colors, namely blue and red, representing of the two other people stuck here with you. Celine and…Damien.

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little things i’ve learned:

one: pay attention to the music you’re relating to. sometimes it’s a clear indicator that something is wrong. other times, it’s an indicator that something is very, very right. when the latter happens, pay extra close attention.

two: true control is subtle, not obsessive. you may not even know that you have it when you do. people who are in control do not question it. they just are.

three: never pass up the opportunity to stick the tips of your fingers out the window of a moving car. feel the wind carry you to the sound of your favorite songs. this is a reminder that you’re alive.

four: thoughts don’t have to mean anything. you can just let them be there.

five: notice when you’re struggling and allow yourself some leeway when you do. however, learn the difference between giving yourself leeway and enabling your struggle. 

six: you cannot build self-love from a foundation of self-hatred. first, work toward self-acceptance. love will follow.

seven: do not love others simply because they love you back. do not expend your love on people who won’t love you back. 

eight: don’t forget to stop and look around. take a moment a day to stop doing and just be. the mindfulness hype isn’t overrated. there’s a reason for it.

nine: setting limits and saying no will not end any relationship worth keeping. 

ten: friendships built on moments of competitive misery are not healthy. if you find that you’re having the urge to constantly showcase your misery around someone, take that as a red flag. sadness is not a competition you want to win.

eleven: recovery is not about being happy. some days you will feel bored and flat. but these days are still better than those you built around destroying yourself. these days are still victories. recovery is about being alive.

twelve: when you’ve built an identity around being sad, the concept of happiness may scare you. giving that sadness up will strip you of most everything and leave you feeling empty. embrace this emptiness and fill it up with exploration. you’ll find that it’s worth it.

thirteen: you will not come out of your coldest days the same as you were going into them. this is not a bad thing. someday, you’ll be warm enough to feel the sun on your face again.

Title:  What You Need

Summary: After a stressful review meeting Draco thinks maybe its about time Harry were honest with himself.

Word Count: 1977

Read below or HERE on my AO3

Draco can feel the tension in his body twisting and turning, slowly ebbing away as he and Harry leave Robards’ office in a hurry.  He’d been dying to get out of that meeting from the moment it had begun this morning. 

It had been a mandatory review of all of their cases from the last six months.  Apparently the head of the department had decided that no one was exempt from the intense scrutiny they’d just faced over the last two hours.  Hell he had expected it to be brutal based on the chatter around the Auror office from those who had already faced their own review, but even he couldn’t have anticipated the kinds of questions they would ask.

“And do you feel your relationship with Mr. Potter is completely professional?”

“Mr. Malfoy, have your feelings for Mr. Potter ever gotten in the way of your ability to make an unbiased call in the field?”

“Mr. Potter, there is a history of rash decisions in your case file.  Do you believe yourself of sound mind and judgement in the heat of the moment?”

“Gentleman, have you ever had more than a professional working relationship with your Auror partner?”

They’d claimed the questions were standard, and would be the same for all partners regardless of gender or sexual orientation.  A necessary precaution they’d called it.  But Draco had felt his insides churning at the questions, his mind over run with thoughts and desires which he usually worked very hard to keep below the surface.  He had answered them with a cool and calm countenance that had betrayed nothing of his true feelings.

Harry on the other hand had begun to get agitated the second they’d questioned his personal life.

“I’m a damn good Auror and what I do off the clock is none of your business.”

They were partners.  Friends.  And yet Harry had bristled at the insinuation they were more, refusing to answer the questions which Draco was sure only made things about a hundred times worse.  

By the time they finally reach their office Harry is in a right mood, ripping his Auror robes off and flinging them on the chair in the corner.  He takes his glasses off next, setting them on the desk and rubbing his face with both hands.  He looks tired, stressed.  It’s not the first time Draco has wondered why Harry is still an Auror.  He’s good at it, damn good in fact,  His reflexes are excellent and his experience with Dark Wizards invaluable.  But even after three years working together Draco can see that he still has trouble taking orders; he’s brash and though his instinct are usually right he follows them blindly.  Mostly though, despite how good he is at his job he just doesn’t seem happy.

Draco watches with curiosity as Harry just drops to the floor, as if he truly cannot take another moment of anything, running his hands through his hair before laying down.  He feels guilty for the thoughts that run through his mind, the way he can’t take his eyes off the strength in Harry’s forearms, or the space between his legs.  H knows he shouldn’t be thinking those things when Harry is clearly struggling.  But the questions had been too much, had brought too much to the forefront of his min,  and though he might not be showing it outwardly Draco feels just as close to exploding as Harry looks.

“Do you regret it?” Harry asks quite suddenly, startling Draco out of his thoughts.

“Regret what?”

“Becoming an Auror?”

Of all the things Draco thought the other man might say that is not one of them.  He thinks back on the brutal years in training, of the distrust and harassment he had faced when he first joined and the hard work and determination it had taken to get anyone to take him seriously. He thinks back to when they had first become partners and the way they had argued and clashed just as intensely as they had in school, until one day after a bad case when they’d both ended up at the same bar and gotten pissed after work together.  The next day he couldn’t remember what either one of them had said or done, and truth be told he still has no idea if Harry ever remembered because they never discussed it, but things had changed after that.   They had begun working as a team, and before Draco had known what was happening they weren’t just two people being forced to work together they were partners; a well functioning team that both trusted and relied on one another.  

He looks at Harry now, sprawled out on the floor looking tense and unhappy, something Draco now knows he hides from almost everyone else and he wonders what it means that Harry trusts him with the ugliest sides of himself so implicitly.  

Draco doesn’t usually stop to think about his own feelings, not after having worked so hard to push them away.  He regrets many things in his life, but becoming an Auror is not one of them, not when it has led him this.  Whatever this might be.

“No, I don’t.”

Harry’s shoulders tighten and Draco wonders when exactly he learned to read the other man so well.  He looks angry, at himself Draco thinks, and guilty.  

“You know its ok to hate your job.”

Harry jerks his head up in surprise, his brow crinkling in confusion.  “But you just said-”

“I know perfectly well what I said.  I answered your question honestly.  You just didn’t ask the right question.”  Draco crosses his legs, leaning back in his chair and watching Harry throw his hands in the air before dropping his head back to the ground with an audible thud.

“Well what the bloody fuck was the right question?”

Draco can’t help it, he laughs.  Harry shoots him an angry look.

“I’m so glad you find this so funny.”

“Always so fucking melodramatic, Potter.”  Draco knows exactly what to say to get a rise out of him and Harry is on his feet in seconds.  

“That meeting was a load of shit.  We’re the best Aurors in the department and they know it.” 

“Are you angry because they questioned your work ethic or because they questioned our relationship?”  Draco says, and is surprised at how good it feels to say something.  To acknowledge them in some way, even if they have no idea what they are.  

Harry opens his mouth to speak and then stops as if he’s thought better of it.  He suddenly looks so unsure, and so much younger than his twenty seven years.  He rubs his hands on his shirt almost unconsciously and just stares at Draco.

“Do you want to know what I think?” Draco asks, rising from his seat and closing the small distance between them.  He can practically feel the tension in Harry’s body, the air nearly crackling with it.  “I think you’re tired of all of it; of the protocol and the bureaucracy and the phoniness.  You’ve spent your entire fucking life saving everyone else and being who they needed to be and I think you’ve finally had enough.  Today.  Right now, Harry.  You’ve had enough.”

Harry sucks in a deep breath, and Draco has no idea what to expect because he knows he’s crossing that forbidden line that says neither one of them will acknowledge real feelings but he doesn’t care because he can’t stand another day of pretending either.

“Aren’t you tired of being what everyone else needs you to be?  Don’t you want to get what you need for once?”

Harry licks his lips, still unable to move from his spot as if his feet have been spelled to the floor.  “And what exactly is it you think I need?”

Fuck it Draco thinks, he’s come this far already.  Instead of saying anything he reaches out, his hands sliding into Harry’s hair and gently urging him closer.  He presses his lips to Harry’s, afraid for a moment he’s made a mistake and gone too far but then Harry is nearly clawing at him, his hands grabbing onto Draco so tightly it almost hurts. 

The kiss is almost brutal, desperate, and so fucking good Draco stops trying to hold it in and just moans into Harry’s mouth which only spurs the other man on even more.  Draco’s hand is sliding down Harry’s back when there is a knock on the door and they spring apart just seconds before the door flies open.  It’s Robards.  Draco has never wanted to curse someone as badly as he does right in this moment.  His heart aches and he just knows the moment has been ruined, that this interruption has shattered whatever fragile thing they were beginning.

“Listen, Potter, Malfoy, about before I-”

“I quit!” Harry shouts and Draco’s mouth falls open in the most un-Malfoy like display of shock he’s ever shown.

“Excuse me, Potter, you can’t quit!”

Draco doesn’t even look at Robards, because he can’t take his eyes off Harry.  Harry looks giddy, euphoric even, and it reminds Draco of the way Potter used to look after he’d caught the Golden Snitch.

“Yes, Sir, I can.  I quit.  I hate my job,” he shouts, and then he begins to laugh.  Robards looks like he thinks Harry might have lost his mind.  “God that felt good to say out loud.  I FUCKING HATE MY JOB!” he screams even louder, making several of the other Aurors peek their heads down the hallway and through the open door to their office.  

Robards holds his hand up to silence him but Harry is paying him no mind.

“I hate the paperwork and the assignments and the bloody protocol that makes no sense sometimes and I hate the awful hours.  Fuck I hate everything about it except that I get to work with you,” Harry says, turning to look at Draco with a look so pure in intensity Draco is glad he’s sitting down already.

“And what about you, Malfoy?” Robards asks, sounding equal parts confused and helpless.

“Oh I quit too. I detest this job.”

“I thought you said you didn’t regret becoming an Auror?” Harry asks suddenly, as if he’s forgotten Robards is just standing there watching them.

Draco shrugs, almost nonchalantly.  “I don’t regret it, not at all.  But I still fucking hate this job.”

“Then why don’t you regret it?” he asks, and Draco wonders how it’s possible that other man really doesn’t see it.

“Because you oblivious idiot, I’m in love with you.  Pretty sure if you jumped out this window right now I’d follow you like a lovesick puppy.  It’s absolutely pathetic,” he answers in the most self deprecating tone possible.


“Yes, Harry.”

“Well, that’s rather good then isn’t it.  Because I’m in love with you.”

“Right, well I’ll just be leaving now,” Robards mumbles awkwardly before shutting the door behind him.  Neither Harry nor Draco pay him any attention.

“So, before….when you said you knew what I needed,” Harry begins to say, crossing the room until he’s standing directly in front of Draco with his hand outstretched.  “What if you showed me instead.”

“I can’t think of anything I’d like more,“ Draco answers, taking Harry’s hand in his own and thinking that maybe what they both want and need might just be the same things.

hey everyone, i’m going to be honest here, you will never get rid of procrastination completely. unless i’m wrong, and there may be some possible way to completely get rid of procrastination. if so, i don’t think anyone has figured it out.

anywho, i’ve been procrastinating for years, so i feel like i have some decent tips on how to procrastinate less. here’s my advice!

1. focus on your discipline the most. your discipline skills are your biggest defense against procrastination. there will be times in your life where you just DON’T want to finish your essay, we’ve all been there. you need good discipline to get you in focus. stop thinking about all of those distracting concepts that pull you into procrastination, and start doing your work.

2. you need to keep the good motivation to fight procrastination. it ties along with #1, except motivation is more long term. if you want to accomplish your goals, you get the discipline needed to work for them.

3. try to find time around the day to do some work, especially at school. i do school work at lunch, and sometimes in the morning, as well as occasionally in class if i have free time, since i don’t have a study hall. it helps since it feels like you have less work to do during your normal studying times.

4. remember, doing a little bit of work for a big assignment is better than ditching it completely. if you get a project on the first day, and only manage to do 1/5 of it on that day, it really is better than not doing it at all. you might thank yourself later. try really hard to at least do ONE thing on any work you get on the first day.

5. multitask if more than one assignment correlates with another. if you have a history worksheet and a history test coming up, use the worksheet to review concepts when you need to study. i do this often, and it helps me more than just doing the worksheet. this might not help others though, and that’s fine too! if you can only focus on one thing at a time, you do your thing.

6. i cannot stress this enough, find any good time management that works for you. one popular option is the pomodoro technique (25 minutes of working with a 5-minute break. i’ve heard of other options as well, from 20 → 10, 40 → 20, and even 52 → 17. if you’re not into routines, at least take a break for 5-10 minutes whenever you feel mentally exhausted! just not every 5 minutes, trust me, that leads to procrastination after the second or third “break”.

7. use your “break” time (from #6) doing something relaxing and NOT distracting. unless you have godly discipline skills, i doubt going on your phone will cause you to get back to work properly. take a small walk, eat a snack, stretch, etc.

8. use those app/program blockers to block social media and messaging apps if you’re like me and you have severely weak discipline skills. nothing much will happen while you’re busy doing your work. if something does occur, that’s up to you to find out when you’re done with your work.

9. find a good place to actually do your work! my favorite is the library, it’s so peaceful and it gives the right setting for studying. try your best to study in the least distracting place possible. if you can’t, attempt to decrease as many distractions in your location as possible.

10. find what works for you in terms of listening to music. i personally listen to kpop, and some of us know how catchy the music can be. however, i can usually listen to kpop while doing worksheets without getting distracted. however, if i’m studying, retaking notes, reading, etc. i need ambient music (i mainly use!) to make me concentrate. some of us need instrumentals and/or ambient music, others can’t listen to music at all. that’s fine!

11. turn off your notifications, turn on airplane mode, put away your phone, etc. do anything that works for you. i need my phone as well as internet, so i just turn off my notifications, but not seeing any distractions might make you more likely to do your work.

12. plan things out when you get home. i personally cannot do my work first thing when i get home unlike some people, i get too mentally drained from school! i take a shower, and then eat lunch while doing my work. find out what works for you. i also cannot do the hardest assignment first to “get it out of the way”. i need a medium level assignment to prepare myself for the heavy mental work for the hard assignments!

13. as referring to #12, if one advice doesn’t work for you, don’t use it! we are all different, so if practically everyone you know can do one thing, and you’re better doing the opposite of that, just do what makes you better at productivity.

14. plan out big projects, quizzes, tests, etc. do not cram! i repeat! please! do not cram! it doesn’t feel good at all, and you’re more likely to score worse anyways. try to balance out your work/studying every day or a couple days a week with a good amount of time for all of those days. it helps your memorization more, too.

15. some say that studying in a different place once in a while helps. i personally never tried this, because my brain cares more about adaptation, but it has helped other people i know!

16. get comfortable when you study, but not too comfortable. don’t study on your bed, and please don’t study on the floor. your brain thinks of your bed as the place to sleep, so it’s best to not be on your bed often unless it’s for sleeping. for me at least, studying on the floor really kills my back. please get comfortable and find a table or desk or anything good!

17. another thing i do is that i switch assignments if i feel like i’m not focused. it helps me a lot, i would assume it lets my brain change focus to another productive activity which results in me gaining focus on something important!

18. do anything productive if you have a long break (or if you’re procrastinating haha). it gets your brain in a productive mood and it can help you focus when you go back to your work.

19. reward yourself for whatever bit of work you accomplish. my favorite rewards are my biggest distractions that i look forward to when i finish all of my work. :”)

20. take your free time away to do some extra work every once in a while. it certainly helps not to cram everything in one day.

21. please remember that it takes some, if not a lot of time to improve a habit like procrastination. you will not improve completely in one night. and sometimes, you will procrastinate, and that’s okay! just keep improving yourself, you have time.

22. if you’re looking for a reason or a sign not to procrastinate right now, this is it. tumblr can be such a distraction. you probably have something important to do. and i’m here to tell you to get back to work and finish what you need to do.