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xionroxas  asked:

Okay, okay, I've read a lot, I mean it, A LOT of scenarios, headcannons, stories, etc., about chocobros x reader and stuff like that, so... Please, please, don't hate me What if... The s/o confesses their feelings for a chocobro, he rejectes them, and then other chocobro developes, confesses or whatever, his feelings for them Maybe even a little fight or argument due to how the first chocobro could reject them Am I expressing correctly??? PD. I'm a big fan of yours and your writing!!!

Ok, I’ve been planning and thinking out this request for exactly 8 centuries now. Since you didn’t specify a certain chocobros for each role, I’m gonna self indulge myself and make it AN IGGY AND NOCTIS LOVE TRIANGLE BECAUSE IM FOREVER LIVING IN ONE HELP ME. I HOPE YOU ENJOY FRIEND!

If anyone wants this scenario reversed, or with a certain combo of bros, lemme know next time requests roll around. It’s a fun scenario to do. omg. 

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Word Count: 2,434 (high five)

Vulnerable Heart

Noctis’s apartment had become your own personal safe haven over the past month and half.  After school you would haul yourself over, whether he was home or not. You some how even convinced the young Prince to hand over his spare key, though he didn’t require much convincing… You were very lucky in that regard.

Today, however, he was home.

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