is there anything more beautiful

If You’re Anything Like Me is beautiful, honest and describes my life more accurately than I could have using my own words. 

Taylor, thank you for this poem. As amazing as this whole album is, it is this poem that has helped me more than you will ever know. 


Your fatal flaw is your saving grace.

Aries: Impulse- You act before you think. It’s either the best or worst decision of your life. Only time will tell.

Taurus: Conviction- You stubbornly stand by your beliefs. When you’re right, your conviction is a virtue beyond measure. When you’re wrong… Well, as they say, pride goeth before the fall. 

Gemini: Voice- Your words are the source of your power. You can use them to articulate divine truth or pernicious lies.

Cancer: Grip- You hold on too tight. Your grip can preserve a something fragile and precious, or make you a prisoner of the past.

Leo: Exhibition- You constantly crave attention, but you’re brave enough to put yourself out there and show the world who you are. 

Virgo: Critique- You see every little flaw. Some can be fixed. Others are impossible. You’re a sucker for a lost cause; you can save what everyone else abandoned or sink to new lows trying.

Libra: Compromise- Happiness is a small price for peace. You always choose to be the bigger person. Some days, the resentment eats you alive. 

Scorpio: Pain- You can either drag others through the same hell you’ve been through, or protect them from it at all costs. Pain is at the heart of every hero and villain. 

Sagittarius: Honesty- You speak your truth. This truth can bring laughter and joy or tears and awkwardness. Whatever. Honesty is always the best policy. 

Capricorn: Isolation- You’re alone. There’s no one to help you, but also nothing holding you back. You climb the mountaintop and stand alone at the peak.

Aquarius: Arrogance- It keeps you apart from everyone else, but gives you the freedom to truly be yourself.

Pisces: Imagination- You lose yourself in fantasies more beautiful than anything this world has to offer. You’re never really here, but why would you want to be?


“Don’t you see? She’s the one! The girl we have been waiting for! She has come to break the spell!”

reylo parallels ( 1 / ? ) → beauty and the beast ( part 1 / part 2 )

I knew I was in love with her when I woke up in the mornings to a sea of her hazelnut hair spilled over the pillow and the smell of her sheets all over me. When I’d wake up before her and not move a muscle because I could watch the rise and fall of her chest for hours. I knew I was in love with her on car rides to get coffee or to the beach and I would just watch her. She’d sing every song and beat her hands on the steering wheel to every rhythm and get lost in the wind that carried the smell of her vanilla skin. I knew I was in love with her when her eyes would meet mine once in awhile and I’d stop breathing. Their color so blue, they put every ocean drenched in this earth, to shame. I knew I was in love with her when she’d smile against my lips and let her hands find their way to the small of my back and we’d just stay like that until one of us gave in. It felt like the sunset and home all at once. I knew I loved her when we spent the entire night on her roof and she let me in, let me see her inside and out. Until that night, I swear to god I had never seen anything more beautiful. I knew I loved her, but I never knew if she loved me. I never knew if I was enough. If I could have been what she needed. And the saddest part is, is that I don’t think I will ever know. But what I do know is this. She taught me what loving someone is; what it feels like. And for that, I will never regret loving her.

The Signs as Crushes I've Had

Aries: the prettiest smile and the weirdest laugh, long, gorgeous hair, unintentionally funny, always wanted to go on adventures with me, tall and handsome

Taurus: seemed like a fuckboy, turned out to be the sweetest most caring lil cutie, was ready to do anything and everything for me, first love, would pick me up for late night drives, loved cuddling

Gemini: quirky and cute, definitely a fuckboy, thoughtful, deep thinker and great to have serious conversations about life with, heartbreaker

Cancer: seemed weird at first, was weird but also so caring, sweet, smart and funny, wanted everyone to be happy, GREAT body, very sexy without knowing it, someone i had lots of fun with

Leo: fun to be around, giggly and jokey, breathtakingly beautiful, amazing at singing, loved animals more than anything, good at sports, first girl crush

Virgo: sarcastic, beautiful on the outside but GORGEOUS on the inside, gave actually great advice, philosophical, gamer girl, good party host

Libra: tried to seem harsh and cool but actual sweetheart once i got to know him, always wanted me to read his favourite books, creative and handy, helpful in all situations

Scorpio: looked like someone from a band, an asshole at first but very cute and great listener, was always low-key sad, pushed me away when i wanted to help him, smelled ridiculously good

Sagittarius: (also my sign) seemed goofy, funny and caring at first but turned out to be the biggest fuckboy, helped me realise new things about myself, hot and handsome, great for having a laugh with, loved going to parties with him

Capricorn: always wanted the best for me, the type of person who always checked i got home safe, protective, supportive, kinda serious most of the time but goofy when we were alone

Aquarius: straight to the point, honest, great athlete and singer, best hugger, weird humour, very masculine, the one you’ll never completely get over

Pisces: sweet, emotional, fell in love fast, big music fan, great at school even though he wouldn’t admit it, quite jealous, if he likes you he will always put you first no matter what, the kind of person i wanted to protect at all costs, clingy

the reason the feet in skyrim games look like they’re the video game quake is because todd howard has a foot fetish

“but that makes no sense!” you exclaim, drooling, “if he had a foot fetish, wouldn’t the feet look good and not like quake?”

you see, by making the feet look like quake, he’s giving foot fetish modders a job. and they excel at their job. they will make exquisite replacement feet, far more beautiful than anything todd howard could make himself with his tiny hands. if todd made beautiful feet in the default game, he would be outed as a foot fetishist. if todd makes excessively bad feet, people will make exquisite feet beyond your imagination. todd gets beautiful feet and the world is none the wiser.

the perfect crime. 


amor verdadero nos une por siempre, en el latido de mi corazón
our love for each other will live on forever, in every bit of my proud corazón