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Heyo :) I saw that you got your wisdom tooth out (ouch, that must've been a pain) I hope I'm not bothering with art requests? I'd love to see some DCEU/BvS superbat/bruceclark in your art style? Anything fluffy is fine, I just love your art style :)

It’s alright haha I’m good now! I got my stitches removed and am feeling much better. I can finally eat omg <3

And thank you! I’m glad you like my art style! It’s my first time drawing them, though. Pardon me if they look kinda off lmao

My entry for this years fanart contest at AniNite in Vienna - the topic was Fairytales and I chose to draw a Tokyo Ghoul fanart of course haha 

sadly I didn’t win anything again this year but what can you do with so many crazy talented artists participating ( also my idea was pretty basic lol so I’m gon blame that) 

But just finishing a piece again after such a long time felt good and got me out of my art block :D 

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We aren’t joking... we have it on good authority he was lying to Sans about bringing him back home. Sorry, Doc... but don't worry! We'll look out for him and bring him home! He's the first Sans with us to help him, after all!

-“O-Oh… is he ok? Is he being fed well? Has he been sleeping?? Is he scared?? Is there anything I can do? Oh-h… I should of gone with him…. oh oh no…”

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I know there are many videos of 🌗 proofs. But it would be cool if someone does a good one, like from the beginning: X-Factor, livestreams, interviews, M&G photos, "merch", concerts, indirects on twitter-IG-tumblr, family&friends admitting 🌗 is/was real, anything about Camren, any fucking evidence but from the beginning until now 2016 (in order). Just in case Lauren one day says SHOW ME SOME PROOFS, DELUSIONALS. we all tweet her that link of the video of the proofs.

just wait and watch out.

Yeay Askbox is open!!

Is it possible for a fic where Jamie and Claire figuring out how to discipline their naughty children when they are up to no good? (I figure that the min Fraser’s inherited that particular trait from Jamie since he admitted he was a handful as a child)

I hope this fits your ask ok. After I wrote it, I realized it wasn’t quite what you’d asked, so I’m sorry. I hope you like it!

The babe was restless tonight. Claire couldn’t sleep, tossing and turning in the bed. What he wouldn’t give to ease the burden she carried. But there wasn’t anything for him to do. Sitting up, Jamie nudged her gently to tell her he was awake.

“I’m sorry,” she muttered, hands on her large swell. “I didn’t mean to wake you.”

“Ye didna,” he lied. “What is it that bothers ye? Is it the bairn?”

“Yes. It’s doing somersaults in my belly right now. Why can’t it sleep at a normal time?”

Jamie smiled and leaned close to her stomach. He whispered a soft prayer in Gaelic, hoping to help with what little he could do. Her hand gently pet his hair in a maternal gesture that reminded him of his mother.

“Jamie, I want to ask you something.”

Sensing this was a serious conversation, Jamie got up and lit one of the candles. If they were going to have a decent talk, he wanted to be able to read her face.

“What is it, Sassenach?”

“I wanted to talk to you about disciplining our baby.”

He frowned down at the bulge. It was clearly still moving, but she couldn’t possibly mean for him to-

“No!” she said quickly. “Not right now! That isn’t safe. But… After it’s born. I know you’ve told me that your father was fair when he beat you but… I don’t… I don’t like it.”

He couldn’t help but snort.

“No, I daresay ye didna like when I beat you.”

“But sometimes I worry that’s the only way you know how to discipline. It’s what your father did to you and what his father did to him and so on.”

He nodded slowly. She was wright, of course. That was the way he knew.

“When I rescued ye from Fort William,” he said abruptly. “I made you an oath. D’ye recall what it was I told ye?”

“You gave me the same oath the Mackenzie clansmen gave Colum.”

“Aye. And I said that maybe things had to be different wi’ us. I dinna ken just how we’ll do it, but I reckon we’ll figure it out.”

Her eyes filled with hope as she looked at him.

“You mean it, Jamie? You won’t beat the children?”

“I daresay I might live to regret it, but no. No’ unless something happens that forces my hand, ye ken.”

“Like what? If it’s stubborn like it’s father?”

Smiling, he rubbed her stomach.

“Och, no. I’d never stop, then. He’ll be a Fraser, after all.”

“Yes, he OR SHE will.”

“Is he sleeping now?” Jamie asked, ignoring Claire’s insistence on the baby’s gender.

“You know… I think he is.”

Kissing her cheek, he leaned down and kissed her swell again.

“Good. Get your rest, Sassenach.”

So Ben Affleck tweeted Deathstroke.

Ok. Neat.

Doesn’t change the fact that DC movies have been terrible. I am absolutely hype-less for anything right now. Which is a damn shame, since the Justice League is supposed to inspire people. I’m really just disappointed better deserve better than what we’re getting; Good, faithful adaptations, and fun quality films instead of grim-dark/edgey nonsense.

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*edit #2* Mutha fuckas be mistaking lack of hype for hate all over the place. This is the funniest thing to happen in my feed for months

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I have tips about jogging/running! Start off with a jog/walk, speed walking will do more harm than good and is a poor recovery, also it strains muscles that support you when you run, so a normal walk is better. Our new runners on the team who haven't run before usually start with 8 easy minutes out, walk until they feel good, and then turn around and go back, usually a bit less than 8 minutes. Doing times is easier to keep track of than distance. 1/2

Drink lots of water, and stop if anything hurts. Because you’re just running as a hobby, there’s no need to increase what you’re doing overly fast. The timeline we use uses weekly increases but we’re on a tight season, so just do whatever you feel is best. Get a pair of decent running shoes if you can(I might be biased but but Nike sucks and most of their shoes don’t give enough support) Keep in mind kids shoes often go up to six 6 aka a womens 8 and are cheaper. Source: 9 years competitive XC

Thank you so much! This is definitely very helpful!

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Warnings: EXTREME fluff.

Sam Winchester was much worse with romance than he would care to admit.

He was supposed to be a sap because he had wanted a beautifully incredible wife since he heard stories about his parent’s marriage from his older brother.

But the thing is: he just wasn’t.

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Before I forget: I know alot of you were expecting something from me for #sorielweek (I recieved plenty of asks about it), but it just couldn’t work out. I was really busy and stressed that week and didn’t have alotta time to art or think of anything good for any of the prompts. So um, yea, I apologize for that. Seriously. But hey, it was nice seeing all the great soriel arts filling up the tag, they were really fun to look through! I’ll try and participate next year, if time permits.

Chloe’s Idea

Lol it’s been almost three months since I posted anything related to mmfd fanfiction (and i’m kind of sorry?). I have a small one shot I’ve been writing during these three months (it’s been actually three or four days in this long period of time but who cares :)))) and I’m not really proud of it but I wanted to finish it and post it for you to read it and all that. I hope you enjoy it and have a good end of summer (?)

Ps. Forget my possible mistakes C:



When all your friends are out of town and you have to take care of your little sister, there’s nothing else much to do apart from watching telly and gossiping Instagram. The little girl is already asleep upstairs, and Rae is sitting on the sofa while watching Bridget Jones’s Diary.

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I looked up to you. yes I'm the same one who wrote that paragraph awhile back about you impacting me to go and follow my heart. but this isn't the Michele I looked up to. You are much better than this. you would never treat a girl this way. especially one you "love" this isn't cool. yea stuff went down hill for you guys. FIX it don't set her out on social media. You'll realize what you had when it's gone. don't make that mistake. i just idek dude. I'm idk 😔

Then don’t look up to me anymore. Idc you all can send me hate for writing this. But before you do hear me out. Yes I know putting it on social media is dumb but when people are mad they do shit without thinking. I do agree with you there. But don’t say anything about me treating her bad. Bc nobody knows. Of course she looks like the good guy and I’m gonna let it stay like that but if I were to put what happened and everything else. I would not be getting this hate. I know how to treat a girl believe me I do but after shit happens things change. Doesn’t mean I’m going to go tell everybody every single thing to make her look like shit bc we’ve both done things we haven’t liked but again I haven’t done nearly anything as she has. Not saying she’s cheated. But again you don’t have to look up to me. That’s not what I base my life around. I know the shit I do and the reason I do it. I’m sorry you feel this way about me but honestly you don’t know anything at all

Open Starter rp roleplay

ooc: Yeah just feel like doing a open roleplay to all with me using both Kingtale Gaster and Kingfell Gaster (who is the underfell counterpart of Kingtale Gaster ) having a brutal fight with each other since they don’t like each other at all that is for sure. I am fine with crossovers and other undertale aus being bought into this or canon undertale characters or whatever i am fine with anything really XD. also even if one person has already replyed to this others can still join in this one and reply to here too i am fine with that.

Roleplay Starter:

Kingtale Gaster: *He was at the moment in his huge 20 feet bone dragon form and was at the moment fighting againest his underfell counterpart who was also in his own huge 20 feet dragon form , Both them had been fighting for a least a hour and both of them were putting up a very good fight againest each other*.

Kingfell Gaster: *He was breathing out dark flames from his mouth pissed off that Kingtale Gaster was still standing both of them had some wounds on them , Kingfell Gaster now took up into the sky using his wings to fly and Kingtale Gaster now flew up into the sky using his own wings to fight him in the sky now*.

Kingtale Gaster: *he now shot out from strong blasts of flames at Kingfell Gaster who quickly dodged to the side and to the other to avoid getting hit by the attacks, Kingfell Gaster then was able to get in close enough that he then bited down hard into the back of Kingtale Gaster’s neck which caused Kingtale Gaster to let out a loud roar of pain and he was now trying to get himself free clawing at Kingfell Gaster’s shoulders now , Crying out in more pain when he felt one of his back legs getting slowly crushed by Kingfell Gaster’s strong tail that was now wrapped around one of Kingtale Gaster’s back legs*.

Kingfell Gaster: Cry in pain all you want no one is going to help you or save you i doubt anyone will care enough to come and give you some back up support *he smirked darkly before he then while still holding onto Kingtale Gaster’s neck threw him towards the ground*.

Kingtale Gaster: *He had hit the ground at a very hard impact enough that it knocked him back to his normal form and self and he was now struggling to get back up bleeding very badly from his wounds but he could stand back up because one of his legs was hurting too much for him to stand on it*.

Kingfell Gaster: *He was now getting ready to shoot a strong blast of dark fire energy at Kingtale Gaster smirking staying in his dragon form for the moment*.

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(JAY) what do you think about '' black girl magic '' ? Do you feel included as a mixed girl ?

Yes and no. I’m not doing anything “excellent” with my life. I pretty much failed out of college due to mental health issues and I have a “good” job but it’s not what I want to do with my life(and I’m underpaid). I appreciate “black excellence” especially from women and girls but it tends to put a light on those who are doing exceedingly well while ignoring those of us who should probably just get an award for simply existing in a world that doesn’t want us. I believe everyday black girls go through enough and should be celebrated whether they have a degree or are in the Olympics or just working at the mall and trying to get by. Our existence is resistance and that’s excellence and magic to me.

Maybe I’m just jealous and bitter though. None of my feelings are because I’m mixed
– Jay

preston headcanons, part iii - the final chapter

previous: pt i, pt ii

- animal lover. except insects. but deathclaws are actually really neat from a distance… it’s when they get up close that’s not so awesome. also, after cleaning out the castle… if he ever sees another mirelurk it’ll be too soon.

- you know that guy who can bust out with random factoids about things that most people find useless, like little pre-war tidbits of knowledge about buildings or plants or animals? that’s preston. 

- very leggy. long legs. he’s a tall fellow, a good 6′ 2″ - and pretty much on the thin side, not from lack of eating or anything. he’s just always been thin. but he’s got muscle, from all that walking and fighting -basically, a lot stronger than he might look. as such, people might not take him for someone who can help or seriously, when they see him. 

- light sleeper. from years of needing to be up and ready at basically a moment’s notice, it’s very easy to wake him up out of even the soundest sleep. once he’s awake, he’s awake – there’s usually no going back to bed after that, so he’ll do some stretches, read a book or go patrol until it’s time to be up.

- on that same note, he’s always been prone to nightmares, even before quincy but after that it was unbearable to sleep for a while because of them and their intensity. he’s quiet about them, though – so it’s not very obvious. no violent thrashing, or jolting awake – just mumbles a bit, breathing gets a little erratic… only sturges and mama murphy noticed before sanctuary. 

- learned to shoot a gun at 10 years old. his older sister was the one to teach him, didn’t actually like doing it and wasn’t very good at it. maybe it was just the feel of the weapons that use bullets, he strongly prefers the laser weapons and is a damn fine shot with any laser weapon. the musket is naturally, his favorite.

- feels crazily vulnerable and slightly insecure about not wearing his hat. it’s not just about keeping dry in the rain, or the sun out of his eyes, but it also takes some of the focus off his scars, and just generally feels awkward when he’s not wearing it. unless it’s bed time. or bathing. obviously.  

Delicious Ambiguity.

The more I protested about this ambiguity, the more Joanna pointed out to me that it was both a terrible and wonderful part of life: terrible because you can’t count on anything for sure—like certain good health and no possibility of cancer; wonderful because no human being knows when another is going to die—no doctor can absolutely predict the outcome of a disease. The only thing that is certain is change. Joanna calls all of this ‘delicious ambiguity.’ ‘Couldn’t there be comfort and freedom in no one knowing the outcome of anything and all things being possible?’ she asked. Was I convinced? Not completely. I still wanted to believe in magic thinking. But I was intrigued.

Life is about not knowing, having to change, taking the moment and making the best of it, without knowing what’s going to happen next.

-Gilda Radner

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I hope I'm not bugging you but I don't know what to do. I can't stop telling myself that I'll never be good for anything and everyone would be better if I was gone. I don't know what to do but I keep thinking I'm not worth a life and I never was.

First and foremost, you are certainly not bothering me one bit. I am always willing to listen.

Next, I am so sorry you are struggling with that demonic inner voice telling you that you have no value. Chipping away at your self-worth with a chisel. That inner voice is a nasty beast. I am sorry it is telling you that you will never be good for anything and that somehow in your minds misconceptions, you aren’t of value to others. All of these are lies mind you, but you are experiencing them and feeling them. It is hard to deny what we are feeling, even knowing rationally that is wrong. When you feel worthless and alone it is hard pull yourself out of that.

I suffer from chronic depression and generalized anxiety and I cannot tell you how often this year I have felt as you do. How often I have that way over the last 15 years. There are mornings I wake up and think I am worthless. That no one should love me. I bring nothing to this world but an unnecessary burden. My husband would be happier without me. No one would miss me. All of those sorts of thoughts I think on a almost daily basis. And I have to fight back. But it is so rough. I do understand you to an extent in this way. Though degrees of these thoughts vary certainly.

I want you to know something. You deserve to be alive. You deserve to live. There are people who love you, seen and unseen. There are people who care whether you know it or not. You are the only you in the universe, nonnie dearest. There has never been nor will there ever be another combination of you ever again. You are unique and special and deserve to feel love and to be loved. The universe would be dimmer. The world far more empty without you in it.

I love you. I truly mean that with all sincerity of heart. I know you may not believe me. You may not believe anyone, but you are loved. If you can’t feel it now, just have an ounce of faith and believe me when I say you are loved. Trust me just enough to know it is there for you always.

Please keep fighting. Fight for yourself. Love yourself enough to keep fighting. Be proud of your small accomplishments. If you get up and eat breakfast and that expends all your energy for that day, bravo. Take your small victories. Be gentle with yourself. Treat yourself the way you would your best friend, or a puppy. Would you ever say to your best friend what you say to yourself? Would you ever let them get away with that? I doubt it.

To quote a few of our favorites in closing:

“Be kind to yourself so you can be happy enough to be kind to the world.” -Misha Collins

“Be strong in moments where you want to be weak.” - Jensen Ackles

“When life beats you down, never give up. Always Keep Fighting”- Jared Padalecki

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URGENT! My parents demanded that I fork over any and all social media info (passwords, etc.). I follow many LGBT+ groups on Instagram, Twitter, and the like and I'm scared that my parents will take away everything if they find out I'm not straight and not cis. Their not abusive or anything but I'm extremely dysphoric and have serious mental health issues that could be dangerous for me if I no longer have an outlet. I'm really scared, I don't know what to do. Please help!

Kai says:

can you unfollow these groups on your main account and create side accounts to follow? maybe delete tweets, etc related to LGBT+ stuff and make a second account they dont know of? Good luck!!

Followers, any tips?

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*chants* Reinhardt! Reinhardt! Reinhardt!

Admin B: For good ol’ Rein, it’ll be just headcannons bc some more Reinhardt will be coming out in a moment!

-With how big Reinhardt is, it’s very easy for him to intimidate others who might make his s/o upset.

-He’s the type of Yandere who doesn’t mind people interacting with his s/o. He gets upset when people make his s/o anything but happy.

-He’s also the type to follow them wherever they go. Like, if they’re just going to the store, he follows behind. Work? He watches them from another building. He would also have a stalker shrine.

-In the stalker shrine there is: an article of their clothing, some hair, an old toothbrush, some baby photos, and even a little creepy doll of his s/o that he knit.

-Reinhardt would do anything to make his s/o happy. Like, anything. Even if his s/o left him, he’d be “okay” with it. Quotes around okay, because he is NOT okay with it. He will continue to stalk them even after they’ve broken up. If his s/o gets a new s/o, Reinhardt kills them. Quick and easy with his hammer into their skull.

-If his s/o found out about his yandereness, he’d just smile, embrace them and say that everything he does is for them.