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Whenever I end up in a dark zone and start putting myself and my art down (which is alot), there’s always SOMEONE who pops up just in time to smack the despair out of me.

 Whether it be a follower, a nice anon, or a buddy- it always nice to be reminded that even if I may not think I’m good, there are real people out there who actually do. And I love you all for that

So remember folks, it’s very easy for artists and writers to fall into a rut where they can’t produce anything due to low confidence in their skills. So what must you do to help them out? SMASH INTO THEIR INBOX/POST/HOUSE AND REMIND THEM THEY HAVE PEOPLE WHO LOVE THEIR WORK. SMACK ‘EM WITH LOVE.

This has been a quick PSA from Digi, PEACE.  


SavageSkye visits WildeHopps on their break, the girls decided to have a double date and they went to the mall. The guys are waiting outside while the ladies go into the Lingerie Store. And what do you get when you have a slick looking red fox along side a high class agent bunny? BroTP and of course two prime targets for all the single ladies out there. Naturally the two good looking mammals found themselves in a swarm of ladies while sitting at the bench in the mall together. The commotion is, of course, enough to get the attention of a certain female bunny and arctic fox as they make their way through the crowd towards the vulpine and the lapin. Before the guys could say anything, Skye pulled Jack in to her arms while Judy pulled Nick down to his knee and hug his head close to her chest. Much to the crowd’s surprise, the two proudly sending a message, loud enough for every single mammal in that corner of the mall to hear it: “HEY! HE’S MINE!! GO GET YOUR OWN!!” Dropping the crowd a bomb of disappointment and leaving the embarrassed vulpine and lapin speechless in the arms of their significant others.

A little bit of a fun idea, old friends hanging out with each other and of course Double Date. I might write something about this tonight, we’ll see.

I changed the way I draw Skye a bit.
-Aquila Silverwings-🦅


Ricky Whittle by Austin Anderton for DA MAN Magazine, June 2015

I’m a bit of an adrenaline junkie, so I love to get my blood pumping by cliff jumping. I’m a qualified skydiver, so I enjoy jumping out of perfectly good airplanes and I also have a racing license and used to race Formula 3. Anything involving speed and thrills, I’m in. I like taking rides on my Harley Davidson through the valleys: You can’t beat riding along the California coastline, Mother Nature is an artist and it’s a beautiful sight at sunset.

Crestmont Crier - Montgomery x Reader

Request - “Montgomery x fem!reader where they go to cresmont as a couple to see star wars 7.”

WARNINGS::: Star Wars: The Force Awakens spoilers.

“You want popcorn?” Monty lightly tapped your shoulder to grab your attention, you responded with a nod.

“What if it’s shit?” You worried for the 100th time in the past hour you’d spent with Monty eating dinner. He chuckled again.

“It won’t be.”

“But it might not live up to expectations. Will anything ever be as good as The Empire Strikes Back?” You anxiously took the popcorn from the counter. “Thanks Clay.” You muttered absentmindedly, giving the boy a nod.

“Well we’re going to have to find out, Y/N.” he said, grabbing your hand, and using the other hand to shovel some popcorn into his mouth. Rolling your eyes at his childishness, you two entered the screen.


The screen was relatively empty, and you were sat near the back.

“No! Fuck.” You whispered, squeezing Monty’s hand and trying not to let the tears slip out.
“Not Harrison, anyone but Harrison. Chewie!!”
“Monty I can’t believe he did that. Fucking Ben you asshole.”

You couldn’t hold them back anymore, Han Solo’s death had well and truly ruined you. You began to cry quietly, hoping Montgomery wouldn’t notice, but you could stop the loud sob emitting from your throat, alerting his attention.

“Oh, Y/N.” he whispered, pulling you as close to him as he could over the cinema seats. He let you lay your head on his chest and ruin his t shirt with mascara, while gently soothing your hand with his right, and your side with his left.
He kissed your head gently.

You wept silently for the rest of the film, and when it was time to go, you buried your face in Monty’s shirt to try and clear some of the mess on your face. He gave you a hands up and intertwined fingers with you on the way out of the screen.

“Don’t let anyone see me, Mont. Can we get out of here quickly?” You pleaded.

“Of course, Y/N/N.”

“I just love Harrison Ford so much. And I love Han Solo. And he IS Han Solo. Monty it hurts.”

“I love you, but your weird crush on Harrison Ford has GOT to stop.” He emphasised.

“No! He’s beautiful.” You defended.

“He’s like 90.”

“Jeez, he’s not that old, Mont.”

Once you were in the car, you pulled down the mirror and saw the calamity in front of you.

“Oh my god. You let me walk around like that?” You hit him on the shoulder lightly. He mocked hurt.

“Ow! It’s not my fault you still look gorgeous with mascara smudged all over your face.” He swooned. You hit him again.

“Stop trying to butter me up and just drive, hoe.”

“I love it when you show you love me.”

“Hence why you love me back.”

You and Monty had a best friend relationship. He was your best friend, you were his, and you’d trade nothing in the world for what you had with each other. Often lovingly teasing, but also passionate and sweet, and solemn when it had to be- Monty and you were what some would call an ideal relationship.

The car roared to a start and the boy in the driver seat revved the engine.

“You’re not a boy racer, Monty.”

“Stop it.”

You bickered like kids, but knew underneath how deeply infatuated you both were.


The next day, You and Zach entered the lunch room, discussing the Chemistry exam you’d just completed.

“Why they ever thought that was a good idea i don’t know.” Zach ranted.

You sat together on a circle table, when Monty came up behind you and joined.

“Sup, bitches.” He was juggling an apple in his left hand.

“Stop showing off.” You stole the apple from his hand and took a bite, grinning at his expression.

“So guys, how was the movie? Did it live up to expectations?” Zach asked.

“Well-” you began.

“It was amazing. Cinematic Masterpiece. She bawled her eyes out, man.” Monty cut in. “I swear that shirt is never gonna be the same aga-”

Monty stopped when he saw your face. Your mouth was agape with your eyes wide, and the apple loosely fit in your hand. You remained like that for around a minute, staring him down at his betrayal. Zach began laughing, which of course set you and Monty off as well, and not long after you were all in fits of giggles drawing attention from the entire lunch room. And you didn’t care.

As a little girl, Lily had never particularly liked her name for three very important reasons.
For one, the idea of everyone in the family being named after flowers, while seemingly a good one from the outside, got a little boring when she had to write out Christmas letters to Aunt Daisy, cousin Daisy, and second cousin once removed Daisy; or when someone yelled Rose at a party and four women answered.
Secondly, Lily didn’t even particularly like lilies. Her favorite flowers were sunflowers, thank you very much, and when boys tried to flirt with her by giving her lilies she usually just got annoyed.
Lastly, and most importantly, lilies were a funeral flower, and Lily Evans was anything but a funeral. Lily Evans was, as a matter of fact, brimming over with life.
In her third year Lily sat next to Sirius Black in Charms, as he had to be separated from his mates due to misbehavior and Flitwick thought she would be a good influence, and during class she learned three very important things about him.
Firstly, he wasn’t as bad as Severus made him out to be, and neither were his friends, as long as they were away from Severus. Often times she could depend on them to make her laugh after a long day, and also hanging about Sirius and his mates enabled her to team up with Peter Pettigrew at cards and trick James Potter out of his “vastly over the top riches”, as Remus Lupin liked to call them.
Secondly, he was immensely posh, and also a pureblood, both of which Lily had known before but never really realized the consequences of, and also was most assuredly not, and so the two of them spent particularly boring classes swapping stories about their upbringings, which culminated in Lily giving Sirius several toy cars for his birthday, which he Charmed to drive through the air and deliver messages to and fro in the Gryffindor common room and dorms.
Lastly, and most importantly, his family also named children according to a theme, in his case stars, and so he partially understood the absurdity of it all. The two took to calling each other by different names every time they saw each other, to the rest of the school’s bemusement, Lily’s favorite for Sirius being Adhara, as it meant virgin and so made Sirius mad, and Sirius’ being mushroom, for no particular reason other than when he called Lily it she would clench her jaw every time without fail and he thought it was hilarious.
In her fifth year Lily did patrols with Remus Lupin, as they were the two fifth year Gryffindor prefects, and also friends, and so she learned three very important things about him.
Firstly, he wasn’t as prim as Sirius made him out to be, and the two spent many happy hours cursing anything that was troubling them while on their patrols, including but not limited to extra long essays, strange chocolate shortages (because Peter kept stealing it) and Sirius’ tendency to wear Lily’s socks, because the two were the same foot size and he insisted her socks were the best for flying in.
Secondly, he was absolute disaster, for all he appeared to be neat and clean, and as Lily was near disaster levels as well, they both had to accept James fussing over them as much as he was allowed, especially the time they came back from patrols with a total of one broken nose, three black eyes, six bruised ribs and two senses of extreme cockiness because they had actually won the fight, no matter their injuries.
Lastly, and most importantly, he was a werewolf, but that wasn’t the really important part. The really important part was that his mates had become illegal Animagus in order to help him, which not only helped their nicknames to actually make some fucking sense, it was also very fucking amazing and gave Lily a new respect for the four boys and their oddly codependent friendship.
In her seventh year Lily dated James, as always had rather liked him, and his head had deflated quite a bit, and in the process she learned three very important things about him.
Firstly, he liked to give her lavish bouquets, but fortunately was a very good listener and so remembered the time she had complained about boys giving her lilys all the time. Instead, James gave her roses on Valentine’s Day, poinsettias and mistletoe on Christmas, violets and buttercups when she was feeling down, and sunflowers for her birthday.
Secondly, he was horrible at understanding the value of money and how to save, as he really was disgustingly rich and didn’t have to. Lily ended up with quite a few beautiful necklaces she didn’t know what to do with until she finally cracked and told James that if he had to buy her something, it may as well be something she needed, and that he could go shopping for clothes with her the next time they went into the village.
Lastly, and most importantly, he loved her quite a lot. Enough, actually, to propose to her, and also to agree to name all their daughters after flowers, because even though Lily hated her name, she intended to pass on the tradition, and James didn’t really care what the kids were named as long as he had enough to put together a full Quidditch team.
In her last year Lily raised her son, as she loved him with all her heart and was in hiding to protect him, and learned three very important things about herself.
Firstly, she was restless in the house they were hiding in, and actually couldn’t stand being inactive. She started brewing potions for the Order with all her spare time, and would send them to Dumbledore every time someone visited.
Secondly, she really did enjoy being a mother, and dreamed of seeing her Harry going off to school to get up to his own mischief, and although she still thought an entire Quidditch team was a rather tall order for children, she would quite like a few more.
Lastly, and most importantly, her name may have been an omen from the start. Because Lily Evans was full of life, but she died too soon, all for the love of her son and her fieriness in standing up for what she believed in.

Hey babes! Here’s some new writing (finally lol) and also the reason I was on the star name wiki earlier this week! I’m not sure about the format of this tbh but I felt like I needed to get something out cause I’ve been bored with myself frankly. AP tests and finals are coming up quick so don’t expect anything new too soon but I do have a couple things in the works and I’m hoping to get one of my classic bullet point posts done before I go on vacation in June. Ty for reading!


I have a new cameraaaa!٩(◕‿◕。)۶

Hiya guys! I was testing out my new Canon EOS 5DS R that my sister sent me some days ago. She knew that I needed a new camera since my cat Daryl broke my other one (don’t ask, it gets me upset even thinking of it smh). I LOVE HER!!

Thanks to my friend Kon for helping me with some of these angles and capturing my pretty flowers that are growing in v(⌒o⌒)v. Granny loves flowers so I try to maintain the small “garden” we have when I’m not working so much. She hasn’t been feeling well lately (◞‸◟)so anything to put a smile on her facie <33

 Well, we’re going out for food now! I’m going to upload these to my fashion/food blog. I hope the people don’t look at me weirdly for bringing my camera and taking photos of my plate lolz. Its 2017 for goodness sake! Teehee.L8rs guyz ~~

hello friends, i may or may not have reached a ridiculous milestone last night?! and i am here to give you guys the absolute biggest thank you! thank you a million times over, for somehow sticking with me through all this? i’ve had this blog for a good while and this honestly baffles me to no extent. for the foreseeable future, i shall be doing loads of things to prolong my celebrations not only for you guys, but because i do quite enjoy celebrating!

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adramofpoison  asked:

i started watching the borgias and it is political shenanigans + beautiful costuming and i am HOOKED. but i was wondering if you had book/movie/tv recs that are....hopeful? like i want to consume something that will give me hope that people are capable of becoming better?

absolutely! here is a list of things I read or watch when I want to feel good and hopeful about humanity and the world:


  • brooklyn nine nine
  • scrubs
  • parks & recreation
  • community
  • leverage
  • slings & arrows
  • avatar: the last airbender


  • amelie
  • chocolat
  • empire records
  • pride
  • meet the robinsons
  • hairspray
  • in & out
  • magic mike xxl
  • stranger than fiction
  • how to train your dragon


  • almost any of terry pratchett’s discworld novels
  • nation, also by terry pratchett
  • the goblin emperor by katherine addison
  • pretty much anything by diana wynne jones
  • tam lin by pamela dean
  • …god this is actually quite hard, I am staring at my shelf and WOW do I have a cynical taste in books for someone who believes in happy endings
  • OH YES: any of the brothers sinister romance novels by courtney milan

Myself, and anyone else that needs to hear it,

You are still bisexual. Just because lately you have had a more specific preference or one gender shows up most in your daydreams, that does not make you any less valid.

You are not “coming out of a phase” or “turning entirely gay”, sexuality is fluid and ever changing and if you don’t have a boy crush and a girl crush at the exact same time you seem to wonder if you have been lying to yourself. You haven’t.

Don’t let anyone else or yourself tell you what it takes to be a true bisexual. You don’t have to prove anything. You’re good. Trust me.

- Bi and fuckin’ proud.

Bedtime Stories With Alexander

Hello! This is a lams oneshot I had an idea for, I hope you enjoy! (I know it’s not very good…. sorry)

Summary: Alexander finds that the easiest way to get his 10 year old son to go to bed is to tell him stories about a certain friend he once knew.

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anonymous asked:

I'm really confused cause I think you've mentioned a wife before but idk about your pronouns,,, so I gues my question is, r u lgbtq? And if so do you any advice for us youngsters

Ah, yeah, I’m lesbian, and married to the most amazing woman. ^-^

As far as advice? Keep your chin up. Surround yourself with as many people as possible who understand, whether they’re LGBT+ or straight. Believe that it will get better, because it will. Don’t let other people push you into anything, whether it’s coming out or staying in the closet. Make the choices that feel good to you, even if they’re scary. Don’t dwell on the bad stuff or the toxic relationships, even if society says you should keep them (specifically parents, but also in general). Read up on safe sex. Experiment if that will help you figure stuff out, or don’t if that’s not you. 

Mostly, just. Be yourself. Be beautiful. Be whatever the hell you want as long as you’re safe and comfortable. 

anonymous asked:

Okay, so headcanon that Remus isn't weak at all. He is after full moons, but otherwise he's pretty strong. The Marauders find this out after James challenges Remus to a round of arm wrestling and almost has his arm broken. They learn that Remus squeezes things when he's stressed and, after he literally smashes a teacup with one hand just because he's nervous about exams, buy him a squash ball to clutch instead of anything breakable. Remus keeps it until his last living day and is buried with it.


I just had a really funny image of Remus during the war. Two death eaters walk up and are all grr and such and he just hold out a finger like, hold on guys, and takes out his stress ball. He squeezes it, takes a deep breath, and then he’s like okay we’re good.


In these days of performative Director bashing please know:

  • It’s okay to acknowledge he has a hot voice
  • It’s okay to think he’s a silver fox
  • It’s okay if you wish he’d been able to have a good life with Allison
  • It’s okay to imagine how things would have been with his family if he hadn’t committed heinous crimes or emotionally abused his child

What’s not okay is excusing his behavior or saying he was justified in anything he did just because he’s hot. 

But what’s also not okay is bashing people for appreciating a well-written villain and being willing to imagine a different timeline for him. Like, hate the Director all you want–he was a horrible person–but don’t go out of your way to post mean things about people who find him intriguing or who wish things had turned out differently.

And just to be clear – I don’t actually mind being called talented for the most part, because i know it’s usually not meant dismissively or maliciously. I just hate the mentality it feeds into for people who aren’t born “naturals” at things.  It’s a stupid system that makes people feel like garbage, and i was lucky to find out something I enjoyed when I was a kid. Other people aren’t lucky enough to find something like that when they’re young, and if they’re raised with the idea that people just have things they’re good at, they’re going to go through life searching for something, only to constantly fail because *no one* ever starts off good at anything.   And then they internalize those failures and just start thinking that it’s because of who they are and they’re not good at anything.

When you find out what you enjoy doing when you’re a kid, you get encouraged and no one will talk down to you about it because you’re just a kid, you know? When you’re trying to do the same thing as an adult, you’re a lot more self-conscious about it. So when you fail at shit or you’re not good at it right away, you just give up on it instead of realizing that talent doesn’t really exist in the way a lot of people think of it and that just plugging at it is what every “talented” person has ever done, they just had more time to do it.

I wasn’t mad at you because you didn’t get it, btw. I was more kind of sad because I definitely used to believe in innate talent, and it ended up with a lot of self-loathing and lashing out when I grew up and found out there were billions of people better than me and that there were a lot of blind spots in art that I was terrible at.  Once you let go of that and realize that it’s about practicing and being okay with not being good at first, then things get easier. But it took me ages to get over that feeling, and so I’m hyper aware of that mentality and just how damaging it can be to people’s perception of themselves and others.

Mostly I just don’t like it when you feel like garbage and I was trying to, in my way, tell you that you shouldn’t. :S

I just got really passionate about it bc I care too much haha

—  I got into an argument with a friend about “talent” recently. I apologized for my behavior today and this was part of what I wrote her…I read it over and figured it’s the best I’ve really articulated my issues with the idea of innate talent without getting too self-righteous about how it ignores the “blood, sweat, and tears” of the people who are good at things like art. Because it’s not just about work being recognized, you know? It’s about the people who are just starting out who need to know that you shouldn’t worry about being ‘gifted’. 

Keep drawing, everybody. 

anonymous asked:

Hey sorry for rambling to you like this, but I was wondering what do you think about Phil liking both Jashi and Samurai Dad posts? I love how supportive Phil is to everyone in the fandom but it really has me wondering which one will end up canon.

Oh no, don’t feel at all sorry for “rambling” to me about this, Anon! I’m always happy to answer questions like these. :)

That’s a good question! Hmm, I’m not entirely sure. Phil has done a pretty good job of being neutral on the whole thing and not giving anything away. To me it just seems like he loves seeing people expressing creativity and/or passion for something he’s involved in and wants to support it! And he also seems to be one who doesn’t want fights to break out in something he’s involved in, and just like the character he does so well at portraying he does a great job of being a peacemaker and keeping arguments from erupting too greatly over the ship.

To be honest he could just be liking posts for either one because he’s fine with both or he isn’t trying to spoil anything (if he was only liking one of each that’d be a pretty big giveaway of which type of relationship becomes canon). And for all we know neither Jashi nor Samurai Dad will be the end result, I honestly have no idea how Jack and Ashi’s relationship will turn out and I don’t think going off of what Phil likes is going to give us anymore hints. I think @phillamarr is just an amazing human being who likes seeing/making people happy and enjoys looking through what makes us happy. :)

jack is bad at food HC
  • so i have a headcanon that jack is actually REALLY BAD at nutrition
  • not so much ‘he eats mcdonalds five meals a day and chocolate for breakfast’ or whatever
  • but like
  • that boy subsists on all that nasty Athlete shit – protein powder, protein bars, gatorade, Hungry-Man Frozen Meals, etc. – because he cares about fueling the hockey machine
  • …not so much long-term care

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The hands around the controls, pulling them up to try and level out his lion, were failing him. Lance couldn’t get Blue up in time, it seemed, some sort of lock down - the first impact had the sensors wailing, cockpit illuminated red; But it was the second impact, as Blue made contact with the ground, that had Lance knocked out cold. He hadn’t even realized, until…

A sharp pain brought Lance back to consciousness, one that shot through his right side and had him bending over instinctively to quell it. Ah, no, that wasn’t good - It only made things worse. Lance held his breath, and a hand worked it’s way under his armour to feel at his side - And though he couldn’t feel anything out of place, it certainly felt sore enough for him to know something was wrong.

Something was wrong. He knew it as soon as he began to lever himself out of his chair; He grit his teeth to prevent himself from crying out, the mere act of standing causing agony for the paladin. He took a few short, gasping breaths, and forced himself to move.

His movements were staggered and slow, and it took all his effort not to crumple to the floor. Every breath sent agony shooting through him, every step only intensifying it further. He couldn’t take a deep enough breath to actually get any air, and he was feeling stiflingly hot by the time he made it to the ground outside. 

As soon as he was there, as soon as he was in the fresh air - He gave in, and let his knees buckle underneath his weight. As he hit the ground, the shockwaves rippled through him and he let out a gritted scream, tears brimming in his eyes and falling to the rocky terrain below. Something was wrong, it was so, so wrong.

As Lance lifted his head, he was seeing double. Nauseous with the blinding pain, and moreso with the fact that he couldn’t get a proper breath in, he dug his nails into the ground and tried, once and only once, to take a deep breath - just enough to offer some sustenance. This was his first mistake.

Another scream tore out of him, followed by heaving sobs, as pain rippled through him. He dug his nails in harder and gagged towards the ground, unable to control himself. Every heave, dry and unforgiving, made the pain worse - He wondered for a while if he was going to pass out, since the pain was so intense. He had never been more grateful to vomit, as a rush of clear fluid pooled on the ground beneath him, but the pain had not subsided - still, it was better than dry heaving.

Lance didn’t know what to do; He let his arms give way and he collapsed beside the pool of vomit, gagging weakly and allowing his tears to flow freely now. Every sob, laced with agony, made it worse, and stuck in such a cycle that he couldn’t stop. He curled up as tightly as he could force himself, teeth grit and his form quivering as he tried to control his breathing.

He couldn’t move, not with pain like this. He couldn’t breath like this, though, and it seemed he didn’t have an option. He choked on a sob, and slowly uncurled, wincing with every turn; And soon, he was levering himself to his feet, gripping his side and screwing his eyes shut as he bit another sob down.

Once again, he gagged, though nothing would rise up - And it was then, the pain began to overwhelm him. Lance opened his eyes just enough to see everything turning white, and next thing he knew he was staggering; He hit the floor, the blow to his side as he fell making the pain unbearable. He couldn’t hold down the screaming anymore, and as he curled up they lowered into choked sobs, before slowly he began to fade out of consciousness - His last thought before everything turned black was one that caused more pain than the broken ribs.

“I just want to go home.”

I’m having a weird time trying to get back into running. Like all of the good knowledge and habits I started out with have disappeared somewhere and I can’t seem to wrap my head around a good before/during/after routine.

So, what would you tell a beginner runner/ someone who feels like she’s lost all her juice? Tips and techniques? Anything. I miss this community and the knowledge and excitement I had when I first started running… and it feels like I’m back at the beginning.

Any help? Life? Is run club still a thing? ❤️