is there anyone more flawless

**idk why but this came to my head when I looked at this picture** tell me what you think!!

“Wow” you say softly to yourself.
He’s right there. He’s right in front of you.
If you reached your arm out you’d be touching him.

The guy you’ve been obsessing over for the past year is right in front of you, yet he hasn’t even looked you in the eyes.
He looked at her.
The girl in the crowd who stood out more than anyone.

She was beautiful. The long natural flawless hair, the pretty face that needed no make up.
The pretty smile that could light up anyone’s world.
The voice that was so soothingly soft it made you crying just to hear it.
The perfect toned body that would look good in anything.
He stared at her.
And she stared back.
“You’re so cute nash!” She would say, and you would keep quiet.
Watching, observing.
Knowing that if you’d say that, it wouldn’t even phase him.
“Thanks babe you’re too” he’d reply back. Your heart would fall.
That could be you, but he hasn’t even looked at you.
He hasn’t really even acknowledged most of the fans, but you didn’t blame him.
Its hard to pay attention to every last fan there when you have nearly 25 people throwing themselves at you.
You’d watch, knowing you’d probably never see him again.
All you can do is look.
Look for the 2 minutes that he’s remotely close before he drifts away, taking pictures and having short conversations with the other fans that made sure he saw them.
You didn’t though.
And you regretted it.
Because he never saw you.
You never touched him.
It was just like in your dreams or in the stories you read.
He’s there. You see him as clear and beautiful as he is.
But he doesn’t see you.
And he never will.
Not like how you look at him.
And now you’re back in your room.
And you can’t the image of him out of your head.
Those good five minutes that your entire world was right in front of you, and you never got to touch it.
And now you’re back to twitter, as you watch him go about his days, knowing you will never cross his mind.
You will never ever see him again. Not like that.

**Nash’s p.o.v.***
There she is. The fan I have always been looking for.
She’s shy.
Just how I like them.
She’s calm.
Just how i like them.
She’s fragile.
Just how I like them.
But I don’t dare look at her while she’s looking at me.
I don’t dare walk towards her direction.
I don’t dare speak a word to her.
Instead, I ignore her. Afraid I’ll mess up.
Afraid she won’t like me anymore.
I watch her from the corner of my eyes, as she watches in envy as I talk to others.
But she doesn’t say a word to me.
She doesn’t walk up to me.
She just stands there and observes.
I’m being pushed.
Pushed away from the dream girl that I had always imagined seeing.
Pushed away from the one that I’ve been looking for.
I don’t look her direction at first but when I do, she’s not there.
She’s gone.
My world is gone.
I will never see her again.
I will never get the chance to touch her,
Look at her eye to eye.
I will never get the chance to say hi.

And her I am. Back at home.
Scrolling. Tumblr, twitter, even Instagram.
I can’t find her.
Weeks and weeks I try.
But I can’t find her.
And I never will.
She’s gone.

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Hey can I get one with the GoM and kagami where their gf is upset bc she's rly tall (like 190cm) and thinks that she's ugly because of it?? Thank youu (>人<;)

Akashi: “Who made you feel this way?” Akashi demands, wanting to know right then and there exactly who would judge his girlfriend for being tall. When you explain that it was just your own insecurity, that no one in particular had made you feel that way, Akashi’s face softens. Although you were taller than he was, he didn’t find it intimidating or outlandish. He associated himself with people who played a game that catered to people with a large height, and having one as a grilfriend didn’t make him uncomfortable at all. He tells you this, along with the fact that he found you perfect the way you were.
“I don’t settle for anything less than perfection, thus, that’s what you are.”

Aomine: He might have a bit of a complex about you being the same height as him, but that doesn’t mean he agrees with your opinions on you being unattractive because you were tall. He’d make a small click with his tongue when you told him how uncomfortable you were with your height, telling you that he found you mighty damn well attractive, even in light of your height. 
“It’s easier to kiss you like this, idiot…” He’d say, before bringing you into a small kiss to prove his point. 

Kagami: His eyebrows (all four of them) raise when you tell him your thoughts about your height. He had never really even noticed that the two of you were about the same height until you had brought it to his attention, so he doesn’t really understand where your insecurity is coming from. He reassures you that you have nothing to worry about, and that he thought you were cute, height included. 
“I-I mean, being tall doesn’t have anything to do with how cute you are anyway, right?”

Kise: When you tell him that your height made you feel ugly, he couldn’t believe it. Kise automatically lists off some of his favorite features of yours, your height included, and goes on to tell you that most of the female models he worked with were tall as well. The fact that you both were the same size didn’t bother him a bit. Plus, being the same height ensured that the both of you could go on the same rides at the amusement park, that pictures together would be easier, and that the both of you could walk hand in hand at the same pace more comfortably.
“_____-cchi, c’mon! Anyone looking at you would know you’re flawless.”

Kuroko: He’s used to having people around him being much taller than he is, so having a tall girlfriend doesn’t really phase him. When you express your insecurities to him, however, he doesn’t hesitate in telling you he thought differently. He explains in his usual, calm tone about how beautiful you were, and that your height didn’t matter to him.
“You’re perfectly fine the way you are,” He smiles, doing everything he could to make you feel comfortable about your height.

Midorima: Although still shorter than him, he understands that you’re taller than most other girls. Your insecurity strikes him as odd, as he finds your height very appealing. Looking at someone at eye level was much more comfortable than having to angle his neck down. Still, you continued to tell him about the way that being tall made you feel, and he knew he had to try something to ease your self-doubt. 
“It’s useless thinking that way about your height,” Midorima deadpans.
“Especially when you are so- so attractive the way you are.”  He adds in a rush.

Murasakibara: He wouldn’t find your height a problem at all. His preference leans to tall girls, anyway. When he hears that you feel insecure about your height, he’s struck with confusion. 
“Does that mean _____-chin thinks I’m ugly too?” He says, pointing at himself. When you explain that it’s because you thought being tall was unladylike, his face scrunches up even more. “You’re a lady, and you’re tall. A cute one, too.”
He tries his best to guide you through his logic, and it makes you grin. In the end, Murasakibara just tells you that being tall didn’t determine how cute you were, in his own roundabout kind of way. 

Justin did fucking amazing tonight. He looked amazing, he sounded amazing, his set was flawless and I’ve never been more proud. anyone with anything negative to say about that performance can fight me

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okay how was BEYONCE?

I actually cried. She is so much more flawless in real life than anyone could ever imagine and her voice is so beautiful. At the very end, her and J sang along to ‘Forever Young’ with videoclips of them in the background AND EVEN INCLUDED THEIR WEDDING + BEYONCE RIGHT AFTER BLUE WAS BORN. I can’t get over it.