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A Fool of Mine [6]

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Title: A Fool of Mine
Chapter: 6/?
Pairing: Gaston/Reader
Words: 1,628
Summary: [ Dinner, n stuff. ]
Tags: @17gnomes-in-a-trenchcoat @with-a-hint-of-pesto-aioli @juggernaut-jones @lost-and-confused-fallen-angel @blackxthexbeast @the7thsilence @leah5684
A/N: THIS CHAPTER IS REALLY SHORT AND IM SORRY AND ALSO I DIDNT REMEMBER THAT ADAM READ BELLE ROMEO AND JULIET IN THE ANIMATED UNTIL AFTER I WROTE THAT PART OK but it’s technically not cheating bc this is based offa the live action and the Human Again scene isn’t even technically a part of the original ;;)))))

The first thing you noticed when you awoke was your pounding headache. You pulled yourself out of bed and glanced at yourself in the mirror - your hair was wild and there were bags under your eyes.

Throwing open the curtains was your biggest mistake. The light hurt your eyes, which certainly didn't help your migraine.

Definitely a hangover.

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I agree with your review. TFP was disgusting and offensive. Just out of interest, though, how were Moriarty and Eurus queercoded and/or what kind of queer things were they saying? I just didn't see that. Thank you!!

I’m so glad it wasn’t just me who felt this way!! I went back to the episode to find the exact quotes on the queercoding side of things. First we’ve got Eurus, who has this interaction with Sherlock:

Eurus: Oh! Have you had sex?
Sherlock: Why do you ask?
Eurus: The music. I’ve had sex.
Sherlock: How?
Eurus: One of the nurses got careless. I liked it. Messy, though. People are so breakable.
Sherlock: I take it he didn’t consent?
Eurus: “He”?
Sherlock: She?
Eurus: Afraid I didn’t notice in the heat of the moment. And afterwards, well, you couldn’t really tell.

Here we have Sherlock, the hero, establishing a heteronormative, non-consensual narrative for what happened; Eurus wrongfoots him by queering this narrative. Throughout their conversation, Eurus is scaring him, setting him off balance, being cruel. This has been the pattern of their conversation so far. So when she introduces queerness, it’s implied that she is intending to have that same effect: of scaring, setting off balance, seeming morally wrong to Sherlock’s morally right. She explicitly states that gender doesn’t affect her sexual choices, which would usually be indicative of, perhaps, pansexuality - but it’s done in a way that’s frightening and destabilising both for Sherlock and for the viewer. Queerness is a trump card for her to play, here, another weapon.

Then we have Moriarty. Firstly, he arrives to the tune of I Want to Break Free by Queen - lead singer Freddie Mercury, “self-confessed bi-sexual”/ The joke in the song name is there, it’s funny, but then you pair that reference with what Moriarty says and things become a bit more nasty. There are two snippets for him:

Moriarty [apropos of nothing, speaking out of the blue]: Do you like my boys? This one’s got more stamina, but he’s less caring in the afterglow.


Mycroft: You’re a Christmas present.
Moriarty: Oh! How do you want me?

In the first instance, the words are being spoken to the head of the prison; in the second, to Mycroft. Both times, knowing Moriarty as we do, we assume that they are meant to frighten - since that’s kind of his whole thing whenever he talks at all.

Both of these villains use queerness to destabilise the “normal”, to take the good guys’ heteronormative worlds and twist them, add an edge of unexpected danger. Queerness is quite clearly written in TFP as something you shouldn’t do, something that is frightening to do, something you can use as a threat, something you can use as a weapon. This is never challenged. There is no positive queer narrative to counteract it. It’s not a bad thing to have a queer villain - but when both villains are explicitly queer and no one else is, that’s queercoding. It’s hugely damaging. When people react negatively to queerness for no reason they can put their finger on - when people tell you “it just makes them feel weird” or “it grosses them out” or “it makes them nervous” - point fingers at this. It’s this that solidifies the connection between queerness and deviance, queerness and dangerous mental imbalance, queerness and moral wrongness. And it sucks.

easy | l.h

a/n: this is pure secret relationship au! I lost myself at some point in this so it definitely turned out unlike I’d expected but I really hope y’all dig it anyway! also feedback is cool and encouraged if you’re so inclined! / wc: 3k / masterlist 

“They’ll be back any minute now,” You breathed heavy against Luke’s ear, his teeth and tongue pulling expertly at the skin against your collarbone. The empty dressing room was near silent, save Luke’s quiet groans when your fingers tugged against his curls or the gentle whimpers falling from your own lips.

“I don’t care,” He paused his actions to mumble against your now sensitive skin. “They can walk right in if they want.”

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Can I request karasuno boys + kuroo reacting to their gf being a cheerleader and doing crazy stunts and stuff and they didn't realize that cheerleading was as much of a sport as volleyball?

Cheer is so intense, two of my best friends were cheerleaders and watching them practice stunts would horrify me, especially when they’d mess up. I hope you enjoy! - Admin Dad


Daichi would be totally surprised and would insist on becoming her training partner out of both earnest support and for research. Now that he knows how demanding cheerleading is maybe he can introduce some of the drills to the team. The rest of the cheerleaders fawn over him and tease him, asking if he’d try being a base for them.


Suga would become her squad’s number one (non-aggressive) fan. Finding out his girlfriend’s passion for athletics is so similar to his own would bring them closer together. He’d probably start showing up early to pick her up from practice just to watch some of the routines. And he’s so cute and amiable that every girl lowkey develops a crush on him.  


Asahi already thought his girlfriend was the most amazing person on the planet and now he’s totally convinced he’s not good enough for her. Like, she’s probably stronger than him, she’s faster, and she can do those horrifying stunts getting tossed in the air without blinking an eye? (And he’s so worried watching her perform because what if she fell?)


He flips out. Noya is highkey excited when he finds out how super hardcore cheerleading is and immediately asks to tag along to practices. He may or may not give the stunts “rolling thunder”-esque names. And when he goes to tournaments he gets hype and he gets LOUD.


Tanaka might feel weirdly inferior for a while. He’s super impressed and proud of his girl but at the same time he starts worrying because he starts noticing how much she can bench and that her dead lifts are insane. But if she ever asked him about why he’s acting weird he’d immediately deny it and start doing more push ups.


Ennoshita would probably be the most honest about how he didn’t think much of cheerleading as a sport. He’d get inspired by his girlfriend’s intense training and start to train more on his own. He would be the most impressed just seeing her work so hard when her sport is perceived as something superfluous instead of something that requires immense skill.


Kags is a bit dumbfounded. After watching stunts and the flyers in action, his first thought would probably be how he can get Hinata to jump like that. He’d probably start awkwardly interrogating the bases and spotters trying to garner some new techniques. Eventually though, once the shock and novelty wears down, he would tell his girlfriend how amazing he thinks she is, in his own Kageyama way.


Hinata is another one who is through the roof when he finds out how intense cheerleading is. I feel like his girlfriend would be a flyer for sure so when Hinata sees her doing a stunt for the first time he goes sparkly and loses it. He’d be the one that tries to do the stunts and nearly kills himself until the rest of the cheerleaders intervene. Naturally he wins everyone over, basically becomes the mascot, does stunts in volleyball practices and gets yelled at by Daichi.


Tsukishima would try to play it cool, acting like he knew how athletically intense cheer is all along. He wouldn’t get as hands-on involved like some of the other boys, but he’d show his appreciation in other ways, like not talking late at night when he knows she has an early practice or making fun of her form once he learns poor posture can lead to injuries. Subversion is everything with Tsukishima.


Yamaguchi would probably start absent-mindedly bragging about his girlfriend just because he’s so genuinely impressed with her skills. He’d be the type that starts going to all the tournaments with handmade signs cheering on his girlfriend and her whole squad unanimously agrees he’s the best boyfriend.


Kuroo would try to make some snide remarks, but honestly he’s humbled by the discovery. He’d still tease his girlfriend from time to time about her “jumping around,” but the second anyone else starts to ridicule her he’s ready with a whole bunch of receipts to bury that poor soul in the ground.

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this seems a little convoluted in my own thoughts, but I feel as if it's important to the theory of R+L=J that Lyanna was brought back to and buried in Winterfell. If a burial had been orchestrated by someone close to Robert or in King's Landing or what-have-you, then surely somebody would have noticed the evidence of her dying in childbirth, thus prompting a search for her child. Ned could hide this evidence much more easily in his own domain., didn't know who else to whom to blather :,)

It seems probable that Lyanna’s tomb is connected to the R+L=J theory, yes. Although if Lyanna died of a postpartum fever, there might not have been much obvious evidence… but the silent sisters still might have noticed signs of a recent pregnancy. (Though whether they would have told anyone, who knows, because, y’know, “silent”.)

But I should note it’s most likely that Ned didn’t bring Lyanna’s body back as such. He brought her bones. That’s how bodies are transported for long distances, because Westeros doesn’t do seem to do much in terms of embalming and such. (The only exception we know of has been Maester Aemon, temporarily preserved in a cask of rum because cremation is the Targaryen funeral custom, and the captain of the ship he was on (sensibly) wouldn’t allow a pyre onboard.) Sometimes the silent sisters will stuff a body with salt and herbs (as in Tywin’s case), but that would be for lying in state, not transport. So again, it’s possible that someone might have noticed Lyanna’s physical state wherever her bones were prepared to be brought back to Winterfell. But if it was at the Tower of Joy then probably the only ones who’d’ve dealt with it would have been Ned and Howland Reed. (Hopefully for Ned’s mental state, Howland handled it, while Ned built cairns for their fallen cohorts or something.) Or if her body was taken to Starfall and prepared by silent sisters there, then it’d be included in the Dayne coverup that’s usually part of the R+L=J theory (along with Wylla etc).

So, even if Ned met up with Robert on the way home (which is likely as they reconciled from their dispute over Rhaegar’s children because of Lyanna’s death), Robert wouldn’t have seen anything out of the ordinary. Neither would anyone who interred Lyanna’s bones in her tomb. (Forensic science can often determine if a woman’s skeleton shows signs of pregnancy, but lol like anyone’s doing that kind of forensics in Westeros.) Mind you if the bones showed signs of violence, that certainly would have been noticed, and the fact that nobody’s ever said anything like that could be evidence of some kind or another… but then, Ned’s enforced silence on the matter doesn’t really give us any positive evidence in any direction.

Anyway. Besides whatever coverup was involved in the condition of her body, Lyanna’s tomb in Winterfell is very probably significant for the resolution and reveal of R+L=J.  That ridiculous theory about the harp is bogus, but still, Jon has had dreams about the crypts of Winterfell, so there probably is some kind of message for him there. And at the very least we’ll always know that Ned loved Lyanna and Brandon so much that he made an exception to tradition for them, burying them with the Lords of Winterfell.

406. "No one belongs here more than you"
  • Author's Note: This was inspired by the title of the book I'm reading.
  • Harry: Despite how hard you tried, hate sometimes got the best of you. When you were in a funk you often turned to twitter, which was never a good idea. You scrolled aimlessly through your tags reading how unworthy of Harry's love you were. You didn't realize you'd been crying until you heard Harry burst through the door. You rushed to wipe away any evidence of tears, but he could read you like a book, "kitten, Chinese tonight..." His words stopped when he saw your face. He walked towards you and took the phone from your hands. He didn't bother reading what they were saying. He knelt down in front of you and took your face between his hands. Tears started to swell in your eyes, you opened your mouth to talk but he stopped you. "Look at me, no one belongs here more than you."
  • Liam: Liam stood infront of the mirror perfecting the knot in his tie. His phone started to ring in his trouser pocket. He pulled it out and lit up at the sight of your name. "Isn't this bad luck?" He joked. "I think that's only if you see the bride," you needed to hear his voice. "I was just thinking. How did I get so lucky? What did I do to deserve all deserve you?" You said quietly. You could hear Liam sigh, imagining him rubbing the back of his neck. He hated when you thought like this, "You're you and that's more than good enough, you're too good actually. You're one of the best things that's ever happened to me. There's nothing I want more than to make you my wife, to start our life together. There's no one who belongs here more than you."
  • Louis: For as long as you and Louis have been together you had managed to avoid red carpet events. The idea of thousands of people watching you awkwardly pose in some uncomfortable dress practically gave you hives. But you couldn't avoid it any longer, the Brits were coming up and Louis insisted he needed you there and it was the least you could do really. You were sitting in the limo minutes from departing. Louis grabbed your hand noticing your clammy palms. "Everything alright love?" He asked. "I just....maybe I..." You couldn't find the words. He started to rub your bare arms in attempt to comfort you. "What is it?" The car stopped moving, you were running out of time, "I just don't belong here! I'm like a fish out of water." He flashed you a sympathetic smile before giving you a long tender kiss. "No one belongs here more than you."
  • Niall: You got the call from your mom a few days ago that your grandma had passed away. You needed to go home for the funeral and unfortunately this was something you had to do alone. Niall was on the other side of the world; no matter how badly he wanted to be there for you; you couldn't be selfish and take him away from his fans. "I just wish I could be there for you.." Niall started to rant, " it's not fair. You deserve someone who can be there for you when you need them.." You knew where this was going, "don't say that Ni," you cut him off. "I don't want anyone else...because no one belongs here more than you. Even if you're not physically next to me you're still here."
  • Zayn: Going out in public with Zayn wasn't exactly easy but like anything you two made it work. You walked fast with Zayn's arm protectively around you. Unfortunately no matter how fast you walked through the crowd you couldn't avoid the harsh words, which usually upset Zayn more than you. You slid into the car with Zayn close behind. He chewed the inside of his cheek and rubbed his hands along his jeans. You tried to break the tension, "Where do you want to go first Z?" But he wasn't having it. "It's not right..." You caressed his knee. "Babe it's fine. I've gotten good at ignoring it." But that only made him more angry, "you shouldn't have to! I feel so selfish putting you through this..." You grabbed the back of his neck turning his face towards you, "I want to be here." You saw relief in his eyes, "well good 'cause no one belongs here more than you."
  • Written by: Anna

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Something that has always bugged me (not in an annoyed way, more in a 'how do I reconcile way') is that Nine explicitly says "Coward, any day' in PoTW and much of his arc is about not committing more genocide, but then the three doctors in DotD define themselves as 'never cowardly'. Do you think this is part of the Doctor's evolution, his personality development, or is it a direct attack on Nine's stance? Or maybe Moffat didn't even notice... Or is just trying to screw with us, once again...

For me, Nine saying “Coward, any day” and choosing not to use the delta wave showed that he had once again come to terms with himself and who he wanted to be. He was going to pick the right thing to do even if was painted as the cowardly option. The Doctor struggles with decisions like that, he says as much in World War Three when talking to Jackie: “Because this is my life, Jackie. It’s not fun, it’s not smart, it’s just standing up and making a decision because nobody else will.”

That’s such an essential part of the Doctor’s character to me. Yes he’s committed genocides, yes he has gotten people killed, but it’s not something he set out to do. He’s always trying to do the right thing and the Time War shattered his belief in himself and what he was doing because he had to go to war and war is no place for morals.

There are so many things in DotD (and Moffat’s era in general) that don’t line up with the things I’d come to believe about the Doctor and Doctor Who. Saying he’s never cowardly doesn’t line up with the Doctor’s personality development at all because he’s always admitted that he’s a coward. He runs. Yes, he takes a stand sometimes when things matter and when he thinks that taking a stand will make an actual difference but what do we see time and time again? Him running away from things he doesn’t want to deal with, never sticking around for the aftermath of his actions, never facing the consequences until he’s forced to. (But at least there were consequences to face at some point and he learned from them. That’s something recent seasons have been missing)

Personally I think that it’s just another instance of Moffat not really understanding the character of the Doctor. Plus that one line (not to mention retconning the entire Time War)  completely undermined Nine’s entire arc and the journey he underwent as he tried to recover from the Time War and the actions he took during it and to end it. So it is hard to reconcile. I choose to believe Nine’s stance as it seems more in character for the Doctor whereas so much of the 50th seemed OOC to me.

Love Yourself

Pairing: Kurtbastian

Summary: Fix it fic for 6x01 & 6x02. Kurt is struggeling after his break up and he doesn’t know how to deal with any of it anymore. Until he meets Sebastian again.

Words: 3.390

A/N: Lots of this was written pretty fast and in the middle of the night, I’m sorry. On a more positive note, I’m almost done with the rest of it. Depending on my free time it should be up in the next few days.

Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4


Part 1

Kurt couldn’t believe it. The guy had just up and left. Because Kurt ‘wasn’t over his last relationship’.

He swallowed hard and looked at the next table. The two men were deeply concentrated, staring into each other’s eyes and whispering softly.

What the heck?

This was speed dating. People weren’t supposed to look like they were so in love they might get married on the spot. This was supposed to be… fun and non-binding. Grinding his teeth, Kurt got up and walked to the exit as well. No reason to stay longer and listen to more five minute introductions of people he never wanted to see under any circumstances again. He went through the door and promptly walked right into a passerby. Suppressing the urge to bite the person’s head off - oh, how being a New Yorker was becoming more and more second nature - Kurt only mumbled a low 'sorry’ without looking up and tried to get past the man.

'Hummel?’ Kurt froze. That was the voice from hell. The voice that had filled his nightmares for weeks during Senior Year. Slowly he turned, looking very much like the deer caught in bright lights.

'Sebastian Smythe.’ And he looked just the way he had in high school. Still tall and slim and a beaming smirk and… had his shoulders gotten broader? Kurt frowned. That wasn’t fair.

'Wow, what a coincidence. Millions of people in this city and we still meet. How are you?’

I’m going to be sick.

'Fine. Just… fine.’

'Me, too. That is one of my favorite cafes, by the way. They have bagels to die for.’

Then why haven’t you chocked on one yet?

'It’s such a shame that they waste their Wednesdays with offering speed dating. I mean, good luck for those people, they’ll need it. But do they have to do that here? Once I dared to venture inside on a Wednesday and I swear they were so desperate, they looked at me as if I they wanted to kidnap me,’ Sebastian laughed. It was a clear laugh, despite what he was laughing about it didn’t sound condescending. Kurt hated it. If he stopped to think about it for a second, on this day Kurt actually hated everything. From the speed dating, over the blue sky, to the contagious laugh of Sebastian Smythe. Who was still talking.

Wow, he sure likes to hear himself talk. Kurt hadn’t reacted much at all, but it hadn’t deterred Sebastian even a bit yet.

Suddenly Sebastian paused. His gaze hanging on the café window, then it slid over to Kurt, from his face to his chest and back to his face. That was the moment it clicked in Kurt’s head.

I forgot the name tag.

'It’s Wednesday. You were speed dating.’ The expression on Sebastian’s face turned horrified.

'I am so, so sorry. I swear I wasn’t trying to make fun of you.’

‘You’re being nice,’ Kurt whispered in appalled disbelief. It didn’t seem honest coming from Sebastian.

‘Really, I’m sorry. I’m sure speed dating totally works for some people. Maybe you’re one of the lucky ones. It does sound like fun if I think about it.’

‘Do you even know what I’ve dealt with in there? An accountant who did the stereotype of the boring accountant more than proud. Then there was one guy whose eyes constantly looked into different directions. I know that’s not his fault, but it did freak me out. Especially because one of his eyes was directed at me, while the other kept following the waiter. And you know what was wrong with the only even remotely attractive guy? He thought he was psychic. Psychic, Smythe.’

‘Oh, well. I told you speed dating is for weirdoes.’

‘You didn’t tell me before I decided to do it.’

‘Well, uh, obviously not. But I’m sure one of your friends…’ Sebastian started but trailed off when he noticed Kurt’s expression.

Kurt glared at Sebastian so hard, Sebastian almost expected to drop dead any second.

‘Okay, bad topic. Did the psychic at least see anything funny in his glass ball?’ Sebastian grinned, obviously trying to lighten the mood.

‘He ‘saw’ that I’m not over my ex-boyfriend. Hilarious, isn’t it?’ Kurt snapped.

Sebastian started biting his lips, clearly insecure about something.

‘I’m sorry. That probably sucked.’

Kurt groaned. ‘Why are you being so nice? I just keep yelling at you. When did you stop fighting back? Oh my god, I’m practically venting to a stranger. I mean, not a real stranger, but… I don’t even like you. The people in Ohio were right, New York made me insane.’

‘When you start agreeing with anyone who prefers Ohio to New York, you need to take a deep breath and reevaluate your choices.’

‘Did the city do this to you as well? Has it turned you nice?’

‘Uh, no? I told you I wanted to turn over a new leaf in high school and I tried really hard to be nicer. I even helped at your-‘ Sebastian stopped. ‘At the, you know, proposal.’

Pain shot through Kurt’s chest like a dagger, but he didn’t react. Instead he crossed his arms and stared at Sebastian critically.

‘You can’t have changed that fast.’

‘Kurt… It’s been more than two and a half years since I apologized to you guys. I’d say that’s a lot of time to get into new habits.’

Two and a half years? Since high school?

Kurt didn’t understand why he was so confused by this. True, he hadn’t expected Sebastian to actually change. But lately there wasn’t much left he could comprehend.

‘I don’t need to deal with you. I don’t want to deal with you. I don’t want to deal with any of this.’

‘You sound awful.’

‘Maybe you were right and my life is destined to be awful. Do you want me to message you when I quit school and wear an apron again? Goodbye, Smythe.’ He turned around, fully intent on walking away. There was a crumbling sound behind him, then Sebastian called him back. Kurt didn’t even know why he stopped at all.

‘Wait. Take my phone number. I know I’m not your favorite person, but next time you think about doing something stupid like speed dating, just call me and I’ll talk you out of it. Or, you know, if you simply want to vent. It’s better than nothing, I guess.’ Sebastian took his hand, put the note on it and forced Kurt’s fingers to close around it. Balling it up in his fist, Kurt walked away.

‘Still not dealing with you.’

Deep down Kurt wondered why not even fighting with Sebastian made him feel like himself anymore. But he was too tired to think about it.


For some time, Kurt forgot he even had that number. Since he never planned on actually using it, he put it in the box in the living room where he stored everything he didn’t know what else to do with. He could easily have thrown it away, but something held him back. It wasn’t a god or fate or anything. More than anything it was Kurt’s vindictive streak, which he still denied he even possessed. So many great, terrible things could be done with phone numbers. Kurt thought about using it to sign up for some telephone surveys, getting Sebastian some subscriptions for annoying ringtones or simply writing it on the wall of a bathroom stall in the trashiest gay bar he could find. But so far Kurt hadn’t manage to muster up the motivation to do anything with it. Some part of him knew it was because he didn’t hate Sebastian anymore, couldn’t hate him anymore after how nice he had been to Kurt when Kurt had actually been at his most vulnerable.

And so the note was idly lying in the box of forgotten things.

The first time Kurt actually remembered that it was there at all was a few weeks later, while he was getting ready for a blind date.

Sebastian had said to call him if he was planning on doing something stupid. But he wasn’t doing something stupid, was he?

A blind date was perfectly reasonable. Kurt Hummel was getting better and it came all down to his own willpower.

And it wasn’t like it was the creepy kind of blind date. He had been chatting with Josh for a bit over a week, he had seen several photos and had even talked to him briefly on the phone to confirm they were both actual human beings. Only briefly because they had agreed to have their first real, offline conversation face to face. Even with all the internet obsession of his generation, Kurt prided himself in being a traditional romantic like that.

This is it. No more pining, I’m definitely moving on. This is going to be great.

One last look into the mirror, confirming that he looked as hot as possible for him, and then Kurt left for his date.


This was a disaster.

He didn’t want to be alone right now. To his utter dismay he realized that it was his only option, though. Santana was gone and completely unavoidable if anyone called her, as were Brittany and Mercedes. Rachel had gone into hiding. Artie hadn’t really talked to him since before the break up because he had been too busy and Kurt somehow didn’t feel comfortable to come running now. Even Elliott had left for one of his yoga holidays again.

Kurt started pacing through the living room, tears still streaming uncontrollably down his face.

What am I doing? I can’t… I need to…

Taking a shaky breath, he came to a halt as his gaze lingered on the box of forgotten things. Sebastian Smythe.

‘Call me, even if you just want to vent.’

His feet carried him to the shelf as if he was on autopilot. He opened the box and right on top of the pile was the small slip of paper with Sebastian’s phone number. Mocking him.

This is a stupid idea. Don’t do it, Kurt.

He got his phone out and dialed the number before he could talk himself out of it.

I’ll just hang up again. If he doesn’t answer after three rings I’ll just-

‘Sebastian Smythe, at your service. And even wearing pants for once,’ Sebastian laughed and Kurt could clearly picture the smirk on his face.

‘Sebastian? Here’s Kurt. Can I talk to you?’
‘You’re already talking to me, tiger.’ Kurt tried to laugh but it turned into a miserable sob.

‘Are you crying?’

‘I’m messed up. I’m so messed up.’

‘Care to tell the story from the start? Or do you just want vent? Told you can do that if you want,’ Sebastian said and it didn’t sound mocking at all. Kurt would’ve almost said he sounded as if he cared a tiny bit. However, it all didn’t really matter. He just needed to talk to someone. Now.

‘I went out on a date.’

‘Was he so bad in bed you started crying? Because that doesn’t mean you’re messed up. Happens to the best of us, it’s not your fault when guys are so bad that you have to chase them out of their own room with a pillow and then you escape through the window.’ Sebastian’s voice drifted off and for a second he was quiet, as if he hadn’t realized what he was saying or who he was saying it to. Kurt frowned, unsure if that was truly a story he ever wanted to know more about. He shook his head to clear his thoughts.

‘I was waiting for the guy and…’

‘He stood you up, but then one of your old one-night stands appeared with his whole family and his sister recognized you and screamed through the whole restaurant that you’re the asshole that ruined her favorite sheets with her brother when she left the room for ten minutes?’ Kurt drew in a deep breath, gaping. Did things like this happen to Sebastian all the time?


‘Oh, right. Tell your story. He was waiting and then?’

‘He was late-,’ Kurt paused to swallow drily, this time, however, the line stayed quiet.

‘I remembered that Blaine was always late to our dates. He… he was actually late the day I… when I ended it. So I kept thinking about that last date and I saw his face right in front of me. How he kept crying and begged me to not do this. Do you know what he said to me? He said he’ll never forgive me for this.’ Kurt stopped talking, a fresh wave of sobs fighting their way up his throat.

‘I started crying in the middle of the restaurant and then Josh turned up and he looked so good, but I just said sorry and left. I left crying, Sebastian.’

‘Let me guess, you didn’t stop crying since then?’

‘I can’t stop. I don’t know why, I just can’t stop.’

They were both silent for a while, the only things audible Sebastian’s even breathing and Kurt’s faint sobs.

‘I don’t know what to say, Kurt. I don’t know how to help you. You’re clearly not doing very well. Don’t get me wrong, it’s understandable after everything that happened between you and Blaine. But maybe you should get some professional help. An outside opinion.’

‘Do you think I’m losing it?’ Kurt asked, his voice sounding every bit as exhausted as he felt. He didn’t think everyone seeing a therapist was crazy, but when it came to himself Kurt just didn’t know anymore what was normal and what wasn’t.

‘No, that’s got nothing to do with it. Sometimes we just can’t get through something alone. It’s okay to need help. You know, I actually saw a therapist after… after David’s attempt. I felt guilty and I knew I needed to change, but I had no clue where to start. It helped a lot. I know this probably sounds like nothing to you, spoiled little rich kid has too-‘

Before Sebastian could talk himself into a rant, Kurt interrupted him. Absentmindedly he massaged his right temple with his free hand. Headaches caused by tears ranked among the worst headaches possible.

‘I’ve thought about it before. I just, I was always so convinced that I’m strong enough on my own.’

‘Then do it. It won’t hurt to try it.’

‘Maybe, we’ll see. Thanks for listening, Sebastian. Really. I don’t know what I expected, but it wasn’t this.’

‘Anytime, Kurt. I told you, you could call and I meant it.’

After Kurt hung up, he went to the bathroom to finally get some painkillers.

He was almost startled by his own reflection. It wasn’t surprising that he looked as if he had been crying for hours, his face puffy and full of read blotches. What he hadn’t noticed, however, was that the tears had stopped flowing and that he had pretty much completely calmed down sometime during his talk with Sebastian. With a sigh he got his phone out again and saved the last number dialed in his contacts. Maybe calling again wouldn’t be too bad.


Sebastian stared at Kurt as if he was completely out of his mind.

‘Sorry, care to repeat that? I think I need an ear specialist, I can’t have heard you right.’ Kurt rolled his eyes. Of course Sebastian had heard him the first time, he just wanted to be difficult. It was one of the few character traits Kurt hadn’t come to like or at least tolerate during the few times they met since his little break down. When Kurt needed him he was supportive, but that didn’t mean he couldn’t still be an asshole from time to time.

‘I’m going back to Lima and I’ll get Blaine back.’

‘Thank God you listened to my advice.’

‘What advice? About seeing a therapist? I did actually think about it before you said anything, that wasn’t just a phrase. But it did help a lot. He made me realize that I can’t lose Blaine. Blaine is the best thing that ever happened to me.’

‘Not that advice. The one that you should tell me when you plan on doing something stupid.’

‘I’m not doing anything stupid. I’m going to win back the love of my life. How can you even say that’s stupid?’

‘Okay, wait a minute here. I don’t know what that therapist said to make you think Blaine is the love of your life, but step back for a moment and try to think about this rationally. You get back there and then what? Fuck college?’

‘I am required to do work placement year, I’ll find something there. Maybe the community theater. I’m sure they’d love to get some professional help.’

‘So you don’t have anything in place yet here? You were really doing the last minute thing?’

‘Of course not. I wrote a script to do a ‘The Real Housewives’ play with the people at the nursing home.’

‘Letting down old people now. Kind of understandable. I mean, they’re old, they won’t be disappointed for long. And it’s such a great opportunity to work at… Where will you work again? Oh, wait, you’re giving up a standing work placement position in exchange for nothing.’ The words were dripping with unconcealed venom.

‘I’m going back for Blaine. The love of my life. I just needed a little push in the right direction, but now I’m on track. It’s not surprising you don’t get what that means.’

‘Do you remember what you told me about your relationship with Blaine and why you broke up with him? Twice? He cheated on you.’
‘I forgave him for that.’

‘Sure you did, but do you honestly trust him?’ Kurt hesitated.

‘When I took him back, I chose to trust him and to me, that means something.’

‘Don’t be ridiculous, Kurt. You can’t choose to trust someone. Trust is earned. It’s a feeling, you either have a good or a bad feeling. You trust someone or you don’t. It’s like going around and deciding to love someone just like that. You can pretend, but it doesn’t work.’

‘What do you even know about feelings?’

‘Maybe not much, but I know that if you tried living together twice and it didn’t work out, it won’t magically be paradise on the third try. Third time’s not always a charm. You fought over toothpaste, for god’s sake. Don’t you see that you’re turning this into an endless cycle? First you love him, then you realize it doesn’t work and you leave him, and then you get so lonely you decide settling for Blaine is enough.’

‘You’re wrong. It’s not settling, it’s love. And we’ll work it out.’

‘What are you so afraid of that you keep clinging to a dead high school relationship?’ Sebastian shouted, throwing his hands up in anger. Fed up with Kurt’s stubbornness didn’t even begin to describe what he was feeling.

Kurt ‘s whole posture turned rigid. Instantly Sebastian knew that he had said the wrong thing, that he had gone too far. He thought about pedaling back, but he honestly didn’t want to. He was right.

His head held up high, Kurt looked Sebastian straight in the eyes and whispered coldly, ‘I can’t believe I was so desperate for a friend that I called you. You haven’t changed at all.’ He turned his head away, a gesture so dismissive that Sebastian couldn’t help but suck in a harsh breath.

‘Get out.’

It didn’t matter now.

‘At least I’ve moved on from high school, while you… you’re just a scared little boy.’ Sebastian looked at Kurt, waiting for a reaction. When it became clear that he wouldn’t get one, he shook his head and left.

Kurt crumbled on his chair. This wasn’t supposed to happen. Sebastian was supposed to be enthusiastic and tell him to fight for Blaine. Sebastian was the one person Kurt thought would be on his side from now on.

He could feel it building up, the pressure behind his eyes, and it only made him angrier.

These stupid tears need to stop! Please, just stop already.

Anger, sadness, disappointment, despair. Kurt wasn’t even sure anymore what he was feeling first and foremost. All he wanted to do was sleep.

HMFTOW? (5/?)

Description: Dan is an omega; he was born into suffrage with an omega mother and beta sister too young for work. Dan’s family often found themselves with pennies and dollars to get by on.That, of course, is until Dan makes the decision to sell himself to an Alpha sex ring.Things won’t be too bad with his new owner Phil, right?

Tags: Phone Sex; DraMa AF; Riding; Blowjobs; Secret-y Secrets Spilled; Facial

AN: Hello hello! (intentional fnaf reference) nothing really to put here. School ends soon and I am v v excited for it to end so I can focus on the things I actually like! I’ve got a poem one-shot planned because I am a nerd w/o a life.

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