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(new fan here) do Bastille have any love songs? I've noticed most songs on the first album are more about like, dark themes and on WW they're about the media and stuff. I'm not complaining, I actually find it refreshing to know a band is writing songs about something other than what has become the main theme in the music industry, I just wanted to know. (if there are any, which ones?)

Bastille are definitely not big on the love songs. Dan always mentions how he finds it more interesting to write about the themes and things he finds interesting and how he is impacted by the movies and books he reads as well as the world around us. I am also a big fan of this, because it’s just very interesting to hear things in different perspectives and have a change of mind. But I do think you might be missing that the songs have several different themes in them and they can include love. It can be hard to tell since we’re so used to seeing love as the main and only theme, but Dan is a very creative and original songwriter who is capable in working more than one theme into a song. I feel like that’s part of what makes Bastille so good. The songs make you think and connect deeper than other songs, because they touch on so many things that several people feel. 

That being said the songs I would consider as love songs are:

  • Durban Skies from All This Bad Blood - It’s a song in the perspective of Dan hearing about the story of how his parents fell in love and got married. I think that’s really cute and sweet. 
  • Torn Apart from their mixtape VS. (OPH3) - It’s a sad love song about being torn from the person you love and the stripped back version is stunningly beautiful. You can find it here (x)
  • The Anchor from Wild World - It’s about the one person who grounds you in a world you feel like you can’t get a grip on. I know that the feelings described in this song doesn’t necessarily have to be about s/o and can be about a family member, friend, etc. I don’t see that as meaning it’s not love. I’m sure whoever you feel is your “anchor” you love in some way. Anyone who is able to do that feels like a comfort and safety and that to me is love. 
  • Warmth from Wild World - “It’s about how the world is pretty fucked up in general, but how people and relationships are great and can kind of be like the solace in that.” This a quote from Dan on what the album was about, and so it’s no surprise why this song is the crux of the album. I feel it truly covers exactly what he said, and that when he’s talking about people and relationships he’s again referring to someone that you trust and makes you feel warm and happy inside, even when the world around you is terrible. I think that’s my favorite form of love. 
  • Glory from Wild World - This song is so beautiful for so many reasons. It’s again one of those songs that has more than one theme. One of those themes is definitely love to me, because a lot of times we can feel hopeless “way down here upon the ground”, especially when you’re “looking up for heaven” just waiting for something to happen or for things to be okay but with no sign from anyone that it will. That’s when you need your best friend, family member, or significant other to be there to reassure you and “put your hand” in theirs and let you know things will be okay, because heaven sure as hell ain’t talk right now.
  • Fake It from Wild World - To me this song is another sad love song, because it sounds like it’s about a deteriorating relationship. However, there are so many sentiments of still being in love with the person despite the mistakes and problems that may have happened. My favourite sentiment would be “I wanna waste all my time with you,” because I see time as something so precious so if I’m willing and to devote it on someone they must be pretty special. 

I feel like that covers all of Bastille’s official songs, but I think it’s worth noting that Bastille also makes fantastic covers of love songs, and like real love songs that are just about love. Although they are usualy mashed up with a few other songs so the meaning changes a little I guess, but the primary sentiment is still there for sure. I think the most sterotypical romantic love song cover they did is “I Don’t Want a Miss Thing” which you can listen to here (x). There’s also this mashup of “Locked Out of Heaven” and “Angels” and a few others, which you can listen to here (x).  Thanks so much for your question, it was a lot of fun to answer. Welcome to the fandom and please let us know if you have anymore questions! I really hoped this helped. Okay I’m done rambling now.

- C - 

Just a few thoughts on the finale and the April/Jackson/Maggie sitch.

Just a forewarning this is me being honest about April so you might want to turn around now if you don’t want to read any critique.

I’m just having a really hard time with the whole poor April mantra like she isn’t at fault that she and Jackson aren’t together. The very last scene before Jackson served her divorce papers, he tells her she never apologizes or takes responsibility. As we saw when after she returned from Jordan, the second time mind you, she did nothing but justify her actions and refused to own the pain she caused him. We needed space. I was called. I was dying. Such awesome techniques. Etc etc etc. expected him to just get over it. Always about her, never giving him a thought, or any empathy or compassion, what it must’ve felt like when his wife and best friend packed her bags and checked out on him. Never asked how he was. For an entire year. Kept postponing her return. Then after he tells her he needs her now, she threw it all away for *12 more weeks*. 12 more weeks on the battlefield was more important than her marriage. After he had already given her an entire year.

She comes back. Refuses to apologize in any sort of genuine, heartfelt way. This has been acknowledged multiple times on screen and off so I’m not going to debate it if she apologized. She expected him to get with her program without even feeling terrible she hurt him deeply. She acted like the injured party. How dare YOU bring up divorce? You big quitter. Like are you kidding me April? How hard is it to say I am so sorry I hurt you. I am so sorry I left you and didn’t seem to care. I know now that is not what marriage is. That is literally all the man wanted. He even took her to therapy to try to psychologize an apology out of her. It didn’t work. She was a justifying brick wall who wouldn’t acknowledge her actions were wrong.

Jackson clearly still loves her. He is all but begging her to own it and apologize. But she refuses and they get divorced. And then… April seemed perfectly fine. Jackson even says as much. She seemed better than fine. And quite frankly I don’t recall one time she looked devastated to be losing her man, the paper signing scene was the most I’ve seen in years. That has actually been my entire problem with Japril for over two seasons. April hasn’t seemed really all that bothered she lost her husband. Certainly not enough to finally give him the apology he deserves. Harriet is born. Jackson moves them in. April joins tinder, booty call America. Goes on a date in his face. Tells him how amazing it is. Doesn’t seem any closer to owning her crap.

Then. Montana.

April gets a front row seat why Jackson is not okay with someone bailing on him, “happy without him” and “didn’t even miss him.”

Ding ding ding. Who does that sound like? April who left him, seemed perfectly happy to be away from him for a year and a half, and didn’t even miss him. And also wanted him to pretend like everything was fine, much like his father did.

April sees this. You’d think maybe this will inspire her to set the record straight. I wasn’t happy without you. I did miss you so much. I’m so sorry I made you feel otherwise. Obviously that has not happened. I did appreciate the fact she acknowledged HE never bailed and has been taking care of them.

So here we are. 2 years later. And literally all that has stood between the two is her taking responsibility, apologizing and understanding what marriage is. Ben even tells Jackson in 12x23..

“When she does apologize I’ll haul my ass back to our bed where it belongs. She’s the love of my life. You understand, you got April.”

“April and I are divorced.”

“It’s a waiting game. Stay strong, you’ll get there.”

(Here I must ask how long must the man wait for a damn apology?)

So clearly it still has not taken place. April is still of the mindset that he just “doesn’t want her” and Jackson has written off an apology and can’t be with someone who doesn’t respect and honor him enough to apologize when they’ve hurt him and say they won’t do it again. I mean who would? It’s not like he’s asking for a miracle people. Jesus.

So, yeah, I’m not feeling so bad for April when all that’s standing in her way is her own self.

To paraphrase Sarah Drew.

“I think that the hurt from April going to Jordan runs deep. And she’s never fully owned that or apologized for it. I don’t know what it would take to atone for it.”

“My biggest wish is that she would apologize.”

Just so we are clear that I’m not making it up that she has still yet to apologize. Two. Years. Later.

On to Jaggie.

It’s not going to happen. There’s been zero romantic interest on either side. Jackson called her his family. Shonda likes Kelly and Maggie too much to make Maggie fall in love with a guy whose still hung up on his ex. Living with her. Raising a baby with her. Talk about baggage. They are siblings. However it was a pretty genius move on Shonda’s part. April doesn’t know Jackson/Maggie think of eachother as siblings. Her imagination is working overtime because she thinks “he doesn’t want her” meanwhile he’s not getting out of his lane without her owning/apologizing and letting him know she gets it now. Why she hurt him so much and why she can’t do it again. He’s not going to let himself be vulnerable to her until that happens. Classic Japril misunderstanding. What else is new? The voice over in 16 says..

We lose our words. When the stakes are too high. We’re scared of saying too much or not enough. When the only wrong thing to say is nothing at all.

The stakes are high. Jackson tried until he was blue in the face to get her to apologize and own it only to get “what pisses you off Jackson? That I got what I needed or that what I needed wasn’t you” so he’s not going there again. He got the message loud and clear.

Meanwhile April he thinks he just doesn’t want her, lost cause, he must have feelings for Maggie. I want to shake her and say JUST FUCKING APOLOGIZE AND TELL THE MAN YOU UNDERSTAND WHAT MARRIAGE IS.

But I digress. April is seeing things. Jackson doesn’t have feelings for Maggie other than that of a brother. And I feel pretty confident Maggie doesn’t have any for him either. April is paranoid because he’s not showing her interest (no apology no Jackson) so she’s letting her mind play tricks on her.

We should all be thankful Shonda didn’t bring a real love interest on for Jackson and instead April is literally jealous of his sister. To me it’s a good thing if she sees she could lose him for real inspiring her to finally cough it up. The only thing he’s been waiting for. I am so sorry. I was wrong. I did miss you. I wasn’t happy without you. I won’t ever leave you again.

I think the whole thing is going to play for laughs and Japril are still endgame. That much is obvious. And I think Shonda is getting a huge kick out of having everyone and I do mean everyone think Jaggie is happening. Not happening, folks. Just my thoughts. My opinions. Like it or leave it ✌🏽️❤️

I am irritated that from all of fallout 4 companions, X6 is the most vague and undefined and he otherwise is so interesting and the character has so much potential?

Like I want to know what X6 thinks about the Institute personally, I want to know if his love for the Institute is something he chose or something he was brain washed into??? I mean to ignore the fact that unlike any other faction, the Institute is almost irredeemably evil so a lot of people not only will miss X6 as a companion but will also not understand him and his ways because of how badly the Institute was written. 

But I feel like even in fanon X6 loses his agency because you can’t really tell if he is brainwashed into the Institute mindset or he willingly chose to be a courser? And in fact can a synth willingly choose to be a courser? I mean X6 refers to Gabriel as “it” but we don’t know how he was treated in the institute? Yeah coursers more or less have more freedom than other synths, but they also go through a lot of training so we don’t know how he was treated. He doesn’t consider himself as anything more than a machine (the way the Institute treats all synths) and yet he is very loyal. Is his loyalty coming from self hate and idolizing Father and the institute like he was taught, or is it coming from being forced to survive by learning to be emotionless and follow orders. 

Obviously as you gain his affinity, he starts showing emotions, humor, sass, loyalty and admiration towards the Sole Survivor, but it still remains unclear where he really stands. I wish they sort of cleared that out, the more you get to know him the more you find out if he was forced to be a courser, or he simply became one because he actually agrees with the institute - and can synths actually willingly and freely choose to agree with the institute since the pressure of getting “killed” always hangs above their heads if they show their sentience. And coursers get demonized by the Railroad too as if they willingly support the institute, even though there are runaway coursers that changed their minds. 

 X6 is actually wonderful, very intelligent and curious and overall he never feels like an emotionless machine at any point, but I just wish he was given more agency so we could see where he personally stands with the Institute the way the other three faction companions state their own personal feelings on the matter the higher your affinity is with them. 

Soft Zimbits Headcanons
  • Jack is usually the little spoon, but when he thinks that Bitty has had a rough day he’ll insist on being the big spoon
  • Bitty likes to sleep in, but Jack is naturally an early riser. This means that sometimes Bitty will wake up to breakfast in bed featuring french toast that’s only slightly charred (Jack is improving) 
  • On the rare mornings that Jack sleeps in, he wakes up to a variety of pastries sprawled across his counters and omelets with his boyfriend. 
  • Jack really likes being able to touch Bitty’s butt. It’s his favorite. 
    • They argue over who has the better ass, by the way. Bitty thinks that Jack does and Jack thinks that Bitty does. 
  • Bitty isn’t super fond of excessive physical contact, so he’s surprised by how much he likes it when Jack drapes himself over him. 
  • Bitty surprises himself even more by taking every possible opportunity to cuddle Jack. 
  • Constant. Butt. Touching. 
    • They just really appreciate each other’s hockey butts, okay?
  • Jack thinks his apartment started to feel like home when Bitty bought him Monsieur Lapin. 
  • Bitty almost cries when he sees that Jack has saved all the notes that Bitty has written him. 
    • Then they make out because Bitty thinks his boyfriend is too adorable and has to be kissed right that second 
  • They make fun of each other’s accents but not-so-secretly love them so much
    • Jack is lowkey worried about what kind of accent their future child will have, but Bitty doesn’t start thinking about that until after they’ve already adopted their first. 
    • By the way, that child will be bilingual af. 
  • Coach and Alicia lowkey act like they don’t know their sons are dating but any time they hear about anything regarding the couple they immediately call each other. 
    • “Bitty said he was going back up early to help some friends move into their apartment.” 
    • “Isn’t that wild? Jack’s moving into his apartment this weekend. What kind of coincidence, am I right?”
      • Meanwhile they’re both screaming on the inside because Alicia loves Bitty (mutual interest in fashion and he always gives her the best cooking advice) and Coach loves Jack (they talk stats and Jack has the same music taste as him. Also golf.) 
  • When Bitty misses Jack he’ll bake maple-crusted apple pies. Sometimes Jack uses those pies as an excuse to visit him at the Haus. 
  • Jack thinks he’s going to be the one to propose, but surprise! A year after Bitty graduates, after they’ve both come out to their parents, Bitty pops the question.
    • Jack says yes. 
Why Numbuh 4 Undoubtedly Has Borderline Personality Disorder

yo yo yo it’s ur fav borderline here to talk about his fav borderline son!!

- One of the biggest things that stands out to me is Wally’s attachment to Nigel. He’s totally Wally’s favorite person. Wally becomes hysterical if he thinks anything’s happened to Nigel (Op. SAFARI is a great example), completely breaks down when he thinks Nigel is leaving the team (like in Op. BUTT when he starts screaming and crying), and depends on Nigel for safety and support (Op. LICE when Wally calls for Nigel as he panics)

- Again with Nigel, in INTERVIEWS, it’s said that Wally took it the hardest when Nigel left. Obviously this is because his favorite person is leaving him, which is a really awful thing for any borderline with an FP to go through. Wally also shows signs of splitting from Nigel in INTERVIEWS when he is both angry at Nigel but telling him about how he cares for him so much and will come running if Nigel needs him.

- ANOTHER thing with Nigel being an FP is in Op. CAKED, Nigel literally just has to snap his fingers and Wally will do what he wants (in that case, being a small attack dog and taking a beating). A big thing for borderlines is doing what their FP wants, no questions asked, to try and keep them happy and avoid abandonment.

- Wally has a very hard time controlling himself and his emotions, especially his anger. He’ll go from crying to screaming angrily to laughing in a matter of seconds (this literally happens in Op. BUTT), and has a lot of angry outbursts that he seems to regret pretty quickly. His mood swings are pretty evident.

- At the end credits of Op. CAKED-FIVE, Wally totally binge eats on cake until he’s pretty much immobile. Binge eating is another symptom of BPD, since borderlines do most things in extremes, including eating.

- Wally looooves attention and being in the spotlight. In Op. SAFETY, when Joey takes everyone’s attention away from Wally, he gets absolutely furious and starts shouting at Joey. I also think that a big reason that he wants to be leader so badly is for the attention he’ll get from his teammates, since they’ll be looking to him for orders and direction. 

- Wally shows a lot of examples of splitting and black-and-white-thinking. He either hates something or cares deeply for it, and if someone he cares about gives him a reason to split, he s p l i t s. Numbuh 30C was someone who Wally didn’t like right off the bat and he was persistent with that the entire time, no matter what his teammates thought. 

- Self-destructive behavior is really common in borderlines, and Wally does have this behavior. He gets in a LOT of fights, punches walls, and sometimes hurts himself in frustration (tearing at his hair, hitting his head, etc). Getting into fights is especially common in people with BPD.

- On a happier note!! Wally is extremely creative and passionate! He comes up with ways to make things more exciting (like his schoolwork), seems to have an interest in art, and cares deeply for his friends, family, and even inanimate objects (Mr. Fishy from Op. FISHY or the dandelion from Op. FUGITIVE). He’ll often put his own self at risk to help someone/something he loves.

That’s about everything I can think of atm!! I’m sure there’s much more, if you think I missed anything hmu, I’d love to hear any other ideas!

The relationship between Raizen and the lady doctor is so interesting to me. I feel bad for her, (also why doesn’t she have a name??? Unless I am missing it??) since in the anime it seems like they had sex, she got pregnant, and died. That sucks. But damn if Raizen didn’t 100% commit to her for the rest of his life. They were the death of each other.

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Any that have Wade talking dirty to Peter while they are having sex? >\\\\<;

Of course! :>

Here are some:

(The last ones written by yourcharactershavebeenshipped contain Peter talking dirty to Wade as well.)

There are many other fics in the NSFW tag and FAQ that may interest you; after all, Wade is famous for his mouth, so smutty fics where he isn’t talking a lot or answering Peter are a bit rare.

Well, friends and family. We did it. We’ve made it to 420(+!!!!!) followers. Whether it was my gratuitous shitposting, my mediocre writing, or my selfies attracting amateur porn blogs, I’d like to take a moment to thank some very special people in my life:


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Secrets Make Friends. (Sam Imagine)

Request: Hey there sexayyy! I have a request to put on your list ;D How about one where you meet the boys and you’re a hunter but you don’t want them to find out that you are and the boys are also trying to hide from you that they’re hunters too? And they keep this up for a while until the secret’s out? You can decide on how they find out about each other :D you’re awesome btw THANKS LOVELY. BYE!

A/N: I do realize that this request was sent to me about…a month ago? Ugh. How bad am I? Anyway, since I haven’t written any Sam imagines lately, I decided to make him a person of interest to the reader. I hope that’s okay!


“Excuse me miss?”

You sighed to yourself and pushed a piece of loose hair behind your ear before looking to the voice of whoever just spoke down to you, already knowing what was coming, “Yes?”

“Can I buy you a drink?” A young man around your age asked, inviting himself to sit in the stool next to you at the bar. His light blue eyes scanned your body as he grinned, “I’m surprised a pretty lady like yourself is here alone on a night like tonight.”

“I’m not thirsty.” You answered him back dryly, “I was actually just leaving, thank you.”

With a forced smile, you stood up and walked out of the bar, saying a quick goodbye to the bartender who responded with a knowing look. Normally, you would have taken anyone’s offer for a free drink, but tonight you were tired. You had just gotten back from a long hunt less than two hours ago and nothing sounded better then cuddling up in a nice bed and going to sleep.

You shivered lightly from the frosty air and pulled your jacket tighter around your body, deciding to walk rather than take a cab since the motel you were staying in was only a few blocks down. Besides, the view of passing cars and city lights was nothing you could complain over. It gave you a sense of calmness to know you weren’t alone.

In the middle of you gazing off into the night, you felt your body being bumped into, followed by a quick and frantic, “I’m so sorry!”

You grabbed onto whoever it was to keep from falling, when you looked up and recognized the person standing in front of you, “Sam? Sam Winchester?”

His dimpled smile deepened as he began to remember you as well, “Y/N. Wow, I havent seen you since freshman year in college. You look great.”

“You do too!” A blush crept onto your cheeks when you realized you were still holding onto him, “S-Sorry.”

Sam chuckled as you pulled away, “So what are you doing out here?”

Hunting demons. “Oh, just…you know. Trying to see if I like the city enough. I might get a job out here.”

“As a lawyer? Still?”

No. “Yes.”

“That’s awesome. I always knew you’d make it.”

Boy, were you wrong. “What about you? What are you doing out here?”

Sam hesitated before replying, “I’m..visiting my brother.”

As if on cue, a man who looked no older than a few years from the two of you stormed up next to Sam, “Sammy, what the hell?! I turned back to find you gone! You scared the living sh- who is this?”

“Hi, I’m Y/N.” You smiled and looked up into his green eyes, extending your hand out to him, “You must be Dean.”

He grinned back at you and shook your hand, turning to Sam with a cock of the eye brow, “How is it that you always know the hot ones?”

“We went to school together,” Sam shot before you had the chance to blush, “We were just catching up.”

“Don’t let me stop you. I’ll be waiting at the car.” Dean winked at his little brother and gave you another grin before turning to leave.

“I’m sorry about that.” Sam sighed and furrowed his brows together, “Hey, how did you remember my brothers name? I must have told you it years ago.”

Because I was practically in love with you and listened to everything you had to say. “I have a good memory.” You bit your lip softly then cleared your throat, “So…why did you bail all of a sudden back then? Was everything alright?”

Once again, Sam hesitated, “Uh, yeah. I mean no…there was just family business that needed to be dealt with and I never had the chance to go back.”

Family business? That sounds a lot like my excuse… “It’s never too late to go back, you know.”

"Right.” His hazel eyes connected with yours, sending butterflies to soar through your stomach, “Thats very true.”

His eyes wandered over your body before he grinned and ducked his head, giving you yet another extra thump in the heart.

“You want to know something?” Nervous laughter escaped your lips as you already began to regret what you were going to say next, “I used to have the biggest crush on you. Like, huge.

Sams smile was now spread across his entire face, “Really? I had a thing for you too! Why didn’t you ever tell me?”

Because being in a relationship meant putting that person in danger. “I was too shy! But, why didn’t you ever say anything to me?”

Instead of answering, his eyes shifted slightly before ignoring the question, “So..used to?” He playfully grinned, “You don’t still think I’m cute?”

Cute was an understatement. Maybe the last time you saw Sam, yeah you would have called him cute. But now? With that defined jaw, those broad shoulders, and beautiful hair? Ugh. He was sexy. But you wouldn’t let him know that, not so easily.

"I don’t know.” You challenged back with a flirtatious tone, “I guess we’ll see what happens.”

His eye brows rose as he grinned, “See what happens? Are you asking me out on a date Y/N?”

Oh, what the hell. “Sure.”



“That’s it?”

“Well, I normally don’t tap dance to my asking a person out until the second date, but I guess I can make an exception for you.”

Sam let out a laugh that lifted throughout the air, “Okay, how about tomorrow then? I’ll pick you u-”

"You’ll go on a date with him but won’t take a drink from me?” A familiar voice caused you to snap your head around, revealing the young man at the bar who had tried to come on to you, standing only inches away from you and Sam.

“Is there a problem?” Sam stepped up, “Y/N, do you know him?”

“No. Well, yes.” You sighed, “He tried to hit on me back at the bar I was just at bu-”

“She refused.” Blue eyes clenched his jaw as his fists balled up, “I don’t like it when they refuse.”

Sam now was standing in front of you, trying to keep the man from coming any closer, “Listen, she just wasn’t interested. You shou-”

Suddenly, Sam’s body flew back into the air and landed on the ground with a loud thud. The man looked back up to you, his eyes turning the deepest shade of black before lunging in your direction.

As if your body was accustom to it, you moved swiftly away from his grasp and pulled out the blade that was tucked into your boot all at once. You could see Sam begin to stir as you took a strike at the demon who was too fast for you, but only for a second. Almost like slow motion, he pulled out his own blade and took a jab at your side, but you quickly moved out of the way and stabbed him right in the heart. His body thrashed for a minute before collapsing.

“You…” Sam was standing now with wide eyes, “You h-”

“Sammy! Behind you!” Deans voice shot through the air just as another demon attacked Sam to the ground, using the vessel of a young woman. Just as you were going to help get her off of him, something threw you to the ground.

“How many of you are there?!” You screamed before twisting your body so that you were now on top of her, stabbing her in the heart in no time.

As you stood up to help Sam, Dean had already thrown the woman off and killed her…with a hunting knife?

“You’re hunters!” A gasp escaped your lips, watching Sam regain his composure and look to his other brother, nodding in unison.

“You are too.” Sam stated, “Clearly.”

“And a badass one at that!” Dean chimed in with yet another wink. His grin dropped when Sam shot him an annoyed look, “Sorry, but its true. She’s badass.”

“Why didn’t you tell me?” Sam ignored his brothers comment and was now turned to you.

“Why didn’t you tell m- we really need to start telling each other things.”

"That we do.” Sam laughed lightly and turned to Dean who was mindlessly involved in the conversation, “I’ll be at the car in five minutes.”

“Oh. Y-Yeah, okay.” With that he gave you a quick wave, “I’m sure i’ll be seeing more of you soon.”

“I’m planning on it.” You gave Sam a knowing look as Dean walked away, “So..are we still on for tomorrow night?”

“Are you kidding?”


“You just effortlessly took out two demons. I was afraid that I would have to keep this side of me from you but now that I know its your life too? That date is on more than ever.”

You laughed and took out the pen that you always kept in your back pocket, writing down your number on his hand, “Good, now you know not to mess with me either. I can so kick your ass, Sam Winchester.”

He grinned down at the numbers sprawled out on his hand before leaning over and kissing your cheek softly, walking away while saying, “We’ll see about that.”

You sighed happily and began to walk home, smiling the rest of the way. 

i did not just end up with a boyfriend

i put a lot of work into loving me and working on me and becoming the best version of me

not for some man

but for me

i got so right with me

mind body and spirit

that any man that tried to get my attention

would not even peak my interest unless they were in line with my needs

 i have been blessed with my relationship

but think of all the blessings we miss out on because we were not ready

because we were not prepared

i can confidently say that i focused on my walk and getting right with my spirit and my life goals

and because i was ready

now i am blessed

not the other way around

Hi friends! Below is a snippet from my current project- just your typical boyhood-best-friends-who-grew-apart-and-then-reconnect-one-summer-in-their-homophobic-american-midwest-small-town au.  You know, same-old, same-old. 

I am now, at four chapters and 45K, officially halfway finished. I clearly cannot be trusted to update unfinished WIPs so it will not be published until it’s complete, which is likely to be at least another month and a half. 

@recallthename has been a hero of a cheerleader, but I’d love for some others to enjoy this little moment and anticipate the completed work with me!! 

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