is there any other love interests i am missing


Mystrade (or something)

(Hereafter follow merely ponderings of an utterly unromantic brain. Feel free to skip!)

I was looking up the very few scenes in which they are together AND those in which one of them is mentioned to the other. Did I miss any?

Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m not a Mystrade shipper and I bless all of you who are. I really think the idea is cute - mostly because I would ship Mycroft with anyone as long as he’s happy - and I wouldn’t mind Mystrade in any way. 

But for some reason the ship never worked for me. And looking up these scenes was my genuine attempt to make it work. Yet here I am.

The idea of Mycroft having a love interest, besides from his brotherly love towards Sherlock and Eurus, somehow does not settle with my brain. For one reason it would seem rather OOC for him in my opinion. But much more importantly when it comes to Mystrade they just have sooo few screen time together. 

I mean up there are 5 packs of scenes. 

  1. The Hounds of Baskerville (we just learn, that Lestrade was sent by Mycroft and the way in which Lestrade explains this does not seem to me, like it had been an agreement between friends)
  2. His Last Vow (discussing where Sherlock could hide and Mycroft dismissing Lestrade in a rather unfriendly manner)
  3. and
  4. The Abominable Bride (and these are Mind Palace scenes of Sherlock’s imagination. They’re not real!)
  5. The Six Thatchers (they’re just in the same room together because they were asked to get there - I guess Mycroft by Sherlock and Lestrade by John)

And these two are from The Final Problem, when Sherlock asks Lestrade to take care of Mycroft. Lestrade’s answer might mean nothing else but that he - in doing his job - is gonna meet Mycroft after he was freed from Eurus’ cell and make sure that he’s gonna get home savely.

In those few scenes, we don’t even see them talk to each other!

You’re all crazy. Lovely but crazy!

I don’t even know why, but (or maybe because)

  • even though I am not a Mystrade shipper and 
  • am as romantic as an anvil 

the realization that this is really not only not settling with my brain but also counteracting any logic or interpretation that I am capable of makes me rather sad now :( 

Now I really wish that Mycroft would find himself a Lestradegoldfish…

I am irritated that from all of fallout 4 companions, X6 is the most vague and undefined and he otherwise is so interesting and the character has so much potential?

Like I want to know what X6 thinks about the Institute personally, I want to know if his love for the Institute is something he chose or something he was brain washed into??? I mean to ignore the fact that unlike any other faction, the Institute is almost irredeemably evil so a lot of people not only will miss X6 as a companion but will also not understand him and his ways because of how badly the Institute was written. 

But I feel like even in fanon X6 loses his agency because you can’t really tell if he is brainwashed into the Institute mindset or he willingly chose to be a courser? And in fact can a synth willingly choose to be a courser? I mean X6 refers to Gabriel as “it” but we don’t know how he was treated in the institute? Yeah coursers more or less have more freedom than other synths, but they also go through a lot of training so we don’t know how he was treated. He doesn’t consider himself as anything more than a machine (the way the Institute treats all synths) and yet he is very loyal. Is his loyalty coming from self hate and idolizing Father and the institute like he was taught, or is it coming from being forced to survive by learning to be emotionless and follow orders. 

Obviously as you gain his affinity, he starts showing emotions, humor, sass, loyalty and admiration towards the Sole Survivor, but it still remains unclear where he really stands. I wish they sort of cleared that out, the more you get to know him the more you find out if he was forced to be a courser, or he simply became one because he actually agrees with the institute - and can synths actually willingly and freely choose to agree with the institute since the pressure of getting “killed” always hangs above their heads if they show their sentience. And coursers get demonized by the Railroad too as if they willingly support the institute, even though there are runaway coursers that changed their minds. 

 X6 is actually wonderful, very intelligent and curious and overall he never feels like an emotionless machine at any point, but I just wish he was given more agency so we could see where he personally stands with the Institute the way the other three faction companions state their own personal feelings on the matter the higher your affinity is with them. 

Connor !! ((Ftm))

Physical age: 17
Little age: 3-4
😤Role: Daddy, caregiver, or little boy
💕Wanted role of partner: Daddy or CG preference. Though I do miss having a little
Gender and pronouns: He/Him
👏Preferred gender of partner: Cis male/Transmale. ((Any is fine but I lean toward men))
General area: KY
💝Interests: I am an artist and will have this for a career. Other than this I tend to read lots and play video games. I also like some cartoons and love talking about characters.
💞Polyam or Mono: Strictly poly
🐑What I’m looking for: Personally I’d love to have another daddy or have a cg/mommy!!! I love being little and cute all the time!! But I’d also be happy with a cute little to call mine and treat like the best baby in the world! I’m looking for someone who also doesn’t mind that I do have mental health issues and will help me with them and be patient. Of course I’d only offer the same help and nurture in return. Sexual is okay!
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👌Extra info: I am pre-op and pre-hrt so I do still look feminine. I’m chubby and 5'8. Purple hair, freckles, black eyes, tired and pouty. Sometimes a bratty baby. I don’t like diapers. I’m proud of my no-no parts and don’t want them changed in the future. I don’t mind long-distance.