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Doodles from May 7 2017 - May 13 2017

Alright! Late again because of Terraria again! But here we are, this week’s doodles!

So there’s some OC things, like the Terraria character I use in multiplayer with my friends on Discord, some HC things (with a draw your squad thing I’m thinking of finishing) and Fire Emblem! Where I felt like doodling Blazing Blade characters (Erk is very tired and so I imagine he would have eyebags) and of course, HC doodles.

Captions are in the tag


i tried costesting Toast the Knowing from mad max but i dont have her light brown hair

rip pillowcase u served me well in my time of need

i loved her because all she did 90% of the time was look pissed n glare at the camera


selfie tag! thank you @tabwi & @jinbutton for tagging me ♡
(diana ik yours was like a couple tag but tbh i have no decent pics aside from these and none of my biases has used this filter so ahsldlsndlsj)

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pls ignore my eyebags omg 

got tagged by @kookhao @irenes-novia and others to do the selfie tAG \o/ 

this is so late im sorry,,,,and im trying to get rid of my eyebags cRIES. 

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look at my itachi level eyebags


Top 6 Selfies Challenge 2016 tagged by beauties @iartien​+ @egyptianprincess

My goodness, geez louise is this the most difficult challenge I’ve ever done…couldn’t even find six selfies so I took these from having good lighting in the room today. As you can see, I love good lighting and the sun (because sayonara eyebags).

I tag anyone who sees this and or anyone who is up for this challenge…

Happy day to all :) time to continue eating my lunch 

I was tagged again for the selfie thing and I posted this earlier but I deleted it for some reason?? Anyhow behold woozis and yixuans gf. (ignore my eyebags wow)

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