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Kpop Group Memory

The rules are simple; pick a handful of your most favourite K-Pop groups and write a memory you attach to them. Then tag some other people to do it. Enjoy!

I got tagged by @confessionsofashyfangirl. What a wonderful mutual♡

Also idols interacting with each other, doing parodies together. SNSD and BIGBANG did a Love Love Bakery parody together. Seungri in every interview, ever. And so  much more.

I tag: @jeylovestoblog, @saltyauntsuga, @mytaerminology, @minseok-appa, @katiii-chan, @smokedkitty, @weltraumheldin

I want to know your other faves :) Also, anyone can do this tag.

introducing the losers’ club net!

hiya, tumblr! i’m ecstatic to announce a brand new place where fans of the film and novel “IT” alike can share their art, writing, edits, etc. for the losers’ club in a safe & loving group chat!


  • rb this post
  • follow me? :)
  • must have a ≈95% it-centric blog
  • preferably have a tagging system
  • before entering please make sure you have time to be active so that it’s fair for those who wanted to join and couldn’t

if accepted, there will be zero tolerance for

  • bullying/ harrasment/ discrimination of any kind
  • idolization/ defense of the b*wer’s gang
  • shipping inc*st/ p*d*philia/ cast members

addtl. info;

  • the chat will be on skype
  • there will be around 20 members total
  • if accepted, use the tag #losersclubnet on your original content!

that’s all folks! please msg. me if you have any additional questions; good luck!



NCT as 2017 Hogwarts freshmen✨


keith as shiro’s adopted lil bro is my favorite thing and i will take it to the grave with me

the hero pose shit is somethin i did as a kid while my sister filmed me cause she knew it would age like fine freaking wine and i am projecting my embarrassment into keith


#this entire scene though #like nobody knows what the actual fuck jack is waiting for #and beckett thinks he’s won of course and that they’re giving up #but oh no #no no no #captain jack is one step ahead as usual #like even the audience at this point is clueless #but this motherfucker knows #he knows the flying dutchman is gonna rise up #and he knows will is going to be captain #that’s why he keeps staring off into the distance #it was just a matter of time #this motherfucker knew what was coming and it took me years to work out why he never just attacked the endeavour #he was waiting for the whelp to reemerge #good business my ass


“Mum used to say we were the same soul split in two and walking around on four legs. It seems unnatural being born together and then dying apart.Melodie Ramone, After Forever Ends (inspiration)

i cannot believe the lack of youtuber au’s. i mean, bitty is canonically a youtuber. where’s the au where jack is a history youtuber, bitty is a baking youtuber/vlogger, shitty screams about social justice, lardo makes painting timelapses and talks about art, ransom talks about anxiety and mental illness, holster sings and rants about broadway, dex talks about home repair and demonstrates how to fix stuff, and nursey does slam poetry and vlogs. they all either reach out to eachother or meet at vidcon

edit: i wrote this at 4:30 am and i spaced out on adding chowder even though i had him planned out. he’s a scuba diver in california who dives with sharks and stuff. he’s also very into the filming side of youtube and all of his videos are very relaxing and aesthetic. also he does lots of girlfriend tags with farmer. farmer’s channel is her recording various strength training workouts and chowder helps with those sometimes