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“What are those?” Eleven asked, looking at the bundle of dark red flowers in Jonathan’s hands. 

“These?” he held them out to let her look closer, “They’re roses. A special kind of flower for Valentine’s Day.” 

“Why are they special?” Eleven tentatively brushed a fingertip against the soft petals of one of the roses. 

“Because you get them for a girl you really like, the way I really like Nancy.”

“Love.” It was a statement, not a question. Eleven may not have been the best at speaking, but she was certainly good at feeling. Jonathan’s cheeks turned almost as red as the roses in his hand. 

“Yeah,” he ran his fingers through his messy hair, “I guess so.” 

“Pretty,” Eleven smiled. Jonathan reached into the bouquet and plucked one out, handing it to her. 

“Careful,” he said, “Sometimes the stems have thorns.” 

“But they’re not for me,” Eleven hesitated, her hand hovering over the stem.

“This one can be,” Jonathan assured her, “Like you said, they’re for girls you love. And I love you like you’re my little sister.”

An excerpt from a Valentine’s Day fic I wrote a while back. 


They look at each other, their burdens lifted slightly, their pain not gone but mellowing. Words unsaid. - The Prom script | They both smile. Two old soldiers. - The Yoko Factor script | They are both pained and comforted by the powerful bond between them. - Forever script |


Descend into the abyss thou see

Where the hearts of many wander

Quietly, they wish and weave

Placing hope inside their one, pure dream

Lost in thoughts all alone, translyrics by Amalee. 

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get to know me meme - [2/5] families
  ↳ the summers women

“I had my tenth birthday party here.  We’d just moved to Sunnydale, and Mom rented the carousel for an entire hour, for me and my friends.  Except I hadn’t made any friends yet, so it was just me and Mom and Buffy riding it by ourselves, over and over and over again, for the whole hour, just so Mom felt like we’d got our money’s worth.  She’s… she’s not going to get better, is she?”
“Absolutely she will.  Summers women are tough.”


Tagged by @kliomuse to post a shelfie, so here is one of my bookcases. Excuse my shitty photos.

Let’s see, we have Buffy action figures up top, and then a complete mishmash of different books - all seven Harry Potters, a lot of historical fiction of varying quality including a signed copy of Outlander, some old People magazines (the Will & Kate wedding special edition is in there, I think) recent memoirs like Julie & Julia and Wild, a big book of Tales from Shakespeare and several history books.

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Buffy Summers Appreciation Week | day seven, w/e the heck you want: buffypops for @veronicamars & @bluestoplights