is there a tutorial where they teach you how not to sob

The Best Spider-Man

I took the liberty of kind of joining this prompt with this one. I tried my best to get a balanced feel of both of these prompts to make one cohesive story. Hope you like it, sweeties!

Words: 2,722

Another lab report due by the end of the week. Jesus, this was the third week in a row his teacher did that to the class. And that means a whole lot of staying up late typing the damn thing. Peter Parker knew he’d be getting straight A’s anyway. It was just another thing piled up on his week’s worth of science, math, language, english, and technical homework.

You can do it, Peter. You’re Spider-Man. You can do anything.

Oh right, Spider-Man. Yet another load onto Peter’s full plate. He wanted to be Spider-Man full-time! But unfortunately, it wasn’t up to him. It was up to Tony Stark. 

Speaking of the man, Tony had been paying Peter more visits. Whether it was to scold him or congratulate him on something, Tony was acting more and more like some father figure to the kid. Except when he wasn’t.

Tony had become semi-obsessed with teaching Peter everything he knew. How to be the most spidery Spider-Man ever. The training added another weight to Peter’s young shoulders. He could’ve easily said no and that he was too busy, but what would Mr. Stark think of him then? That he wasn’t strong enough to bear the burden of being Spider-Man? Hell no. He couldn’t have that. 

So Peter was stuck dealing with schoolwork, his social life, being a superhero, and making time for Iron Man’s teaching. Wow, he was so screwed. 

A weekend arrived. Finally! Some relaxation at last, right? His cell phone ringing and the voice of Tony being the caller told Peter that he was wrong to assume he’d ever get a break. 

The phone call went something like:

“Hey, kiddo. You free today?”
“Me? Oh um, yeah I think so, Mr. Stark. Why?”
“I was gonna ask Happy to pick you up and take you to the Towers. I have a new upgrade for your suit I think you’ll like.”
“That’s… that’s real nice of you, Mr. Stark. Sure. I’ll come over.”
“Great. See you soon.”

Peter sighed after he hung up and flopped down onto his bed, shutting his eyes. He needed sleep. If not sleep, he needed at least an hour with no worries and no responsibilities. 

But within half an hour, Peter was showered and dressed and Happy was downstairs ready to pick him up. He was too tired to even annoy Happy today.

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anonymous asked:

teacher how do photoshop creys Q_Q

Welcome to ABSFM, where a person who has been a college tutor for 2 years for basic Adobe programs and has a Visual Communications Certification in Photoshop CS6 teaches you how to make people fucking cry.

There’s a couple of tutorials out there that do teach you how to make tears. I probably looked at them and this is probably fairly close to them, but regardless of whatever exists, you asked for my way to cry, so today, I’m gonna teach you my way on how to cry.

You will need:

  • A base picture like your drawing or SFM
  • An editing program. We’ll be using Photoshop for this, you might be able to apply the theory to GIMP.

First, make yourself a picture. Feel the angst and sadness threatening to rip your heart out as you do so otherwise you might come off as saccharine. Remember, if it hurts you, it’s working.

Let’s use TF2 since most of you are here for my TF2 stuff anyway and that’s always a bigger challenge to do sads.

This is good, it makes me want to put myself in a pen full of bunnies and sob loudly while blowing my nose on those fluffballs. 

For the purpose of this tutorial, we’ll use Medic without glasses to give you an idea of digital painting. We’ll revisit Glasses!Medic after.

First rule about digital painting/drawing: zoom the FUCK in when you do some painting. There is nothing wrong with this as it helps you get details down a lot better. This also goes with general Photoshop and detailing; even the tiniest detailing makes some of the biggest differences. So zoom in for detailing.

Now that we’ve got that mentality addressed, here’s how to get started:

Make a new layer, set it to Overlay. Select a Hard Brush and paint on at least three lightspots with white. Where it goes depends on where the light source is coming from/the direction the character is looking at. You’ll want to enhance that one lightspot already on the eye near the pupil, maybe one on the side, and maybe one where the main lightsource is. I put mine at the top in-between the pupil lightspot and the side lightspot.

If you do not have a tablet or pen pressure-esque brushes (and in CS6 you do get a default paintbrush with false pen pressure), use the Smudge Tool or a very small eraser to smooth out some of the hard corners to make it look more natural.

Opacity for this tutorial will be different depending on how bright the lights are in your scene. So adjust it to what feels or looks natural/what you’re going for.

Next, make another layer. Set it to Overlay as well. Use a soft brush this time and just get part of the eye with white so it looks glossier. Don’t make it too glossy otherwise you’re gonna freak some people out with your flashlight eyes. It should be fairly subtle so you don’t even notice it at first until you look closely. 

Now we make people cry.

New Layer in Overlay mode. Grab a Hard Brush. This NEEDS some type of pressure or smoothing out to look natural; you might have gotten away with the circular Hard Brush before but you’ll need to smooth/erase out some parts now more than ever. Paint on the tears with white. 

If at this point your heart is wrenching harder than an Engineer at his nest taking fire from every explosive, then you’re doing it right. But we’ve still got to add more shit. More under the cut:

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