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Imagine the Hamato Clan (April, Karai and Casey included of course ;)) all take a vacation to the farmhouse for the summer, and the Mutanimals tag along. Michelangelo is of course ecstatic to have his best gator buddy to hang out with again, to show him around the farm grounds and feed the chickens XD

Then one late afternoon, two weeks into the vacation, the others decide to go swimming in the large lake nearby, but Leatherhead politely declines and stays behind. Not wanting to leave his best friend alone, Mikey decides to stay with him. Together, they lay down under the shade of a grand tree nearby the house, with Leatherhead’s gigantic body curled around the small turtle like a protective mother cat.

Mikey asks why Leatherhead didn’t want to go out with the others, and the gator replies by saying he’s just a little more tired than usual. Mikey understands, of course; thanks to the time differential, Leatherhead is much older and slower (though he’s still as strong as ever and hits like a runaway subway train XD). So Mikey snuggles against his friend and declares to stay with him until he wakes up from his nap, whereafter they could talk some more or play games or something. Smiling, Leatherhead drowsily agrees.

Just as they’re dozing off, Mikey whispers “I love you, big green buddy.” Closing his eyes, Leatherhead whispers back “I love you too, my friend.”

It’s two hours later, as the sun starts to set behind the trees, that Mikey finally wakes up from his nap with a bright smile on his face. He turns to wake up Leatherhead, who still had a peaceful smile on his face, gently shaking him. But he receives no reply.

Confused, Mikey shakes him again, harder this time, but to no avail. Getting scared, Mikey shakes him even harder, calling out to him, telling him to stop messing around.

It’s not long before he realizes that the old alligator had died in his sleep.

Forgot this doodle existed- so I quickly finished it. I’m really in a kunoichi squared mood! WOO!

I do like Karai’s redesign, but I felt like playing with Karai to go with the redesign of April I was playing with.

So- what if Karai was far more traditional and sheltered than her previous incarnations. No ninja skills at all. Raised to be poised and delicate, to uphold the traditions of Japanese feminine beauty and grace.
Karai would be more of an aesthetic trophy for Shredder rather than his personal soldier. Living art.

How the two meet- welp! I’ll leave that up to your imagination!

Moar alternate April in ma April O'noes tag!

answer the following for your muse so people know how shipping works on your blog.
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WHAT’S YOUR OTP FOR YOUR MUSE?: raph x april has been my ship pretty much since i started watching the series and getting further into the franchise ~3 years ago, but karai x april is a very close second. 
WHAT ARE YOU WILLING TO RP WHEN IT COMES TO SHIPPING?: fluff, mostly, but i’m totally open to angsty, weepy stuff too. i’ll also do the occasional couples squabble if it ever comes to that, but i draw the line at abusive / toxic dynamics. like, don’t even suggest it to me unless you’re looking to be blocked. i also don’t do smut because i’m underage, and even though i’ll be 18 in a month, i probably still won’t write it. 
HOW LARGE DOES THE AGE GAP HAVE TO BE TO MAKE IT UNCOMFORTABLE?:  april is only 17 in my default verse, so i won’t ship her with legal adults or muses that are younger than 15. 
ARE YOU SELECTIVE WHEN SHIPPING?: yeah. there might be dynamics that i enjoy, but whether or not it’s something i pursue is pretty dependent on my relationship with the other mun. usually the closer we are out of character, the more likely i am to be down with shipping our characters. 
HOW FAR DO STEAMY MOMENTS HAVE TO GO BEFORE THEY’RE CONSIDERED NS.FW?: like i said, i’m underage, and even after my birthday i still don’t plan on getting very friendly with smutty topics, so pretty much the moment touching / grabbing gets involved is when i start to consider things ns.fw and back off. 
WHO ARE OTHER MUSES YOU SHIP YOUR MUSE WITH?: in terms of t.mnt characters, i also ship her with casey, shinigami, and don – but only if it’s technologiical / jess’ don, because otherwise i don’t even consider a.pritello. beyond the franchise, i’ve got a reaLLY nice ship going with playsvulgar / chan’s mindy mccready. 
DOES ONE HAVE TO ASK TO SHIP WITH YOU?: not necessarily. as long as you bring it to my attention that you ship our characters and want to pursue it / turn it into an actual, blog-canon relationship, i have no problem. 
HOW OFTEN DO YOU LIKE TO SHIP?: i mean i like doing it, but at the same time it’s not why i joined the rpc. if a pairing i like comes along and i decide to add it to my blog, then fine, but i don’t go out of my way to ship april off with other people.
ARE YOU SHIP OBSESSED OR SHIP MORE-OR-LESS?: ship more-or-less. my blog doesn’t revolve around romantic relationships ( i prefer platonic / familial to a much greater extent ), but i will admit that i can get a little obsessed with the ones that do already exist on here.
FINALLY, HOW DOES ONE SHIP WITH YOU?: basically just talk to me!! i like to think i’m pretty approachable, so if you want to ship with me ever, bring it to my attention and we can work something out!!

Character Tag Drop

Part One

I was cleaning my computer and found this idiocy.

I think it’s safe to say that if Karai had stayed with the boys the entire plot of Dexter’s Lab would ensue.

TMNT Girl Power Week.

Hello everyone, this is senseijiufu and I think like a lot of people on the TMNT fandom I’ve been feeling really annoyed and frustrated about the treatment of female characters in the recent TMNT Nickelodeon Franchise. 

I don’t want to get into it too much because a lot has been said and I have a feeling a lot isn’t going to change so to combat my rage I’ve decided to host a special little event called the TMNT Girl Power week. 

Whether you joined the fandom recently or you’ve loved it all your life, I hope you all join and spread the TMNT Girl love <3

Basically, for a whole week I hope people would contribute with fanart or fanfiction or gifs/graphics of our lovely ladies.

This event will take place from the 4th of August to the 10th of August so in a week’s time. 

Day 1 (4th) : April O’ Neil

Day 2 (5th) : Karai

Day 3 (6th) : Irma Langinstein

Day 4 (7th) : Minor TMNT Girls (Angel, Renet, Mona Lisa, Shadow, etc.)

Day 5 (8th) : Favourite Friendship

Day 6 (9th) : AU (Any AU you imagine)

Day 7 (10th) : Basically a free for all Draw anything you want :)

This blog is around to reblog anything we can find related to the TMNT girls and will continue to do so even after the week ends! It’s just nice to have a week to show the girls some love. 

Make sure you tag your work with tmntgirlpower withing the first five tags so we can track the tag and reblog from you! (It’s very important that you put it within the first five tags. Tumblr does not record any tags after that. If you put tmntgirlpower after the first five tags, it will not show up in the tag, and we won’t be able to reblog from you.)

Summary: A strange incident reveals that April possess a new power–the ability to read minds. Taking place about just before the Tiger Claw arc in season two, April’s new power comes with pros and cons. But maybe, just maybe, she can use it to see who Karai really is–and who knows; she might like what she finds.

Rating: PG-13 (for language).
Universe: TMNT 2012.
Tags/Warnings: spoilers for ‘Wrath of Tiger Claw’ but it stops being canon-compliant after that, April/Karai and hints of Leo/Karai.

Author: hheroes

Artist: jinja-neko

Read the full story below; read on!


April kind of likes meditating, but she also kind of hates it.

On one hand, being in tune with oneself is a gift. She treasures the precious moments where she can look into herself and see something; it makes her feel like she’s staring into the universe and seeing eternity itself. It makes her feel like there are entire galaxies within her, waiting to be explored.

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