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tarot prompt list

a tarot card inspired prompt list for all your shipping needs, feel free to use any one aspect of a prompt you wish, or let it inspire you in your own way~

  • the lovers: love, harmony, mutual attraction
    “I love you so much.”
    possible AUs/settings/ideas: fluff, soulmate au, confessions, mutual pining
  • the fool: innocence, playfulness, recklessness;
    “Let’s go on an adventure!”
    possible AUs/settings/ideas: treasure hunter au, worrying, games  
  • the magician: transformation, beginnings, good omen;
    “I guess today’s my lucky day.”
    possible AUs/settings/ideas: first meeting, supernatural au, witch au  
  • the high priestess: magic, dreams, knowledge;
    “I had this dream, and now…”
    possible AUs/settings/ideas: visions, sold fortune, magic au  
  • the empress: passion, ferocity, fertility;
    “You cannot do this!”
    possible AUs/settings/ideas: motherhood, protectiveness, villain au  
  • the emperor: authority, discipline, stubbornness; 
    “You will do as I say.”
    possible AUs/settings/ideas: kingdom au, argument, enemies to lovers
  • the hierophant: community, learning, rituals;
    “We’ll always help each other out, right?”
    possible AUs/settings/ideas: found family, highschool/uni au, teacher au  
  • the chariot: sacrifice, struggle, travel;
    “I’m sorry… I have to do this.”
    possible AUs/settings/ideas: boss fight, (assumed) goodbye, traveller au
  • strength: courage, obstacles, urges;
    “Together, we can do this!”
    possible AUs/settings/ideas: slow burn, action movie au, fighting together 
  • the hermit: solitude, withdrawal, introspection; 
    “Leave me alone. Please.”
    possible AUs/settings/ideas: hurt, stranded au, feeling-focused, lost  
  • the wheel of fortune: optimism, success, luck;  
    “We did it! I can’t believe it!”
    possible AUs/settings/ideas: genie au, chance/fated meeting
  • justice: karma, honesty, decisions;
    “I don’t know what to do.”
    possible AUs/settings/ideas: superhero au, dealing with consequences  
  • the hanged man: suspension, potential, indecision;
    “I can’t stay here, but I don’t know where to go. I’m stuck.”
    possible AUs/settings/ideas: prison/ex-convict au, internal conflict  
  • death: destruction, loss, change; 
    “I lost you. And it was unbearable.”
    possible AUs/settings/ideas: stages of grief, new beginnings, ex au  
  • temperance: communication, healing, moderation;
    “I’m here for you. You can talk to me.”
    possible AUs/settings/ideas: comfort, deep talks, hugging, woundtending  
  • the devil: failure, lust, temptation; 
    “You want it too…”
    possible AUs/settings/ideas: desire, nsfw, unrequited love, demon au  
  • the tower: drama, catastrophe, pride; 
    “Don’t be like that!”
    possible AUs/settings/ideas: angst, (post)apocalypse au, break-up
  • the star: renewal, hope, rest;
    “I feel at peace.”
    possible AUs/settings/ideas: star-gazing, lazy days, cuddling, spirit au
  • the moon: emotion, fantasy, confusion;
    “That’s rough, buddy.”
    possible AUs/settings/ideas: fantasy au, werewolf au, late night talks  
  • the sun: joy, friendship, prosperity;
    “I’m so happy.”
    possible AUs/settings/ideas: friends to lovers, love realization, coffee shop
  • judgement: awakening, resurrection, absolution;
    “Why did you have to do this?!”
    possible AUs/settings/ideas: reincarnation au, criminal (au), mistakes
  • the world: fulfillment, experience, completion; 
    “Do you remember, back when…”
    possible AUs/settings/ideas: old age, happy end, fantasy world au
An Encounter
  • Spirit: *saves me from danger* Hello! I am your guardian, here to protect you!
  • Me: And where were you all the other times I was in danger?
  • Spirit: You did not require my assistance in those situations, but I am your guardian.
  • Me: I've been in worse positions than this. I don't believe you.
  • Spirit: I am telling you that I am your guardian.
  • Me: Ehhh, no you're not.
  • Spirit: Yes I am.
  • Me: No you're not.
  • Spirit: Yes I am.
  • Me: No you're not.
  • Spirit: Yes I am.
  • Me: No you're not.
  • Spirit: Okay I'm actually Asm*deus.
  • Me: Really? You're Asm*deus??
  • Spirit: I am
  • Me: No you're not.
  • Spirit: Yes I am.
  • Me: No you're not.
  • Spirit: Fine, I'm B*er. Fear me, child of man!!
  • Me: No you're not. How many people do you plan on impersonating?
  • Spirit: Okay, jeez, I'm just some guy. Why'd you have to make manipulating you difficult? :(((

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Hello! How do you begin to work with spirits? What do you need to learn first? Thank you so much! I love your blog and it helps me a lot! ~Bye bye!

FAQ: How do you begin to work with spirits? What do you need to learn first?

In my path, it is good to begin working with spirits by communicating with houseplants, especially magically inclined herbs. It is not difficult to obtain a young rosemary, sage, basil, lavender, or really any sort of herbal plant and a pot for about five bucks. If you can’t keep a plant alive, spend the same dollars on a few crystal friends. 

Here is a post on how to communicate with plants. The same premise applies for talking to crystals or any natural spirit :)

All you really need to work with spirits is a spirit to talk to. I prefer natural items because I know a spirit is there and I do not have to doubt or guess about bindings and conjurings and so on. 

Also, this post may be of help to you: Introduction to spirits.

Once you have tried communication a few times, try this technique to obtain a spirit guardian from a natural object.

As you become more advanced, you may eventually want to form contracts with spirits.

First, however, you should learn all about protection!! Learning protection is very important to keep yourself safe. Acquire personal guardians (such as using the technique linked above), craft protective amulets, ward the space within which you do spirit work, and cast circles before you call spirits. Also, learn the basics of banishment and never call up something which you could not reasonably banish given your skill and experience.

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SO. The new Eren and Levi smartpass AU was translated by the lovely @aurieackerman here and I wanted to discuss some important things because holy fukcing shit I have been literally crying about this for the past hour and a half:

  • As Levi goes into the dungeon, he remarks that it’s abandoned and pretty much empty. “However, there was someone of value there.” This immediately tells us that Levi regards Eren as someone who is extremely important. Like in the VN, Levi values Eren not only for his titan powers but also because of his spirit, his monster like strength, and his willpower that allows him to carry on.
  • ““I shouldn’t cause unnecessary distress for the squads that distrust my ‘Titan power’…” This shows us that Levi trusts Eren. Whilst most of the other squads find Eren reckless or untrustworthy, Levi takes the time to go to the castle which held him inside. He could’ve gone elsewhere to take shelter, but he went to see Eren.
  • One small detail I liked was this line - “Eren was still in his rain gear. He looked like a puppy abandoned on the side of the road.” Levi called Eren a puppy. Adorable.
  • Possibly the most important quote is found here: ““For goodness’s sake… He looks like a damn beggar from the Underground City. He’s no longer who he used to be, he’s lost a lot and now he’s just dragging himself to wherever he’s told to go. Guess being called ‘humanity’s hope’ is taking a toll on him.” This is extremely crucial, because it tells us that Levi understands. He gets Eren. He knows that having a burden is hard, and he notices details about him that others may not ever pick up. Levi is worried about Eren, and it is evident that he cares quite a lot about him.
  • “Take off that drenched raincoat and hand it over. I’ll set it to dry by the fire upstairs.” Levi taking care of Eren is just, to be honest, a really sweet thing. 
  • “Eren’s cold, trembling hand didn’t go unnoticed.” As stated before, Levi does know a lot about Eren. He is very attentive and picks up on his behaviour much faster than others would. 
  • “…I can’t let him in the pits of despair like this.” “Petra! Take Oluo and come keep an eye on Eren.” Another example of Levi being caring towards Eren. It is really lovely to see this soft side of him, which perhaps we do not see this often.
  • “Come on, quit moping around. The weather’s depressing enough.”… As he was climbing up the stairs Levi turned around and took in Eren’s slightly more relaxed expression.” A really beautiful end. Levi, using his typical way with words, attempts to cheer Eren up the only way he knows how. He has seen as lot, and experienced many things with Eren, although he would never voice things aloud. Levi took in Eren’s expression. He genuinely looked at Eren, and connected with him. They shared a second of admiration, something I doubt Levi has often due to his entire nature or even the way in which his world works. Levi really grows to understand this person, the one who cannot be pushed down, the one with an unwavering spirit, a boy who simply fascinates Levi, and perhaps draws them closer in this short text. 

I hope to see more instances of Levi’s caring, attentive, calm side. It really made me wonder about how much Levi really does, not only for Eren, but for his squad, for his comrades, his friends.

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I’m not usually to big on these things and don’t do them often enough, but I figured I’d get you guys back the love you give me. So thank you all for following me and keeping my dash alive with your antics. Now for the love fest~ 

@honorablelandlord - My lovely Ryou, we’ve plotted out some amazing things and gotten pretty deep into our verse together. I’m glad you pulled me here among other things. Lol, Love you lots xoxox forever bother me, as we’re bound by more than one ring. 

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And to everyone who makes my dash amazing. I love you all I do, and I want to rp more with all of you. I am tiny potato so don’t he intimidated. 

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I appreciate you all so much. Thank you for making this fandom fun for me. 


Even though I like how Alan Rickman portrayed Snape, I enjoy thinking of alternate appearances he could have. It helps me keep alive the original image I had of the character when reading the books, instead of getting too attached to the movies. So, getting in the spirit of the Snape Appreciation Month that will start in a few days, I wanted to think and share different headcanon possibilities to inspire our creations.

Some of these men aren’t actors, they’re all here simply for their physical attributes.

Following @urbanspellcraft‘s post on conjurer questions, I decided to go ahead and answer these with confidence. I want our potential customers and inquirers to know where Pandora and I stand, and feel that this information should be open to all of our followers.

  • How long have you been conjuring? Pandora and I have been conjuring for over ten years. More accurately, from the time we were teens. I was about 16, and Pandora was 17. That’s actually just about exactly ten years and two months.
  • How & where did you learn to conjure? Pandora and I winged it when we first started out, because we didn’t know what we were doing. I was a dumb teen and decided to be voluntarily possessed by the demons we were meeting through our ouija board and through unshielded channeling sessions. It was ridiculous and extremely damaging, so I really don’t recommend doing something stupid like that to anybody first starting out. But it did pave the road toward me learning about Paganism and witchcraft, and how to safely conjure. We took from a few sources in books, but mainly stuck to our own methods. I first learned how to petition gods and goddesses, and using the elements I learned from those petitions, I started to follow through with more official conjures. Pandora did the same.
  • How long has your shop been open? Our shop has only been open since September 2015, but that’s because we didn’t feel comfortable opening it until we were well-immersed in the spirit keeping community. Prior to that, nobody even knew who we were.
  • Do you conjure on a regular basis? Yes. I conjure and host daily as long as my mundane work doesn’t get in the way.
  • How do you vet your spirits? The beings that come through our conjures go through a rigorous screening process. If we are unsure of who or what they are, we don’t even complete the conjure and binding, and we send them home. We usually give it about a week for the being to preside under our house rules and be watched, but sometimes it can take up to two weeks. I once was so excited for conjuring a particular race, and I told Pandora all about them. She told me she got a weird, uncomfortable feeling. Despite my guides telling me they were safe, Pandora asked me to send them away, and I did. If we are even remotely unsure, we never complete conjures.
  • How much time was/will be taken to get to know the spirit before placing the listing or completing the custom conjure? Generally “new” races take at least two months or longer. That gives us enough time to understand their details and familiarize ourselves with their type, as well as try and contact one of their leading figures to establish a contract and a strong, personal connection. Individual beings from races we are familiar with will have listings after two to three weeks, depending on their nature.
  • How do you verify their identity/they are what they say they are? After the initial conjure, the being is with us for a while as we identify them. Pandora has a different method, but I can speak for myself. Every day I spend about an hour contacting the spirit and getting to know more details about them. I will perform channeling sessions with them, or automatic writing, pendulum work, protected ouija, and runes and tarot readings or dream work.
  • How long have you been working with X type of entity/spirit? (If you have a specific spirit in mind or a specific type of spirit in mind) Well, since I’ve been working with dozens of types, I’ll list a couple of my favorites. The Jakosians I have been working with as a full race for a year and a half. It doesn’t seem like a long time, but I astral travel to their realm frequently. Individually, I’ve known a Jakos Demon since I started conjuring ten years ago. With the Immortal Crei, I’ve been working with them even longer than I have been conjuring. IkioElle came to me when I was about twelve years old, and after him, several more of the deities came to me, and I learned about their home. Most of the more popular races from our shop are entities that Pandora and I have been working with for multiple years, excluding the Jakosians. Some examples are the Shuunites, Revenants, Kryptans, Omegaven races, Kipans, and Black Snakes.
  • What is done to ensure the safety of the buyer? Every binding has a number of wards and protective spells placed over it. If any safety is compromised, the binding is broken, and the being is sent back to us to be worked with. We traditionally ask our patron deities to oversee the completions of our bindings to ensure that there are no issues.
  • What is done to ensure the safety of the spirit/entity? The above also applies here. Our wards cover all bases.
  • Under what circumstances is the binding allowed to be broken? Misconduct via the keeper or spirit/entity, or if there is a problem with the binding–as in the keeper is having trouble connecting or working with said being. We always do our best to help amplify the communications first, but if a keeper requests the binding be broken, we will do so.
  • Are you able to see & communicate with those that you conjure? If we couldn’t, we wouldn’t be offering companions.
  • When a problem arises with either the buyer or the conjure, how do you handle it? We listen to whatever the buyer is concerned with. If there is a method we can help with, or a spell we can provide, or any sort of service, we generally offer it for free. If there’s a problem with the conjure itself, the same applies. If we haven’t presented the conjure to the buyer yet, we will notify the buyer that the conjure is taking a bit longer due to complications. We are always honest.
  • Do you allow the spirits/entities you conjure to be resold or transferred? We don’t mind if our beings are rehomed if things don’t work out, and transfers are perfectly acceptable so long as the spirit/entity is okay with it as well. The only thing we do not allow is for other shops to sell our exclusive contracted races without first contacting us to make us aware. There’s a lot of controversy on that subject though, so that’s for another time.
  • How to you ensure the spirit and the buyer are a good match? Over the week or two after the initial conjure, the spirit/entity is allowed to go peek in on their future keeper a few times with an escort. We also take all the personal information that the buyer gives us and present it to the Universe during the conjuring ritual to ensure that the being that buyer needs most at the time will come forward.

Candle Jack: Excuse me, Freakazoid, is there anything I should do?

Freakazoid: Hmmmm.  Why don’t you stay here and…scare the professor!

Candle Jack: Marvelous.

Professor Jones: AHHHHHHHHHHH!


PS - This is a really niche quote/joke, but I love it so much

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No but you can tell us about it

Mmkay so a couple months ago my friend bought this guy over to our house and he’d been building him up for several weeks because from what he could tell he was relatively normal (whenever he dates anyone they literally always turn out to be the most raging asshole ever somehow) but then he comes over and is like “oh yeah I actually have a sixth sense and can tell when there are spirits in the house” or something and I’m like.. okay buddy.. and he walks around the house and then goes into the empty bedroom and starts doing all this “IF THERE IS ANYONE HERE PLEASE MAKE YOURSELF KNOWN” and it was Wild but we didn’t think anything of it. 

ANYWAY after this happened we kept hearing random noises in the kitchen and would just be like “haha maybe your booty call woke up a demon in the house” but it was mainly a joke because kitchens make weird noises all the time BUT THEN one night I’m sitting in bed minding my own gay business at like 3am knowing full well that my friend is asleep in his downstairs bedroom and that my other roommate is out for the night and suddenly someone starts fuckin pounding on my bedroom door (which was locked) like to the point where I could actually see it shaking as they hit it. So I thought maybe it was my friend being an idiot and just shouted “what the fuck do you want?” but nobody replied it just went silent so I opened the door and there was nobody there and all the lights downstairs were still off, and there was no way my friend would have been able to get back down those stairs that fast without me hearing him?? So yeah that’s the story of the time I accidentally sassed a demon. 

#wait as an aussie im confused#who doesnt have houses at school?#whats the point of your sports carnivals if you dont have houses?#i bet its the americans#someone explain


Yo, American here. And we do not have houses. I think the closest equivalent is each school having a mascot and we get “spirited” for the sport teams and that’s about it.

Also, sport carnivals sound awesome - i wish we got those lol

Fellow christians, I have a question. I’m honestly a little embarrassed to not know the answer but here goes.

Blasphemy (speaking against the Holy Spirit) is the Unforgivable Sin™. But what if someone (a non Christian) said something blasphemous, but then repented and became a Christian and regretted what they said, would they be forgiven then? I’ve always been so confused by this. I’ve turned to the internet for answers but can never find any.

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Hobi was really on my mind for this up coming chapter. Honestly, its about the damned tuna. At first i blew it over and then it kinda hit me, Fish are symbols of birth (rebirth), character, independence, strength and what not. They're more of the freer spirits so to speak but, also have a great amount of misforturne. Its a double edge sword. And for Tuna to be place here, the longing for a rebirth. A fresh start. Fish in general can be quite stubborn and impatient.😆 Iris! Your genius is showing

There’s also its relationship to water which is tied to both change and restoration. Hehehehe…you’re paying attention, anon. Nothing is random.

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April 26, 2017: Anchorage, Joy Harjo

Joy Harjo

for Audre Lorde

This city is made of stone, of blood, and fish.
There are Chugatch Mountains to the east
and whale and seal to the west.
It hasn’t always been this way, because glaciers
who are ice ghosts create oceans, carve earth
and shape this city here, by the sound.
They swim backwards in time.

Once a storm of boiling earth cracked open
the streets, threw open the town.
It’s quiet now, but underneath the concrete
is the cooking earth,
                                and above that, air
which is another ocean, where spirits we can’t see
are dancing                joking                   getting full
on roasted caribou, and the praying
goes on, extends out.

Nora and I go walking down 4th Avenue
and know it is all happening.
On a park bench we see someone’s Athabascan
grandmother, folded up, smelling like 200 years
of blood and piss, her eyes closed against some
unimagined darkness, where she is buried in an ache
in which nothing makes

We keep on breathing, walking, but softer now,
the clouds whirling in the air above us.
What can we say that would make us understand
better than we do already?
Except to speak of her home and claim her
as our own history, and know that our dreams
don’t end here, two blocks away from the ocean
where our hearts still batter away at the muddy shore.

And I think of the 6th Avenue jail, of mostly Native
and Black men, where Henry told about being shot at
eight times outside a liquor store in L.A., but when
the car sped away he was surprised he was alive,
no bullet holes, man, and eight cartridges strewn
on the sidewalk
                       all around him.

Everyone laughed at the impossibility of it,
but also the truth. Because who would believe
the fantastic and terrible story of all of our survival
those who were never meant
                                               to survive?


At the Trial of Hamlet, Chicago, 1994, Sherman Alexie
At Navajo Monument Valley Tribal School, Sherman Alexie

On this day in:

2016: Poem to First Love, Matthew Yeager
2015: Ode to the Reel Mower, Jim Daniels
2014: So Much Happiness, Naomi Shihab Nye
2013: Habitation, Margaret Atwood
2012: About Marriage, Denise Levertov
2011: In Praise of My Bed, Meredith Holmes
2010: Black Swan, Brigit Pegeen Kelly
2009: In Me as the Swans, Leslie Williams
2008: Gnosticism V, Anne Carson
2007: American Names, Stephen Vincent Benet
2006: since feeling is first, e.e. cummings
2005: The Second Coming, W.B. Yeats

i was tagged by @betterthingstofalltogether to do an alphabet ask! thank you! here it is:

A - Age: 22

B - Biggest fear: dying in a car accident or never figuring out what to do with my life.

C - Current time: 6:16 PM

D - Drink you last had: pineapple and coconut infused water

E - Everyday starts with: me jumping in terror as my alarm goes off and scares me half to death.

F - Favourite song: i don’t really have one. it changes with whatever band i am obsessing over at the time. currently. it is adam’s song by blink-182.

G - Ghosts, are they real: i believe in spirits. does that counts as ghosts?

H - Hometown: fort saskatchewan, alberta, canada

I - In love with: @wilsonsaurusrex (AKA: jacket)

J - Jealous of: confident people and people that have their life together and know what they want in life.

K - Killed someone: surprisingly, no.

L- Last time you cried: i teared up while watching a dog’s purpose the other day.

M - Middle name: Shalynn

N - Number of siblings: two

O - One wish: to win a large amount of money so i never have to worry about having my life together. selfish, i know,

P - Person you last texted: @seafoamimp (AKA ash)

Q - Question you’re always asked: “how are you?”

R - Reasons to smile: jacket, ash, tea, comfy clothes, food, essential oils, nature, other smiles, blankets, socks, tattoos, laughs, kisses, health, baths, running, good hair days, slippers, more tea, snacks, puns, cuddles, kind people, days that are nice but not too hot.

S - Song last sang: would you fight for my love? by jack white

T - Time you woke up: 5:58AM a few minutes before my alarm

U - Underwear colour: navy blue with white stripes.

V - Vacation destination: mexico or disneyland (i haven’t travelled a lot)

W - Worst habit: being super ultra indecisive. 

X - X-rays: besides standard dental ones, i’ve had my torso x-rayed when i had a kidney issue when i was 14.

Y - Your favourite food: pretty much any kind of veggie rice bowl, or popcorn.

Z - Zodiac sign: aquarius

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“I’m starting from nothing. I lost everything back in Venezuela. I had my own natural soap factory but the crisis made it impossible to get ingredients. Then the government began to take 70% of my earnings. I had to close it down. Things got so bad that I couldn’t even find food for my baby. I had a little money, but there was nowhere to buy food. I’d wait in line all day for one bag of flour. We could go days without eating. When I tried to breastfeed my daughter, I’d almost faint. Leaving the country was my only chance. I’d never said ‘goodbye’ to my daughter before. She was screaming my name when I left. It hurt worse than giving birth. But I didn’t have a choice. I told her that I was going to Colombia. I told her that I was going to make a diamond, and I’d bring it back to her. Now I sell key chains in the street. When I make some money, I send packets of food back home. I’m trying to keep a good spirit. I’m doing OK. I grew up very poor. I came from nothing. So I’ve been here before.”

(Bogotá, Colombia)


My interpreter Juan has kept in touch with Rose, and we put together a small fundraiser if anyone would like to help: