is there a ship name for these two

Fandom Term Primer

There has been a little confusion over fandom terms recently, so I thought I’d make a little primer. Feel free to add more.


Something shown in the show, in tie-in material, or stated by the singular author. In material where there are multiple authors, things said by one of the authors is not canon.

Example: In canon, Shiro’s last name is Shirogane. Shiro’s full name was shown as Takashi Shirogane in the show.


Fan theories built to explain gaps in canon, interpret canon, or to change parts of canon that the fan does not like.

Example: In fanon, Keith’s last name is Kogane. Keith’s last name has not been revealed in the show yet. Kogane is just a fan theory based upon 80′s Voltron.


Two characters you would like to see together in either a fanfic and/or canon. It does not have to be both. You can ship characters in fanfics without actually wanting to see them together in canon.

Example: Shiro/Ulaz is a ship of mine. As Ulaz is dead in canon, obviously I want to see this ship in fanfics not canon.


Originally stood for One True Pairing. Now days means any two characters that you ship together strongly.

Example: Shiro/Keith is a OTP of mine. 90% of my blog is dedicated to them.


Three characters that you ship together strongly. Add more numbers to make a bigger polyship.

Example: A common fanfic OT3 is Shiro/Keith/Lance together.


Two characters that you do not ship together. This can range from simply not shipping them, all the way to feeling extremely uncomfortable by merely seeing the ship due to personal reasons.

Example: Allura/Shiro is a NOTP of mine, I scroll faster whenever I see it on my dashboard.


Something that grosses you out without being wrong.

Example: Golden Showers are a squick of mine. I find them gross, but other people aren’t wrong for liking them.


Someone who ships multiple ships. Sometimes they ship the same character in different ships without it being an OT3.

Example: Someone who ships Shiro/Keith, Shiro/Ulaz, and Hunk/Lance is a multishipper.


Someone who not only has a NOTP but also believes that nobody else should be able to ship those characters together. Creators of toxic fandoms everywhere.

Example: InsertRandomTumblrUsername is an Anti. They are harassing others to try and stop them from shipping their NOTP.

Mikasa and Armin: An Ongoing Analysis (Part 1)

I’ve been wanting to go on a rant about these two for ages and, with the last anime episode that’s been released, I figured it’s about time I actually got started. 

So here it is! The plan is to make a series of posts looking at the significant moments Mikasa and Armin have together, volume to volume, and to make observations on their interactions and the importance they have to each other. 

(Note: everything I write about these two in this series is intended platonic. Arumika and other relationships mentioned will be written as their ship name because it’s more convenient than writing their names over and over)

(Everything I write here is my own opinion and different interpretations and discussions are welcome and encouraged)

(Also, this will NOT be spoiler-free)  

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mccoymostly  asked:

Scotty, please

Canon: His name is Scotty Christopher Jorgensen Scott

Headcanon: He has the most fucked sleep schedule on the ship. “What do you mean it’s Friday? It’s Wednesday….isn’t it?”

Heartcanon: You know that tribble we see in ST:09? He brings it with him. He does one of two things. A) Gives it to Bones because it’s “Medically interestin’ thought you like it.” (that’s how he gets it in ST: into darkness) or B) keeps it. Names it Sir Benard the great and talks out equations and problems. He’s the one that accidentally causes the tribble infestation when he gives it some ham from his sandwich. 

Soulcanon: (sad time) Scotty get’s arthritis. like bad, shaking, painful, hard to grip tools arthritis. Despite the fantastic medical advancements, for some reason, they can’t figure out to cure it, (or the common cold for that matter)  he can’t work anymore, he can’t push a youngin out of the way and just ‘do it himself’. It absolutely DESTROYS him

Crotchcanon: Most attentive and slow lover in the world. knows you too well and considers sex and love making an art form.


Shaladumbass: Klance is abusive, they fight all the time

Me: Right, tell me that when Lance stops worrying about Keith in Episode eight of season two panicking about having to save Keith bc the red lion is attacking the Blade of Marmorra, or when Keith smiled when Lance admitted they made a good team, or sit or stand beside each other all the time. Or that time i the CANNON Voltron comics when Lance said “Sharp work Samurai” and BLUSHED for it as well, or that time the CANNON comics said “Jealous thy name is Keith” when Lance was flirting with Allura

Tell me that the ship is abusive when the staff stops shipping them and says “yeah, they hate each other” Because so far, most of the staff loves Klance and ships it. Oh, and tell me that their relationship is abusive when the staff says the elevator scene wasn’t planned XD



“And in those last moments, when his power had been ripped from him by that spell… Kallias had flung out the remnants to warn her. To tell Viviane he loved her. And then he begged her to protect their people.

So she had.

The day he’d returned home, he’d winnowed right to her.

She’d kissed him before he could speak a word. He’d then knelt down and asked her to be his wife” 

A Court of Wings and Ruin, Sarah J. Maas