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Description - Logan runs into the Why Don’t We Boys in the streets of L.A and sees that his younger sister tagged along with them.

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Logan and a group of others were scouting Hollywood in search of places to rent out to film his upcoming music video for the song ‘Help Me Help You’ he and the Why Don’t We Boys made together.

His manager, Jeffery, just showed up as Logan kept his vlog camera on and filming.

“I swear the Why Don’t We boys are outside,” Jeff told Logan, and the blonde boy’s eyes widened.


“I just saw them taking photos.”

“What do you mean? Like, not-not planned?”

“Not planned - no,” Jeff agreed.

“Cause we’re just scouting,” Logan told his camera.

“Look, come over here,” Jeff lead Logan outside and began pointing to where he had previously spotted the boys. “They were literally right there; I pulled up and that’s where my car is parked.”

“Yo, what the f***,” Logan chuckled, facing his camera’s view to across the street where a group of teenagers stand. “Yo! It’s the boys!” He shouts with excitement, Zach throwing his arms in the air from where he was before they began heading to Logan and Jeff. “This was meant to be. Guys, we did not plan this. This is f***ing weird!”

The boys are now standing right across the street, waiting for the walk signal to cross.

“Thass my boys!” Logan hollered.

“Thasss muh boiii!” Corbyn shouted from where he stood.

“Double thumbs up to that boys!” Logan says before halting. “Hold up. Is that Y/N?” When the boys start running across the street to Logan, he sees his sister walking across with a small smile on her face.

“Thas my booiiiss!” Logan hooted at the boys before pointing to camera in Y/N’s face. “And my girl. Who I had no idea was hanging with my boys. What are you guys doing here?” He asks as he begins doing his hand-shake-like gestures with the boys.

“We’re just here,” Daniel shrugged with a grin.

“Yo, I’m scouting for the shoot tomorrow, bro,” Logan further elaborated.

“So dope,” Zach’s voice can be heard in the background.

We’re scouting for the shoot tomorrow,” Corbyn jokes.

“I’m the f***ing director,” Logan pointed at his face.

“We’re scouting for you for the shoot tomorrow,” Corbyn nodded.

“Then why are you here?” He faces the camera on Y/N Paul, who stood beside Jonah.

“Why not?” Y/N shrugged.

“Oh, okay,” Logan shrugged with a sarcastic smile. “That makes sense.”

“How was American Ninja Warrior?” Daniel asked as he brought his hands up to his head.

“I can tell you off-camera how American Ninja Warrior was,” Logan said as he lowered his camera and covered the lenses with the palm of his hand. Though that conversation didn’t go far, because Logan then saw a familiar car with a familiar driver and ran up to it in the middle of the street.

“Logan Paul the dumbass,” Y/N shakes her head as Jack and Jonah chuckle beside her.

Logan eventually walked back to the group when he was honked at, talking to the camera.

“The whole squad is here - and they somehow took hostage of my sister - and this day is filled with awkward coincidences - f*** sh**!”

The group began to disperse before Logan took Y/N’s arm into his hand and pulled her back from walking away with the boys.

“Alright, bye guys! I’m gonna take my sister because I don’t trust her around you good looking little sh**s!”

“Logan,” Y/N whined right before Jonah and Daniel came to rescue the blonde sixteen year old from her oldest brother.

“Oh, okay. Fine. Just take her away from me. Not like I care or anything!” Logan calls after them, Y/N laughing while shaking her head and blowing a kiss to him.

When the group was gone, Logan turned back to his camera.

“I swear to God if Y/N comes back pregnant with a little Why Don’t We baby I’m sending Maverick after them.”

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