is there a rock fandom because i'm in it

Hi everyone, I’m Dev! I’m an illustrator/concept artist, I don’t play otome and I never even liked romance - I have no idea how I ended up here but welp, what’s done is done. Hello MM fandom! I’m usually active…ish in monster-centered fandoms, which means I usually fangirl over scaly drooling toothy things rather than 2D boys. Expect both from my blog! I’m a reptile lover, a gamer and a workout junkie. MM is now my playground for practicing group illustrations and slice of life c:

Feel free to send me pms or asks - I’m not the most eloquent English speaker but I love meeting new people!


Magnus Bane - Pandemonium punk outfit:

Magnus’ second outfit has a punk styling with marble-effect black jeans topped with a zebra-patterned long coat that has double chains on the back and a Magnus style sequinned collar and silver buckles. The belt itself is strung with tiny silver teeth. His makeup is dark and his hair is dyed with a splash of red and spiked high.

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I'm not even saying this to shade Harry and Jeff/FSM because I don't think Harry is this kind of person but like.. I'm unfortunately not shocked this is how they're running with his marketing? The Harry The Illustrious Rock Star vs Those Other 3 Randoms is something that's been set in motion since 2012, and something that's never been stopped. And unfortunately most of this fandom and the general public eat stuff like that up. I hate it with every fibre of my being but like.. I'm not shocked.

Me either…Here’s the deal with me. Harry solo music: HELL FUCKING YEAH GIVE IT TO ME
Solo Harry media after he drops his songs: HELL NOOOOO
We all know how the media is gonna talk about it and I’m already pissed off
AND ITS NOT HARRY’S FAULT let me be clear before some of you come for me

Tfw you get wolfenstein for ps4 and realize you totally forgot about how the most common armor bonus you can get is the helmets that you can shoot off people even after they’re dead so you’re just imagining captain fucking BJ absolutely plastered in helmets

Strange Magic

*closes eyes, spreads arms, topples gently backwards off conveniently placed rock and hopes there is a fandom to catch me*

Sorry to everyone for flooding the tubes with posts last night, thanks to everyone who hoped I’d enjoy it (I did), and cheers to everyone who pointed out where ‘Rebel Rebel’ was in the film.

Special thanks to @upcummingattractions because it was your posts what got me here

Wholesome Week

Sunday, January 22nd – AU OF CHOICE

Welp, that ended.

This was actually kinda hard to do because there are quite a few aus i like and i wasn’t sure which one to do.

I have my own such as the Sky And The Forces Of The Multiverse AU, The MST3K Au, the HunchBack Of Notre Dame Au, Bunny Farm Au, The What Was Missing Au….

and of course i have some favorite aus by others, Like The Ship War Au ((I want to make a comic where my own fanbabies randomly show up and awkwardly back out but i’m too lazy to finish it)), all the tomco aus, and i also totally adore the Tom Vs The Forces Of Evil Au..

Maybe i’ll do some of these for bonus images (They’ll prolly look much more detailed then the stuff i posted this week cause i didin’t really go all out for this) :P

In the end i settled on the weirdest au i created (( Which is saying alot)).

Presenting the” Marco, The Interdenominational Babysitter” au

This is an au where Marco is still the same, except he actually babysits Star, Tom, Ponyhead, and for the hell of it, Mina…who are all little kids.

Also Jackie, Janna, Ferguson, Alfonso ,and Oskar all sometimes help him because he’s stuck with four of the most insane magic kids ever to take care of.

Help Him.

Well, that was fun i suppose.

Now it’s time for me to hide back under my rock as the fandom totally forgets i even exist. 

see y’all when the bomb hits, cause i’m sure i’ll be be writing lots of theories and critiques on whatever happens, as well as post even more horrible jokes.

SoCal Things about Critical Role that Confused Me

I live in LA now, but I’ve only been here for about 2.5 years, 3 if you count the semester I spent here a couple years back. The rest of my life has been spent in New England, mostly Maine. 

I love Critical Role, but there’s some stuff that’s confused, baffled, or otherwise made me pause the video and go “wait, what?” during my catch up. Some of these things on the list I understand now, having lived here, but some continue to confuse me. Here’s the full list:

  • Friends who can’t see each other during the week because of traffic
  • “clutch” meaning “good” (I think)
  • Wearing jackets when it’s 65 degrees outside
  • Nobody getting all that bothered when someone is late because of traffic, consistently, over and over again
  • “roshambo” (which I’m pretty sure is Rock Paper Scissors?)
  • Getting dramatic haircuts in preparation for summer heat
  • Nobody playing tabletop games in a basement (because there are no basements in SoCal)
  • Travel delays because “it’s raining 0.0”
  • Work shifts going late into the night
  • An otherwise perfectly nice man hating on the Patriots

Feel free to add your own in the reblogs. I’m sure international fans are confused by certain comments, for example, I’d love to hear about that.

to be honest, when people ask what’s wrong I just don’t answer because I don’t even know myself at this point
—  fucked-up-little-mind

Here is my contribution to Resbang 2013! This was made for Lunar’s fic When The Last Crocus Petal Fell. IT’S AMAZING PLEASE GO READ IT RIGHT NOW

I’m so glad I had the chance to participate in Resbang this year, especially alongside so many talented individuals. So here are my favorite scenes/concepts from Lunar’s fic! Hope you enjoy! I also made a fanmix for WTLCPF. Listen here!

The other awesome artist for this fic was Likasashes! You can find her super gorgeous cosplay here <3

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I just wanted to get off my chest how irrationally happy I got when I stumbled upon that ask regarding your age!^^ Because I'm in my mid-twenties too and sometimes feel like a grandma in my fandoms, and especially Mystic Messenger right now haha. So glad to know that there are others in my age group out there ...

Oh yeah, I’m sure there are a ton of us. Don’t get too hung up on that stuff and just enjoy what you enjoy!! lol. I spent too much of my life hiding what I like because it wasn’t “cool” or I felt odd.

I promise you’re going to find me in my rocking chair at 80 clutching onto my 707 pillow with my phone in my hands, still waiting for that V and Saeran route. >.>


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so i’m in a lot of different fandoms

and the one thing that never fails to piss me off

is people who know nothing about one direction

blogging about the “crazy/insane/other ablest language straight teenage girls who ship larry because they think guys making out is hot”

it’s always like so dismissive of the actual queer people who believe in larry (cause you know, it’s easier to ignore something if you pretend only straight teenage girls like it) and it really pisses me off 

that the amazing brave queer people in the fandom are dismissed just because there might be one or two teenage girls who find two guys kissing hot

cause you know, it’s not queer women writing fanfiction so that they can have a bit of representation

it’s not educating people about the media and the lies they tell and the people they hurt

it’s not the amazing queer older fans i see helping those scared baby queers who need people like louis and harry to feel like they’re okay

it’s a bunch of straight teenage girls getting their rocks off to gay sex because that’s easier to dismiss than the idea that it’s 2014 and two boys are being forcibly closeted

like fuck i don’t give a shit if you don’t believe in louis and harry being in a relationship

but don’t you DARE ignore all the amazing queer people in this fandom who spend their time doing amazing things.

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Can there be a fanfic mines fandom? Because now I'm wondering what kind of canary they would need down in the deep seams, and imagining the tunnels shored up with sturdy beams of canon. Veins of ideas threaded through the bedrock (which is the same rock quarried to make writer's block and artist's block). Odd creatures, like plotbunnies, may lurk in the depths.

Well, now there is.


Shout out to my XF fandom.

Hey. You guys are amazing. This deluge of drabble all over my dash is rocking my socks off. If you’re reading it, too, and you enjoy it, take a moment, and like that post, or better yet, reblog that drabble and tell the author in your tags how it made you feel.

All you writers out there, you all rock. You’re all so awesome for putting yourselves out there. All you readers out there, you kick ass, too. Thanks for being there, thanks for taking the time to read.

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Also referring to your "size matters" in Gem Culture, Peridot in this episode refers to Steven as an insult, which confuses him. I'm guessing it refers to how since a pebble is like a small rock, how it is insulting to be considered a smaller gem, just thought I'd add that! :)

Personally I think it’s along the lines of “clod”– clods of dirt and pebbles are seen as inferior substances to gems, so I think the insult is about inferiority rather than size. 

Saying ‘pebble’ I think makes it clear that she’s referring to stone (rather than gems), because if she called him a “rock” it’d be ambiguous (since both in canon and in fandom the Gems are called ‘rocks’)

However “pebble” definitely does carry implications of being small, so you’re totally entitled to read it that way!