is there a place for me


During a party, your ex, Tom, sees Sebastian flirting with you and how you enjoy it and flirt back. He waits, and the second you’re alone, he approaches you and starts talking about how wonderful things were when you were together and how much he misses you, clearly testing the waters to see if you’d be willing to get back with him. When Sebastian catches your attention from a distance by telling you he poured you a drink, you just look and smile at your ex before saying, “Goodnight, Tom”.


Kyle: Hey Keith, it’s me. The spirit. You’ve always been my favourite, you see. We’re both genetically engineered kids, we have the same hair colour and dark blue eyes, our names start with K, our parents’ names start with L and C, we both met our future spouses as teens, should I go on? Anyways, I just wanted to express my condolences. Unfortunately, I don’t know how it feels, because I passed away before Lyra, but still.

Keith: It’s fine. You’re my great-great-grandpa, right? Let me show you our family tree.

Kyle: Whoa! I can’t believe all of these are my descendants! I created a small Fletcher universe with my own… um, hands! By the way, who’s this girl over here?

Keith: My granddaughter Irene.

Kyle: Tell her that she’s special. And might become the last hope.

Keith: What does this mean?



shows i started watching in 2017 meme
1. the good place - “you’re a giant chunk of spinach in the teeth of the universe.”