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Imagine...Dean Getting Jealous

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Request: Could you do a dean x Reader where on a case they meet someone who looks a lot like dean and he flirts with the reader and asks her out and she goes with him to make dean mad and dean gets super jealous?

Pairing: Dean x reader

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cut to the feeling, 1

Pairing:  Taehyung x Reader
Genre: Sports AU, Ultimate Frisbee Captain Taehyung, comedy, fluff, slight angst?, smut in part 2!
Warnings: there’s a picture of justin bieber in one of the kkt chats… be warned!!
Word Count:  16k+
Summary: To get out of a slump, you join your University’s Ultimate Frisbee team. You get more than you bargained for when you meet the captain of the team - a sweet and dorky guy by the name of Kim Taehyung who makes your heart soar higher than the Fribee discs that he expertly throws to the sky.

01 | 02 (finale, coming soon… hopefully!)

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Say My Name

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Pairing: Chanyeol x reader (female)

Word Count: 3,707

Rating/AU: M- NSFW (explicit sex, swearing) / Domestic!AU

Summary: On your first date night since having your son, you and Chanyeol can’t wait until you get home to reconnect.

‘To Brian Anderson,’ your husband says from across the table, holding up his glass. ‘The biggest fool in the world. And the man I owe everything to.’

‘To Brian Anderson,’ you repeat. Your lips pull into a lopsided smile as you raise your glass of white wine and clink it to his. You regard each other as you drink, contentment lingering in both of your gazes. Both always thankful to the man who stood you up for a blind date, six long years ago. 

His name is your husband Chanyeol’s favorite toast when you come back to this restaurant on special occasions. His rallying cry; the man who let you go, and conversely, the man that brought you to him. As you turn your attention to the menu for a moment you’re struck with déjà vu, thinking back to that night.

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PAIRING: jeon jungkook x reader

GENRE: gang au, dancer!reader, university au, angst

WARNINGS: crime, language


A/N: holy shiiiiiiit guys

SUMMARY: Jungkook is a name you hear often around the crowded city of Seoul, South Korea. Jungkook is the leader of Bangtan, a gang that has acquired a worldwide audience. The gang is stationed in Seoul, creating a feeling of uneasiness on the streets. Everyone in the city has been acquainted with one of the members at some time, being that they’re always around. For the most part, they don’t harm innocent civilians unless they commit a crime that the members find worthy of punishment. That penalty can range from bankruptcy, to torture and eventually death, which makes the city wary of their words and surroundings. If only you had been as terrified as everyone else.

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“She’s not leaving anytime soon.”


“We are not the only gang who wants her.”


Your father raised you to treat others with kindness no matter their position or actions. You grew up and began realizing that the task was more difficult than words could express, but despite that you appreciated others for what they could do, and you hoped that they would return the favor. When you were younger, you experienced multiple events which you felt the need to fight against whoever shot a rude comment at you, but you remained loyal to your father’s words. The younger you simply would walk away or make a joke out of whatever was said. You never broke down into tears in front of other people. You watched him be nice to every customer he encountered, and that inspired you to do the same. If only your father knew what trouble it would get you into.

With Jungkook around, all of the troubles that previously flooded your mind drained, and the only thing that you could think of was him.  Whenever he touched you, your cheeks reddened and you felt unbelievably shy.  Often, you distracted yourself by hanging out with Rua and Hoseok, who quickly became your closest friends in the mansion despite the small time frame of knowing one another.  You and Hoseok danced to fill the empty time between missions, and easily deemed it the most fun time you had.  You and Rua would talk in your room for the majority of the time, simply conversing about living in the mansion and stories that the boys would not find as humorous.  Every missing puzzle piece had returned to the picture besides one, and it remained the farthest away — Jungkook had been focused on something he hadn’t told you about, and it appeared as if he wasn’t planning to.


“I said that we should go out to dinner without the boys; I can protect both of us if needed. I just feel bad because the past two days I have been busy and not explaining what is happening. I’ll cover any expenses, you just have to say yes,” Jungkook smiled faintly.  You bit your tongue while feeling your cheeks heating up, staring down at the bed Jungkook had wrapped you in only days prior while lacking a response.  You desperately wanted to accept his invitation, however you did not know if you were entirely ready to possibly take the next step into dating a gang leader.  You peered up at Jungkook, who calmly looked back at you with hopeful eyes.

“I don’t want you to spend money on me, but I will agree if you promise that it’s not a ritzy, expensive restaurant—”

“Promise,” Jungkook nodded, his eyes brightening with your reply.  You grinned widely as the two of you sat on your bed, acting as if you were much younger than your actual ages.  You felt your stomach swarm with butterflies at the thought of attending dinner with only Jungkook.  “Tomorrow night then?”


“You look marvelous!” Rua gleamed at the sight of me, clapping her hands joyously as I stood in the doorway of my bathroom. The dress that Rua had bought for me earlier in the day was red, a confident color that I lacked in my wardrobe, and combining her makeup and hair talents, I appeared as if I was attending a red carpet premiere.  I giggled shyly as Rua jumped up and down, cleary ecstatic about her creation, motioning for me to walk out of the doorway so she could get a closer look at me. “You are a piece of art in every sense of the phrase~! A masterpiece!”

“Rua~!” I whined.

“I am telling the truth, Y/N! Jungkook is going to love this; he’s going to love you! If he already doesn’t,” Rua mumbled the last bit, however my eyes still widened at the words. She laughed and rushed over, speaking quickly about everything I needed to make sure of. For the vast majority, her suggestions simply consisted of what not to order on the menu and how to properly sit in the dress. Rua even mentioned how if I’m cold and Jungkook doesn’t offer me his coat that she’d personally call him and force him to, earning a few moments of laughter from both of us. Rua smiled brightly as she stepped back to look me up and down one more time, appearing as if she were a proud parent. “You’re ready!”

“The boys are all busy doing something; Jungkook didn’t want them focused on you,” Rua giggled giddily as she wrapped her arm in mine. She had originally desired me to wear a pair of her heels, but due to the fact that I am unable to even stand in wedges, she simply allowed me to wear flats. Rua still however helped me walk down the stairs despite wearing a loose dress, possibly just for wanting to be by me to help me avoid any awkward exchanges of comments between me and Jungkook. Rua hummed lightly as we walked down the stairs, her head tilting with every change of note, smiling brightly as if she were the one attending the date. I noticed Jungkook sitting and talking to Jin, who was preparing dinner for everyone else. I felt the world stop for a few moments as he faced me, his eyes locking on mine.

The ends of Jungkook’s lips curved up, and he did not speak a word. I could tell he was pleased though simply by his expression, and that alone resulted in a blush to form across my cheeks. I attempted hiding behind Rua, but she scolded me with a laugh and unlaced our arms, guiding me forward a bit as Jungkook stood up from the barstool he previously resided on. He peered down at his shoes for a few seconds, and in that time frame Jin turned around and smiled widely at me. It was obvious that he approved of my attire, and I couldn’t help but giggle lightly and cover my mouth with one of my hands. The moment seemed so perfect, almost worthy of being featured in a movie that would be viewed billions of times in various parts of the world. I never wanted it to end.

"Shall we be leaving?” Jungkook asked, and I nodded.  Soon, he returned to my side again like he always had, his hand placed on the small of my back as we walked out of the mansion without saying another word.  Without turning back, I understood that Rua and Jin would be excitedly cheering around the kitchen judging from their expressions.  Jungkook opened the front door on the way, nodding towards the directions of the many guards standing just outside the mansion who appeared to be closely observing every moment.  Jungkook reached for the door handle to the passenger seat of the car, pausing before opening it.  “I didn’t want to say it in the house; Jin would have squealed right then… But, you do look beautiful, and I can easily say that you are the most spectacular girl I have ever met, nor been on a date with.”

When I went to go cover my face with my hands out of embarrassment, Jungkook was quick to remove them and smile merely centimeters away from my face.

“Don’t hide your face, love. You are too perfect to be ashamed of it,” Jungkook spoke barely above a whisper.  Jungkook then opened the car door, his hand returning to my lower back as he ensured I got into the car safely.  Jungkook closed the door after making sure my dress was not going to get caught, smiling warmly as he rushed over to the other side where he would be driving.  As he ran over, I felt my heart skip multiple beats as I held in every emotion I wanted to express, the majority of them being related to being inexperienced and not used to close contact.  I grinned staring down at the floorboards, Jungkook taking his seat beside me.

On the trip to the restaurant, Jungkook and I talked about the many things that had been occurring in such a short amount of time.  I mostly listened to Jungkook out of habit, fearing speaking of my own experiences simply due to being self conscious about what his response might be or what he might think and cover with a smile.  Jungkook told short stories from his childhood and memories with the members, which filled the small void of awkwardness with laughter and curiosity.  Jungkook was more open than he had ever had been, telling stories of when they got stuck in a car for a few days because of a stakeout, or how once Taehyung found himself drunk and running around the mansion naked at a party.  My laughter never ceased during the car ride, and the thought of the boys being much for than gang members resurfaced, my love intensifying for each of them.

The only reason he kept telling silly experiences that he had had with the boys was simply because your laughter distracted him from everything else.  He smiled uncontrollably with you beside him, forgetting of the troubles he was enduring back at the mansion in regards to various issues and focusing completely on you.  Jungkook had never felt so certain about something in his entire life, and during the moments whenever he found himself beside you, he knew that he didn’t want to let you go.  Jungkook was more nervous than he had ever been whenever he invited you to attend dinner with him, and once you accepted his offer he felt as if he had conquered the world.  It was easily said that Jungkook was falling in love, and he had even admitted it to Jin, who approved of you in less than a heartbeat.

Jungkook tapped his fingers against the steering wheel as the laughter subsided, the smile on his face not fading the slightest bit as I peered out the window to my side. I noticed the regular sights of an average night in Seoul which consisted of creepy streets being haunted by people in dark clothing, and normal civilians returning from their tiring days at work. I felt extremely lucky to even be attending dinner, let alone with Jungkook who was more of a gentleman than any other guy I have ever met. I had to remind myself a few times during my stay that the boys were criminals, wanted by the police by that, and that they had committed crimes that only the worst could ponder. I glanced over at Jungkook, who immediately gazed back at me, my cheeks warming as I giggled lightly, forgetting he notices just about everything.

“We are here~!”

Jungkook faced me before I was given the opportunity to turn to open my own door, smiling as his eyes told me to wait. I grinned and relaxed back in my seat, watching as he got out of the car and walked around, appearing satisfied with himself. Once he opened the door, Jungkook held out his hand for me to grasp onto for support. I did not hesitate in taking it, thanking him quietly as he closed the door behind me. Jungkook returned his hand to the small of my back, where it almost felt abnormal if he wasn’t touching me, and we began walking up to the front doors of the restaurant. I wondered for a bit how he got reservations for a place so populous if he only invited me earlier in the day, but then I recalled that he is one of the most powerful men in the world.

As my eyes landed on the sea of people scattered around the space, I felt my heart speed up. Jungkook must have known, because right as I began to feel nervous his hand found its way to mine. Although I had never romantically held hands with someone else, I did not feel tense the slightest bit due to Jungkook not struggling to find a way to calm my nerves. I walked closer to Jungkook than I did before as we approached the receptionist positioned at the front podium with a snobby expression. Jungkook squeezed my hand as he talked to the man, my eyes drifting around the area and eventually landing on my shoes which were admittedly way more comfortable than Rua’s heels. When I felt as if I was being stared at, Jungkook appeared to notice more quickly, pulling me closer to him protectively.


“Jeon Jungkook.”

I watched the woman’s expression fall, my grasp tightening on Jungkook out of both instinct and fear.  He however remained calm, nodding and watching her carefully as she typed on the keyboard unsteadily.  I cursed myself for ever pondering attending dinner with a gang leader, let alone one so known by civilians for being a murderer and more powerful than some political figures. Jungkook faced the dining area where various couples were located, all appearing miserable in the formal setting. I wondered how you could ever find yourself unhappy in such a bright atmosphere, but I guess that I just rely on those around me to distract my eyes from watching the drab citizens who live luxuriously. Jungkook pulled his wallet out of his pack pocket, showing his identification to the woman although I was positive she didn’t need it to know he was telling the truth.

“Right this way.”

I glanced up at Jungkook who smiled faintly back at me, returning his wallet to his back pocket before we began following the woman who appeared as if her legs shook with every step she took. I felt sympathy for her, recalling that I once responded the same way to the boy who I now held hands with, knowing however that Jungkook wouldn’t threaten her. I stayed close beside Jungkook as the sea of people faced us with disgusted expressions, resulting in my heart beginning to race again. I couldn’t tell if the crowd staring was at me and Jungkook or our hands that interlaced. I assumed that some of the visitors must know who he is being that silence spread across the once talkative room, coughs escaping some of the men dining with their exquisite wives. Jungkook seemed to not mind though, acting as if their actions were normal.

Jungkook pulled the chair closer to the other customers out for me, and I quietly thanked him before taking a seat. He did not struggle the slightest bit in pushing the chair in, his expression not changing as he took a seat across from me. Once the receptionist seated us, she placed the menus down and stated that our waiter would soon arrive. She then returned to her podium at the entrance of the restaurant. I peered up at Jungkook who I found looking down at the menu, humming along to a random tune as he did so. As his eyes glanced up to meet mine, he smiled faintly and instantly calmed the uneasy nerves occupying my body. I felt my cheeks warming as I looked down at my own menu, finding everything overpriced but looking completely delicious. I felt my chest tighten from not knowing any of the dishes.

“What if we just order the chef’s pick?” Jungkook peered up from his menu, his eyes meeting mine. I smiled and nodded, chuckling lightly while assuming that he knew that I did not know anything about the restaurant. Jungkook and I stacked our menus up on the corner of the table, Jungkook’s eyes peering around the restaurant before he spoke again. “Don’t feel uncomfortable, Y/N. People are only staring because you look better than all of them; they are jealous.”

“Jungkook~!” You whined quietly, listening as he chuckled cutely. Lowering your head, you couldn’t wipe the smile from your face while thinking of what was occurring. You were at dining with Jungkook at one of the most costly bistros in Seoul, yet you still felt like it was only the two of you whenever he spoke. “Is it my turn to compliment you?”

“Nope, I’m not done yet,” Jungkook replied.


“Enjoying your meal, Jeon?”

I looked up from my plate to see a man I had never seen before, and he was not a worker. The suit he wore was ironed and didn’t show signs of being worn before this occasion. He carried a mischievous grin that could be mistaken for being a villain’s, and I watched as Jungkook relaxed back in his chair at the sight of him. The man stood beside me, his arms crossed across his chest as he made eye contact with me, a smirk across his lips. There was no doubt in my mind that he also was involved in a gang.

“Of course, hyung; are you?” Jungkook responded without hesitating, being a lot more at ease than I was. By his language I could tell that whoever the man was, he was not a particular threat to us.

“Yes, but I just got word from our ally, the Kings, that they heard from one of the workers that you have her with you. She is valuable to them in some way, and I suggest leaving before a scene is created. I do not want to see you fight in a popular area like this one and focus more attention on whoever this special woman is,” he smiled at me warmly. I bit my tongue while peering away, Jungkook nodding calmly. “Have a safe trip, and if you need anything contact me, Jungkook.”

“Okay, thank you Jackson,” Jungkook nodded, watching the boy walk away collectively. Jungkook’s eyes met mine, and he must have seen the fear buried beneath them. Jungkook allowed a sigh to escape his lips as he reached for his wallet, quickly explaining what was about to occur without giving it a second thought. The only idea in my head was that he must have known.

“I figured something would happen, and I’ll explain why later. Just know that nothing will happen to you, and everyone I know will ensure that. You are safe with me,” Jungkook dropped a large sum of cash onto the table before he stood up, walking over to me and holding out his hand. I took his hand quickly, pushing in my chair to walk slightly behind Jungkook, allowing him to lead me being that it was easily said he was more capable of the job. Jungkook waved to the receptionist who faked a smile, telling us to have a good night. Jungkook squeezed my hand once the cold air outside hit us. He didn’t stop however, and I had fallen back in distance compared to him.

Jungkook’s quick movements had me suddenly under his arm, and I understood that we didn’t have time to stop, so it was his way of keeping me warm without allowing me to borrow his coat. I clutched onto him as we walked, my heart racing but feeling more calm with Jungkook close by. I realized then how much I needed him to endure everything that was occurring.

“When I say run,” Jungkook whispered softly into my ear, squeezing my hand tighter than he had ever before. I could tell that he was restricting himself from holding me any tighter out of fear of harming me, yet by his tone I wished he had me closer. I felt my heart skip multiple beats as he paused, his breath stiffening as the cold air hit us. “you run to the car. Yoongi is somewhere in the parking lot and he will help me, and Jin is in the car to drive you away and back to the mansion where they will keep you safe. You just have to trust me.”

“Jungkook,” I breathed, not wanting to leave him to protect me. Jungkook looked me in the eye, and I saw that he was bottling up anger. The world seemed to stop for a few moments then, and everything paused around us. It was no longer Jungkook protecting me from harm; it was both of us running away from whatever the world had to hold. No one else was around, and nothing could impact our decision. Reality then sunk back in, and he speedily pressed his lips onto mine for the first time. I felt my entire body calm down with his touch, and there was no doubt in my mind that he experienced the same thing. I felt his love the strongest I ever had, and my heart kept telling me things I didn’t believe. Right as we parted and the moment disappeared into thin, chilly air, he spoke one word.



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I love you and your blogs so much because I too am in rare pair hell. Visiting a pairing's tags and finding only one fic. The fact that the tag for that pairing doesn't even exist yet. That you go search it up and there's no content at aLL. and that the fact that you wish you could write fics for them 😭 And that I can sadly name 59 rare pair ships for you that are like this while sobbing rare pair tears over my rare pair cup. I love your rare pair blog so very much. You sooth my rare pair heart


We’re all suffering here, my dear. That’s what our ocean of driftwood pairings floats on, yes? A sea of tears. 

IDEK… have some random promnyx.  What can I say, saw this post and got hit by some inspiration…
Some random AU where magically (don’t ask me how) Nyx didn’t die and Prompto has taken up with half a dozen Glaives running around the world of ruin kicking ass and taking names?

Prompto is standing in the bathroom - the one with barely an inch of counter space left on it between everyone’s haphazard tossing of toothpastes and toothbrushes, razors and hoarded lotions, the kind of chaotic mess that came from shoving six grown men into an apartment meant for at max two.  He’s got a pair of scissors - the kitchen kind and probably far too dull and big for this kind of work - and he’s staring at his reflection in the mirror speckled with flecks of toothpaste and water spots (Ignis would be appalled).  Staring like staring long enough might give him a flash of inspiration into how to even begin the task before him.

It’s been a year.  A year of too many hunts, too many cuts and bruises, too many scars starting to form, too little sleep, too much whiskey, too many knocks to the head and too many close calls but he’s still standing and that’s all that mattered.

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Mafia AU! Park Jihoon

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Genre;; kinda fluff + i guess angsty themes?? + mafia AU

Warnings;; um yeah violence and deception yes and death

Pairing;; Park Jihoon x (female specific) reader

Requested;; yes !! by anon here

Summary;; When you’re put undercover in the mafia, you don’t expect to meet someone who will make you leave what you believed in…

Style;; bullet point

Word Count;; 2637

Others in the series;; Daniel

masterlistrequest rulesrequest something


  • you’d been working in the organised crime unit for 2 years before they started the investigation into Kang Daniel and his mafia
  • you were the first pick to go undercover, you were a great detective and your name wasn’t out there, you’d never been out on a bust so they wouldn’t know your face either
  • and so,, you were put undercover in Daniel’s mafia
  • they already had someone,, who was deep undercover,, in the mafia who would vouch for you but other than that you were kind of on your own
  • so you kept your name and moved into the secondary apartment they got ready for you
  • and undercover you went

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Soulmate AU

Prompt: Soulmate AU, the name of your soulmate appears on your skin

Pairing: Stiles x OC

Fandom: Teen Wolf

Word Count: 1486

AN: Hey so this is my first imagine on here and it may be a little rough feedback would be nice, the idea came to me and I thought it would be cool to write even though it’s probably been done before I thought I would do my take on it. Hope you enjoy- xx Kelly

Part 1: Who Would Name Their Kid That?

“Are you excited?” My best friend, Linn, asked over the phone. I looked at the clock on my computer it read 11:55 pm. My heart fluttered at the thought that I only had five more minutes until I was sixteen.

“A little,” I paused, “but i’m also scared what if I don’t get a name? What if I was never even supposed to get one? What if-”

“Whoa! Charlie! Slow down you’ll get a name, I swear it’s just a myth that some people never get a name.” She assured me. I took a deep breath taking a seat on my bed trying to calm my nerves.

“You’re right I’m just nervous that’s all this person is supposed to be my soulmate, the one I’m gonna be with the rest of my life, that’s kinda scary.” I let out a nervous chuckle looking at the clock on my computer again. My heartbeat sped up as the number changed to 11:59, just one more minute. “Linn there’s only one more minute and then I find out, what did it feel like? You know when the name appeared?” I asked

“Honestly I wanted it to be a surprise so I was asleep when it happened. My mom said that hers just felt like a tiny needle hitting her skin and my dad, well he didn’t handle it well he said it hurt like a bitch.” She and I laughed together, “I’m sure you’ll be okay, why don’t I let you go so you can enjoy the moment but call me as soon as you know the name!” I promised I would tell her before hanging up. I felt more anxious as the seconds went by, finally the clock turned to midnight. At first I didn’t feel anything and I started to get worried. Then I felt a tiny prick on my shoulder blade. I jumped up from my bed hurrying to the bathroom dodging unopened moving boxes as I went. I stripped my shirt off pulling my long brown hair over my shoulder to look at the name that was appearing. Black ink stung my skin as it spelled out the name of my soul mate. Mieczyslaw.  I squinted at the name my brown eyes struggling to read it. What the hell? I thought, this has to be some joke, I was destined to be with someone with that name? Was it even a name? I watched my shoulder for a little longer waiting to see if maybe the letters would rearrange themselves into something else but they didn’t. I shook my head pulling my shirt back on heading to my room. I grabbed my phone from where I left it and dialed Linn’s number.

“So who is it?” She squealed immediately picking up

“Um, I…I have no idea.” There was silence on the other end of the phone

“Charlie, did… did you not get a name?” Her voice was laced with worry

“No, no I did I just have no idea who this person is or why in the hell their mother would name them this.” Linn laughed,

“Oh come on it can’t be that bad.”

“Yeah Linn I can’t even say it.” I reply pulling my sleeve down to take another look at the name. “It’s spelled M-I-E-C-Z-Y-S-L-A-W”

“What the hell? Is that even a name?” I giggle

“My thoughts exactly” I lay back on my bed with a sigh, “well whoever it is, he and I are meant to be.”

“Ohh maybe you’re gonna take a trip to Germany or something and that’s how you meet him, it sounds like a german name.”

“Yeah, i’m sure that’s gonna happen.” I glance at the clock all the excitement and adrenaline gone fatigue taking over my body. “Hey Linn i’m gonna get some sleep, i’ll call you later okay?”

“Alright bestie and hey have fun at your new school, don’t go getting any new best friends okay?”

“Okay I won’t” I say with a smile “goodnight.” I put my phone on its charger before snuggling underneath my covers. Mieczyslaw. The name was all I could think about and who it might belong to. I wracked my brain trying to think of someone I had met before with that name or something similar to it to no avail. Maybe my parents know it, or who it could be. I made a mental note to ask them in the morning as I drifted off into a deep sleep.

The next morning I woke to the smell of pancakes and bacon cooking in the kitchen, my dad always made pancakes on my birthday in the shape of the age that I was. I threw the covers off stretching before I stood up, looking around my room I sighed at the mess. Boxes of my things were strewn around the room haphazardly. We had just moved to Beacon Hills a few days before and I hadn’t bothered unpacking my stuff yet. Neither did mom, I thought as I climbed down the stairs to the first floor rubbing the sleep out of my eyes stepping over boxes on my way. Suddenly I remembered the name on my shoulder, I pulled the arm of my sleeve down to see that the strange name was still there. I walked into the kitchen where my parents were waiting with big smiles on their faces.

“Good morning sweetie! Happy Birthday!” My mom and dad exclaimed. My mom  hurried over to meet me pulling me into a tight hug; after a moment she pulled back raising her eyebrow, “So who’s the lucky man?” She asked a nervous edge to her tone.

“Um if I knew how to pronounce it I would tell you.” I reply with a slight laugh, her brows furrowed in confusion.

“What do you mean?” My dad asks coming to stand next to my mom and I. Reaching up I pull down my shirt sleeve down to show them the name. They both look at the name closely puzzled looks crossing their features as they try to pronounce the name.

“Do either of you recognize it? Maybe someone we used to know from another town?” They both shake their heads.

“I think I would have remembered a name like that one.” My dad said with a chuckle going back over to the stove to continue cooking my mom nodded in agreement.

“When you meet him I would definitely like to know how his parents came up with that one.” My mom giggles taking a seat at the table.

“Yeah me too,” I agree as I sit down at the table next to her pushing a few boxes from the move aside. My dad placed a pancake of my age in front of me. I smiled as I poured syrup over it and dug in.

“I bet he goes to your new school, a foreign exchange student from across the sea.”

“Right because i’m sure foreign exchange students are tripping over themselves to come to Beacon Hills.” I retaliate taking another bite of pancakes. My dad shrugged,

“You never know.” I made a face of disbelief going back to my food.

“Are you excited about your first day?” My mom asked as my dad put food down for the two of them. I nodded shrugging,

“I guess, I mean i’ve done it so much I feel like i’m an expert new student at this point.” They both smile at me.

“Sorry that you have to start on your birthday, maybe we could call the office put it off until tomorrow.” My dad suggested taking a bite of bacon.

“No it’s okay! I’m ready to start if I didn’t I would just be sitting around the house another day.”

“That’s true, well I gotta go get ready for work, hurry and eat your breakfast so that you’re not late!” My dad said coming over to kiss the top of my head before heading to my parents room.

My dad had been hired as a contractor to do some work in Beacon Hills, he could do the work off site and visit every couple of months to make sure the work was going smoothly but he liked to be very hands on. So he moved my mom and I with him to the town this happened every time he got a new job. I had been the new girl more times than I can count but I didn’t mind I liked seeing the different parts of the country. We had traveled from coast to coast never staying more than a few years.  

I quickly ate the rest of my breakfast before heading upstairs to get ready. As I did I had a strange feeling about being here at Beacon Hills, maybe it was because of my birthday and finding the name of my soulmate, but I knew this place was going to be special.

Famous Abductions

A/N; So this is hella long… My bad. Also, Alan Carr is a comedian here in the U.K so if you don’t know him, that’s who he is!

Summary; Y/N, an actress is taken against her will and forced to spend the next month locked in a room next to Alan Carr. {Alan makes a brief appearance}

Pairing; Eggsy Unwin x Reader

Words; 2.1k

Requested; Anonymous

To say Y/N was pissed would be an understatement; She was absolutely livid. Who would’ve thought that going out at night to buy some more milk from the corner-shop would end in a kidnapping? Certainly not her. It probably didn’t help that she was plastered over some of the billboards around her home town either.

She knew just how difficult it was for her to leave her house without being recognised. Y/N had become a household name ever since she had landed a role in the recent television series set in the 1940s London. Much to her surprise, she had become an icon to many young girls and women who related to her character in a way.  

At first, she thought that was the problem. She thought it was some super fan deciding that a few years in prison for kidnapping would be wonderful. However, almost as soon as she had been shoved into a room with the fabric taken off her face, she began to notice things that just didn’t add up.  

Y/N had been unable to talk for the majority of the journey due to the fact her kidnappers had tapped her mouth shut, which meant she couldn’t demand any of the answers she wanted. However, she also noticed that she had spent a small amount of time on a plane which set alarm bells ringing almost as soon as she landed.  

Unluckily for her, Y/N had nowhere to be for the next few weeks. Y/N had decided to take a small break after putting so much energy into perfecting her character and doing interviews left right and centre. However, she was quick to realise that no one would be trying to contact her for anything work related for a while…

Day one had been one of the worst days she had spent locked away in her little room she had been designated to. It didn’t take her very long to realise that she wasn’t the only one to be taken and placed into a locked room. Though she tried not to become affected by it, the loud cry’s and screams that bounced from room to room had taken a small part from her. Y/N tried her best to not think about how long any of the others had been gone for.  

Day two was when she had finally got a good look at the room she had been dumped in. If she wasn’t kidnapped, Y/N would’ve thought she was in a hotel. The room was a small work of art and though it was difficult to forget the fact that she was there against her will, she was by no means uncomfortable.  

A double bet was set against the wall with multiple blankets upon it. She also had a bathroom to the left of her with a shower and toilet sat beside a marble sink. The only thing that reminded her of her situation was the metal door and the colour of the equally metal walls.  

Overtime, what had begun as terror and fright had turned into annoyance and anger. Since the day she had entered the room she had not been given any sort of answers from any of the men who had delivered her food. The only form of communication she got was if one of them wanted to ask if she needed any male company. She had started off by refusing them instantly. As time passed she began to regain her sense of wit and sarcasm.  

Day thirty-six, however, had begun the same way the previous thirty-five had gone. A tray of food would be brought in at nine am containing the days breakfast while Y/N would roll her eyes as she was eye fucked by the guard. “Need a little company in that room of yours, Hun?”  

“Yeah.” Y/N muttered, taking the tray from him as she smiled innocently up at him. “I’d like a Jack Russell if you’re offering… If that’s too much for you, then I might settle for a goldfish. That’s a big might.”  

“Bitch.” Y/N smirked as she watched him scowl at her before shutting the small latch harshly. With a shake of her head, she moved away from the door and took a seat against the wall beside her bed and sighing deeply.  

“What did you ask for this time?”

“A Jack Russell.” One thing she had come to learn of very quickly was that she wasn’t the only ‘famous’ person to be locked away. “You?”  

“What did you go and ask for one of them for?” Came the voice of none other than Alan Carr. “I asked for a nice bottle of gin.”  

Y/N released a laugh as she tried her best not to grin and the small revelation. “What’d he say?”  

“I really don’t think I’ll be getting any, Babe.” Alan said causing her to shake her head in amusement. “Mind you, I’ll be expecting you on my show when we’re rescued.”

“Oh, yeah!” Y/N snorted, laughing slightly as she rolled her eyes. “We can talk about our time together.”

“My thoughts exactly.”

The rest of the morning continued on without any sort of entertainment. Y/N and Alan had an intense game of eye spy which resulted in a lot of bad language and a loud bang on each of their doors as a small argument had broken out over who had truly won.  

However, during what Y/N deemed the afternoon, things began to take a different turning. A series of frantic yelling had been broadcasted over the intercoms that came from somewhere far off as Y/N couldn’t hear exactly what it was being said.  

She had moved from her bed to the door when she heard multiple footsteps and the sounds of weapons being loaded rush past the outside of her room. With an eyebrow raised, Y/N placed her ear against the door, trying to listen for any commotion nearby.  

A shrill, deafening alarm had erupted which caused Y/N to jump, knocking her head on the door as she swore loudly while rubbing the spot with her palm. The alarm continued to rotate between about six different annoying noises of varying pitch and volume. “Would you shut that shit off!”  

Her yelling had gone unheard and though she tried to be anything but annoyed, it was difficult for her to pull herself away from the door. However, as the time began to pass, whatever was going on outside her door had reached peak state. Y/N could hear the frantic yells of both the guards and the people coming from the rooms surrounding her.  

Just as she began to think that it couldn’t get much worse, gunfire began to fill in the quite parts in all the noise. Once again, she had to force herself not to jump as her heart began to beat at an abnormal rate. The combination of noises was enough to force her to place her palms over her ears as she winced at the defining sound.  

No matter how hard she tried, Y/N couldn’t shake the feeling that something bad was going on outside her door. The gunfire began to take over any noise as bullets were being thrown from door to door. Just as quickly as it started, the gunfire stopped just as something was thrown against Y/N’s door.  

She jumped backwards a few feet as she held her hands to her chest, almost trying to insure she was still breathing. Her heart rate began to rocket again as she began to advance on the door once more, eyebrows furrowed as she raised a hand, balling it in a fist. “Merlin, I’m fucked.”  

“The heck?” Y/N muttered to herself as she stared at the door in confusion.  

“They’re coming at me from both sides… I’m out of options.” A male’s voice was heard once more in a tone of slight defeat. “Rox? Rox, I need a favour… Call my mum, tell her to lock herself away from Dean and the baby… And tell her I love her.”

Y/N knew that whoever was speaking was from London. The amount of times she had come into contact with someone with the same accent as him was uncanny. Though she found it difficult to actually believe anyone from London was outside the door, she tried not to rule the small fact out.  

“Is this really a time for that?” Y/N muttered to herself, looking around the room, wondering if she was dreaming or if this was actually happening.  

“Merlin… Remember those implants you said have no use to use? Any chance you can turn them on?”  

“Oh, I am defiantly dreaming!” Y/N muttered angrily, stomping her way towards the bed and throwing herself, face first onto it. “Implants… Sleep is definitely needed.”  

Just when she thought she had finally found her sanity and realised it was a dream, multiple explosions forced her back to her feet as she let out a yell of frustration. One by one, explosions began to fill her ears as she stomped her way to the door and shoved her ear against it once more.  

“Merlin, you’re a fucking genius!”  

“OI!” Y/N shouted, balling her hand into a fist and banging the door a couple of times. “This is starting to take the piss now! Unless you’ve got that Jack Russell, take your explosions elsewhere. I can’t tell if I’m coming or going in here!” Much to her surprise, the small latch on the door was pulled open. Never before had her shouting done the trick but she was glad it did.  

However, her face fell into a frown when she took a good look at the man who had been the one to open the latch. She could tell almost instantly that he wasn’t a guard as he wore a rather fitting suit. She raised a brow as she took in his facial structure, taking a mental note of all the little things she noticed.  

He was slightly taller than her as she had to look up to make eye contact. As soon as the pair did, his eyebrows raised as a look of slight confusion fell onto his face. “Aren’t you that actress that went missing?”  

“Oh, so people know then?” Y/N asked, nodding to herself as she shrugged. “Yeah, so If you could just be a Gent and let me out, I’d be thankful.”  

As soon as she had asked, Y/N could tell he was planning something. A small hidden smirk had overtaken his confusion as he raised his chin slightly. “If I get you out… Would you gimmie a kiss?”  

“No.” Y/N snorted, forcing herself to hold eye contact with him.

“But, I’ve always wanted to kiss a actress.” He said, grinning more brightly as Y/N raised a brow at him and sighed.  

“And I’ve always wanted to kiss a king.” Y/N replied. “You don’t see me complaining.”  

Y/N could see him thinking long and hard about his next move. “How 'bout I become your king and then you could kiss one.”  

“You’re real proud of that one, huh?”  

“Definitely.” He grinned, raising a brow as if asking for an answer.  

“You get me out of here and I’ll give you a kiss… On the cheek.” Y/N bargained, sending him a sweet smile as he pondered over his choice.  

“Good enough for me.” He nodded, moving to pull the door open.  

Y/N grinned brightly as she rubbed her hand together, waiting for the moment she had been waiting for. However, the intercom had spoiled the happiness she had been filled with as a voice broke out, filling the pairs ears. “You mother fucker…. You really think I was stupid enough to plant one of those things in my own head? What are you, fucking crazy?”

“Uh… Who the heck Is that?” Y/N whispered as she moved to the door to get a look outside. “Oh shit… You did all that…”

“All those innocent people killed and for what?” The voice spoke up once more as Y/N tore her eyes away from the mass amount of bodies. “You didn’t stop shit! It’s still happening!”  

“What’s still happening?” Y/N asked, raising a brow at the men before her who looked at her face with a sudden look of annoyance.  

“Sorry love.” He spoke up, offering her a shrug as he moved away. “Gotta save the world.”  

“Hang on!” Y/N demanded, forcing him to look back towards her. “You gonna let me out of here after or what?”  

“Do I get that kiss?”  

“Save the world and sure… You can tick being kissed by an actress off your life goals!” Y/N exclaimed, nodding as she grinned. “Heck, I’ll even kiss you myself!”  

“I’ll be right back.” He replied, suddenly looking happier as he made his way down the corridor.  

“Good luck!"  

Because You Gave It To Me

pairing: Steve Rogers x reader, ft. Bruce (sort of)
contant/warnings: fluff

A short A/N before we begin: Unfortunatly I feel like this one turned out a little worse than my two other imagines so far. I’ve had the idea for some time now but for some reason it took so long to write! I truely hope you enjoy this one-shot either way.

Steve Rogers.

This name made you feel all fuzzy inside, it made your heart race and your face heat up, yet it made you so frustrated at the same time.
You liked how his eyes would glow with happiness whenever he saw you, and how you’d be the only one able to cheer him up at times. You liked how hard he’d try to get you to come along to his morning runs, although at the time it goes something like - “Steve, if you don’t leave me alone right now I promise you I’ll pull out my shoker.” And when he refuses to leave you just scream “GET OUT!”

But the thing that frustrated you so damn much about this man was the fact that you couldn’t confess to him. Just the thought of that made you sick to your stomach because you were 100% sure that he didn’t like you back, so you decided to show him your love the only other way you knew - with hard work.

You knitted him a scarf for winter, the first scarf you’ve ever knit.

The scarf was long and maroon coloured, and you really hoped he’d like it. You even asked Bruce’s opinion about it - he seemed like the only Avengers except for Nat right for this job, and Nat was on a mission - and he told you he thought Steve would love it.

So the next day, you gave Steve the scarf. The moment he held it he had an uncomfortable expression on his face that quickly changed to a smile.
“Wow, (Y/N), this is great! Thank you so much!” He said while you were wondering if you were imagining that face expression or not.
“You’re welcome Steve!” You chuckled at him as he opened his arm to a hug.
The two of you hugged each other tightly and went on with your day.

All that was about a week ago. As of today, the weather has gotten fairly colder and you were meeting Steve for coffee. You were waiting for him by the coffee shop and were surprised to see that he was actually wearing the scarf you gave him.
“I… Umm… Steve, nice to see - um you look good..?” You mumbled something of that sort as you greeted him with a hug.
“Huh.” He said as he sat next to the table outside. Indoors the place was loud and packed so out you could get some peace and quiet, and thankfully both of you were dressed warm enough. “Never thought I’d live to see the day when the (Y/N) (L/N) stutters.” He chuckled.
“It’s nothing, I just didn’t think you’d actually wear it.” You sat in front of him and looked down at the table smiling to yourself.
“It’s cold outside.” He mentioned and ordered some coffee.

Throughout the entire meeting you noticed Steve sometimes shifting uncomfortably, moving his scarf around and playing with it. At times you saw him scratch his neck as if he can’t wait to get that scarf off of him. You naturally thought he didn’t like the scarf and made a mental note for yourself to knit him a new, better scarf.
“Steve? Is everything ok?” You asked him.
“Yeah, I’m just not used to wearing scarfs that’s it.” He gave you the sweetest smile ever, though you didn’t believe him for a second.

Later that day you’ve decided to visit his room in the Avenger tower to apologize just in case and promise to knit him a new scarf.
You knocked on the door moving awkwardly from side to side, waiting for him to open. Although you are in very close relations with the Avengers and used to be one of them, you didn’t come into Steve’s room often. Now you mostly travel a lot to missions in france and spain - for some reason Fury wanted you there more often the other places - and whenever you are in New-York you’d rather hang out with Steve out of the tower and with the team in the big living room.
Steve opened the door and you froze looking right at him. He was wearing flannel pajama pants and a regular white tank top, but one thing caught your attention- no, not his abs, the red rash on his neck and parts of his chest.
“Steve… What the hell is that?” Without thinking twice you pushed him into the room, tracing your fingers against his neck.
He swallowed. “Nice to see you again (Y/N).”
“Steve freaking Rogers, I demand an explination now.” And then it hit you. The itching, the uncomfortable twitching. “You knew didn’t you? When I gave you the scarf you knew you had allergies but you wore the scarf anyways. Are you dumb?” Now you aggressively pushed him back being pissed off that he didn’t tell you.
“Come on, allergies got nothing on me, you know that.” He winked at you. It’s true, Captain America survived a lot worse than that, but it still annoyed you how he’d do something he knew would harm him.
“Steve, I just don’t like the idea of you doing something that you know would make you feel pain for no reason. It’s like… Running into a hydra base unarmed for no reason, just in much smaller proportions.” You sighed.
“Who said there wasn’t a reason?”
“What do you mean?”
“I’d run into a hydra base unarmed if you were there.” He looked down at you and smiled.
“Steve please,” You rubbed your face, “no riddles today. Juat tell me why did you keep the damn scarf?”
He laughed.

“Because you’re the one who made it.” He leaned in and kissed you.

sabor a ti

Originally posted by shineemoon

Title: sabor a ti
Pairing: Kim Kibum/Reader
Genre: Rockstar!AU
Summary: There was nothing better than kissing the worldwide known rockstar Kim Kibum, much more when you’ve waited ever since junior year of high school to do so.
Note: This is a continuation of this scenario. Please read that beforehand.

“Are those Louis Vuitton leather pants?”

“…Am I supposed to know the answer?” At that comment, Sehun makes a silly face and she chuckles, pushing him back by his shoulders as she stares down at her phone, tapping the screen twice to get to like Kibum’s picture.

Kibum, the name immediately sticks to her head because everyone in the whole country was in love with his bad boy atmosphere. Even his delicate features couldn’t fight off the talent that he had at the guitar and how simply attractive he could be when he smirked at his public and caught people’s hearts in interviews with his witty remarks. The same person that used to be a broke student trying to join a band once and he always asked her to fix his guitar when he did something by accident. They were too different worlds now, one that often rotated and continued moving…and the other who was simply stuck in the same place. Just like how Kim Kibum was now a man of recognition and she was the worker of the guitar store that had a very annoying coworker. Indeed, she wasn’t feeling the happiest that day…or that week, even that month if she will because those months had been the longest time she had spent without seeing Kibum and honestly, she was bitter.

Once he promised to take her out for dinner, but his flight got moved to the day they were going to go out, so they ended up saying that they’d meet each other once Kibum was back. As it turns out, the guitarist got another tour right after the one he finished in Korea and now he must be somewhere in Europe making himself well-known and giving excuses as to why they couldn’t go out for dinner yet. She doesn’t quite blame him, it’s his dream finally coming true, but she is also feeling left out. Just like the wind, she was going to fleet away one day; there will be a moment where Kibum doesn’t care about her anymore or he doesn’t continue flirting with her. Like she had told him time and time again, there were millions of people that were a better match for him than her and she doubts a man that has everyone he wants in the palm of his hand will stay loyal to…whatever they are. She puts down the Fender guitar she was putting strings on to and then she lets out the longest sigh that she could muster.

Being nothing was tiring.

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Part Four: Beggars Can’t Be Choosers. (Caged Heat S06E10)

Episode Summary: The Winchesters and the reader are captured by Meg, who is looking for Crowley’s location. The reader proposes they all work together—she and the Winchesters will locate Crowley, in exchange, Meg will torture information out of him on how to get Sam’s soul back and return the reader back to normal before killing him.
Pairing: Dean Winchester x Reader
Warnings: Demon!Reader, mentions of torture and violence. 
Word Count: 6,407.

Previous Part | Supernatural Rewrite Masterlist

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Nine (Part Three)

Pairing: Jonathan Byers x named!Reader

Summary: It’s all about moves. You move into the cabin with El, and Jonathan makes his move on you.

Warnings: swearing

Word Count: 2820

Part One | Part Two | Part Three | Part Four (coming Jan 20th)

series masterlist | stranger things masterlist | full masterlist | ao3

request/ask to be tagged

Joyce had called Hopper down to her house, warning him of the commotion that had happened outside. Jonathan made you some tea in the hopes that it would help calm your nerves since you had confessed to him that you were damn scared and had no clue what to do.

Hopper had a soft knock on the door, and Joyce went to open it while Jonathan sat and comforted you on the couch. You were sitting forward with your elbows on your knees, holding the cup in front of you while Jonathan rubbed your back gently. Will was sitting on one of the other chairs and you could tell that he wasn’t comfortable, but he kept saying how cool it was to see you do everything that you did, even if it did end so horrifically.

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I’m Into You Pt. 1 // Stan Uris

Originally posted by uristoziers

Summary: Stan introduces his new girlfriend to the Losers, and you can’t understand why you hate this news so much.

Request: Do you mind doing a Stan x fem!reader where he ends up dating someone else and the reader writes a song about him liking someone else, and he stumbles upon her singing it about him, and he kind of falls for her, and he sneaks off to hear her sing in like this secret place that she goes to that no one else knows about? Sorry if its really specific i would write this but i dont know how to !!!

Pairing: Stan Uris x Fem! Reader

A/N: This is a three parter, okay? And the first chapter sucks.
For the sake of the story, Stan’s girlfriend is named Monica Rubeck. If either of these names (or her appearance) have any likeness to yours, feel free to change it to whatever you want.


In the Summer of 1989, Stanley Uris snatched himself a girlfriend.

“Hey, Stan, who’s the chick?” Richie’s voice, as loud and obnoxious as always, pulled everyone’s attention to the two approaching figures. The girl standing close beside Stan bounced down the stairs from the school building, bumping against the boy.

Stan waited until the girl had stepped away from his side, shyly offering a smile to the others while fiddling with the edge of her shirt. Her auburn fringe was held back by a silvery clip, and her big doe-like brown eyes and rosy cheeks gave her an insanely sweet look. “I’m Monica Rubeck. The new girl,” She answered softly, nervously, and stepped close to Stan’s side involuntarily.

Nobody spoke for a while, not until (y/n) rolled her eyes and held out a hand to Monica. “Welcome to Derry. I hope the school’s been treating you well.”

Monica’s eyes lit up and she took (y/n)’s hand and shook it vigorously. “It’s been bearable,” She chirped. After (y/n) put her hand back down, the rest of the group began to bombard Monica with questions that were unintelligible. Finally, with (y/n)’s encouraging smile, she managed to get them to be quiet.

“I, uh,” Monica looked to Stan, her fingers curling around her bag straps. “I’ve got to go. Mom needs me to help her bake a pie for tomorrow’s family night.”

Stan smiled at the girl and waved her off. Monica began to run off, but stopped and turned back to the Losers. She waved back at them cheerily. “It was great to meet you all! Bye!”

As she disappeared in the opposite direction, Beverly turned to face Stan. “She seems nice. Is she going to be hanging out with us from now on?”

“I think so. She is my girlfriend, after all.”

In that simple sentence, (y/n)’s heart broke. She barely registered the dramatic gasp from Richie or the sudden excited questions shooting from everyone’s mouths. The sound of her heart thumping in her chest distracted her from the biggest question: Why am I so bothered by this?

Her feelings must’ve shown, because soon the group stopped talking, and she felt Ben elbow her side. His concerned eyes almost tipped her off the edge with the tears burning behind her eyes, but luckily, she was able to swallow them back. “Sorry, sorry. I just remembered that I need to be home right now.”

She didn’t wait for anyone to stop her and all but ran down the street in the direction of her house. Her breath came out in choked gasps, but it wasn’t until she collapsed on her bed that she began to cry. Still, only one thing was on her mind.

Why am I crying?


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Pairing: Jughead Jones x Reader

Description: Jughead’s bike needs some cleaning.

Warnings: Reader’s got a foul mouth.

Word count: 1101

A/N: Y/S/N stands for Your Serpent Name. Season 2B starts tonight! 

Tag: @southsidejuggie @ju-gg @lostnliterature @eternally-infinitely

FP wears a very questioning expression when his son walks back into the Whyte Wyrm shortly after going out, sent on an errand by himself. There’s no way he could’ve done that so fast. “My bike is not starting.”, Juggie tells him with an annoyed expression. “Sweet Pea!” Mere seconds after calling, SP is standing in front of FP’s table. “Get Jughead’s bike on the back of the truck and take him to the garage, please.” He hands him the keys and both boys leave to the parking lot. Fangs helps them getting the bike up in the truck and they head over to the shop. 

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anonymous asked:

With all the Custom Heroes x Jackal Squad Characters going arround, I wonder if the Bird Custom Hero and the Jackal with the red bonnet/biretta are a pair? (My apologize I forgot their names ;_;)

Yes they are—

They dont really havr a name? Fan names for them are Corvin [Bird] and Pierce [Jackal]— so it can be called Pirvin.

I think i discuss this in the Infidget server once and dkdndjdud good

ben-cook-can-cook  asked:

who has the largest collection of sweatshirts & what kind ? (like brand names, plain boring ones etc)

so I think it’s Crutchie (the boy’s always cold for some reason and also he likes to be comfy and stylish and wears beanies to match)

-and he owns everything from plain Fruit of the Loom sweatshirts to Vans (even though the guy’s never owned a pair of Vans) to those novelty sweatshirts with giant pictures of dogs on them

Missing Remote

{ Hi BeiBeis! [cringe lol] This is my first scenario and I’m nervous and excited all at once. I hope that you all enjoy it, but without further ado here is MISSING REMOTE }

Pairing: J-Hope x reader ft. the boys

Key: italics = thoughts ; ___ = where you put preferred name


As I sat on the couch staring at a black TV screen, I yell out to my boyfriend, hoping that he could save me from my dilemma. “ Hobi! I need help!” I yelled, but of course, Hoseok is nowhere to be found. Where is he? Is he even here? I don’t remember him having a schedule… Deciding that I should try one more time, I prepare my lungs.


“Yes, ___?” a dry, scratchy response comes from a man behind me. I turn around on the couch to see my boyfriend. His hair is twisted in all different directions, clearly from sleep. I guess he was taking a nap. A good one too. Now I feel bad. I shouldn’t have woke him up. Ok ___, just get it out quickly.

“What’s wrong? Did something happen?” Ugh, now he’s worried. I shouldn’t have woke him.

“Oh- never mind. It was stupid. Were you sleeping? You should go back to sleep.“ Oh God! Look at that face!  

J- Hope was staring at me with the strongest J- Nope face I have ever seen in all the time we’ve been together. It was the most nerve-wrecking face I have ever came across. As Hoseok bore his deadly glare at me, I took to looking at anything but him.

“ Well, I’m up now. Just tell me what you wanted.”

“I, uh, I can’t find the remote…” DON’T LOOK DON’T LOOK DON’T LOOK! 

“What?” he questioned.

“I, uh, I-I-”

“No, no, I heard you, but you woke me up for-” he started.

“I know, I’m sorry go back to sleep.”

“___, It’s okay. I’ll help you.”

Up and down Hoseok and I searched the house. We looked under every bed, in the couch, in the cabinets, and even in the refrigerator. There was only one last place to look that we could think of.

“ What about Rosie’s house?”

Rosie is our one year old KitKat, or that’s what J- Hope likes to call her. He says that in his eyes even when she becomes a cat she will always be his kitten. The kitten cat is very mischievous. She always steals from Hobi and I. We declared that she suffers from kleptomania. She takes bras, boxers, socks, and Christmas decorations; she stocked up on the ribbons.

Since Rosie’s hide-away is the last resort we went to the little corner in the living room where the KitKat resides. Lifting up the cat sized house we saw nothing but a bed covered in socks that went missing a few weeks ago. Rosie was nowhere in sight until we heard the faintest meow. Looking over my shoulder I saw the tri-colored cat peaking her head around the corner.
Hobi turned his head to look at me. “I don’t know where else to look. I give up,” he commented.

“Same, this was the only place left,” I sighed.

The both of us looked at each other then flopped on our back, faces towards the ceiling, still in front of the cat house. Rosie slowly strutted over to my left climbed on top of me before proceeding to Hoseok on my right just to get inside her house and stare at the side of Hobi’s face. She clearly didn’t have a care in the world. Why would she, she’s a cat that doesn’t even watch TV unless she hears cats meowing from her favorite show Too Cute! on Animal Planet.

“Typical cat,” Hobi scoffed.

Just a few minutes later the front door was unlocking and opening and a trail of footsteps could be heard. It must be the boys.  

“Well, where are they?” Jimin. 

“Maybe their-” Not allowing that sentence to go any further whether it was good or bad, I stuck my arm up in the air to show our location.

“We’re over here guys,” J- Hope said for me.

The sound of more feet shuffling came closer to our area and I turn my head to the side. Socks and sandals make their way into my vision. Its either Tae or Joon. Taehyun crouches to my eye level, “Noona, what are you two doing?” A chorus of questions followed.

“Well, we were trying to find the TV remote, but it seems like it just got up and walked away,” Hope answered.

While we were sitting up they were sitting down with their legs crossed. Looking at all their faces one stuck out from the rest. He was looking at me like he was trying to communicate silently. Quietly saying sorry.

Jungkook decided to be a snitch and loudly stated, “It was Yoongi hyung!” This caused everyone to laugh except the convict himself. He just stared at me. I bet he’s dying on the inside.

“What happened to it?” I asked.

With the straightest most deadpanned face he replied, “It was the cat.”