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Mickey helping Emil shave~

Anon is trying to KILL ME. 

“I’m not exactly sure,” and Michele can’t miss the way Emil catches his bottom lip between his teeth. “This takes a long time to cultivate,” he scratches his untrimmed beard lightly with his nails. “Without it, I’m afraid I’ll look like a kid.” 

“Trust me Emil, the ladies like a clean shave.” Michele clenches his jaw and smirks in a way that’s rehearsed. He always does that when he tries to play the cooler older friend. 

“Did Sara say that?” 

“Of course.” 

Emil considers it for a moment. Michele offered to help him. The opportunity to have Mickey hold him close and have his undivided attention is too alluring to simply brush off. “You can do the sides.” Then he adds, “And maybe a trim. If you promise to be gentle with me.” 

He doesn’t for a moment miss the way Michele blushes. It makes his chest swell with pride, and maybe something akin to hope. Michele’s hands are soft, but apply just enough pressure as he grabs his chin and tilts it upward. 

The rapid strokes of the razor are hypnotic. Emil hopes that Michele will dote on him in this way always. 

Fic: Every Minute and Every Hour (I Miss You More) (2/?)

(Pt 1)

Fandom: The 100

Pairing: Kabby

Word Count: 2195

(A/N: This conversation follows on just a couple hours from the first one. Again, between the end of episode 5 and the beginning of 6. Here be angst.)


The sound of his name, filled with static, spoken so quietly into the ether, would not have woken him had he been asleep, and Marcus thinks perhaps that was Abby’s intention. She whispers his name through the radio like a prayer, hoping for an answer but not necessarily expecting one in the small hours of the morning.

What Marcus hasn’t told her is that he can’t sleep without her anymore, and only snatches what little rest he can when he passes out from exhaustion.

So, in a heartbeat, he has the radio in hand,

“Abby, I’m here.”

“Hi,” She breathes, and he can imagine the small, relieved smile he hears in her voice, “Did I wake you?”

“No. No, I wasn’t sleeping.”

“Why not?” He recognises her concerned Dr Griffin tone and wants to laugh, but then quickly wants to cry with how much he misses her right now. The patterns of her speech are as dear and familiar to him as each expression that crosses her face; the warm brown of her eyes.

“Just… too much to think about.” He says, vaguely, “Why aren’t you sleeping?” He tries not to sound accusatory, simply mirroring her concern.

There is a pause, then, with the kind of raw emotional honesty that comes from being worn down and far away from the one you love in the middle of the night, she says, tremulously, “I miss you.”

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Meet Me by the River - c0rnfl0wer - Yuri!!! on Ice (Anime) [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

I’ll make a pretty banner for this later but I just posted my first story on Slavic mythology !!  It’s based on Kupala Night, an old holiday when young people would celebrate then get lucky in the woods. It actually has a plot though, just so you know, lol, along with a happy ending and nsfw stuff and long-haired Viktor & Yuuri. It also properly demonstrates Russian naming conventions & lightly explains the holiday throughout the story. It’s really not a complicated story, it should be just fine for anyone, & I added additional notes at the end just in case. So highly recommend because I put a lot of work into it and love it, lol.

The Specs:
Word count: 11k+
Rating: E
Genre: historical au, mythology au, fantasy au, soulmate au
Pairing: Victor Nikiforov / Katsuki Yuuri, victuuri

some personal shizuka headcanons bc i can’t help myself:

  • prefers to use her japanese name over her english name (unlike joey), because she has spent more of her life there (also their mother is japanese and her influence is strong on shizuka, unlike jo).
  • one hundred percent calls her brother out on all of his stupid shit one hundred percent of the time (“TWO PAIRS OF TIMBS, SHIZUKA!” / “OH MY GOD, YOU LOOK STUPID!”)
  • when she and joey have been speaking english to each other for a while, she starts slipping into her new york accent just as badly as him.
  • just as freckled as joey - she has all of the ginger genes in the family. 
  • chants quietly trans woman trans woman trans woman
Sleeping Beauty

Sentence Starter: “She’s behind the sofa.”

Pairing: Rick x Negan

Type: Dabble

Warnings: None, Pure Fluff, Non-ZA, Grimes family 2.0

Rating: G

Notes: This is me procrastinating doing what I’m supposed to be doing, it’s also my first time writing regan/negick whatever their ship name is. PS. Judith is at an age where she can have a relatively comprehensive conversation. This is pretty short. Hope you like it!


Originally posted by heartfulloffandoms

It was 10.36am and Rick could not believe he had only just woken up, he would have thought the screaming of one of his kids or the neediness of his grown ass boyfriend would have awoken him from his slumber by now. Then he thinks shit, what if something’s happened? He jumps out of bed, straightening his boxes and scratching at his bare chest. He opens his bedroom door and peaks his head out into the hall, investigating the empty corridor. It’s quiet, too quiet in fact. He turns his head to look at Negan’s side table and sees his phone there, Negan wouldn’t ever leave without that darn thing so they’re obviously still here.

He waltzes out the door and tip toes down the staircase, listening for any signs of his family. Running his hands through his greying curls he enters the kitchen, seeing Negan siting at the table reading the newspaper. He stands at the entrance, looking around for any of his children.

“Well look who it fucking is, my sleeping beauty. C’mere.” Negan says, folding the newspaper and placing it on the table.

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Please Stay pt 1

Pairing: Archie Andrews x Reader

Warnings: Fighting, Angst, possibly cussing, Bad writing <3

Word Count:771

The chill of autumn was taken off my tan skin as I entered Pop’s with my newest fling. Honestly I couldn’t even tell you his name but he was a varsity… something. A wrestler maybe. It doesn’t matter as long as I had someone to drag my attention away from Archie and his girlfriend.

“Hey Arch, mind if I sit with you guys?” I asked calmly, trying to keep the emptiness and anxiety that was crawling up my spine from showing on my face.

“Y-Yeah Y/N” Archie responded. His eyebrows were raised and his lips slightly parted in surprise at the new face that took its seat next to me.

“Christian right?” Archie began conversation as his girlfriend shot daggers at me. Her dark eyes didn’t leave me as I tried to casually tried to join in on the conversation.

“ Y/N don’t speak unless spoken to ok?” Christian said with a smile before continuing on with his story to a now unpleasant Archie. I put my head in my hand and sighed before Pop came over with two menus for Christian and I.

“What are you thinking about getting?” Archie said with a goofy smile.


“A burger and chocolate shake” Archie finishes causing us both to erupt in giggles.

“Yeah no… I don’t think so… Maybe a salad because you look like a cow Y/N. Time to start slimming down ” Christian laughed, causing my smile to drop clean off my face. Archie’s face also dropped but to a different expression. Anger. His eyes darkened and his brow furrowed as his fist clenched the table.

“Christian, you need to stop ok?” Archie said, his voice trembling with anger.

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[Don’t Lose Heart]

Series: Boku no Hero Academia
Pairing: Todomomo. 
Setting: Canon.
Genre(s): Romance, hurt/comfort. 

A/N: so I just finished reading the BNHA manga in two days and I’m not used to character/ship names yet, but I really want to start writing in the fandom. So, consider this my way of dipping a toe in foreign waters before letting the waves pull me in.

Summary: When random allocation places Todoroki as her opponent, Momo begins to lose face. 

Momo’s heartbeat was deafening. A hush stole into the common room, leaving her alone with the quiet. A half-moon watched over her through the window, sending shadows skittering across the floor. Dust swirled and scattered in the cool air. Though silent with the absence of Momo’s classmates, the room had never seemed so obnoxiously loud. Hidden somewhere in the quiet, Aizawa’s voice was a faded ringing in her ears that pulsed in and out of her head.

Today, I’m going to assign each of you an opponent at random

The class had cheered – of course they had. This was an opportunity to display their special moves. An opportunity to advance and grow. To challenge their peers, their friends, and move forward together.  

Details of the match will be given on the grounds tomorrow morning. Since this is a demonstration of your technique and not an examination of your response time, you’ll have the opportunity to form strategies before class tomorrow. Use this time wisely. 

‘A strategy…against Todoroki.’ Momo let out a long breath she’d been holding in. ‘I wonder what kind of strategy he’ll use against me.’

Would someone like Todoroki even need a strategy? In terms of battle, he was strong enough to fend off her attacks. Momo’s grades were higher than Todoroki’s, but he was arguably more suited to practical battles than she was. Compared to Todoroki, Momo was…

‘You can’t sleep either?’

Momo started at the sound of footsteps padding across the floor behind her. Craning her neck to glance over the back of the couch, she spotted Todoroki approaching from behind. Flecks of hair stood out in a disarray, telltale signs of his attempt to sleep. It seemed strange to Momo that he’d have any trouble at all. 

At least he’d made it to bed, she thought. That was more than she’d managed to do.

‘Normally, whenever we participate in practical events, the class is thrown into it spontaneously. Our pairings are decided on the day and we’re forced to think on our feet.’ Momo’s gaze flicked away from Todoroki’s as he sat down beside her. ‘Now that I have time to think…it’s like my thoughts have abandoned me. I can’t create a strategy like this.’

‘A creator who can’t create,’ Todoroki mumbled. ‘Sounds tough.’

Momo laced her fingers together on her lap. ‘I told myself that I would keep pushing forward of my own volition,’ she said. ‘I don’t want to chase someone else’s back for the rest of my life. I want to look past them, into the distance, and reach for my own future. But, while trying to focus on strategy, I fall back into the same pattern again. Of comparing myself to the others. To…you.’

Todoroki’s lips threatened a smile that he seemed to suppress out of respect for Momo’s feelings. Instead, he leaned back on the couch and let out a quiet yawn. Contagious as it was, Momo was too frustrated to let it tempt her into slumber. 

‘So,’ she started, averting her gaze back to his, ‘what’s keeping you up so late?’

Todoroki seemed to consider before answering. ‘I’m looking forward to it.’

Momo could only stare at him.

‘To our battle,’ he explained.  

Momo’s heart gave a subtle flutter that only seemed to spread the nausea in her stomach. ‘You’re looking forward to it?’

‘Yeah,’ he said, shifting towards her. 

When their knees touched, Momo became suddenly aware of his presence, and of the way she’d poured her feelings out without ever stopping to see if he was interested. All at once she felt exposed and vulnerable – and just a tad embarrassed about what she’d blurted out. 

‘I’m not sure I’ll be much of an opponent for you,’ she confessed. ‘I’m not…’

Todoroki’s expression hardened. He leveled his gaze with hers, luring her deep into eyes that burned like ice on flesh. ‘Tomorrow, I won’t be holding back. That’s what I came to tell you.’

A chill danced up Momo’s spine. ‘I…’

‘If you’re not here to give it your all, then leave.’

When he stood, Momo latched onto his wrist, stopping him in his tracks. ‘I’ll make you use both sides,’ she challenged, letting her eyes flicker between his shoulders. ‘I’m going to give it my all. So much so that you’re forced to wield ice and fire if you want to beat me. That’s what a hero should do!’

Todoroki’s lips curved up into a smile. He turned to face her, placing a hand over the one she’d used to grab his wrist. Momo’s heart felt as though it might burst with the new lease of courage that kindled inside her. She’d been foolish to question things. It didn’t matter who her opponent was – they were all training to be heroes. They all needed to do their best for the sake of the lives they wanted to save. 

‘You’re not the only one who’s nervous,’ he told her. ‘One day, we won’t be surrounded by school walls anymore. We’ll be the ones tasked with saving people. As long as you give it your all tomorrow, you can face defeat knowing you tried your best. Losing now means you can correct your mistakes. One day, it’ll be the difference between life and death. It’s better to worry now than in the future, when people need you to win.’ Todoroki gave a reassuring nod. ‘Don’t question your abilities or your quirk. They’re part of you and will grow as you do. Heroes can’t afford to lose heart.’

Somehow, Todoroki seemed even cooler than before. Momo’s heart felt suddenly lighter, as though a weight had been lifted off her chest. Todoroki had come so far since they’d become classmates. Everyone was doing their best to mature and grow. She should do her best, too. 

Withdrawing her hand, Momo found herself unable to stop smiling. ‘My goal tomorrow is victory,’ she said. ‘Nothing less.’

Todoroki turned back towards the stairs. ‘Then you’d better get some sleep. I won’t forgive you if you tire in the middle of battle.’

Momo stared at his back as he left. The way he walked exuded confidence, but there was a hint of gentleness carried in the sound of his quiet footsteps. Why was it that a simple word from Todoroki made all the difference in the world? 

And had his shoulders…always been so broad? 

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Has anyone ever told you that your last name is very accurate because Caleb/Adam and Sam/Mark are the most adorable pairings ever and I am shippen them so hard right now? (Seriously. I love your writing and your name.)

I’ve had my name my whole life so it never occurred to me to make puns on it! But yes, it is the perfect name for shipping stuff, which is good because I live for shipping. I’m glad that you’re on board with both those pairings!

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Zelink, whore

Okay, slut.

But which Zelink? Since you didn’t specify I’m going with BotW. XD 

send me a pair name and I’ll tell you what I think it would be like if they had a child.

  • Name: Rhoam
  • Gender: Boy <3 
  • General Appearance: Has Zelda’s blonde thick hair done in Link’s fashion yet shorter? Maybe? And Zelda’s green eyes, but Link’s skin tone. 
  • Personality: Very sweet, and takes a lot after Zelda with his expectations and loving research. Yet, he doesn’t mind learning the Knight way under Link cause he finds his father to be inspirational and only hopes he can reach up to their expectations as a loyal prince. Though, much like Zelda use to do, he’d probably go out wondering about instead of doing his Knightly/Prince duties when he wants to catch a break. 
  • Special Talents: Holding the fastest record for how many apples he can eat. 
  • Who they like better: Both. <3 
  • Who they take after more: Zelda
  • Personal Head canon: Unlike many Prince/Princess stories he actually doesn’t mind his duties. Training as a knight with his father as well as reading up on research with his Mother is what he loves to do. He takes his role as Prince with pride. Though he does wish he’d have a little more time to himself to explore the world around him. 
  • Face Claim: Don’t care for Face Claims. XD So whoever one wants to think he’d be. 
Amnesia: The Blurred Lines Between Sanity and Insanity

Originally posted by studioimagin

Title: Amnesia: Between Sanity and Insanity
Subtitle: The Blurred Lines of Love
Chapter: One of (yet to be decided)
Pairing: Rin Okumura x Reader
Warnings: self-loathing, confusion
Setting: Continuation of Amnesia, the reaction/scenario

You were staring at the ceiling, white as the rest of the room as it was typical for a hospital room. You didn’t know if you had been in a hospital before because you knew nothing.

Not your hobbies.

Not what you did for a living.

Not even your own bloody name.

The doctors had called it amnesia. Your first thought was that this was a rather lovely name for what had happened to your memories.

They were gone.

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Be My Soulmate- Lumière x Reader

Pairing: Lumière (Beauty and the Beast) X Reader

Request: None I’m shameless

Word Count: 1,506

AU: Soulmate AU- When you meet your soulmate, the first words you say to them are tattooed (painlessly) somewhere on your body (called a Mark).

Warnings: I don’t believe there are any, but message me if I am wrong

(F/c) means favorite color

(Y/n) means your name

“Plumette, I need your help over here,” you say to your close friend as you sit at the large vanity in the room you shared with your closest friend. After the castle was cursed and you were both turned into feather dusters, because you were both maids, you decided to share a room and simply have not switched back to seperate ones yet. She quickly made her way across the room to you from her former position in front of the closet, trying to sort out which dresses were hers and which belonged to you.

“What are you having trouble with, Y/n?” Asked Plumette.

“You know that beautiful (f/c) dress I bought before the curse took hold of the castle?” You asked, receiving from Plumette a nod in response. “Well, I was planning on wearing that tonight.”

“I am not seeing the problem,” Plumette said, “you look absolutely beautiful in that dress. I’m sure a certain former-candle would say the same.” She finished with a teasing smile.

“Candelabra,” you correct, playfully swatting at her arm. “But let me finish. The problem is that I wanted to put my hair up, but thanks to my level of talent in the hairstyling field, I would need a million more hands to accomplish it. Could you help me?”

At you words, Plumette smiled and her eyes lit up. She loved to style other peoples’ hair, especially after the curse as she had been unable to do so for so long. She quickly got to work, twisting and pinning your hair up, carefully hiding the pins within the hair. Everything was going smoothly, until she suddenly froze behind you when she was nearly finished with your hair.

“What is it Plume?” You asked, using a nickname you knew she disliked. Plumette didn’t even seem to notice, as she stayed frozen.

“Y/n, how did you and Lumière meet?” She asked, slowly beginning to finish the updo.

“I’ve told you before, but alright. I had been trying to find you in the castle a few days after the enchantress laid the curse upon the castle. When I began looking around in the kitchen however, I was still not used to my new wings so I began to falter and fall. I thought I was going to hit the ground and possibly splinter into a billion pieces, but then I heard a voice from below exclaim, ‘I’ve got you mademoiselle’ and the next thing I know I am looking up at a golden, literally golden, humanoid face with a candle on top of his head. He was my hero.” You explained, sighing as you remembered the day. Even now, remembering it made you blush. Not to mention it reminded you of your feelings for Lumière.

“Did you happen to respond with, ‘well, this is awkward?” Asked Plumette as she finished pulling your hair up elegantly. You thought that you could detect a hint of a smirk in her tone, but you brushed it off as nothing.

“Yes,” you say in confusion, “but how do you know that?”

“Because it is written across the back of your neck, Y/n. Rather elegantly, might I add.”

At Plumette’s words you froze in your chair. You were shocked into silence. All of this time you had thought that you merely harbored a crush for Lumière.

“Y/n,” said Plumette, bringing you back to reality from the realm of your mind, “you do know what this means, I assume.”

“Yes,” you whisper. “Lumière is my soulmate.” Your long hair had prevented you from seeing the Mark before, not to mention the fact that it was a place you could only see if you rigged up a couple of mirrors. It must have appeared after the curse was lifted, the curse blocking it from appearing immediately.

“Do you think that Lumière already knows?” Questioned Plumette.

“He must already know.” You respond. “There is no way that both of us would somehow miss our Marks.”

But if he does know already, why hasn’t he said anything to me already?

Before you could overthink the situation further, Plumette came in as the voice of reason.

“I’m sure that he has a reason for not saying anything, if he has even already seen the Mark, that is.” She says, calming you down a bit before you could spiral into a frenzy.

You then quickly got dressed into your (f/c) ballgown, with the help of Plumette of course, and made your way down to the ballroom where one of Prince Adam’s new regular dances was to be held tonight. Plumette quickly found a partner to dance with when you entered the room. You were sure that someday her soulmate will have the words “would you like to dance?” somewhere on their body, the way that dances seemed to go for her.

“You look very beautiful tonight, mademoiselle.” Came a familiar voice from behind you.

Bonsoir (Good evening) Lumière.” You said, turning to the handsome man beside you. He truly did look nice tonight, as he was dressed elegantly yet was still able to show off his masculinity. “You look very handsome tonight, monsieur.” You tell Lumière, mirroring his compliment to you earlier. You smiled at him, which he quickly returned.

“Would you care to dance with me, Y/n?” Asked Lumière with his signature dashing, debonair smile. You smiled wider, taking the arm that he extended to you and allowing him to lead you to the dance floor. You surprised yourself, dancing as elegantly as you had before the curse had been laid upon the castle and all within. You had expected yourself to be more rusty and embarrass yourself after all the time spent not being able to dance properly, but the universe was working in your favor tonight. The two of you spun gracefully around the room, and looking up into Lumière’s eyes you felt as if you were the only two people in the world that night. You took a deep breath as the song ended.

“Lumière, could I talk to you for a moment?” You asked the male, “alone?”

Lumière looked at you suspiciously, but nodded and offered his arm to you again. You took it, and he led you off of the dance floor and away from the crowd. After walking for a few minutes the two of you ended up in a hallway far away from all of the people coming to dance at the castle.

“What were you wanting to talk to e about, mon ange (My angel)?” Asked Lumière, making you blush at the pet name he called you.

“I just wanted to tell you that, uhm…” You began, trailing off as you lost your nerve. You realized the weight of what you were about to say, what you were about to reveal. What if he hadn’t said anything because he didn’t get a mark?

“Y/n, are you alright?” Asked Lumière, his eyes filled with concern as he grabbed one of your hands in his own, sending a wave of electricity to flow up your arm.

“Yes,” you responded, never wanting him to let go. “It’s just that…” You paused to gather your courage, “ I found my Mark earlier today, before the ball. Lumière, you are my soulmate.” For a moment it was silent, and you had feared that you had made the wrong move. Then Lumière’s face erupted into a dashing smile again.

“Oh Y/n, I was so afraid that there had been a mistake int he system for the past couple of days. I knew that I had a Mark, and that I was meant for you, but you didn’t seem to have one for me. You have no idea how happy I am right now,” said Lumière, lifting up his shirt sleeve to reveal the words, ‘I’ve got you mademoiselle’ on his arm. “Where is your Mark?”

“On the back of my neck,” you said with a giggle. 

Lumière laughed along with you, “well no wonder you missed it. Do you mind if I see it?”

You turned around so that he could see, nodding in a response to his question as you did so. Lumière reached toward you, his fingertips grazing your neck, tracing the phrase. The feeling sent a shiver up your spine and electricity throughout your entire body. He grabbed you by the waist, spinning you to face him again.

“I love you, mon ange.” He said sincerely, gazing down into your eyes. He left his hands around your waist, and you never wanted him to move them. You gazed back up into his eyes, smiling.

“I love you too Lumière.” And with that, his lips crashed down to meet yours. Or at least, that is what his plan had been. The two of you bumped noses, causes laughter to erupt from the both of you. You met him halfway this time, pecking him on the lips. The two of you were infinitely happy, it was as if life was a fairytale.

                                                       The End

Exes and Uh-Ohs -- Rumbelle Fic -- Part 18 of my “Gone to the Dogs” series . . .

Basic Summary of this verse:  A modern Rumbelle AU wherein Belle has a Great Dane/Bernese Mountain Dog mix named Sophie and Gold has a Wheaten Scottish Terrier named Stewart. The dogs fall for one another at the dog park, and nudge their owners to follow suit. Hijinks ensue. Also contains a teenage Bae and Emma as secondary characters.

This verse was the winner of the 2016 TEA for “Best Side Pairing – Stewart and Sophie.”

New to the Gone to the Dogs verse?  You can catch up on all 17 previous parts on AO3 – in chronological order:  

Part One: Gone to the Dogs; Part Two:  Matchmakers; Part Three:  Marking Territory; Part Four:  Dog Sitting; Part Five:  Just a Fantasy; Part Six:  Dinner Date; Part Seven:  Sit and Stay; Part Eight:  Kyla; Part Nine:  Kiss Me; Part Ten:  Girlfriend and Boyfriend; Part Eleven:  Coffee; Part Twelve:  Library Books and Wishing Wells; Part Thirteen:  Dream a Little Dream of Me; Part Fourteen:  Video Games; Part Fifteen:  Headache; Part Sixteen:  Stormy Night; Part Seventeen:  Runaway

Part Eighteen:  Exes and Uh-Ohs (AO3 link if you prefer or simply read it right here in this post)

Summary:  Gold and Belle spend a romantic weekend at a cabin, that is disrupted by an unexpected guest and a romantic surprise for Belle ends up becoming a bit of a problematic situation for Gold.

This entry takes place about SIX WEEKS after the events of the past entry, “Runaway.” Only TWO MORE entries to this verse, then it’s DONE. Anything you’d like to see happen - please let me know in the replies and I will do my best! Enjoy!

Exes and Uh-Ohs

Belle and Gold sighed serenely as they cuddled in bed, glancing at one another through sleepy eyes in the glow of the sunlight peeking through the window. Bae was on his annual camping trip with the Nolans, and Belle and Gold decided to take the weekend for themselves to enjoy. Gold found a quiet, rustic cabin in Vermont, and spent the weekend tucked away together.

“Good morning,” Gold whispered as he pulled her naked body closer to his. “Sleep well?”

“Very much. I love it here. Can we come back again?”

“I would love that,” Gold replied, and they shared several light kisses on the lips.

“I take it I didn’t kick you last night then?”

“You’re definitely becoming a more settled sleeper.”

“You still snore a bit though,” Belle teased. “It’s okay though – it’s kind of relaxing. So – what’s the plan for today?”

“Wouldn’t mind doing this all day – unfortunately we have to be out of here by three, so – I was just planning on cooking you a nice, romantic lunch.”

“That sounds lovely.” Belle climbed on top of him and kissed him. “I hope Bae is having fun this weekend.”

“He better not be having this kind of fun,” Gold commented.

“I think that the Nolans are being a bit more proactive about that sort of thing now. So – you up for some morning fun?”

“I think you know the answer to that,” Gold replied, and Belle smirked as she felt him rock hard up against her body.

“It is kind of obvious, I suppose.” Belle and Gold melted into a deep kiss, that was interrupted by a loud, booming bark, followed by the sensation of a small presence on the bed, then a small, demanding yip. Belle sighed and buried her face in Gold’s chest. “Why did we bring them?”

“Because you thought it would it would ‘fun for them to tag along’ on our trip,” Gold reminded her. “I’d have been perfectly content with paying someone to look after them this weekend, you’re the one who insisted otherwise.”

“Next time I have an idea, please stop me.”

“Sweetheart, if I were capable of doing that, we wouldn’t be here, and our conversation would have ended after our first meeting.”

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ohgaston ► evansluke

also! I made a sideblog for everything shipping. it’s over here at @barduil! all ships will be tagged by their name :) I won’t post ship things on this blog anymore, except stuff related to my fics, like aesthetics, and canon pairings.

and here’s my exclusively luke evans blog: @lukevanski


Hello. Hi. I hope I got your attention
Patryk is a real life person, with his own life and probably girlfriend
PATRYCK is a fictional character associated with Tord and Paul.

Oh. My. God.

That post floating around of stupid names white people give their kids? I’m at my aunt’s in the fancy part of Orange County and some dad who sounds like a hipster douchebag just went yelling after this kid “Jameson, STOP, Jameson!!!”

…….did you people name your kid after booze? Because my sister once had a pair of cats who were captain and morgan but they were CATS.

anonymous asked:

Are there any other shipping pairs in your RP group (since you mentioned Galaren) that you have?

Mmm the Dragon Age rp group isn’t really what it used to be. It’s no longer exclusive, and a lot of the blogs are on hiatus right now. A decent amount of relationships did crop up though.

Cullen/Samson was canon for a good while but broke off before Trespasser started because it’s Sullen and no one is allowed to be happy. 

When Galaren showed up in the rp he pretty quickly got involved with another OC that had been around for a while named Lasair, but it ended after a short period.

Solas/Fenris was basically canon in regards to reciprocation but never went anywhere (because I was a coward.) That was obvious in their interactions over his poetry and the two painful follow up threads, the shortest of which we call the Six Lines. It still hurts to think about it.

Galaren/Fenris happened in the interim between the time skip, which was made obvious by their passive aggressive poetry and not-really-subtle double meanings in their conversations. In another universe, they are happily together.

Fenris was real on self-sabotage in that rp honestly ahha. ahhahah…

Cassandra/Varric was canon before the Trespasser switch over and I believe it remained but I’m uncertain. They kinda sold me on the ship, at least from the stark “No” that I felt before the rp.

An interpretation of Cullen’s main scout Jim and an OC named James got together, and it was very cute (besides Galaren nearly getting stabbed, which was exciting as shit, but not super cute.)

Hmmm if there are any other ships I don’t really recall them at the moment. The ships weren’t the big reason we started writing with each other, so they weren’t super pivotal. Just tried to let them happen naturally if they did at all. :) That made them all the better and more interesting when they did finally happen.

anonymous asked:

What other characters from HP do you ship?

Uhhhh, a lot.  I just don’t like…love them as the primary ship, if that make sense? Pretty much, I like all the ships that COULD be canon without changing the fundamental personalities of the characters.

I like Harry/Luna or Harry/Ginny.

I like Remus/Sirius, because it make sense to me.  Maybe with Tonks in the middle.

I enjoy Fleur/Bill.

Draco/Luna is fun. It was my B plot for one of my stories.

Dumbledore/Fudge or Dumbledore/Grindelwald isn’t exactly my favorite to think of, but I like imagining it because it makes sense based on canon.

Minerva/Severus (but it has to be written properly).

Ron/Harry (insert “but he’s basically Ginny with short hair” jokes here)

But really, I’d read any pairing/ship if the writer makes me BELIEVE in it.  If it’s an actual story and not just smut with name window dressing, I want to believe that it could be true based on who the characters ARE. If you can do that and you can do that well, then I’m sold.