is there a nyan neko sugar girls fandom


You are the NYAN~! NEKO SUGAR GIRLS FANDOM, and everything is just so SUGOI DESU!!!

You are the FANDOM one of the most INFAMOUS FANIMES on the internet, Nyan~!! Most people, including half of yourself, points out that really the ENTIRE THING is just an ENORMOUSHOAX and an acute sense of TROLLING, but you can’t help but IRONICALLYENJOY the SHITTY-NESS of it all. You love your WINGS, ABILITY to SHAPESHIFT into a CAT, and your special MAGICAL GIRL TRANSFORMATION that gives you INCREDIBLE POWER.

When you speak, you enjoy speaking with a wonderful real Japanese accent desu~!! And you’re never not エキサイティング enough to not use tildes and exclaimation points desu~!!1!

I regret everything and nothing.