is there a clever ship name for these two

What is it?
A creations challenge (which includes fics, art, vidding, giffing, and any other form of art used for fan creations) just for the Rare Ships (I consider “rare” anything that isn’t the two main ships Destiel and Wincest). So you Denny, Abadden, Sabriel, Samifer, Megstiel, DonnaJody, DeanMary, Deanmara, Gabifer, Wincestiel, SamClaire (or any of the hundreds of others) come and show your love for the ships that never get enough love!

What is this month’s theme?
This month’s theme is bad-dragon! This is an “adult” theme this month. Bad-Dragon, for those of you that don’t know, is a brand of eccentric adult toy. Clever names and even cleverer designs - they are certainly not toys for the faint hearted. This month you’re welcome to go smutty or, as many of you prefer, you can take it a more humorous route - with the eccentricity and uniqueness of each toy, there are a million ways you could go - and not all of them involving smut (so don’t be shy if you don’t write smut! Fluff, angst, and crack are all welcome as well!) 
And, as always, you’re welcome to interpret the prompt as you see fit. It doesn’t have to include the toy specifically even - it could be the name or appendage of some monster or even a play on just the name of the toy! It’s all up to you!

How do we sign up?
- Sign ups are open until June 30th!
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- Send an ask to the page telling me your choice for ship. (I am allowing you to sign up for up to 3 ships, however this will give you 3 prompts, so please be sure you can complete all of them if you choose to sign up for more than one!)
- You can follow the page, but it’s not required.

What happens when we sign up?
- On July 1st-2nd, I will be sending you a submission with your prompt and your partner.
- Remember this is not a collaboration challenge - the partners are simply to get a few different takes on the same prompt!
- Due to the nature of the theme this month - I will be including a link to the toy that you received for your prompt so you can see what you’ve been given if you choose to!
- You have until July 31st to create your art piece based on this prompt.
- When you post it, be sure to tag #spnrareshipcc, your partner’s url, and your ship in the first five tags, or I won’t see it! (Please tag NSFW if you have any nsfw material).
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-If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to check out my FAQ page or my rules page, or just send us an ask!


Twin Peaks watch Episode 6: Pictured above something that is called the male gaze shot. It is even complete with Harry gulping. Because Big Ed is also there, I am sure lots of people just glance over the fact that they just romantically introduced Dale to Harry. It´s kinda like those boy waits for girl to come down in her prom gown shots. Minus the stairs. Just the long enter from the smoke room. Mind you, that smile is just for Harry. When Dale turns to answer Ed, the smile disappears.

Disclaimer: I am no sure if I can call myself a Twin peaks virgin anymore, having already watched the first season. And a big part of the second season. But I am still here for the homoerotic subtext and the damned good coffee I guess. Tagging welkinalauda who is doing this watch with me. (This is a link to their post.) I like long posts and lots of screencaps so I will put this under a read more.

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The Last Kingdom Sentence Starters

Since this grew out to be a rather long collection - below the cut is a list of 107 sentences from The Last Kingdom SEASON ONE. Beware of spoilers. NSFW sentences have been tagged! 

You can find another 126 sentences from season two here.

Please do feel free to change names/locations/details if this would better benefit your muse or thread!


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With permission from lettherebedoodles I decided to take their amazing Racebent Disney Princess Series and, rather than just seeing them as different versions of the original characters, give them stories and fairy tales of their own. I plan on doing their entire series- hopefully I won’t disappoint!

Some of the stories will be based on the culture the new heroine is based on, and others will be stories from other cultures (such as ‘traditional’ western fairy tales), even real life people will inspire these Disney-style Princesses and Heroines. But please remember-this is all for fun. I’m not pretending to be an expert on any of this. I’ll try my best to do right by these characters and cultures, and if there is something horribly offensive, please let me know how I can fix it.

Sorry I’m a crappy graphic designer, btw.

Part 1

Part 2

Titrit- Munyal

Based on the fairy tale The Black Bull of Norroway, Munyal is the story of a Titrit, the energetic and cheerful youngest daughter of a family of cow herders in West Africa. Her family travels a lot, but never stays in one place for long. Titrit’s older brothers always tease her, but the family is very happy. But she always wishes that they would stay in one place- she’s tired of always leaving behind her new friends. 

Then one day, while out guarding the cattle at night, a enormous bull, so black that it looked like a cloudy night sky, and able to talk. He promises her that he has a way will her travel the world almost instantly- and that way, visit all of her friends whenever she wants. All Titrit has do is first sit very, very still.

Important Note: Honestly, the EXTREME difficulty in finding African folklore that wasn’t dumbed down for (white American) audiences or solely African-American slave folklore from the US was one of the reasons it has taken me so damn long to finish this series. It’s incredibly frustrating. I ended up going with a Scottish story I’m familiar with, because of the nomadic herding culture present in this area. I’ve never been so aware of how frustrating and disappointing it must be for anyone of African descent, especially those affected by diaspora, to try and find out about what their heritage might have been like. And what I was going for here was simplistic compared to that. The best I could do is the title- Munyal is a word from the Fulani code of behavior called pulaaku. It roughly has to do with a cross between strength and courage in adversity and a stoic acceptance or endurance of the supposedly pre-ordained vicissitudes of life. It is often translated as patience. 

Sorry I couldn’t do better :(

Sayyida al Hurra- Pursuit

Loosely based on the real life story of Sayyida al Hurra, the last woman in Islamic history to legitimately hold the title of “al Hurra”, or Queen. She was also the undisputed leader of the pirates from the Mediterranean. 

Her whole life, Sayyida traveled. First, when she was younger, her family was exiled. Determined to make the people who did that pay, she takes up piracy and began raiding. Clever, resourceful, and as fierce as the sea, she soon becomes the leader of pirates. One day, she captures the ship of the King of Morocco and the two of them begin a strange relationship as he chases the Pirate Queen in an attempt to catch her. Despite falling in love, they keep up the elaborate game, one ruler of the seas and one ruler of a country.

Important Note: I do not know very much about Islamic history and it was super unclear whether Sayyida was a name, a title, or an honorific, so if this is an incorrect way to refer to her, let me know and I will fix it.

P.S. If anyone has any resources on African (specifically Luo/West Niletic/East African- think the Jasmine edit) stories, folktales, even modern fiction, please let me know. I’m having a lot of trouble with it.


Dan Mango your Bobbie s

toy bonnie used to be very flustered around mangle and, well, it would end up like this most of the time :’)

also this pic inspired this comic as well

ouat gothic
  • the continuity gradually becomes worse as the show moves into it’s fifth season. plots and relationships are forgotten. you faintly remember the owner of granny’s, and her grandchild. were they centaurs? in time, main characters are completely erased, until all that is left is hook. a&e praise their own clever writing and abc announces the show’s renewal.
  • “this show’s been going downhill since season two,” you mutter. “we know, grandma, we know.” grumbling, you settle in to watch the 40th season premiere. will it ever end? 
  • you swore the tv was off before. you didn’t leave it on abc. you quit the show, you’re done with this mess…. oh, but the previews didn’t look that bad…. just one more time won’t hurt…. 
  • the ship wars are getting worse. in time, they take to the streets- the battles are relentless, innocent blood is spilled in the name of fictional characters. there is no winning, there is no surrender. only death. 
  • in a moment of frustration, you tweet adam horowitz asking about the whereabouts of mulan. moments later, it is deleted. then, so is your account. you know what this means- they’re coming. the rumors are true. as you prepare to leave, you hear a knock at the door. 
Set Sail

Word Count: 1431

Pairing: Jaehyun/Reader

Genre: Fluff

Request:  Jaehyun scenario where you’re the 6th member of red velvet but you guys have been friends since you were both in smrookies and when people see you interact they start shipping you guys which leads him to confess??? 😊💘

“Y/N! Your phones ringing!” Wendy yelled from the main room of the dorm. “If you don’t answer it I will!”  Y/N jumped up from her spot in her and Seulgi’s shared room, knowing well that Wendy would keep her words.

“Don’t you dare!” The girl shouted as Wendy picked the phone up and moved her finger to answer it. Almost tackling her to the floor, Y/N plucked the device from the vocalist.

“Hello?” A smile appeared almost instantly when a voice responded from the other line.

“Y/N, hey!” The enthusiastic tone of Jaehyuns voice came. “The group just ended practice and you were saying it was Red Velvets off day so I thought we could hang out.” Y/N weighed the options, either sit at the dorm with her members that she loved dearly, or hangout with one of the boys that she made quick friends with during their rookie time. Decisions decisions.

“That sounds great! Where do you want to meet?” The two went back and fourth, trying to figure a place that wouldn’t be too crowded and they could still have fun at. The rest of the Red Velvet members teased her silently, making faces and calling them lovebirds.

Jayhyun and Y/N had gotten along extremely well during their rookie days, helping each other when needed and joking around when they saw each other. Their members used to tease them constantly, and still do, but figured if someone hadn’t confessed by now it would never happen so they lessened their jokes.

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“Alright kid. So what is this thing again?” Clint asked you as he was perched on the top of one of the couches, and you were leaning against his legs. 

“Shipping. Like.. Pining for two people to be in a relationship that’s.. Probably never going to happen,” You shrug. 

“So like Steve and Bucky then,” He looked down. 

“Ah, a man after my own heart. Yes, exactly like that!” You grin. “But now we need a name for them.” 

“Barnes and Nobles,” Clint said. 

You snorted. “Clever, but maybe something a little shorter?” 

“Stucky,” Clint looked down at you, and you nodded. 

“Perfect.” You smirked. 

“Your turn.” He said, placing his elbows on his knees. 

“Mm.. Tony and Bruce?” You looked up at him. “Would that work?” 

“Science bros. Affairs with more chemicals than just love,” Clint winked and you outright laughed. 

“What would be Natasha and Bruce’s ship name?” You asked, crossing your legs. 

“… BruceNat,” Clint grimaced as we was saying it. 

You winced. “That’s painful to hear. They would really make a cute couple, but their names are awful for each other,” 

“It can never happen then. They’re just not meant to be..” 

“Y/N! Clint! What are you two doing over there?!” Natasha narrowed her eyes accusingly and you have a feeling that she might have overheard some of that. 

“Whoops,” You muttered. 

“To the Vents!” Clint jumped off the couch, and you dashed right after him. Closing the vent door just as Natasha caught up. 

“You guys can’t stay in there forever,” She narrowed her eyes. 

“Watch us,” Clint winked, and started crawling away. 

You gave her a totally innocent smile, and then followed right behind him. 

“We’re screwed,” Clint said as you guys took a break a little farther down. 

“Oh yeah,” You agreed immediately. Natasha was going to murder you two. 

A while back I thought that the fusions would be  a good way to call the shipping names instead of their own name amalgams. I’ve thought that would be clever because I had thought that fusions were just combining two gems but I’ve reconsidered it because of the Garnet reveal. Garnet is a lot more than just a strong example of what fusion really is outside of  power leveling up. She’s  a strong leader and has become more emotional as the series goes on  and through Ruby and Sapphire we see her own faults.

- Arianne

tasteslikeplaid  asked:

can you write something with professor!dean and professor!castiel? maybe pre-slash where they awkwardly flirt during department meetings and stuff (oh and maybe their students ship them too)

Oh my gooosshhhh *squishes your genius face* yes yes yes

“Can we talk about how Sherlock is so extra in love with John Watson?" 

Dean wanted to roll his eyes but instead he leaned forward onto his knees where he was perched on a desk. His upper level class on Brit Lit had somehow gotten terribly offtrack. They were now discussing the romantic nuances in BBC’s TV show Sherlock. 

"Can we possibly get back to discussing the actual topic? Just throwing that possibility out there,” Dean replied as an answer. 

The students all groaned and gave him the stare of agony and death, as if he were asking them all to jump off of the roof. Kinda like Sherlock, Dean realized in amusement.

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If you are late to the MFMM party and don’t know what “Nottie” stands for, keep reading; it will be explained. If you are confused about what “Hottie” is, you might as well stop now as it will only confuse you even more.

Just kidding! I am sure everyone knows it stands for the adorable relationship between Hugh and Dottie. By the way, I didn’t come up with the two clever ship names, just borrowing them. Could the original creators please stand up and take a bow? You are geniuses.

Also, this posting was intended to be a short and sweet piece, but it quickly grew out of control. I had trouble cutting any parts out and decided to leave it as is. I thank you in advance if you end up reading the whole thing.


Unlike the “Will they? Will they not?” dynamic of Phrack, the relationship of Hottie had never wavered or been questioned; until S3, that is.

From the moment Hugh met Dot at Lydia Andrews’ house, we knew that he was smitten. Even though she was being considered a murder suspect at first, he still treated her with tenderness and attentiveness. He helped Dot put her coat on so naturally, unlike the hesitation he demonstrated when he was instructed to search all the female patrons in The Green Mill Murder as it required touching. Once they attended the Policeman and Fireman’s Ball, things were going smoothly between them, except for a couple of little bumps, which they overcame rather quickly. By the end of S2, Hugh popped the question (in spite of his mother’s opposition), and she said yes right away without any reservation.

When the engagement was back on at the end of Dead Air (S2E11) after a brief hiccup, we all breathed a sigh of relief. Hugh agreed to a long engagement, so they could figure out how the future Mrs. Collins could continue to work for Miss Fisher. Unfortunately, the pursuit of a modern woman turned out to be quite a struggle for Hugh. In S3, he got kicked out of the house by his mother for defying her wish and carrying on the relationship with Dot and converting to Catholicism, and his hope of getting promoted in the police force and earning more money to set up a home for himself and his future bride was crushed. Poor Hugh finally buckled under the pressure; he lashed out on Dottie (gasp!) and then turned in his resignation (to the Inspector, I mean, not to his fiancée).

Of course, Jack didn’t accept the resignation. Instead, he advised Hugh to take an extended fishing trip to clear his head. Hottie dropped down a few degrees and temporarily turned lukewarm.


While Hugh was somewhere soul searching, a Constable Martin was transferred to City South to assist Jack. This new constable first appeared to have no respect for modern women. In Death and Hysteria (S3E5), he was rude to Miss Fisher and her assistant and even flat out refused to work with Dot (behind his boss’ back, of course) when he was instructed to cross-reference their notes. The ever so observant Mac summed up our opinions toward his behavior nicely “It’s men like that that makes the rest of them look reasonable.” Well said, Mac!

However, before long, his attitude changed. By the end of the episode, he was impressed by the two lady’s investigative skills. I think when Dot helped him get the naked Delores out of the police motorcar, he finally understood why his Inspector said “I should know better than to underestimate the power of the feminine.

The new found respect for Dot quickly turned into affectionate admiration in the next episode of Death at the Grand (S3E6). He greeted her with a smile and addressed her cordially when she arrived at the crime scene. Then, he was eager to provide assistance to her while she was copying down the hotel guest list and even asked her to teach him a thing or two about investigations. Even though his ambition to impress the boss drove him to stealing the evidence they “discovered” together, once Jack re-iterated his high regard for Dot (“Miss Williams is a morally upright and intelligent young woman”) and urged him to fess up to her what he had done, Martin followed the order obediently and extended his sincere apologies. Next thing we know, he was on the phone confessing his love toward Dot (“I can’t help how I feel… You’re like a flower, and when I held you in my arms…”). It may be corny, but there’s no mistaken he had fallen for her. I suspect that the kiss he stole from Dot earlier in Mrs. Cobb’s office was probably not as “line of duty” as he claimed to be (just ask Jack in Café Replique).

Not knowing for sure whether Hugh was going to return, the fandom started speculating and analyzing the newly (and speedily) developed feelings form Martin toward Dottie. The term “Mottie” was being adopted at one point, but after “Nottie” emerged, it quickly took over as it stood for “Not-Hugh and Dottie”, which clearly illustrated our sentiment. There is only one Hugh; anyone else can only be referred to as “Not-Hugh”.

Hottie vs. Nottie

Anyway, as we know it, Dot turned down Martin’s advances, but what she said to him intrigued me: “I think you’d better stop right there, Constable… Whatever Hugh does and whenever he comes back - even if he doesn’t - my heart remains true to his. That’s just how it is.

This sounded a bit extreme to me. If Hugh decided to call off the engagement, did she plan on staying single forever? She is indeed a “morally upright” young woman (compliment from Jack “Man of Honor” Robinson held extra weight), but no one would expect her to hold on to a broken commitment, probably not even Father Grogen (who by the way mysteriously disappeared in S3). Per Jack’s moral code, “A marriage is still a marriage”, but I doubt even he would agree that “A broken engagement is still an engagement”.

While contemplating the reason behind Dot’s statement, I started analyzing the nature of the Hottie courtship, and naturally ventured to compare it to Nottie. When Hugh started stepping out with Dot, she hadn’t lived with Miss Fisher long and was just a barely budding modern woman. He was smitten by her sweet and innocent nature as he possessed similar traits. Even though their religious differences posed some roadblocks, their shared value and personality compatibility kept the relationship going strong.

As the series went on, we witnessed the incredible growth of Dottie, professionally and personally. By the end of S2, she had demonstrated the characteristics of a modern woman that resembled her Miss Phryne in many ways (minus the sexual liberation, of course). Although Hugh was still madly in love with her, he evidently had trouble reconciling the two Dotties. I couldn’t help but wonder if love alone is able to concur all.

Besides, my practical nature prompts me to question the existence of unconditional love. For example, when Jack told Miss Fisher that he would never ask her to give up who she was, it was the most romantic thing to hear, but was it as easily done as said? Could it really work without one side eventually getting worn out and even grown resentful? In my opinion, in order for a relationship to work, both sides need to continuously evolve and compromise. If Hugh was unable to (or unwilling to) keep up, was it wise for Dot to wait around and hinder her own growth?

Constable Martin, on the other hand, met Dot after she had already become this independent, intelligent, and brave modern woman. It was this version of Dot who attracted him and made him fall in love, so he wouldn’t need to go through the same struggle Hugh was experiencing. As a result, Dot would not need to adjust her pace either, which seemed to be (do I dare say it) a much more compatible match.

That being said, love cannot be analyzed by logic. What Dot said came from her heart, whether it sounded rational to us (or maybe just me) or not. Unlike her Miss Phryne, who frustrated us with her unwillingness (or inability, depending on who you ask) to declare her commitment to one man, Dot made it crystal clear where she stood, “Hottie Forever!”

All is well.

(Posted 09-Sep-2015)