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(nick)name: ran / jawnee
ancestry: asian
zodiac: aquarius
where do you live: new york
how are you doing today: im doing fine, the weather is my absolute favorite today (sunny but nice and chilly, breezy outside)
what’s your favourite song right now: dunno uhh probably this for now or this
play any instruments: used to play piano and flute
what’s your signature drink: WATER.. i love me some h2o mmmm slurmp (for soda i like sprite/ginger ale)
what’s your signature scent: grease korean perfume shampoo that i started using a while ago, the smell stays on me for so long
favourite colour: blue
a sound you love: crunching (like tempura or fried stuff)
a sound you hate: ohhh my god celery rubbing on styrofoam cups 

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things i’m currently in love with

one song: “No Way Out” by Phil Collins from Brother Bear

two movies: Good Will Hunting, The Hobbit

three series: Luke Cage, Hannibal, Masterchef Jr

four people: My Sissy, Gordon Ramsay, Richard Armitage, RDJ

five foods: Cheeseburgers, Bang Bang Chicken, celery and peanut butter, pizza, applesauce

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Imlofe that when you have one of those ask/reblog conversations with @gerardsassquatch that you always tag # celery. I am fUCKing liVINg for that

@gerardsassquatch is the celery hoarder so it only seems fit. We established that just under a month ago I think and tbh I live for those conversations too.

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NAME: aidan. bojangles.
GENDER: male.
EYE COLOUR: blue / grey.
HAIR COLOUR: black and grey-blue atm.
ZODIAC:  virgo.
FAVOURITE COLOUR: darker greens
FAVOURITE SEASON: autumn. the bugs start to die. get the FUCK out of my house you eight legged assholes.
FAVOURITE PLACE: bubble tea or the sushi place. ( the chef is so nice ; - ; )
FAVOURITE HOLIDAY: halloween or walpurgisnacht
FAVOURITE VIDEO GAME: i’ve played such a small list of games. i’m gonna go with left for dead  1 & 2
WHAT’S YOUR HONEST OPINION ABOUT YOUR MUSE?: god he’s a fucking wreck. i feel so bad for him. the amount of emotional baggage he has really weighs him down and he doesn’t even know it. for being a clusterfuck of things i was interested back in ‘09 i think he turned out pretty solid. i love my cannibal child.
WHAT ARE YOUR FAVOURITE KINDS OF THREADS?: angst, fluff that turns into angst. really anything that helps him build as a character. which is apparently angst. also goofy wiggly shit because he’s an eccentric pun-lord.
ARE YOU A SELECTIVE ROLEPLAYER?: kind of. there has to be a solid about and rules page available. i’m kind of picky about quality?? idk
DO YOU HAVE A FAVOURITE MUSE?: it’s not fair to pick my oc over my single other active canon blog. they’re special children in their own ways. sedel v hidan FIGHT GO
WHAT MADE YOU DECIDE TO JOIN THE FANDOM?: he’s a small step or two into a few fandoms. verses are a blessing.
DO YOU SEE YOURSELF STAYING WITH THE FANDOM FOR A LONG TIME?: haven’t 100% left any of these fandoms yet so far.

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Celery, Love And Other Drama - Olicity fanfic


The sound was oh so familiar, but sleep was still clouding his brain. He tried to open his eyes, but the light in the room was too bright. Way too bright, since it was supposed to be the middle of the night.

“F’licity?” he groaned “what are you doing?”

“Oh good, you’re awake. I just realized I only have two suitable robes. A pink one, and a blue one. I don’t know which one I should use. The pink one is my favorite, it’s super comfy. What do you think?”

“Whaaa…” Oliver begrudgingly sat up, taking a good look at his girlfriend. All those years away had taught him how to wake up in a few seconds, but he never thought this particular skill would come in handy in such domestic circumstances. “Felicity” a quick glance at the clock confirmed what he already knew “it’s 3 in the morning. You need some rest, come back to bed.”

“You’re right, I’ll take both. I picked you a set of clothes, you can go grab a quick shower if you want to while I get dressed.”

“Felicity… why do you want me to take a shower?” realization suddenly showing on his face. “Another craving?” he sighed.

“No, don’t worry. No trip to Coast City to have clam chowder, this time.” She winked at him and put both robes next to a duffle bag that was sitting on their bed “It’s just that my water broke 10 minutes ago.”

It took Oliver a couple of seconds to understand what she meant.

“What?! But you’re only due in 2 weeks!!” jumping out of bed, he carefully placed his hands on her shoulders “Are you OK? Do you need to lie down? Are you thirsty? I can bring you a glass of water? Maybe some tea?” sounding more and more frantic with each word.

“Don’t be silly, I’m fine. I only had one contraction so far, and honestly it doesn’t hurt as much as I thought. You know first babies take a while, so we’ve got plenty of time. You should take a shower. I already took one.” Kissing him lightly on the lips, she shoved him gently towards the bathroom “come on, I’ll make you a snack and wait for you downstairs.”

“I’m not leaving you alone in your condition!”

“Oliver, I’ve been in this… condition for about 8 months and a half and I’ve been by myself a big part of it. I think I can manage another couple of minutes” Picking the robes again, she looked at him “really, what if it’s a boy? I can’t wear pink if it’s a boy!”

Her really panicked boyfriend stared at her like she was some sort of wild animal “Felicity. You are about to give birth to our child. Do you really think that what you’re wearing will matter to them, or me, or the nurses, or anybody actually?”

“But if I pick the blue one and it’s a girl, won’t she feel like we were hoping for a boy?” Felicity kept going on, ignoring him “… do you want a boy? You can tell me now, Oliver. I know we both said that as long as they were healthy, the gender didn’t matter. But if you really want a boy, you can tell me. “

“What I want is for the both of you to be healthy. What I want is a child made of the both of us. Boy or girl, they’re half of you, so it doesn’t matter. What I want is to take you to the hospital as soon as possible. So take the robes, you’ll make your choice once we get there.” 

Quickly putting on his pants and a t-shirt, he bent down to lace his shoes, then picked her up in his arms and made it quickly down the stairs.

“Woa… Oliver I can walk! And you forgot the duffle bag! I can’t go there without an extra set of panties!”

“I’m putting you in the car, then I’ll get your bag.” 

Barely breaking a sweat, he opened the door that led to their garage and put her down next to their new car. They still had the Porsche, but once they had found out that they were expecting, the need for a family car had convinced them to buy a Volvo as well. He wasted no time, handing her the keys and rushing back inside.

“Grab my phone!” Felicity yelled “… and don’t forget the celery!”

She couldn’t hear him answer, so she opened the car and made herself comfortable on the passenger seat.

Oliver was back a minute later, with her bag and thank god yes a branch of celery.

The ride to the hospital only took them 15 minutes, and even if he didn’t say it out loud, it was obvious that Oliver couldn’t have been more thankful that Felicity had gone into labor in the middle of the night. A very friendly nurse, by the name of Lara, ushered them in a quiet room and gave some paperwork for them to fill before leaving them alone.

“Are you sure you can manage? I’ve always been the brain in this couple” Felicity couldn’t help but tease him as he was filling the various documents.

Raising his head in fake offense, Oliver glared at her “Aren’t you supposed to rest, instead of bullying the future dad?”

“I am resting! Look, I’m lying on the bed, my feet are even propped up. So are you done? We need a…” Felicity gasped at the sudden pain she felt in her lower stomach, her hands reaching for it “Ow ow ow ow OWWWW”

“What’s wrong?! Felicity? Are you OK? Is it the baby?!” jumping out of his seat, he was at her side instantly.

“Of course it’s the baby, what else do you think it could be? An ingrown nail??” she grabbed his forearm and squeezed it, waiting for the contraction to subside. “Oh… Oh it’s gone. Phew. OK I take back what I said about it not being that painful. My bad.”

“Are you sure you’re…”

“Yes, I am fine. Now go get a vase for the celery!”

“Felicity, I’m not leaving…”

“NOW!” using her loud voice, she pointed to the door.

The next hours followed the same pattern. The more intense the contractions got, the more freaked out Oliver became. Which only drove Felicity crazy. Seeing the woman he loved in such pain, and being completely useless himself, was something Oliver didn’t have an easy time coping with. Truth be told, the doctor would never be able to tell which one of them actually begged more for the epidural. When it was finally time for her to go through with it, one of the nurses came with all the equipment the anesthetist needed.

“Oh thank God, is it time already? It feels like I’ve been here for days. Just give me the thing.” Exhaustion was already clear in her voice, as Felicity brushed away some of her hair that had escaped her ponytail.

“The anesthetist will be here in a minute” reassured her Lara. “Are you alright, sir?” Oliver was looking fairly green, eyes fixed on the needle. The very long, thick needle.

“Yes, but… is it safe? Does the needle really have to be that big?”

“For fuck sake Oliver, I don’t have the strength to care about this right now. Just let them give me the damn drugs!” Felicity’s vocabulary had quite evolved sometimes around 8AM. “Had I steered clear of all long and thick things I wouldn’t be in this situation in the first place so I don’t think being all squeamish now is going to help!” grabbing his arm as another contraction hit her, she let out a loud wail “we.. are… never… ever… having… sex AGAIN.”

It was around noon that the ob-gyn gave her the green light to finally start pushing. A loud cry was suddenly heard and a smiling nurse exclaimed “It’s a girl!”

Felicity fell back on Oliver who had been sitting behind her, holding her thighs and trying to help her as much as he could. She wasn’t even aware of the tears running down her face when she instinctively raised her arms so she could finally hold her daughter. She didn’t even hear the quiet sobs Oliver muffled in her neck as he both held them. “I love you, I love you both so much” was all he could say as he kept on kissing her hair and gently caressing their baby girl’s blonde head.


“Guys … why is there a branch of celery in a vase?”

Roy had just arrived, not willing to miss that moment. As soon as they had settled in their hospital room, Oliver had texted everyone, so no one would worry if they didn’t hear about them. Roy had hit the road right away and was currently sitting on Felicity’s bed, while Dig and Lyla had already left.

“Ask Felicity” answered Oliver who wouldn’t take his eyes off his daughter who was currently asleep in his arms.

The young mother laughed slightly “it was the only thing that would help with the morning sickness. I always chewed a bit on it right after I woke up and for some reason the taste could soothe my stomach. So Oliver took the habit to always leave a branch on my nightstand in case he wasn’t there to fetch one for me.”

“And she turned it into some kind of voodoo fetish. Saying she managed to survive those weeks thanks to the celery, so it deserved a place of honor when the baby would arrive.” Oliver finished the explanation “I blame the hormones.”

Felicity snorted “The hormones? Right. And what’s your excuse for keeping that vintage, rusty arrowhead in your quiver?”

Roy burst out laughing at her words “He still has that old thing?”

Oliver glared at the two of them then lightly kissed his daughter’s forehead. “I promise you I’ll get rid of that awful celery as soon as we get home”

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Hello Whovians, we’re just 12 days away from the premiere of the Doctor Who Christmas Special, Last Christmas!

Since there are twelve days of Christmas, and there’s twelve days left, and the Christmas special features the Twelfth Doctor, we figured why not do a twelve days meme? So many twelves, so many meme!

For anyone who’d like to participate, just make a post each day that’s a response to the prompt listed below. It can be a text post, a drawing, a video, a gifset, an edit, whatever you think is best! Post it to your blog with the tag #Twelve Days of Whomas (not the kind you dip your celery in) and we’ll go through the tag each day and reblog some of our favorites. 


  • December 13: What’s your favorite previous Christmas special?
  • December 14: Think about the best holiday sweater you’ve ever seen. Did it have glow-in-the-dark cats? A shark wrapped in holiday lights? Tell us about that sweater! Do you think the Doctor or Clara would look good in it?
  • December 15: How do you think the Doctor and Clara spend the holidays? Does Clara go caroling with her family? Does the Doctor spend his on a beach planet, soaking up the suns? 
  • December 16: Every holiday has its own traditional food so tell us about your favorite! Is it easy enough to prepare that a Time Lord and his companion could do it?
  • December 17: What would you get the Doctor for the holidays? How about Clara?
  • December 18: What are your hopes for this year’s special?
  • December 19: Decorating is a huge part of the holidays so show us or tell us about your ideal decorated TARDIS interior! Are there garlands hanging from the ceiling and dreidils scattered everywhere?
  • December 20: The TARDIS has an extensive library so which holiday classics do you think it has? 
  • December 21: Send the Doctor a holiday card! Bonus points if the card sings your favorite holiday song!
  • December 22: Who’s been your favorite Christmas special guest star?
  • December 23: Now’s the time for snow! What would a snow Doctor look like? How about a snow dalek? Or a snow Slitheen?
  • December 24: On the first day of Whomas, what did the Doctor give to you? How about on the second?

Have fun!