is their spawn

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Hey, so about infinity train, is tulip trapped in purgatory?

Close, actually Infinity Train takes place on Mars but, unfortunately, a portal to hell was opened and Tulip has to fight her way through to close it. Everyone she meets is a demon spawn, so needless to say it gets pretty tricky. Spoiler alert: she eventually finds a chainsaw car and that really helps out a lot.

My kids, age 10, 10.5, and 11.5, are playing Wii Sports together, and they are encouraging one another and congratulating each other when they do well, and taking turn picking what sport to play so everyone gets the chance to play their fave/strong sport, and offering each other tips, and giggling, and I just… right now, right in this moment, everything is okay.

So….the changing scripts on the doors didn’t work. Just slapped the combo RH rug for Police, City Hall, and Military down. 

But….I was looking in the debug options and was wondering about Sim protest at City Hall. I’ve never see any protest when you use the RH rugs. With Debug Enabler enabled a protest and had my sim join the protest……at the edge of the map. 

Curious if there is a spawn point you have to set in CAW or something else I have to add to have random protest?

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Is it possible to have multiple antagonists in one story? And can you have more than one kind of antagonist in one story (like, one antagonist could be a person, the other could be the society the protagonist lives in)?

Absolutely! In fact, most stories do have more than one antagonist/antagonistic force. In stories with villains, the villains often have “henchmen” or other accomplices. An antagonistic force such as a weather event may spawn smaller antagonistic forces, like fires, bandits, and disease. So yeah, it’s fine to have more than one and to have different kinds. :)

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Google looked at the pole in front of him, he had a feeling that this situation would go one of two ways.

The first, The kinky bastards would spawn.
The second, People wouldn’t believe what he was about to do.

He shrugged and lazily spun just using his weight to twirl.

“Pole dancing anyone?”

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I hate people who have double standards for Taylor swift. She didn't go to the women's march and she got SHIT on. Know who else didn't go? Beyoncé. I'm not saying Taylor's a saint in any means but she's not the devil spawn people act like she is. Like A LOT of "feminist" went along with joking about her suiting the man who sexually assaulted her ( yes that was a big part of the Taylor suing meme).

ok but t swift is very white feminist, her brand of feminism is all about gaining wealth + entitlement without really giving a shit about feminism or POC lives . Saying that, that doesn’t excuse the jokes about sexual assault you mentioned if that’s true 

send me your most hated characters/celebrities and i’ll tell you if i hate them too or not

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I know this isn't really an ask but more on helping you with the legendary for OW but... Remember to kill every enemy first before moving to the next section, always stick with your teammates and don't kill the first Orisa once your reach her, kill all of the Bastions first because other Orisas doesn't spawn in until you kill the first one.

thank you so much !!! <3
that’s helpful ~
I would try it , if my teammates have time ! ;w;
A-List TV Titans' Best & Worst: Every Ryan Murphy Series Ranked
Sick of run-of-the-mill best-and-worst lists? We were, too. So in this new series of features, TVLine is singling out the small screen’s biggest behind-the-scenes titans, then
By Team TVLine


Such a monster hit was Murphy’s musical dramedy that it spawned albums, concerts, a concert movie, its own reality show (The Glee Project)… and, we’d be willing to wager, just stuck “Don’t Stop Believing” in your head. What’s more, when the series was good, it was exceptional. It even won Murphy his first Emmy.


Evidence that the true-crime genre fits Murphy like a glove: Season 1 of his second FX anthology series set a skyscraper-high standard for all future installments, won a whopping nine Emmys (including, natch, one for its EP) and left us counting the months, weeks, days, minutes until Katrina’s 2018 premiere.

This is an Austro-Daimler. A licencee of the original Daimler company which spawned Daimler Benz and the British Daimler company. This model is a A-D Oeftag ADRBergmeister 14 120 hp Special Cabriolet. Look that up in your Funk and Wagnalls. Very interesting!

genuine question: which would feel like a better warframe raid boss (ie. the big bad at the end of the raid, like vay hek at the end of LoR/jordas in JV)

  1. pure bullet sponge
  2. pure mechanics (no direct damage from you)
  3. bullet sponge with mechanics that make the fight harder and more complex, sometimes mechs do damage to the boss
  4. mechanics followed by damage phase (pretty much like they are now)

a given is that there are continuous add spawns for all 4

That Time I Once Broke an Entire Game Server

One time, many years ago, when I used to play Ultima Online, my uncle had his own server and created a “Shard” (essentially a universe for the game that can run by different people)

Being that my brother, cousin and I were young teens, and we loved the game and were family, my uncle gave us Admin privileges and power to help build the Shard before the official unveiling

It was pretty cool. Just put some commands into the prompt, spawn some things, put a tree there, lock down some decorative rugs, adjust the material output for miners… World Building to the extreme.

Looking at the command list, I saw this one that simply said “.SpawnCamp”

I thought that sounded kinda cool. Camp was nice, maybe it was like a pre-made campsite for players to crash for the night.

I did it. I put in the command. It froze.

I did it again, out of frustration. Then again. And again.

It unfroze.

A single campfire appeared. As did an Orc. And another. And another.

It spawned an Orc Camp. For every time I inputted it.

And it was multiplying at an alarming rate.

In the middle of the main town.

The camps had expanded to the edge of town in minutes, and eventually meet with my brother on the other side of the map.

The amount of hours spent trying to fix it led to my eventual banishment from the Admins, purely on the grounds that I was not ready for that kinda power.

And that was the time I was in charge of a server, crashed it, destroyed a fantasy world, and was booted in less than half an hour

And the corys are spawning agin. geeze I kept them for years with like no spawning, and then they spawn once and now they just do it every couple weeks. its not every set off by water changes. I hae no idea what sets em off.

(and my endler is near giving birth, but i doubt she will today after getting freaked out by the corys darting around like mad)

I feel like all this spawning has been a bit rough on my cory girls whiskers though. I think the boys grab them a bit to rough and have been injuring them :<

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mars you're a Gemini?! Thought you were a sweetheart but maybe you're a demon spawn

I’m an angel. Pure and wholesome. Kind and beautiful