is their relationship smooth

Okay, but Dean remaining a demon for a few years, beating Sam enough that his brother stops looking and Cas, so rattled from the near death Dean inflicted, goes full on drug addict, very much reminiscent of his alternate life in 2014.

And when Dean finds this version of Cas, he actually can’t take it.

So he tells himself a lot of lies about “gaining Cas’ trust just to break him” and “getting him better so he can fully torture him” but none of the lies have any foreseeable deadline and every other demon he comes in contact with can see right through them.

Dean being ridiculously gentle when it comes to taking care of Cas. The two of them sharing a bed each night as Cas’ draining grace makes it harder and harder for him to stay awake, and Dean uses the lie that he finds Cas’ nightmares annoying.

And even though neither will admit it, Cas has Dean totally and utterly whipped. When he asked Dean to try and smooth his relationship with Sam over, he immediately hopped in his car and drove twelve hours to make things right. When he asked Dean to move back into the Bunker, Dean did so without a second thought.

Of course, Dean always acts like he’s thought of the ideas himself, even makes up some half-assed reason why it’ll inconvenience Cas (I’ll eat all your food, you know. You’ll have to double your grocery shopping) but he won’t admit that being with Cas makes him feel more like himself than he has since becoming a demon.

The first time they kiss, Dean tries to scare Cas off by flashing his eyes black, but Cas merely kissing the corner of Dean’s lips and telling him he loves him unconditionally. Dean can’t even come up with a good excuse to continue kissing Cas (the best he’s got is “I do what I want”), but he does it anyway, gentle and sweet, as though trying to atone for all the wounds he’s inflicted.

Dean interrupting tender moments with “I’m going to torture you later, you know,” but more and more those are becoming a joke, Cas smiling knowingly and continuing with whatever they’re doing.

One point, a year later, Dean meets up with Crowley and expects Crowley to tell him he’s gone off the deep end, but instead Crowley merely sizes him up and says “Guess you’re not full demon after all,” and he might not admit it, but there’s a hint of pride in his voice, like he’s happy for him.

Demon Dean proposing gruffly to Cas, citing ‘so I can annoy you forever’ as a reason for doing so, and this, as it turns out, is the last lie he tells himself because the wedding vows are so full of love and promises to cherish Cas that he can’t bring himself to negate those feelings any longer.

Jaebum As Your Boyfriend

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  • Would definitely be very flirty and smooth in the start of the relationship.
  • But when you look away he would still cringe at himself.
  • A lot of smirks.
  • Also a lot of grins where his eyes just light up and his smile honestly fills you with joy, Jaebum why are you so cute?
  • Him being extra all the time.
  • You try on a cocktail dress in the store and he’s like “WOAH!”
  • Overprotective Jaebum whenever you’re without him.
  • “Where are you?” “When are you coming home?” “Do you need me to pick you up?”
  • And you’re like “Jaebum I’m out for dinner with my girls three blocks away geez.”
  • This also means that he would never leave your side while out.
  • Would definitely lowkey hold your hand while walking.
  • Backstrokes when the two of you are stood talking to someone you met on the street.
  • Buys you a very expensive gift for your birthday like a beautiful ring or something like that.
  • “Oh my god, Jaebum. Did you really-“
  • “Don’t you like it?”
  • “Well of course I do, but it’s so-“
  • “You’re worth it, baby.”
  • A lot of ‘baby’ and occasionally ‘princess’.
  • Really, really likes kissing you.
  • And he loves taking your breath away while doing so, catching you off guard.
  • Plus he runs his fingers along your jaw, this man is a passionate one.
  • such husbaND MATERIAL.
  • Does that very cliché thing whenever you cook where he wraps his arms around your waist and rests his head on your shoulder.
  • Cares deeply about your well-being and health and always assures you that he’s there to take care of you.
  • Would definitely want to be on top during sex.
  • Mostly because he wants to be as close to you as possible and look into your eyes.
  • The most intense eye contact no matter if it’s making love or just sex for stress relief.
  • Asks you to tell him about your day while intertwining your fingers.
  • But when you do he starts singing halfway through and suddenly he’s full on serenading you and you’re like ?¿
  • But it’s also really sweet, so you’re like awwww babe.
  • And then he wraps his arms around you and continues singing while you slow dance in the middle of the living room.
  • Lip bites. No, not to indicate anything, literally makeout sessions will include him biting your lip gently and pulling at it.
  • You would think that he’s the type to be vocal in bed since he screams a lot but this man will grit his teeth and try to hold it back, only letting out soft moans and whines at times.
  • Sweet gestures like flowers every once in a while just to make sure you know that he loves you as he doesn’t say it very often.
  • But sometimes he’s really tired and emotional and he will literally lie down on top of you with his head on your chest and tell you everything that has been bothering him lately while you stroke his hair.
  • And the conversation will end by him saying something like ‘What would I do without you?’
  • “Jaebum, I’m hungry.”
  • “But princess, I can’t cook.”
  • “Chinese then?”
  • “I’ll go get some.”
  • Jaebum always tries to cheer you up whenever you’re down, even though he doesn’t really know how to but he’s always there to hold you tight and keep your heart safe and warm.

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Otp Imagine: FrUK

-Francis asked Arthur out, but Arthur’s response was: “Maybe.” So it was a little bit of a gamble than usual.

-Francis admires Arthur’s emotional strength, and Arthur admires Francis’ endless empathy.

-To Arthur, Francis can whine too much, and to Francis, Arthur tends to nag too much.

-They have many, many choice names for each other that they use when bantering playfully or “Fake arguing”, but when being sweet to each other, Francis will call him “Ange” (Angel), and Arthur will call him “Lilypad”.

-Although they rarely do it, stargazing is very romantic to them.

-Their favorite pass time is bantering and having “teasing matches”.

-Their relationship is very smooth and casual, almost as if they’ve been married for years.

-For their quirks, Francis likes to lean on and lay on Arthur. Arthur, on the other hand, likes to play with Francis’ hair.

-Spy and hurt/comfort AUs are the best with them!

-Their “I can just stay here with you forever” is late at night, when neither of them can’t sleep. They just talk and laugh the night away.

-Arthur would think about proposing, but be hung up on the worst-case scenario, so Francis is the one to propose in the end.

Otp imagines: PrUK

-Gilbert asked out Arthur by saying something really cheesy and Arthur told him “No, but try again tomorrow with a better pick up line.”

-Arthur admires Gilbert’s extroverted personality, and Gilbert admires that Arthur can sit down quietly without getting too board.

-Gilbert, however, needs to quiet down from time to time, and Arthur needs to “live a little”.

-Gilbert has tried and failed at many pet names, and Arthur always calls him “Love”.

-Listening to music together is romantic.

-They like to people-watch in  their free time.

-Their relationship is very fast and smooth.

-Gilbert likes to “boop” Arthur in the nose to annoy him. Arthur has to dust off Gilbert while out and about, he has to get all those damn wrinkles out because Gilbert never folds his clothes properly!

-A prince/commoner AU or knight AU would be great with them!

-Their “I can just stay here with you forever moment” is laying in bed together at night before falling asleep.

-Gilbert proposed, but Arthur said, “Only if you take my name.” Gilbert agreed.

Me trying to flirt:
  • Me: Hey
  • Crush: hey
  • Brain: *don't say anything stupid, don't say anything stupid*
  • Me: ...
  • Crush: ...
  • Brain: *say something*
  • Me: ...
  • Brain: *ANYTHING*
  • Crush: ...
  • Crush: ...
  • Brain: *face-palm*