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Green Eyes (Pt. 2)

Summary: Now that Baron just shows up at the reader’s door in the middle of the night, what’s going to go down between them?
Word Count: 2.2k
Warnings: Language, Unprotected sex (wrap it up, kids!).
A/N: My smut is the woooooooooorst.

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It was as if someone dumped ice water over you, your entire body just frozen in place.

“B-Baron? Why? Why are you here?” You managed to squeak out as your stomach crept it’s way up your throat.

“I had to see you. I couldn’t wait any longer. As soon as I got here, I asked around and found out your room number.” He took a step towards you, his arms going to either side of you.

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i don’t love you (and i always will)

Prompt: we’re sharing a bed and ask me again if pigeons have feelings, I dare you

A/N: Okay so like I thought this was going to be all fluffy and happy and whatever and??????? (I’m the worst) 

The day she came home, he was out hunting. 

When Bellamy reentered the camp, a deer being carried between the six people behind him, it was Raven who found him first. She was practically sprinting towards him, and he was momentarily impressed by her improvement with her new brace, before she was directly in front of him, wild-eyed and out of breath, and she whispered the words she’s back. (He felt his heart beating rapidly in his chest, as if to remind him that the salve to mend its fractured pieces had returned, that he wasn’t alone anymore.)

Miller seemed to notice the change in Bellamy’s demeanor - stiff shoulders, mouth slightly agape, hands shaking just slightly in fists clenched by his sides - because he signaled to the other hunters to move in, giving Bellamy a nod before following them. 

“She’s asleep,” Raven said gently, with a smirk that was far, far too knowing for Bellamy’s liking, “if you want to go see her now, before she wakes up.” 

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For the crappy day prompts: just dealing with general PMS fuckery right now. it still sucks. I'm always weak for presumed dead fic, so something with that and stevetony, if you're up for it?

ugh pms is the woooooooooorst, i’m sorry.

Tony literally, actually goes weak in the knees when Steve steps out of the plane and disembarks onto the tarmac. Rhodey has to grab him around the waist to keep him from going down then and there.

He wonders if this was what it was like for Pepper when he came back from Afghanistan.

Steve is limping significantly and he looks like ten miles of bad road, but he’s alive. Jesus Christ, he’s still alive.

There are tears shivering on the edge of Tony’s vision by the time Steve makes it across the pavement to where they’re waiting. He pauses just out of reach and meets Tony’s eyes, almost shyly. “I could sure use a hug right now.”

“You son of a bitch,” Tony chokes, his chest singing with horror at the rasp of Steve’s voice. “They told me you were dead.”

Steve shakes his head and it looks like it costs him to do it. “Tried it once, didn’t like it much.”

“Bastard,” Tony spits and launches himself into Steve’s arms.

no amount of hate will make your shitty ship canon. no amount of hate will change the way the writers write the show. no amount of hate will get you what you want. if you hate something stop watching it. but sending people hate will ONLY prove - that you all are in fact a bunch of entitled assholes that can’t accept a simple show about fairytales. that is all it will do.