is the title of the song

sooo,,, I had major phan feels and wrote a song about it and decided to share it with you!

(disclaimer: this song is written intentionally as if dnp are together, i’m not assuming anything, nor saying they are together. don’t attack meh)

(verse 1)
we didn’t know
what would come of this
we never thought
our worlds could come together

(pre chorus)
but i’m so glad you’re by my side
next to me in life
and i just wanna say
how much you mean to me

you are the moon and i am the sun
shining so bright from up above
holding each other hand in hand
singing along like we planned
you are the piece that fit to my puzzle
though i’m afraid to get in trouble
nothing can hide the way i feel for you

(verse 2)
llamas lions and badgers oh my
what did we get ourselves into this time
trying to keep our cool in the spotlight
with you right beside me it’s so clear
that we were meant to end up here
do what we love and say hello internet

(pre chorus 2)
but i’m so glad you’re by my side
next to me in life
and i just wanna share
all the success of our careers 

(little oh’s and ahh’s)

(2nd chorus)
i’m not afraid to get in trouble
cause nothing can hide the way i feel
for you  

Do not steal or repost my lyrics!!
don’t be that guy ;) 

Long Way Down // Spencer Reid x Reader

Warnings: A little bit of everything really

The end had finally come and despite the amount of time you spent preparing for it, it still felt like a punch in your stomach. The knot in your throat was painful and your lungs still struggled for air to breathe. Tears clouded your eyes and turned your vision blurry until his face was unrecognizable.

“You’re a coward,” you cried. “A fucking coward!”

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Lyric with the title of the song + amazing Monet art in the background

(my edit)