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Story titles, invented by neural network

So Prof. Mark Reidl of Georgia Tech is the best kind of geek, and used some cool scripting to extract all the things on Wikipedia with plot summaries: movies, books, tv episodes, video games, etc. That’s a lot of plot summaries: 112,936, to be exact. 

With a dataset this large, a neural network can achieve impressive results. Sure enough, when I trained this open-source neural network framework on just the titles alone, it consistently came up with titles that were both varied and (usually) plausible. 

Below are some of my favorites, arranged roughly by apparent genre:


Titanic Buffalo
Pirates: A Fight Dance Story
The Bad Legend
Conan the Pirate
O Bullets
Home Transformers
Shurk Hat Dies!
An Enemy of Bob (Homicide: Life on the Street)
Cannibal Spy II
American Hero: Fire of Crusty
Lego Man Hunt
Nancy Drew: The Last Day (film)
Surf Crisis
Legend of the Experience of Scarlet Freedom Damageboo
American Midnight: Swear Dragon


Under the Daleks
Batman and Flancles: The Fun Tree
The Legends of World Planet
Bomberman’s Love
The Enchanted Feed
The Star Wars: The Santa Contact
The Long Ninja Dove in the Air (film)
The History of the Galaxy Bunny Lada
City of the Stupid (film)
Shy Castle
Hamburger (Star Trek: The Next Generation)
Swords and Batman: Summer Party ?


The Boordeeple (2011 film)
A Dog’s Toy Friends
Boop (Adventure Time)
A Dinosaur Quest
Colonel Corn (video game)
New Bear
Borky the Pig (film)
Excellent Very Broken Christmas
The Great Bother Cat (film)
Happy Cat in the Yaku Wonder
Fireman and Halloween Rules
Big Can Flower Home
The Green Yaurglar Pig
Scooby-Doo'Wagon Traps (video game)
Book Dog (film)


Terror Dog
Tree Screaming
Zombies of Florence
The Trunkelling
A Vampire Time for Monster
Murder’s Eagle
Frozen Bat (film)
Haunted Place
The Sheep of Evil
Barney’s The Devil’s Treachery
Merry Scroobers: Crown of Evil
The Steel-Pounted Murder King
The Shadow of Life of Very Worgy (film)
The Mystical Booged of California


Market that Knave
Spork at Bliss
The White Soup
An Indiana Office
The Last Fish Show
The Fish of Education

Restricted section (there were quite a few more of these)

Absilloved Lovers 2: Black Bearfly Dawn
Horse Man Academy 5-R: Cowboy Sheeper Wydex
Breed Bot 3: The Journey Kitchen
Wild Bad Party 109
Pink Moon
Indiscreet Maidman

And finally, a list of the most quintessential story titles, obtained by setting the creativity to near zero on a highly-trained network:

The Story of the Stranger (1994 film)
The Last Day of the Story
The Lost Princess (film)
The Stranger (1994 film)
The Last Star (1994 film)
The Secret of the Story of the Stranger (1996 film)
The Stranger (2014 film)
The Story of the Stars
The Story of the Stranger (1999 film)
The Last Day of the Sun
The Story of the Star Trek: The Secret of the Story of the Star Wars

For a moment, I let myself see past the glamour that concealed the tattoo on my right hand and forearm. The markings of my true heart. My true title.

High Lady of the Night Court.

Half a thought had the broken paintbrush going up in flames.

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sorry to bother you but could you tell us the title of that fat anatomy book? I've been looking for a good anatomy book since forever

Anatomy for Artists: The Complete Guide to Drawing the Human Body
By Barrington Barber

I love it with my whole being


Thoughts while playing The Freshman Book 3 Chapter 17: Don’t You (Forget About Me)

Ooh. Love the title. Is it from the ‘80s song? *cue the synthesizers*

James knocks on my MC’s bedroom door. Gah. Don’t these dates know to wait in the living room!? Anyway they’re making out now so… fine.

“You can’t stay a freshman forever,” James say. IS THIS A FORESHADOWING. WILL THERE BE A “THE SOPHOMORE”?!?

The quad is so pretty!!!! Zig is at the dance!!! In his white shirt. I’ll take it. I thought he’d be in a tux. :P What’s he doing at the dance?

“You’re looking at Hartfeld’s newest Knight.” What!?!? LOVE IT. I am so SURE there will be a sequel to The Freshman. C’mon. Zig in a football uniform. BRING ON THE ART.

James coming up while Zig and MC are talking is sweet. “I hope I’m not interrupting, but I came to see if my beautiful girlfriend wanted to dance.” *melts*

So we’re waltzing with James (how very proper of this boyfriend) and we’re talking about our relationship. I pick “I still have some concerns”. Let’s see where this goes.

“You only have a year left at Hartfeld. Then what?” Boom. Relationship realities suck sometimes. James advises MC to focus on tonight. I’m with you, James.

“Saying goodbye for the summer’s going to be tough.” - MC. IS THIS ANOTHER FORESHADOWING? No Summer Quarter book?!

Madison shares their summer plans — they’re going on a cruise! Woah! Is this where Rules of Engagement picks up?!

“You catch sight of Darren by the punch table.” I literally gasped out loud at the cafe where I’m playing. Good thing there are no other customers around me. Hahaha.

Darren in a tux. Oh, but he doesn’t have a date tonight. He’s still pining for Amara though. My ever-supportive MC tells him to reach out to Amara by calling her. Darren goes:

“We’ve texted and stuff but a phone call is a bit more personal.” Oh, dude. Dude. Dude. Dude.

Okay enough!!! This scene is breaking my heart already. LOL. MC keeps pushing Darren to Amara and assuring him she likes her too. I get it, I get it. He gets it too. LOL.

“A chocolate fix sounds perfect right about now. Want to join me?” - Darren


“You enjoy yourself. I think I just saw Abbie and Tyler.” - MC


Dammit MC, what if this is the last screenshot we’ll have of Darren!?

On to Abbie and Tyler. Their summer plans? Visiting each other and meeting each other’s parents. MY HEART JUST TURNED TO MUSH. They are the CUTEST.

“My parents would be insane not to love you as much as I do.” - Tyler to Abbie. OGGRSGRHGLHALLA. My heart turned from mush to whatever’s mushier than mush.

Summer plans of Zack and Brandon: maybe a music festival on the West Coast. I WANT TO GO. TAKE ME WITH YOU.

Lone figure in the gazebo = Becca. Heart to heart talk and she goes it sucks when everyone is paired off “especially when the only person I wanted to go with is already taken.” Then she pats MC’s arm and goes, “But that’s a story for another time.” Another time = another playthrough with my single MC. Can’t wait. ;-)

James. Finally. With MC at the gazebo. This makes a pretty picture.

“You feel something heavy in his…” Oh. “Jacket pocket.” Naughty mind, naughty mind. ;) It’s a book of poetry. Emily Dickinson. It’s his own collector’s edition. Awww.

DIAMONDS SCENE TIME. “Let’s go back to my room.” 30 diamonds. Let’s do this.  

“As you enter your room, James pushes you up against the door and kisses you fervently.” WOAH. Things got hot quickly. I am NOT complaining.

“I want to hear you, Holly, when there’s no one around to be quiet for.”

*fans self*

DAAAAMN. I like it when James takes charge like this. You go, boyfriend. So sexy.

Poetry reading time. A sweet moment between James and MC that is just so them. Two writers, two lovers, in bed. Beautiful. Definitely one of my fave James x MC moments. <3

MC’s writing the last pages of Vasquez’s book… oh, it’s 2pm. We’re off to meet Gabriela!

She loves the book!

Ew, it’s Yasmin.

“Do you really have nothing better to do than harass college students?” - Gabriela to Yasmin. Woot woot! She’s asked for Yasmin to be pulled off the project. What goes around comes around, biyatch.

Gabriela congratulates MC on her book! What happens next?


The end.

Final thoughts:
Loved the finale! I can’t wait to play through the other choices <3 <3 <3 I’m so glad I let MC stick with James. I loved the thought that their writing bonds them even more not just as friends but as sweethearts. It’s a really sweet thing for them to share. And that diamonds scene was hot. I shall share screenshots over the next few days. And about everyone’s summer plans — do you think Book 4 will be about MC’s summer plans? It must be, right?! YAY for karma biting Yasmin in the butt. Hmph. And woah, I did not see any Chris or Kaitlyn in my James x MC playthrough. I shall await YOUR screenshots for those. :) I enjoyed the finale and can’t wait to find out what Book 4 will be all about!

Home (Chapter Eight)

Title: Home (Chapter Eight)

Pairing(s): Jughead Jones x Reader, Jughead Jones x Betty Cooper (bughead), Archie Andrews x Veronica Lodge (varchie)

Warnings: Maybe some slight cursing.

Summary: Happy endings are just in story books, right?

A/N: There will be one more part after this one. And I would just like to say in the least corniest way as possible; It had been so fun to write this. And I have loved all the positive feedback this has gotten.
Thanks to everyone that has read this and enjoyed it. :)
As always feedback is greatly appreciated and I hope you all enjoy!

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black bolt #1 by saladin ahmed (w) and christian ward (a) releases may 3rd, 2017, and is one of the best examples of the few things that marvel is doing right because inhumans solo titles are largely written, illustrated, edited, and at times inked by creators of minority identity (be it religious, ethnic/racial, and/or gender) which plays into their development as an allegorical minority group

unlike some of marvel’s other properties, namely the xm/en, the inhumans aren’t just diverse on the page: they’re diverse behind the page. saladin ahmed joins the ranks of g willow wilson, sana amanat, tamra bonvillain, and more. to continue to write off inhumans books because they’re “stealing away minority identity from the xm/en” is wrong. the inhumans aren’t stealing away minority identity: they’re embracing it

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Turn The Lights Off, I’m In Love

Robert shut his book and put it on the bedside table. It had been a good read, set in another time, incredibly romantic but terribly sad.


With the rain coming down outside on the roof of the Mill and Aaron snoring lightly next to him, Robert was content for a moment to just think. How hard it must have been in the past, to love another man. Not that loving Aaron had ever been easy, but then easy usually equalled boring so that was probably a good thing. But to never be able to marry the one you love, never hold them in public, never kiss them in street, never touch hands even briefly in case it is taken for something more.

After having what he had, loving Aaron the way he did, Robert knew it would have driven him mad. He couldn’t believe that even now, in this day and age, there were still places where their love was a forbidden thing, something to be ridiculed, arrested and worse killed for.

That they could give their love so freely, after all, they’d both been through, would never be something Robert could take for granted. They had fought too hard to get to where they were now but he’d never really thought about what their love might mean to other people. Not really. Not outside the fear of Chrissie finding out back when he was still hiding behind their marriage. There was fear but no danger.

Marriage, theirs had been a mistake, a faded image of the real thing, Robert didn’t even understand what the word meant until Aaron had slipped the ring on his finger in Cain’s dirty garage.

Robert started to turn off the lamp but then reconsidered, he turned so that he was laying on his side facing Aaron.

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taking turns

notes | I was feeling some littles feels (because everyone in my life is having babies), so I wrote something in my Life Happened verse. Enjoy little Lily cuteness!

title | taking turns

There’s a little divot visible across Lily’s brow as she stares at Licorice and wiggles a long section of ribbon in her small hand. The cat pays her absolutely no mind, just stretches a little and inches closer to the sun warmed glass pane of the patio door, completely unconcerned with the almost five year old he’s upsetting.

Lily huffs, scowling and turns her fierce brown gaze to where her mother is curled against the couch, book in hand, watching the scene silently across the pages she stopped reading a minute ago. “Mama,” she interrupts, loud and heedless and impatient in the way that only children can manage to be without actually being mean about it.

Still, Caitlin doesn’t respond, just raises her brows a little and glances at her daughter, who huffs again and then tries again, this time her tone softening and calling out a question instead, “Mama?”

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DC Digital Service To Launch With ‘Titans’ Series From Greg Berlanti & Akiva Goldsman And ‘Young Justice: Outsiders’
EXCLUSIVE: Warner Bros is making a big move in digital with one of its flagship brands. Warner Bros and DC Entertainment are behind a new, DC-branded service that will debut in 2018 with two high-p…
By Nellie Andreeva

Warner Bros is making a big move in digital with one of its flagship brands. Warner Bros and DC Entertainment are behind a new, DC-branded service that will debut in 2018 with two high-profile comic book-themed original TV series: the live-action Titans, from the king of the CW DC universe Greg Berlanti, Akiva Goldsman, Geoff Johns, Sarah Schechter and Warner Bros TV, and the anticipated revival of cult animated series Young Justice, from Warner Bros Animation. It will be titled Young Justice: Outsiders.

Thanks to @keeper-of-the-lore for the link.

HOLY SHIT GUYS THIS IS GREAT NEWS! People behind Flash and Supergirl on Teen Titans show and 3rd season of Young Justice alongside it!

SaiIno Headcanon/Imagine: In Between the Pages

Three weeks after their wedding, Ino was helping Sai pack his things and secure them into cardboard boxes. While she was rummaging through his drawers, she happened to come across a crate filled with self-help books, bearing titles such as: ‘How to Win a Girl Over,’ ‘Handling a Successful Marriage for Beginners’ and ‘Falling In Love.’ 

Ino couldn’t help but smile at her husband’s diligence. “Does he do everything by the book?” she asked herself as she turned the book entitled ‘Falling In Love’ over and read the description out loud: “A guide for those who’ve fallen in love for the first time.” 

“Really, Sai?” she sighed with a small smile as she flipped through the pages and was surprised when she saw a few sketches slipped in between. The first sketch was found on the fourth page, underneath the headline: ‘Have you fallen in love?’ It was a drawing of her handing a bouquet of roses to a customer at the flower shop, with a brief caption scrawled underneath: ‘I think I have.’ She smiled and continued to scan the pages.

On page 16, a picture of her smiling in front of a plate of sushi was drawn on a sheet of white paper. Above the picture hung the words: ‘Surviving your first date.’ Ino shook her head and laughed, “You didn’t need this. You did pretty well on your own.” On the 31st page, he had slipped in a drawing of them holding hands at Naruto and Hinata’s wedding. The headline read, ‘Are you ready to be with this person?’ Ino noticed the faintest shadow of ink on the paper, so she flipped the scrap of paper and read what Sai had written on the back: ‘Today, when she asked me about Shikamaru and Temari (who were probably dating), I told her that everybody probably thought of us in the same way as well. She seemed shocked. I thought I said something dreadfully embarrassing, but she smiled at me soon enough and told me that from now on, we were officially a couple.’ A smile appeared on Ino’s lips as she continued to flip through the pages. 

The third part of the book seemed to focus mainly on dating the other person. There was a certain page that nearly glowed because of the intensity of the neon green highlighter Sai had used. He highlighted sentences such as: ‘When something seems off about her smile, ask her if she’s alright’ and ‘Play with her hair whenever she isn’t doing anything.’ She laughed as she remembered all the things he did for her while they were dating each other. More pictures appeared in between pages, with captions such as: ‘She’s so beautiful. Why didn’t I see that as soon as we met?’ and ‘Today I told her that I loved her for the first time. This is what her reaction looked like.’ Ino turned the piece of paper over and laughed at her own face—her eyes were wide and her face was shaded, probably to emphasize the fact that she had become as red as a tomato. She exhaled loudly as she continued. 

On the last and final page, she saw the title of the passage: ‘If you’ve come this far, perhaps it’s time for you to settle down.’ A folded scrap of paper was inserted between the back cover and the last page. 

Ino unfolded the piece of paper and saw a drawing of a bush clover, the symbol of her clan. Underneath, Sai wrote: “It’s almost been a year. Today I asked her to marry me. I want to be by her side for the rest of my life, to wake up next to her and raise a family with her. Today I told her that she was the only person I’ve ever loved like this, and she started to cry. I thought I hurt her, but she smiled at me and thanked me for loving her like that. She then told me that she wanted me to be a part of their clan, and she wanted to do the same things I wanted to do with her. She said that she felt the same way for me. I’ve never been so happy before. This feels like living the life of an entirely different person.’ Ino couldn’t help but tear up a little as she read the final sentence of the passage. It felt like she was reliving the moment he asked her to marry her, and it was buried in her heart forever. 

Meanwhile, Sai was silently watching her from behind the door. The main reason why he asked her to help him was because he was hoping that she’d find those books. More importantly, he was hoping she’d find the scraps of paper that described his ever-growing love for her, and she did.

Today has been really lovely. My partner and I had class together then went to a bookstore where we just walked around and talked about the books we liked growing up, what we look for in books now, and made fun of cheesy romance novel titles. Then we went and got lunch together I had delicious pad Thai and they had great veggie dumplings they made me laugh way too loudly for that small of a restaurant. :P And then before my next class we sat down and cuddled for awhile and took goofy photos together and it was all very cute.

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