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A friend with more experience on Tumblr pointed out that I was Tumblng all wrong. Since I’m still pretty new to Tumblr, I took hr wrd fr it.

So here they are again, the lovely boys, this time as a proper picture rather than an embedded-in-text pixelated thing.

In case the words under Link are too small in your view: The awesome artist who made this is @lightsintheskye!

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That card Harry got on his 17th birthday, was it from Louis? Have people found out what the text is saying?

it’s too small to make out exactly what the writing says but it’s from louis and to make it even worse

LOL I almost forgot about/missed pocky day so have some nerds I haven’t drawn in a while ahaha—

aigi calm down

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so the sheikah text on the back of the map is actually romaji and i tried translating some of it. there are only 5 complete sentences that are visible. there may be some minor mistakes in translation because the rest of the text on the map is too small/blurry to read and also im not fluent in japanese. though there’s context missing, we could still maybe learn a little about the story from this?

Why is Ja’far my fave?

@ the anon who sent that.
My dear, I could write an entire book, 200 pages at least. (I love you for asking tho).

I tried to sum it up but I failed lol. You are gonna have to give me more time. Sadly I’m gonna be out all day tomorrow and it’s 3 am here, I must leave. Also I’m so sleepy I can’t write properly in English.

However here you have a sneak peek (I’m probably erasing a lot of this so it’s shorter. I’m using Sin a lot for this one, but I was just gonna talk about Pisti and all the generals, agh it’s hard leaving details out):

Since I’m saying Ja’far is “human”, let’s talk about one of my favorite things about Ja’far: his flaws.

Ja’far is short-tempered, strict, aggressive, dull, obsessive, blunt, etc. He has so many relatable flaws tbh. I say dull because he’s that person who doesn’t fit to everyone’s opinion on what’s “fun”, like going to parties and getting drunk. I’m one of those dull people and probably a lot of you guys are too. (I don’t actually think we are dull but that’s how people see us often, at least me).

But let’s focus on Ja’far’s main issue (and what makes him really interesting for me): the contrast between his aggressive behavior and his kindness.

Ja’far’s aggressive behavior opposes his warm nature in a lot of ways. This is why I say he’s human, he tries to be a certain way but his flaws are stronger and he fails.

Ja’far tries to be perfect. He walks in a fine, elegant way, his speech is overly polite, he’s very cultivated (he studied as much as he could), he’s efficient, he has a dignified appearance. Ja’far has worked all his life so he could become who he is now and so there are no traces of his old self, the assassin. BUT he still gets angry easily, he’s too short-tempered and when he snaps, he snaps big time and sadly he snaps about several things.

Sinbad’s mistakes spark this behavior on him a lot and despite of his desire of remaining a calm and collected advisor, Ja’far loses all this in front of the person he respects most and thinks he has the right to. His polite speech, his discrete way of standing, they all disappear and he unleashes the true Ja’far. His king becomes his idiotic friend he promised to help and so he lectures him with screams and punches.  And after he calms down, he becomes the polite advisor again, the one he’s trying so hard to be.
Another example of Ja’far being unable to control himself is when he loses it after Cassim insults Sinbad. Only after Sin stops him he realizes he fucked up and the aggressive Ja’far disappears in a second, he dashes to heal the wound he caused to his king and also apologizes. And thus: after more than a decade and a half Ja’far still can’t control his aggressive personality.

Ja’far is a scary guy but he has tried to become the loving, collected and calm person he knows he is deep inside (because he is indeed) for so many years and he still can’t do it. Isn’t that adorable? He is both things tho, he’s scary and could kill you, but he’s also cute and sweet and could love you like no one ever would. 

The Ja’far twins in Sinbad no bouken, which represent the contradiction that he is himself, become one in the anime, but not in the manga. And coincidentally Ja’far’s household are two snakes. This contradiction in Ja’far’s personality is definitely important to understand Ja’far as a character. And wow isn’t he interesting?

relatable things my seven year old sister has said/done today
  • “Dance with me, Sam!” “But this isn’t dancing music.” “It is if you believe.” 
  • *high pitched screaming with no warning and for no reason*
  • *laying completely still in the floor, eyes closed, moaning* “Totoro… Totoro… I wanna watch Totoro…”