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ok i like a laugh as much as the next person but i’m really not about these hannah baker memes that suggest her reasons for suicide were stupid and insignificant. not having a pencil for her to borrow or being out of nuggets is a hell of a lot different to bullying and rape


Bakugou’s smile can scare off childrens easily..(・∀・ ) He could run the title of “Number 1. Most Evil-looking hero” for generations lololol

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i hope this counts as “several children” XD @princeasimdiya12

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I’ll update 2 ~ 3 post more  (in next 12 hours) for this beginning part since it’s… too long and I need to re-arrange some pages.

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p/s: for anyone hasn’t known about this AU please view this tag on my main blog (sketch of this story had been made since 1 years ago)


the gates are open wide
as is her heart. angry
and bitter, she paces
the empty halls of her 
mind searching for the
answers held within a
violent, raging inferno.
shedding old leather,
a new being emerges 
with the power of a
thousand sorceresses.
the one you knew is no
more, on a path to the
enlightenment they were
robbed of.