is the tag for this right

And with that the Matildas have now beaten Brazil 3 times

goals scored by one sammy kerr, caitlin foord and sammy again bc that kid just doesnt know when to quit

Brazil’s goals came off Fabiana and Marta 

forreal tho this game had it allllllll goals in the opening minute, ribbons, backflips, god-tier goalkeeping, yellows for everyone, flopping, the unceremonious dumping of foord to the floor multiple times and even an almost brawl!!!!


rb this post and either @mygsjjk or i will make you a gif set!

hoseok + jungkook (+ smiling, laughing & holding eachother)  for @jcnghope


I may or may not have forgotten that Snapchat filters existed until this weekend. I also may or may not have forgotten that today is Tuesday, so I’m using these pictures as a last minute option…

Regardless, I hope y'all have a fabulous week! Lots of love from the rainy but otherwise uneventful Midwest. Xx.

Galra Pidge to help cheer up @leafbo-i, who sent me the nicest, purest ask a few weeks back.