is the school i attend

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I'm just really curious, what kind of fucking school are you attending because I'm a ninth grader too but I never have a opportunity to draw digitally anything for school!!?

Two years ago they were like “Here are some themes, pick one and do what you like within reason” and I was like “Hey I have this fancy drawing tablet thing and a Photoshop subscription is that cool” and they were like “We don’t have any clue how to work it if you need help but sure” and that was pretty much it.

Brand New Mod!

Archer says:

Hey there, my name is Archer and I am one of the newest mods here. I am a trans man and use he/him/his pronouns! I am from California and am Native American and Hebrew, but I am very white-passing aside from my “Jewish curls” as I like to call them. I consider my sexuality to be queer but I often just say I’m bisexual. I am 15 and officially started testosterone on September 11, 2017. I am autistic and have a few physical disabilities (too many small things to describe here but you can ask me at my personal blog if you please.) I also have GAD or generalized anxiety disorder.

I am interested in things like art and am an actual artist myself, I also write and am interested in photography. I love most animated shows and anything mysterious. Buzzfeed Unsolved is one of my absolute favorite shows.

Oh! I should also mention that I attend am independent charter school and am also enrolled in community college currently, trying to get my AA.

Anyways, yep… That’s basically me. Thank’s for having me and I hope to be a helpful addition to this blog! Also, you can find me at my personal blog here @cryptidb0i

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yeah, what gets me about the dumbledore situation are people who think he counts as representation when every now and then i see HP on lists of LGBT kids books. but deathly hallows came out when i was 12, a closeted lesbian, attending catholic school in a homophobic environment. i was definitely not picking up on any subtext that dumbledore was in love with grindelwald. lmao even when i saw headlines that dumbledore was gay, it was with a pic from the movies so i thought they meant the actor

akslfh @ hp on a list of lgbt books for kids lmao what in the hell

yeah IA i am definitely not going to herald Dumbledore as like, a gay lead or??? whatever?? and – at least if hp were less of a phenomenon where its every detail gets splashed across pop culture – it’d be entirely possible to read the books and have no idea, because it’s never more than subtext. (i DO think the subtext does exist – i noticed it – and i think there’s a difference between existing subtext being confirmed extra-canonically vs a totally arbitrary claim that has no evidence at all anywhere or like my personal fave “the creator tweeted that this character is bisexual but you’ll never see them even blink at the same gender ever”… but neither case is ideal and on the, i dunno, great list of representation i wouldn’t count either one.)

so i don’t find dumbledore a much bigger win for representation than, like, clara oswald’s maybe-bisexuality or sarah manning kissing a girl while she’s suicidally inebriated and trying to have a threesome, but like those posters were saying i also don’t think it’s fair to lump jkr in with fishing for brownie points on that subject. she was answering a direct question re: dumbledore’s love life, and it did play a role in the story. and i also agree that a book written in 2007 is a different context to something from 1997 or 2017, and so on

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Honey pot isn’t as active as it used to be and it makes me sad 🙁 I miss talking to the mods and all the activities

hi there honey bear! i’m so sorry you feel that way 💔 i know what you’re talking about. truth is, i’ve been super busy with school! it needs my FULL attention as i missed a few classes back then because i was very sick and couldn’t attend school normally. i also still have my health to worry about on top of it… but, now i’m looking forward to getting back to honeypot! i really miss it, i miss my baby bears so so so much 🎈🌼💕🍯

things might change since us mods do still have busy lives and our own regression, but we will work hard to be here for you lil ones, okie dokie? 🐻

- mod euphie

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When I was still in art school, I attended the school's annual winter fair thing where students could sign up and sell whatever, as long as it was artsy or craftsy. Some student was selling a Hamsa charm keychain. I pointed this out excitedly to her because I assumed this girl must have been Jewish or something too (this was in Manhattan, so it was all I could assume). Got a blank stare and a "Huh?" Great. Well, I bought the charm anyway because I wanted it -- After explaining what it was. :/

hnnnggg why do goyim just keep using cultural symbols when they have 0000.000 clue what they actually mean!!! stop that!!!

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You mentioned high school when you made the post about the red lobster biscuits. How many times have you attended high school? What is your favorite memory from it?

Eh? I’ve never attended high school. That was the original submitter of the post. Normally they’re meant to sign it, but the poster forgot to.


♫ step out of the shadows and (back) into my life ♫

Autumn Inspired Prompts
  • You’re a vampire and I’m a witch, we both go to this private school in New England that has a small population of supernatural students. We meet because I need a vile of vampire venom for a potion and my demon best friend said you’re the person to talk to.
  • We go to a school for supernatural beings and you’re the cutest witch I’ve ever seen but you’re kind of intimidating.
  • I’m a fairy and my parents told me to never get myself involved with a witch but you’re so sweet and kind and not anything like I was told about witches.
  • We’re both from ancient supernatural families and our kinds hate each other but to end the centuries of fighting we are to be wed.
  • There our seven lines of ancient witches referred to as the Seven Devil, there are certain alliances amongst the families and certain feuds. One night a whole line is whipped out, they were an ally of my line an enemy of yours. You’re suspected of being apart of the killings but I can prove you’re innocence. The only problem is our lines are enemies as well and my family advises me not to because it’ll give our line more power. (Bonus: My line was actually behind whipping out the line because they were power hungry and framed your line)
  • I’m a witch and one night while I’m walking home I’m murdered by someone or something unknown. But a few day later I wake up in the morgue. I got my friend who says that I was saved due to vampire venom in my system, vampire venom in small amounts can slowly heal someone but they’ll appear dead until they’ve made a full recovery. I try to find the vampire who saved me and find you. You tell me you found me bleeding out, near death on the side of the road while you were walking into town so you bit me to save me. (Bonus: You help me find the person or thing that tried to kill me)
  • I’m a witch and there’s a witch hunter in town and he’s been following me around for the last few days. One day he corners me in the woods near town while I was collecting ingredients for a potion and tried to kill me but you come out of nowhere and save me by killing him. We make eye contact before you run into the woods. Who are you and why did you save me?
  • I’m a werewolf and have some serious anger issues and you’re a witch who makes theses amazing calming potions with lavender and every time I come in to buy some you me a free lavender candle and every time I light it I’m instantly calm and can’t stop thinking about you.
  • I just transferred to this private school and all the students talk about the werewolves who roam the forest that surrounds the school for miles, some are even rumored to attend the school. I don’t believe them because wolves are common in this area and werewolves obviously aren’t real. But then one night decide to go for a walk in the woods because it’s a full moon and there’s a light fog so how can I resist and I’m pretty damn sure the cute person from my history class just turned into a wolf, what the hell?
  • You and your friends are rumored to be descendants of supernatural beings and you’re pretty well liked by everyone but everyone’s also kind of afraid of you. Of course most people don’t believe in the supernatural, but I’ve seen somethings and I’m pretty sure not only are the rumors true but there’s way more to it.
  • Your a descendant from a famous alleged supernatural being and I’m doing a report on them and how it’s affected your family. You agreed to let me interview and after doing a lot of research I realize that you’re not a descendant of that person but are in fact that person who’s been alive after all these years.
  • We’re best friends, I’m a vampire and you’re a witch. Shenanigans ensue.
  • I’m a powerful ancient witch and you’re a vampire who I’ve loved for several centuries but you’re murdered by one of my enemies. I’m now consumed with finding a way to bring you back to life and back to me. I have never been a cruel witch but in this time I am ready to do anything and everything to get my way.

How To (properly) Visit The Columbine Memorial

SO, you’re thinking about making a trip to the Columbine memorial? That’s great! Here are just a few tips (from a local and from someone who isn’t deficient in empathy) on how to make the most out of your visit. 👍

Dress Appropriately. I chose to wear my favorite black dress and feather belt. please leave your natural selection, wrath, AOL Here KewLz HaXORz ArE shirts, trench coats, or other Columbine Killer Costumes at home. Those clothes just scream, “I’ve never been laid and won’t ever move outta my mom’s basement” Save em for Halloween plz. 

AH! we’ve made it to Clement Park! There’s parking right off of Bowles Ave. Just pull in by the Library. It’s super easy to spot. 

You can bring flowers if you’d like! I opted for yellow roses. I would suggest leaving any candles you want to light for eric and dylan at home. You can worship those pasty losers anywhere else in the ENTIRE WORLD besides the COUPLE OF SQUARE FEET THAT IS THE MEMORIAL. (show some self control)

take a second to glance at the posted rules. If you don’t speak english (only reason i can come up with for not understanding them) there is a great new website called You can go there and translate any word you don’t know. Like: no smoking, no fumar, 喫煙禁止, ne pas fumer, Vietato fumare,

WE’RE HERE!! No finger guns, water guns, or mock weapons within the memorial grounds. i’m not trying to TELL you what to do per se, just want to make sure you have the best experience, and mock shooting something makes you look infantile. Now you can take in the tranquility of the memorial. 

In case nature calls during your visit, don’t fret! There are plenty of places to relieve yourself besides Rachel’s placard. There are many facilities within clement park. Just turn around, stroll out of the memorial grounds, and head for these plastic blue houses, you can’t miss it. 😃

if ya see someone desecrating the memorial, just flag down one of these guys, police are constantly patroling Clement Park. If none are around, call this number: 303-794-1551. That’s the Littleton Police Department. I would suggest not to ask if they’ll release the Basement Tapes. I have a hunch they’re gonna say no. (sorry guys)

GREAT JOB! YOU DID IT! You get a gold star. We managed to visit the memorial and keep our dignity in tact! Feel free to stroll by the school, all I ask is to leave those attending alone and to stay respectful to the area. Colorado thanks you.  Saying shit like, no one remembers or cares anymore is SUCH A COP OUT. Anyone with a heart cares. Colorado cares. So many people were somber, visiting the memorial alongside me. I care and I will never EVER forget the THIRTEEN VICTIMS of the Columbine Massacre. 

Safety tips for strippers

Preface: y'all need to understand that 99% of the men you encounter at work are a) lying about themselves in one way or another b) feel as though the circumstances for your employment somehow okays them to basically disrespect you or c) don’t understand that the services you provide are just active aspects of a fantasy. Recognize this so you can be in a better position to stand your ground and ensure your wellbeing

1)NEVER give a customer your real name,location, the name of your university (regardless of how prestigious it is, if the customer is an alumnus, or if they attend the school. I don’t care. Don’t do it)

2) Don’t give customers your actual number. It’s far too easy to reverse search people via numbers. Get a trap phone or a google voice number

3) Always have your phone on. Better yet, download the Life360 app so your loved ones can keep track of your location

4)Diversify your routes back home and monitors the car behind you

5) Have a male employee escort you to your car and park your car at a well lit parking space

6) Keep an eye on your drinks. I always bring my drinks with me to my stage sets. If you have to go up to leave momentarily, bring your drink along with you.

7) get a can of pepper spray.

8)never stop at any restaurants or business within a mile radius of work coming to or leaving your shift

9)If you’re in an uncomfortable situation with a customer at VIP, feel free to leave even before the times up and tell management about the customer

10)don’t let anyone treat you badly or violate your comfort zone, regardless of whether or not you’re being paid to spend time with them. You’re not working a regular 9-5 so you’re not obligated to follow the “customer is always right” line of reasoning. When it comes to your comfort, never give a customer an inch; he’ll always take a mile

11) if you’re faced with a circumstance in which you have even the smallest bit of apprehension, don’t follow through with it. You’re never going to be at loss doing business as usual or turning someone down

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getting kind of tired of the lack of updates, w out an explanation, we at least deserve that

I think I’ll have to put this in the FAQ at some point because I get asked this a lot even though I’ve answered it before, which is OK. I don’t expect people to search the blog for old asks all the time to find information. It might just be easier to put it in the FAQ.

I had surgery in late April for a kidney tumor. It was successful but the recovery has slowed my updating significantly since then. I used to have no job and all the time in the world to work on SaM before that, updating maybe even 3 times a month. That is not doable anymore. Since surgery, I’ve had health problems as well. I’ve been to the Emergency room 5 times since April, all on separate occasions, once even on my family’s first time ever going to Hawaii. I was stuck at the condo.

In addition to health problems, I also have full time employment now. Meaning, I can only work on “Satan and Me” and my other comic “Here it Comes” on the weekends. Updates will be significantly slower because of that, also because I still want to have a life outside of just drawing on the computer all week. I don’t spend my entire weekends drawing updates. Sometimes I go shopping or see my friends or have a meal with my family. 

My full time work is also a drawing job, which I’m happy to have because I went to art school to work in art, so I like that I finally can do that after attending school for 3 years. This is extra taxing on my wrist, which has been in very bad shape even when I started SaM 3 years ago. So sometimes I just don’t want to draw because my wrist needs a day off. I am unable to draw 7 days a week every week. I still try to do that, though, because I feel bad about how much updates have slowed down since my surgery in April, so I still push myself and end up doing just that.

These past two weeks I have some friends in town for the first time on vacation as well. So for these two weeks I haven’t been working on SaM, choosing to spend time with these friends while they’re here instead. It’s my first vacation since I started employment in April, and since my medical recovery. I even had to work during my family’s vacation in Hawaii, so that never felt like a vacation to me when I was stuck 4 days at the condo sick, on meds, and drawing all day while everyone else got to sight see.

I’m sorry that updates are slower. “Satan and Me” will realistically probably get an update every month or every other month if I’m honest. I can’t help that at this point. I try to make the updates prettier and with more panels to make up for that. Before, updates would be 7-10 panels long. I’ve been trying to shoot for the 20s range for you guys, or at least upper teens, since Natalie came back. 

I’d love to draw more, believe me I would, but with fulltime work now that’s just not doable. I’m sorry, but I need to pay my bills.

starting to think my college is exclusively the most fucked up college in the world cause i have 6 to 9 hour school days and mandatory attendance to all classes

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ok this is going to sound rude but i totally don't mean it to be, but as an asian i always get super exited when i see asian authors, so i was wondering why you chose to write a european story rather than something korean? loved it tho

Hi nonny:

I get this question a lot, so I’m going to come across as a bit short or annoyed, but it’s not about you, I promise (I don’t know you after all). 

It’s about your question.

It is a rude question, and I don’t appreciate it. Frankly, what I am and how that affects what I write is none of anyone’s business. If you want to know why I wrote Wintersong and not something Asian, I write a little about it here. And it isn’t that I don’t intend to write something Asian-inspired; I do. Why did I choose to write something European? Many things. I like Mozart. I like the German language. I like European folklore. I am pretty goth. I grew up with these things, so I know them pretty intimately. 

But I want to unpack this question a little. Why is it that women of color are expected to write or perform their own marginalizations? Do we go around asking out queer people to only write queer stories? Do we ask disabled people to only write their disability? Incidentally, I wrote my disability into Wintersong. I gave Liesl my bipolar disorder. But the praise and censure I get always stems from the most obvious marginalization I have: my face, and by extension, my ethnic background.

If you want to get into the weeds of why I didn’t write something Korean first, it’s because I’m not Korean. I am of Korean descent, yes. I am a member of the diaspora. But neither am I truly a part of the Korean-American immigrant experience. I grew up pretty privileged: my dad is white, I went to an all-girl’s private school, was part of swim and tennis clubs, etc. I had a lot of the markers of cultural whiteness, which is tied with class. My Koreanness is whitewashed, not just by my cultural privilege, but because I didn’t have access to a Korean extended family. My aunties, uncles, and cousins all live in Seoul, or some didn’t make it out of Pyongyang before the establishment of the 38th Parallel. I’ve been to Korea twice. The only Korean members of my family are my mother and my grandmother. Everyone else is white.

That cultural whiteness? It comes across to a lot of people, and it especially came across to other Koreans. There are reasons I don’t speak the language as well as I should, considering it was my milk tongue. I went to Korean school and attended Korean church for a while, but I was bullied and ostracized so badly I stopped going back when I was 9. I wasn’t bullied because my dad was white; I was bullied because I wasn’t Korean enough. I didn’t share their cultural language. I didn’t even share the same parental pressures. My mother is the one who had been pressuring me to quit my day job and become a full-time writer, not my dad. As a result, I was the outcast in every Asian group I ever tried to be a part of as a kid. Some were open about it to my face. You’re not Korean enough. Some were more insidious about it. They would deliberately choose subjects and topics about which I had no handhold, freezing me out of conversation. My friends? The theatre kids, the artist freaks, the writers. The vast majority of them? White. 

This obviously left pretty deep psychic scars. I can’t eat doughnuts, for one. They smell of Korean school and shame. But it also left me with a deep insecurity about even approaching a Korean subject in writing. Am I enough? Am I enough, am I enough, am I enough? It’s only as an adult that I’ve made Asian friends, that I’ve slowly started to find my way back to the heritage I’ve kept at arm’s length. 

I’m telling you my history, nonny, to better answer your question. But to also maybe shed a light on the effect of asking a marginalized person to perform their marginalization for you. For me, that question is fraught, and I imagine it is for a lot of other Asian writers as well. When I hear that question, all I hear is You are not enough. You are not Asian enough. You didn’t even write something Asian. You are not enough, you are not enough, you are not enough.
Watch The Speech That Should End The Confederate Monuments Debate For Good
New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu's address makes it even harder to defend statues honoring the "cult of the Lost Cause."

It is a lot of work trying to stay on top of the pace of the news cycle: horrific attacks, like explosion that murdered 22 people and injured 59 in Manchester; the “Great Unraveling” of Trump’s scandal-ridden administration; the dismantling of progressive and beneficial programs, policies, and institutions while malicious and regressive legislation is being passed; and on and on… All of it important, all of it pressing. But if you can make the time, I recommend watching, listening to, or reading the powerful speech by New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu in the link above.

And to compare and contrast, check out Mississippi state representative Karl Oliver’s now-deleted response to the removal of these Confederate monuments here, calling for the—emphasis his, in all caps—“LYNCHING” of the Black city council members who voted to back the removal. That is a very specific word in a very specific context, meant to spread terror and violence with the goal of submission in the name of racial supremacy. The kicker is that, as a friend of mine stated, “We’ve officially reached the point where you can literally say anything and face no repercussions at election time. This guy is probably in zero danger of losing his job.”

There are many false narratives and historical fantasies that the majority of us Americans live under, arguably more than we open our eyes to—or educate kids on—the ugly truths of how and why we got to this place in history. As I’ve written on this blog before, I wish I had received more education on this huge and crucial swath of American history as I attended public school in the South, but most of it was glossed over… Kudos to the New Orleans City Council, Mayor Landrieu, and everyone else who worked to unveil this truth and stamp out oppression. Sadly, it will continue to thrive despite these efforts, but efforts like these must continue, including holding people like Karl Oliver accountable.

I’m honestly at a complete and total loss of what to do. My deepest apologies for having to ask for help again. It has truly been one thing after another and I’m at my wit’s end.
My computer has broken. Something went suddenly awry with the left hinge and it has caused the screen to literally separate when I tried to close it. I do not have any money at the moment, as bills have left me without a penny. I *have* to have my computer not only for work, but for school, which starts up again in a week. I do online schooling, so there is literally no way for me to work around this. The picture above is after I put my computer back together as best I could– it completely seperated at the corner earlier, as in screen was dangling, and keeps popping back to that state if the keyboard is so much as tapped too hard.
If anyone can donate any amount of money, I would be forever grateful. I only need approximately $180 to buy a basic new computer that will get me through for a while.
My paypal is

Mori-senpai: You can play with this kaleidoscope I got you at the airport.
Honey-senpai: A kaleidoscope? I’m not five— SHAPES AND COLORS THE LIKES OF WHICH I HAVE NEVER SEEN.