is the same!

Anti before the video:

(•◡‿◡ •)

(•ʘ‿ʘ •)  “What͘ di҉d͝ ͏D̸ark͡ ̸s҉a̢y͠ ̕'̨b͠ou̢t̀ me???̀ ”

(ʘ‿ʘ)ノ • •  “Ho̡l̛d͘ ̡m̛y ̷ǵa̧u͏ges.̷”

• • \(。-_-。)  “Kick his ass bro, I got yo gauges.”

He has the most average face

or 11 actual things Nick’s said about Harry’s unimpressive appearance over the years

  1. Icon of fit.
  2. You can’t deny that slow blink.
  3. Not with those eyes.
  4. Everyone looks fitter wet. Not that he’s a monster dry, obviously!
  5. Rock hard abs.
  6. Look how he wears cotton.
  7. Young studmuffin.
  8. He’s just striding in with his Disney prince hair.
  9. Everything looks good on him. It’s the bone structure.
  10. It’s alright, your face, innit?
  11. Eyes you could drown in.

Mary Christiansen, going into labor with her forth child: Well at least Joseph cant name this one some variation of his own last name again

Mary Christiansen after the pain medication wears off: He named my baby W H A T

stoutduke  asked:

Why do you think there aren't any text noises when Sans says, "b u r n i n g i n h e l l"? My theory is he might be a telepath. Now that I think about it, that would explain how he knows how many times he killed you. It also explains why he couldn't dodge that second attack after his attack that does nothing because Chara doesn't have a physical mind to read.

(undertale spoilers)

No, this is unlikely the case. After all, there is clearly a speech bubble for that specific line.

However, let’s take a look at all the places where there is no sound when text is displayed. Most instances are from Sans.

» Sans’ greeting in Snowdin Forest.

Don’t you know how to greet a new pal?
Turn around and shake my hand.

» Sans’ threat at his dinner date.

…You’d be dead where you stand.

» The start of Sans’ judgment speech in the last corridor, including the explanation of EXP and LOVE.

So you finally made it.
The end of your journey is at hand.
In a few moments, you will meet the king.
The more you kill, the easier it becomes to distance yourself.
The more you distance yourself, the less you will hurt.
The more easily you can bring yourself to hurt others.

» Sans’ additional comments in the last corridor, if Frisk killed anyone.

Now, you understand.
It’s time to begin your judgment.
Look inside yourself.
Have you really done the right thing?
And, considering what you’ve done…
What will you do now?
Take a moment to think about this.

» Sans’ last comment in the last corridor, if Frisk killed Papyrus.

Then why’d you kill my brother? / You dirty brother killer.

» Sans’ threat right before his first attack in his battle.

Should be burning in hell.

However, there are several instances that do not involve Sans where the text noise is absent.

» All of the monster story sequence in Asgore’s home.

A long time ago, a human fell into the RUINS.
Injured by its fall, the human called out for help.
ASRIEL, the king’s son, heard the human’s call.
He brought the human back to the castle.
You’re going to be free.

» The narration before Asgore’s battle.

(A strange light fills the room.)
(Twilight is shining through the barrier.)
(It seems your journey is finally over.)
(You’re filled with DETERMINATION.)

» The narration after sparing Flowey.

Flowey ran away.

» The narration right before Asriel’s call in the True Lab’s elevator.

(It’s a voice you have never heard before.)

» The narration in Asriel’s battle when Frisk’s soul reforms.

But it refused.

» Chara’s speech at the end of the genocide route.

I am Chara.
Thank you.
We’ll be together forever, won’t we? / SINCE WHEN WERE YOU THE ONE IN CONTROL?

Keep in mind that usually there is text noise for narration, even though the narration is not spoken out loud. While it is very likely that Chara is speaking within Frisk’s mind, the story provided by the monsters is unlikely. Instead, these dialogues are all examples of situations of solemn moments (”But it refused.”) or cases of extremely long dialogue. It’s likely that Toby opted to use no sound in these cases for the mood or atmosphere.