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Drabble Request: Okay what about #142 and #92 with Crowley?

142: “Hold my hand so he gets jealous.”

92: “You’re so clingy, I love it.”

Pairing: Crowley x Reader

Warnings: Bad past relationships, pettiness (lmao)

Word Count: 408

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“Right there … no … no! Don’t look right at him! Don’t be so obvious!” You hissed beneath your breath, nudging Crowley’s shoulder roughly to make him face forward toward the bar the two of you were sitting at. Your ex had just happened to walk into the bar, looking just as much as the asshole he was when he cheated on you. You glanced at him out of the corner of your eye, noticing that he had spotted you from across the space. Oh, you were so spiteful. “Hold my hand so he gets jealous,” you murmured beneath your breath, quickly turning around and placing your hand on your thigh.

Crowley’s eyes narrowed a degree, realizing what game you were playing. He had heard about this horrible ex boyfriend of yours a few times, and he honestly wouldn’t mind sicking his hellhound on him. You and Crowley had been together for a few months now, and they were blissful. He wouldn’t mind doing you a favor in this situation, but he was really going to show your ex who had claim over your heart now. It would purely be a demonstration of what your ex had lost. Without hesitation, Crowley reached forward to grasp the back of your neck, pulling your lips to his in a numbing kiss, one that immediately made your eyes shut, made a soft moan roll over your tongue.

You weren’t even in the bar anymore; you were in paradise. Damn, the demon knew how to kiss. You grabbed the lapel of his suit, a wicked smile crossing your lips as they moved against his.

Crowley gave your bottom lip a soft bite, drawing it out through his teeth before releasing. “Let’s get out of here,” he murmured, voice low and rough.

You nodded briskly, immediately hopping off of the bar stool to join his side. You felt his arm curl around your waist, pulling you close to him as the two of you headed for the door, passing your ex on the way. “You’re so clingy, I love it,” you laughed softly, flashing your ex a smirk before letting Crowley usher you out of the bar.

“That moron had his chance. You’re mine now,” Crowley growled playfully near your ear, but he meant every word.

You leaned up to peck his cheek affectionately, completely grateful that your ex had messed up. You’d take the King of Hell over that cheater any day.

“They’re Just Pranks”

The Loud House Fan Comic (Rough Sketch)

Drawn in Clip Studio Paint

I made this after watching “Fool’s Paradise”. While I thought that this episode was really funny and sharply written (It was the same two people who wrote “Suit and Sour” which is one of my favorite episodes), the ending left me a bit uneasy. I made this comic to give myself some peace of mind and to show a little father/daughter bonding moment (which we have yet to see in the actual show). Lisa was a last minute addition that I feel makes for a good punchline.

The Loud House Belongs to Nickelodeon and was created by Chris Savino

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HI! Do you have any fics where dean is kind of a fashionista, or cares a lot about how he dresses, or he is dressing nice for cas? Or any fics where he is modelling? Thank u so much!

So, we tried really hard to find fics with fashionista Dean, and this is all we got - AlterationsPlus OneRentboy and little bit in Should’ve Just Asked . It seems that even in AU fics, Dean is more of a plaid person than a sharp suit guy. 
And maybe try fics with rich, celebrity Dean  - ask about wealthy Dean, celebrity tag (look for fics with celebrity Dean) and actor!dean tag

And here are some recs with fashion or art model Dean.

I. Fashion model Dean

New recs! 

Strictly Professional [T, 3,300 word count] photographer!cas

On principle, Castiel never works with new and “up and coming” talent. But just this once, he decides to make an exception with Dean Winchester, who he ends up bending all his rules for.

Ten prophets [M, 30,000 word count] fashion designer!dean

“From what I’ve seen, the collection looks awesome,” Sam says. “You guys’ll kill it, you always do.”
“Here’s to hoping,” Dean says, raising the slice of pizza he’s holding.
“Nah,” Sam says, smiling softly. “Here’s to knowing.”
(Or, the one where Dean’s a designer, Sam’s a model, and Cas owns a lot of really nice suits.)

II. Model Dean and artist or photographer Cas

We know you meant fashion model Dean, but heck, here’s some art (nude) model Dean as well since our awesome search engine won’t know the difference between the two. Let’s keep them on the same post. 

See this artist dean or cas ask and artist!cas and artist!dean tags for fics where modeling is not the main focus of the story.

New recs!

Exposure [NC-17, 4,800 word count] photographer!cas, mute!cas

Tired of burning the candle at both ends, Dean Winchester takes an unusual modeling gig with an enigmatic photographer named Castiel.

I’ll Take That as a Yes [NC-17, 14,000 word count] photographer!cas

Dean’s a nude art model at KU and has loans to pay off before graduation. Castiel’s a photographer looking to finish his photography exhibition with a kinky hobby and a lifetime supply of hemp rope.

Make Love and Get Paid [NC-17, 13,100 word count] artist!cas

Castiel does not expect the figure model at his drawing class to be so handsome. 
Nor does he expect to sleep with him, know his baby brother, or fall stupidly in love with him. 
Dean does not expect Castiel-the-artist to have nipple rings, volunteer at the library, or become such a huge part of his life. 
But hey, they roll with the punches.

Paint and Ink Verse [NC-17, 22,800 word count]  tattoo artist!dean, artist!cas

Castiel needs a model for his new sculpture project, and Dean Winchester sounds perfect for the job. 

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Ok so...i know and have seen what is the 25th anniversary of POTO and the 2004 film. Can you reccomend more to me?

Heck yes, I can! 

  • The 1990 miniseries, based on the Yeston and Kopit musical. This is probably my favorite film adaptation. I have a few quibbles with it (WHY DOES ERIK HAVE TO HAVE AN AMERICAN ACCENT? I DO NOT UNDERSTAND. BRING BACK THE ENGLISH ONE), but overall, it’s the only Phantom adaptation I can think of that takes the time to develop Erik’s character—including actually giving him a name! And the right name, at that. He’s very snarky in this one, reminiscent of Kay’s Erik, which I love. And yay! Blonde Christine! Carlotta’s also fabulous in this version.
  • The 1925 silent film in all of its melodramatic glory. You can’t not like this, cheesiness aside. It’s a must-see for any Phantom fan.
  • Big Finish’s radio adaptation is absolutely fantastic if you can get your hands on it. I don’t think it’s very expensive. I keep it permanently on my iPod and listen to it whenever I need a good Leroux fix. Wonderful voice acting (…..although the actress playing Christine is….meh…), especially Raoul and Erik. Oh, my gosh, James D’Arcy is one of the best Raouls ever. He’s fantastic. And the Persian plays a HUGE role in this. He’s also fantastic. So is Madame Giry. I LOVE it. Andre and Firmin are absolutely brilliant, as well. Now that I think about it, this is one of my favorite Phantom adaptations ever.
  • The 1943 Claude Rains version, which I have never seen! I really, really, REALLY need to watch this one, mostly because Susanna Foster actually sang for the part. 
  • The 1962 Herbert Lom version, which I saw and, I’m just going to be honest here, I did not like at ALL. Good Lord, it was bad. So bad. At least, in my opinion. The acting was wooden, the plot lagged, and Erik inexplicably has this Igor-type henchman who is just the most distracting addition ever. 
  • The 1983 version.  I never finished this one because I remember being exceptionally bored. Jane Seymour looks beautiful as the Christine character, though, so I suppose there’s that.
  • The 1989 Robert Englund version.  (WARNING. HERE THAR BE SPOILERS…This is a clip from it…I couldn’t find the film itself). Okay, hammer horror ridiculousness aside, there are actually elements of this version that I really like. Erik gets some fantastic lines, and the score is really beautiful. I also love the time-traveling aspect of it. But it’s a very gory, vicious, serial-killer-esque Erik, a far cry from Webber’s suave, passionate Erik.
  • The Dario Argento version. This one has become somewhat of a legend in the fandom because it is easily the worst Phantom film ever made. It is so bad, it’s good. It’s so bad, that Erik isn’t even deformed. He just has 90s grunge rocker hair and a thing for rats…..he really likes rats. I mean he really. Likes. Rats. On his face. On his back. Down his trousers. This version makes absolutely no sense and it is hysterically awful. To top it all off, the woman who plays Christine is the director’s daughter. This would not necessarily pose a problem were it not for the gratuitous sex scenes she stars in throughout the film, which were doubtless acted out in front of Daddy Argento. It’s a disaster.
  • The 1980s animated version. Campy and cheesy to the max and the voice acting and animation are awful, but it’s actually the most Leroux-faithful adaptation out there, which I really appreciate. I also appreciate the periwinkle blue leisure suit the animators dressed Erik in. We need more blue leisure suit Erik. That would have lightened the mood a bit.
  • The Phantom of the Paradise, which I’ve never seen. People seem to enjoy this adaptation quite a bit. I will watch it eventually, but I’m not keen on discotheque Erik. Unless he wears his blue leisure suit to get down with his bad self on the dance floor.
  • The Yeston and Kopit musical. which, as I mentioned before, inspired the 1990 miniseries. Again, I love the fact that Erik’s character is really fleshed out here, though I’m not too big on several plot elements and some of the music. All in all, though, this is a fun adaptation.
  • The David Staller version, which is another one that’s so bad, it’s good. It quite clearly rips off several elements from Webber’s musical, except this Erik takes it up a notch with a bedazzled mask. The Phantom Reviewer pointed out that David Staller sounds like Sideshow Bob from this Simpsons when he laughs, and now I can’t un-hear it. The acting is dreadful, except for a really great scene involving Erik pranking the managers, which I really, really like. 
  • Speaking of The Phantom Reviewer, if you haven’t already, go check out his hilarious YouTube channel. He covers pretty much every single adaptation—film, music, books, you name it—and he’s a great resource for tracking down all things Phantom. And he’s so funny, holy crap. I would like to personally shake this man’s hand for the amount of times his videos have made me laugh.

I hope this helps! I am clearly not obsessed with this story. Not in the slightest.

Don't Fear the Reaper - Joshifer Halloween One Shot

AN: For joshmopolitan who told me to write a Joshifer Halloween story a month ago and I finally got off my tush and did it.  Kind of went in a totally different direction than I intended….ah well I’m out of practice.

- Don’t Fear the Reaper –

Josh pulled the forest green beanie over his messy brown locks and grabbed his jean jacket off the back of the couch as his heavy footfalls echoed down the hall through the bedroom to the doorway of the master bath, “Babe?” His knuckles rapped against the mahogany door.

“Hold on – I just,” she grunted followed by a small crash reverberated against the door.

“Honey, what are you doing in there?” He sighed as he looked at his watch, they needed to leave soon if they were going to get to his Halloween surprise.

“Just getting ready,” she growled, “Almost done.”

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I'm a grown woman with ADHD-PI. My room is a cluttered mess, always has been. I can't keep it tidy for more than a fortnight. I ignore it for as long as I can, flinging clothing, makeup and hair appliances this way and that before tearing off to work. But it's hard to ignore when you start to see cobwebs and their inhabitants chilling in your curtains, having squeezed through your closed window somehow. I feel ashamed. I have a lot of treasured items, loads of books, movie memorabilia and 1/2

2/2 gorgeous and very breakable items that should be on display. But instead they lay buried under clothes and other junk. All this stuff is precious to me, yet something in me can’t even be compelled to make sure it’s safe. I often have thoughts ruthlessly throwing most of it away, getting rid of the majority of my clothes (how many dresses and tops SHOULD one have anyway? I do genuinely want to know lol) and starting again in a white, bright, minimalist paradise. How can I make this better?

I know this feeling so well!

I highly recommend Julie Morgenstern’s book Organization from the Inside Out. Her method is totally do-able and really easy to personalize, and she talks a lot about making sure you organize things to suit the way your mind works.

Also, you might find some help over at @taskbreakdowns — there are some posts in the works but I don’t know how long they’ll take. Anyway, there’s step-by-step instructions for a bunch of stuff like cleaning and organizing.