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When the Skam notification bings and you leave all your responsibilities to go and check the NRK website.

I’m going to say this as I need to write it down. Noora has always been my least favorite character of the show. There is just something about her that I just don’t like and it really pisses me off that Julie only cares about her precious couple Noora x William. It is all about them for her and she just push the other character away so she can have her couple written, even when it is not their season. And I’m getting even more angry that it was clear that Even would have more to say in the upcoming episodes of this season. But as soon Thomas agreed to come back, Even wasn’t important anymore and like Julie didn’t even care that she has hinted about telling us about his past. And she even didn’t care that nothing made sense in the Fridays clip were everyone got along. No, because that doesn’t matter anymore because she has her precious couple back on screen. And also lets not forget that this is Sana’s season, she has also been pushed away because of Noora x William.  It is not fair to any of the actors. It is not fair to Iman. It is not fair to Henrik or any of the others actors either (the ones who doesn’t play Noora and William of course). They truly deserve better then this.

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i don't know if i'm the only one, but i think henrik and tarjei make each other so much better than they already are? like yeah they are such good actors on their own, but when they act together, it's something i can't explain with words like they are so good together???? i don't know how and where julie found henrik but i'm just so grateful bc he is the perfect choice. i don't think tarjei or henrik will ever have this much chemistry with someone else again. it's just WOW.

They’re really something special, aren’t they?? I don’t know if I’d say better because we saw a lot of Tarjei acting in a room by himself and he had me in tearssssss with just that but! I think the two of them have really amazing chemistry and trust.

With chemistry, there’s a reason that we talk about their eye contact a lot? Like at the end 2:10, they completely establish the “but there’s no turning back now” in their relationship just by the eye contact they’re making? They realize what this is going to be and we realize what this is going to be just by the looks they’re giving each other. You don’t need more than them talking and laughing and looking in a room together once.

Then as @toneelspeler said, “Look, you can have chemistry with another actor right away, but trust needs to be built. If I’m doing this, can I count on you to give me your best shot and vice versa? This is important to do, because if the trust’s not there it is noticeable.” It’s going to be even more important when you’re portraying such an intimate relationship. Isak and Even were both vulnerable in front of each other in a number of ways we didn’t see with other characters. And I think a lot of people got hooked on this show because they were so good at all the little details that said “this person is intimate with me”? They’d reach for each other and touch each other in all these different ways and just trust that they could do that. That it was okay, that the other party would follow along. In a relationship, your boundaries are so much different than with other people and when you watch them, you see that. And I think it can be a tricky thing to get right with someone because it’s such a base part of you. And you’re acting it out in front a roomful of people with cameras and mics in your face, heh. We see intimacy but it can’t be an intimate setting by necessity. 

I really would love to hear more about how they found and cast Henrik too because it was a bit different than their usual casting, as I understand it? He’s one of the only people in the cast who was already established as an actor? So I’d love to hear about if this chemistry just came from the first time he was reading opposite Tarjei? If that’s what won him the part over others? Because what I really get from them is that they feed into each other so beautifully, they give each other a lot. Just… I’m so thankful that the stars aligned and they both were in these roles in this production.

In a Name: Ch 19

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The sound of horses’ hooves clopping along the ground, the slow gentle creaking of the wagon laden with gifts and supplies, and the occasional murmured conversation among soldiers was the only break in the still silent air of the early morning.

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Imagine introducing Kol to the “RKO” meme.

“So people would just go around and edit these video to make it seem as though this Randy Orton guy was actually ‘RKO’ing them?” Kol looked at you with his eyebrows raised.

You nodded. “Yup. Takes time and dedication really.”

He smirked. “I think I like the ones where the people actually do them to others better.”

Henrik laughed. “Of course you would, Kol.”

With a mischievous glint in his eyes, Kol got up and sped into the next room quickly. Exchanging a glance with Henrik, the two of you got up and ran as quickly as you could after him. When you got into the room, you saw Kol running up behind Klaus.

“RKO outta nowhere!” He yelled as he did the move on Klaus.

Your mouth dropped open as Kol ran away from Klaus laughing as Klaus tried to attack him. When you turned to Henrik, you saw that he was holding up a camera and recording.

“How much of that did you get?” Your eyes were wide as you started chuckling.

He grinned. “All of it!”


Anon requested: “Could I have a Romeo and Juliet sort of imagine with Elijah, where your families hate each other but you two love each other and then something tragic happens so there’s a somewhat sad but cute/fluffy ending? Thank you!”

As you waiting for the stars to show up, you hear someone’s coming.

“I didn’t expect you to come.” you whisper without looking for the stranger. “I thought Mikael would kill you.”

“I couldn’t stand on not seeing you.” Elijah said and wrap his arms around you. You give a nervous breath and kiss his cheek.

“You shouldn’t be here, Elijah,” you insist. “Your father hates me and my people, he’ll kill you eventually.”

“It really doesn’t matter, Y/N.” Elijah whispers. “You are beautiful as you are, father doesn’t need to know anything but this.”

“Your father and mine had a fight yesterday.” you admit. “I was there, your father wanted us to leave and mine said it’s our lands from the very beginning. Elijah, our parents are arch enemies and one of us will be the end of the other one. He thinks we killed Henrik!”

“My dear,” he comforts you. “I know you wouldn’t harm my brother and I know it wasn’t you. Father just is afraid of losing us, too. Besides, whatever he says, there’s nothing I wouldn’t do just to spend my entire life with you.”

You smile at him and he pulls your hair from your face.

“I wish we could just run away from our parents.” you whisper in the night.

He hugs you and kisses the top of your head.

“I wish we could stay like that till the end of the time.”

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Simsrena: The Promotion Celebration!

Guys!!! Serena got a promotion!!! And what better way to celebrate than a night out with your girl friend?

Bernie called and suggested they go to a dance party at a local club in Stepney. Yeah they really do have Stepney in the Sims. Don’t argue with me!

Like any girls night worth having, they started off with a selfie. Say Fromage! 

Which they posted on Serena’s twitter account to show how great they looked before they started drinking. They already have two likes on their photo - one is Bernie and the other Henrik Hanssen! 

The first round of drinks is in and this dude turns up to flirt with Bernie. I mean, who wouldn’t? HOWEVER! I think Bernie is a little distracted….

We see you! 

As the night wore on, the drinks continued to flow which can only lead to one thing. 

That’s right ladies and gays, Karaoke time!

Needless to say Serena would prefer this to stay quiet - she doesn’t want Ric Griffin spreading this around the hospital like a rash! 

After battling off an admirer of Bernie’s earlier in the night and following their smash hit duet on the karaoke, Serena finds that she’s become rather popular with the men. How dare they?!

But never fear! Our favourite Big Macho Army Medic is on hand to show off her muscles and scare away these wimps. FEEL THE BERN!!!

Needless to say, there were absolutely no promises of not turning this night club into a Sapphic Angst Fest….

I think Serena definitely felt the bern, don’t you? 

The only thing that could have made the night better is some woohoo-ing in the rose bush. Unfortunately, Serena caught a cold and developed some rather nasty looking spots. How perfect. 

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dark times [kolvina one shot]

a series of kolvina oneshots
 kolvina + 10th century
a/n: Here it finally is! I know there was some anticipation for this one shot, and I really hope it was worth the small wait. I tried to get the story as correct as I could, but there had to be adjustments to fit Davina in. If the reception from this one shot is good I may consider doing a part two, and as you’ll be able to tell from the end of this a lot of stuff could happen. Happy reading! Just be sure to tell me what you think :)

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