is the only mantra i ever stick to

Things I loved

-Rick sticking it to Negan -frickin loved every word
-Carl being super badass
-Michonne using the “we’re the ones who live” mantra as a way to give her strength in the fight
-Jadis asking to lay with rick - super pointless but I loved both Rick and Michonnes faces
-Even though I hate that Sasha died I was very impressed with how it was handled and I loved that she got to kill a guy as a walker and basically got them the upper hand. Still think they could have kept her alive, but I’m only concentrating on the positive at the moment.
-Rick sticking it to Negan, have I mentioned that? (Still upset he didn’t get to say the “ever hear the one about the guy who brought a baseball bat to a gun fight”, but this was better I think)
-all the richonne moments
-Glenn started the saving. I wish sometimes that people would give Rick his due on creating the family, however I loved that Glenn was honored here. Loved it.
-Rick and Carl’s faces when they thought Michonne had died were so sad and horrible, but I loved that it showed how much they care for her.
-Rick face when he found out Michonne was still alive.
-ezekiel and his awesome over the top wording
-ezekiel in general

-Rick basically just going, “fuck it man, the woman i love is dead so you can do what you want but you gon’ die so hard”. I hate that he even had to think for a second that she was dead, but I like that he didn’t completely crumble, he went, well if you’re gonna kill my son and my wife is dead then I’m just gonna fight tooth and nail against you. You take my hands? Man, I’ve bit a mans throat out, you think you’re gonna stop me? I just loved that. Almost everything I love about Rick was in this episode. I wish he got to kill Jadis, but I’ll give that time.