is the mouth when fully open

A God, A King. My King.

Thanks to @madman-with-a-snogbox for the idea.

English is not my native language! Aaaaaand I used parts of Imagine Dragons’s Monster lyrics. 

Paring: Loki x reader

Warnings: fluff, angst

Summary: You go on a date with Loki, and enjoy the night fully. When you get back, something seems to bother him. 

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You took a final look in the mirror. The long, black dress hugged your curves in a perfect way, the lace sleeves making you look strong, but feminine, your green heels made you look taller than you actually were. You looked perfect.

Suddenly someone knocked on your door. You walked over and opened it, to find Loki in a black suit, hair laid back. His green tie caught your attention, and you wanted to pull him close and never let go of him. His mouth curved into a smile when he saw you.

“You look marvelous, love.” He said, his eyes lit up.

“You don’t look that bad yourself, god.” You teased. He smirked at the ‘nickname’ you had given him. He was, after all, a god.

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Ginny usually hated when people gave her nicknames, but for some reason, Mike got away with it.

The first time it had slipped out in casual conversation was over the phone.  They’d been talking late into the night, like they normally did, until one or both of them passed out.  He must have noticed she was responding less and less, her heavy eyelids threatening to end the conversation.  But as she fought to stay conscious, just resting her eyes, he tried to wrap it up, telling her goodnight, with the nickname attached.

Her eyes had flown open at that, her mouth unable to respond, but now fully awake and wondering what had brought the endearment on.  She’d let it ruminate in her mind for a while until sleep overtook her, and the memory faded.

It was several weeks later when she’d heard it again.  He’d been trying to convince her to come out with him, but her tired muscles were begging for a night in.  Take out and Netflix calling her name.  She vividly remembers him stepping into her space, the muggy air becoming just a bit hotter as his thick frame stood in front of her, encroaching on surpassing the level of professionalism they’d demanded from each other since she came back from her injury.

The night of their almost kiss came rushing to her mind, the way they’d stood too close, the hug that was probably too tight, the lingering of their mouths a breath away from each other that was definitely too strong of a pull to tear them apart, the ringing of a phone the only tangible thing able to have them flying back to their respective spots.

Her back hit the cool concrete shaking her from her reverie, and she saw the quirk of his lip at the sigh that had escaped from her.

She’d ducked her head, refusing to let his eyes steal her away, convince her that anything other than her curled up in bed with Michael Scofield and a pizza was more appealing.

But then he’d pulled out all the guns, including the nickname that was apparently not a mistake on the phone that night, as he used it in full daylight, conscious mind present.

Upon hearing it, she was tempted to punch him in the arm, tell him to stop.  But instead she spreads that dotted smile he apparently loves so much with a shake of her head, and she knows that she’ll ditch the comfort of her bed for whatever he has planned.

Her allowance, never correcting him, has him saying it more and more, replacing Rookie and Baker almost exclusively with it.  Ginny and Gin still reign supreme, but this new name seems to make its appearance in front of others now.

Blip’s eyes go wide the first time he hears it, and she doesn’t miss the narrowing glare he shoots at Mike like a warning.  It’s only when the others try to mimic Mike, thinking they can get away with it too, that she confronts him.

“Stop!” She demands the next him he uses it, asking her what she wants for dinner.

“Okay, we won’t have Mexican,” he holds up his hands in surrender.

“No, the nickname.  Stop,” she explains, wringing her hands together, not really wanting him to end it, but the evidence of how far past the line of impropriety they were was becoming more and more obvious, and this seemed the most direct way to settle it.

He grips the steering wheel tighter, a fallen look gracing his face, covered mostly by the overgrown beard, but having spent so much time with him, the imperceptible changes weren’t easily hidden from her.

“Got it,” he says with a shrug.  “It won’t happen again,” he assures her.

Silence hangs between them in the car as he drives aimlessly around the city.

“Mexican is fine,” she acquiesces, refusing to allow the awkwardness envelop them fully.

The next couples weeks are uncharacteristically overcast inland, the sun hidden by clouds, mirroring the image of Ginny, whose smile seems to allude her, as Mike reverts back to avoiding her as best he can.  Baker is used exclusively to address her, nothing more than a teammate.  Giving her ample time to finish binge watching her show, and the pile of takeout fighting for space in her fridge.

When the frustration teeters on boiling over inside her, she finds herself standing outside the glass house, her sullen face reflected back to her.

“What are you doing here, Baker?” He gruffly greets her, but she refuses to let it deter her, pushing past him into the kitchen.

“I umm, I came…to…uhh, apologize,” she says, her fingers coming to the corners of her mouth.

He throws out his hand, waving her off. 

“It’s fine, I get it,” he says with a shrug, coming to sit on the stool across from her, Ginny having commandeered the kitchen space as her own.

“No, it’s not…I like it,” she admits with a shy smile, and a small twitch of her nose.

He places his chin in his hand, staring at her like she’d grown three heads, a silly grin plastered on his face.

“I just…maybe not…in front of the guys, you know,” she says with a shrug.

“I think I can mange that.  I’ll write it on a post-it or something, you know my mind’s not what it used to be,” he teases with a wink, his trademarked Old Man nickname having ceased along with her own.

“We could just tattoo it on you, then you won’t have to worry about losing the post-it.  We know how you get,” she jokes.

He lets out a laugh, causing her smile to appear through the clouds.

“I see someone finally had some free time to finish her show,” he grins with a teasing lilt.

She nods.

“We good?” She asks, and he stands at that, coming over to stand before her, his hands lingering in the air, unsure of where to place them.

“We’re good.”

She fights back a smile, her eyes meeting his own.

“So umm, can I ask…why?  Why that nickname?” She says a flash of curiosity dotting her brown eyes.

It’s then that his hands hesitantly find purchase on the sides of her face, and she knows he can hear the intake of her breath as his fingers settle on her cheeks, a nervous smile coming to her.

His thumbs find their way to the hollowed spots on her cheeks.

“Here,” he punctuates with a tip of his fingers into the indents.

This only causes Ginny’s dimples to further hollow, a full blown smile overtaking her face.

“See, sunshine,” he confirms.

She shakes her head at him.

“You’re so full of it.”

“Yeah, well, it also acts as irony when you’re a pain in the ass,” he teases.

“I’m only a pain in the ass when you’re a cranky old man,” she throws back at him.

“Nice try, Sunshine.”

And they both smile at that.

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BAP REACTION: Falling Asleep On Them


You and Yongguk were having a casual Saturday night date. You went out for dinner and now you were at home curled up together on the couch and watching old classical movies. You were on your third movie ‘All About Eve’ when your eyes started to get droopy. Your head was placed on a pillow on Yongguk’s lap and he was gently kneading his fingers on your scalp.

Soon enough you were out like a light. Yongguk continued to watch the movie but went to ask you a question about one of the scenes and smiled when he seen you asleep mouth wide open. He shifted to laying down on the couch and brought you into his embrace before falling asleep with you.  

“Goodnight baby girl”


Himchan had returned from dance practice not to long ago to find you already in bed scrolling through your phone. He showered and joined you in bed to which you automatically curled into his side and went back to your phone. He flipped on the TV to some drama and fully immersed himself in it while he rested his head on your back and the other behind his head.

A few minutes later he heard a snore come from his chest and looked down to see your phone still lit up flat on your face and your hand resting on his chest. He chuckled and removed the phone from your face, switched off the TV and turned the lamp off before joining you in slumber.

“You’re so silly jagi”


Daehyun stepped out of the bathroom rubbing his wet hair with a towel. Your face was planted in the pillow and you were singing loudly into the pillow. Daehyun chuckled and threw the towel on the top of the dresser, he sighed knowing what the singing meant. He climbed into the bed and you immediately dug your face into his neck and inhaled his scent. He began to softly sing to you and eventually you were out like a light. D

Daehyun turned off the light and buried you and himself in the blankets and wrapped his arms around you before turning his attention to his phone.

“I love you jagiya


Everyone knew youngjae was a competitive person. So when you guys had settled down to play mariokart and he lost all hell had broke loose. He wanted rematch after rematch since he kept losing and he began to think you were cheating. While you guys were in between a rematch he noticed the once the countdown said go your character did not move.

He turned his head and seen you asleep on his shoulder, controller hanging limply in your hands. He sighed with a tsk and then laughed. He picked you up and carried you to your guys room placing you in the bed and joining you himself.

“I’ll get my rematch baby girl”


Jongup was practicing the new dance for the title song of their upcoming comeback. You however were not apart of BAP, so you were laid out on the wooden dance room floor with Jongup’s duffel bag being used as your pillow. You had fallen asleep a few hours after you told Jongup you would leave when he does, so here you two were.

The song came to an end and Jongup turned away from the mirrors to get water from his bag and seen you sleeping peacefully on it, your face bunched up in a cute manner. He laughed and brought his hands to his cheeks before picking you up out of the uncomfortable position and placed you on the couch.

“Why didn’t you move to the couch babe?”


Zelo and you had decided to go to the beach to learn to surf. Well today was not one of your days and you learned that you were not a balanced person at all. You had fell off your board many times before you decided to give up and wait on the sand. You watched your boyfriend move across the waves like he was a professional and before you knew it you had fallen asleep in the shade of a palm tree.

Zelo exited the water upon seeing you asleep and shook his head at your lack of protection for yourself. He woke you up and made you slip your shorts back on and he let you climb onto his back. You fell back asleep on the journey back to your house but Zelo didn’t mind this time.

“You need to be more careful baby”

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Could I request from the prompts list? No. 42 please, said by Sirius to Remus about the reader? Thanks 😚.

Remus x Reader drabble

Remus dropped his head onto the library table, groaning softly causing James to laugh rather loudly. 

“Let me guess, chickened out of asking Y/N again?” James teased, earning a glare from the other boy. 

“Not everyone has your confidence okay, I’m not as attractive as you are and you still get rejected so why would she give me a chance?” Remus sighed, lifting his head off the table. James gave him a sympathetic look, fully prepared to assure Remus what a catch he was when Sirius popped up out of nowhere and cut him off before he could even open his mouth.

Either ask her out or I will do it for you.” He stated simply, plopping into the empty chair at the table beside them.

“Don’t meddle in my love life for once Sirius, please, I want to ask Y/N myself I just can’t seem to get the words out when she looks at me. I get lost in her eyes and get all tongue tied, what am I supposed to do? ‘Oh hey Y/N you’re absolutely breathtaking and intelligent, not to mention caring do you want to go to Hogsmeade with me this weekend?’ And then she’ll laugh in my face the end,” Remus spoke, giving Sirius a deadpan look as if it was ridiculously obvious to everyone but him. Sirius bit his lip, trying desperately to stifle his laughter as he looked over Remus’ head.

“I didn’t know you felt that way, should’ve told me sooner I’ve been crushing on you since third year dork.”

Remus stiffened at the sound of the all too familiar voice. He hesitantly looked over his shoulder, blushing furiously as Y/N smirked down at him. He gaped up at her, the words dying in the back of his throat. Y/N laughed softly, leaning down and brushing her lips against his cheek briefly. “See you this weekend.”

Some unwilling things (◡‿◡✿)

Tinies held tightly in closed fists, screaming and thrashing about as much as they can as they’re slowly raised up toward a giant’s open mouth

Tinies cursing as they’re held in front of a giants open mouth, dangling as the giant holds them just by their shirt, but the tiny is loudly and violently protesting, kicking and punching at the air until their screams are quickly silenced when theyre slurped into the giant’s mouth like a thick noodle

Tinies shaking and sobbing in the palm of a giant as the giant’s warm tongue licks them, slowly dragging across every inch of their body as they taste them fully and comment on how delicious they are before slipping them into their mouth

Tinies trembling in fear, too scared to scream as a giant opens their mouth in front of them, and they’re covered in warm heat from the giant’s breath that sends a chill down the tiny’s spine, but they cant do anything but stare in horror into the giant’s mouth

Tinies flailing in a giant’s mouth, covered in slime yet not ready to give up, screaming and fighting until their obstinate flame is doused as a wave of saliva sends them down the giant’s throat

Tinies watching helplessly while another tiny is effortlessly swallowed, and shaking in fear as the giant turns their attention towards them, rubbing their belly and licking their lips before they raise the other tiny up to their open lips, and the tiny is in tears, begging and pleading not to be swallowed

Tinies struggling all the way down the giant’s throat, and although their movement is restricted by the strong muscles constricting them, they scream and try to stop their descent further into the giant, only giving up when they’re in the humid heat of the giant’s gurgling stomach, terrified and alone, while the giant is patting their growling belly, laughing at the tiny’s futile attempts to escape


I’ll Be A Gun (And It’s You I’ll Come For) - Chapter 1

by Archetype_ElectraHeart // pepperpottsblogs

At first, Darcy thought she was hungover. The kind of epic, dry-mouth, gritty-eyed, pounding-headache type of hangover that she could usually blame on Clint or Tony.

But then she registered the tang of copper in her mouth and the cold, pocked surface of concrete under her shoulder and an odd, metallic weight on her ankle and reconsidered.

Darcy cracked open one eye and peeked around. Concrete cell, chain around her left ankle. No windows, single door.

All she could do was wait.


The next time Darcy woke up it was because someone had opened the door, which emitted a metallic screech.

Darcy was preparing a quip about greasing palms or oiling hinges when the man (in tac gear, fully armed, combat boots) produced a syringe and pressed it into her neck.

God. Damnit.


When Darcy came to again she was strapped into a medical chair (she tugged at the straps and bucked against them and had to conclude that they were, indeed, solid restraints) in a brightly lit and sterile-looking room. There was a tray of surgical instruments (sadly out of reach) to her right and an IV bag full of some weird blue substance labeled CPH4 (synth.) to her left.

She craned her neck around to get a better view of the room and spotted the skull-octopus nonsense that HYDRA had designed for a logo (and really could they not afford a better graphic artist?) on the back wall.

Darcy thought, for a moment, through the possibilities implied by her current situation and could come to only one conclusion.

I am royally fucked.


T’Tony fic in which Tony is under the impression T’challa hates him, and T’challa is under the impression that they’ve been dating for a month. 

“Why on earth are you crying?” Rhodey asks when he finds Tony attempting to tie his tie through bleary eyes. Tony punches his shoulder, careful not to make the man lose his balance in the process.

“I am not crying. I was just thinking about T’challa. He’s just so damn pretty dude, like have you seen him? He’s so damn pretty.” Tony explains, wrangling his tie into submission under Rhodey’s unimpressed gaze.

“Which explains the tears how?” Rhodey asks, thinning his lips slightly when Tony opens his mouth fully prepared to bullshit his way out of the room.

“What like nobody ever cries staring at beautiful art?” Tony defends, crossing his arms over his chest and attempting to slip around Rhodey. “Even if he hates me I can still look.” Tony shoots back, accidently showing his hand. Rhodey’s eyes widen in realization and Tony barely stops himself from backpeddling.

“Two things Tones. One, comparing a person to art is a little offensive. Just Saying. Like King T’challa is a person he’s not just there for your viewing pleasure.” Rhodey starts, and Tony blushes sheepish at the gentle scolding. “Two, he doesn’t hate you, why would you think that?”

“I have a list!” Tony defends, choosing to ignore the valid point that his attempt at bullshit was mildly offensive to focus on the invalid point that T’challa doesn’t hate him. Because he does. Tony knows this for a fact.

“Of course, you do.” Rhodey mumbles, as Tony scrambles about for his Stark phone to apparently pull up a list.

“Okay well first, there’s the fact that he’s housing Cap and Squad. Like they have to be talking shit about me all the time, and if they’re friends with him he’s gonna hate me.” Tony explains, adamant. Rhodey shakes his head, and pats Tony’s shoulder comfortingly. “Then there’s the fact that they probably told him I’d try to buy his affection because he doesn’t trust me to pay for anything.” Tony scowls at the memory of their last meeting to talk about the accords. T’challa had absolutely refused to allow him to pick up the tab and it stung.

“Or maybe he has more money than you and can pay for his own stuff.” Rhodey mumbles, unimpressed by Tony’s logic.

“And, and, and, every time we meet for the Accords he always stares at me like I’m going to do something wrong Rhodey. I know they probably told him I was a backstabber.” Tony says, and his mind flashes back to Clint’s jab. “He doesn’t trust me.” Tony mutters, and Rhodey’s heart breaks for the ridiculous sad sack of a man in front of him.

“And here I thought I was staring at you because you’re so beautiful.” T’challa purrs from the door. The door which Rhodey would have been able to see that bastard. Tony shoots his friend a betrayed look. Rhodey looks away and whistles innocently rocking forward in the braces. “After all, why wouldn’t I focus on my date?” T’challa asks before Tony can decide whether or not to tackle Rhodey.

“Date?” Tony absolutely does not squeak, he is manly and he asks the question with dignity thank you very much Rhodey.

“Well of course, we’ve been dating for a month now, today’s our anniversary.” T’challa explains, and Tony’s jaw drops. They were dating? This whole time? He thought T’challa just wanted to meet about the accords.

“Oh gosh, I didn’t get you a gift.” Tony blurts, embarrassment flushing his cheeks. T’challa laughs beautifully, and Tony’s stomach drops out at the sight.

“That’s okay love, seeing as how you didn’t know we were dating I won’t hold it against you.” T’challa assures. Tony is weirdly relieved at the assurance that he hasn’t managed to ruin the relationship he didn’t know he was in. “I did however get you a gift.”

“You didn’t have to do that.” Tony replies, blushing when T’challa strides forward to kiss his cheek and pushes a small bundle of black fur into Tony’s arms. Which Tony definitely noticed prior to that moment. He just didn’t think it was important okay. The cat king carried a cat it wasn’t that weird, and it’s not like Tony was distracted by the fact that he was dating a king or anything.

“Of course, I did, as King, if I want to court you properly I have to provide you with gifts, and there is no greater honor than that which a cat can give.” T’challa informs Tony, who is stroking the little ball of fur with a shocked look on his face. The cat purrs. “She likes you.” Rhodey quietly exits the rooms, leaving them to their moment.

“Does she have a name, or do I get to name her?” Tony asks, rubbing the kitten’s ears gently. The kitten paws at his tie, and Tony pulls it loose so she can better play with it.

“She’s yours to name love.” T’challa assures him. Tony blushes bright red, and T’challa leans in bold in the face of Tony being adorable, and presses a soft kiss to his cheek. The kitten makes a swipe for his tie and Tony turns an even brighter red.

“Pantera.” Tony whispers. “It’s Italian for panther, to remind me of both you and my madre.” Tony explains, turning towards T’challa with a soft smile on his face.

“A beautiful name.” T’challa replies, and Tony leans up onto his toes, kitten held gently in his arms, and presses a kiss to T’challa’s lips.

Seventeen reaction to you being a celebrity and mentioning that you like them in an interview

S.coups and Joshua: He would be really surprised that a celebrity liked him. He wouldn’t stop saying thank you and would try his best to calm down his smile. His smile would be so undeniably big that he wouldn’t be able to take it off of his face.

Jeonghan and DK: He would be really shocked as well, but would feel really honoured that you happened to mention that you like him in an interview. His cheeks would be hurting so much from smiling but, he wouldn’t be able to stop.

Hoshi and Dino: At first he wouldn’t fully process what had just happened, but once he did, he would be speechless. When he got over the initial shock he’d try to do something to cover the fact that he had his mouth wide open in shock a few seconds ago.

Wonwoo: He would have the biggest smile on his face, and he’d be trying to hide the blushing on his cheeks. Though, he’d say thank you and probably say a little message back to you if he was filming.

Mingyu and Seungkwan: He would beso happy a celebrity mentioned that they like him. He’d be really honoured and you;d be able to tell by the smile on his face. He would take any chance that he had to mention to other that a celebrity mentioned that they liked him in an interview.

Jun: He’d have a more silent approach to this rather than initially freaking out. Though, it would be pretty obvious that he got just a little flustered by this. It would be easy to tell, due to his smiling and blushing like crazy, while trying to hide behind a members shoulder out of embarrassment.

The8: He wouldn’t react too much at first, only because he didn’t exactly realize what he had heard yet. But, when he did, he would smile and say thank you. He’d try his best to control the smile on his face. But, it would be nearly impossible.

Vernon and Woozi: He would immediately cover his face because he’d be blushing so hard. He’d have this huge smile on his face and would kind of be in disbelief that a celebrity liked him.

The Ectomy (a poem)

The Ectomy
I awake to find a long line
of stitches across my chest
and before I can sit up
a nurse tells me to lay
back down, they have
successfully removed
the poet from inside
and I’m expected to
recover fully.

Apparently during the night
it grew inflamed, either with
love or invective, I can’t
remember which, in fact
I can’t even remember
calling for an ambulance,
yet here I lay, white and
wasted under a cool sheet
with my clothes nowhere
in sight,

the nurse smiling to
reassure me everything
will be alright but words
fail me when I open my
mouth to try and tell her
no, it will not be ok,
it will never be ok

Speak with a conscious tongue. Words are things that create conditions. Every time you open your mouth to speak, you release the energy force of your soul. Say only those things you truly wish to experience. Do not speak about what you do not want. When you speak, you must be fully conscious of what you are saying.
Wanting More | Part 10  (Luke Smut)

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You had been running over what you were going to say to Luke over and over in your head, practicing it until there was no way you could mess this up - desperate to not give him any excuse to drop you like the way you’d dropped him time and time again. 

Your heart was pounding in your chest as you walked up the steps to his front door, your hands sweaty as you curled one into a fist to knock on his door, and your mouth going completely dry as you heard Luke’s muffled voice call out ‘coming’, followed by heavy footsteps.

When he opened the door your mouth was already opened in preparation to speak, hoping you could get something out before he slammed the door in your face, a situation you were fully expecting to happen, but as soon as you saw him standing there with wet hair that was pushed off of his forehead with a few tendrils falling forward, and the flannel that you had stolen off of his floor time and time again hanging from his broad shoulders, you completely froze up.

Neither of you spoke, the silence extending until the tension was strong enough to become noticeable in the atmosphere. Running your eyes over the rest of Luke’s body you took in the sight of his black athletic shorts that you knew he only wore when he didn’t want to wear underwear, just the thought making you squeeze your thighs together. 

Continuing your path up his body you couldn’t help but notice the way the white shirt he had on underneath his flannel clung to his body, even becoming see-through in some places where he hadn’t dried off completely after his shower when he no doubt hastily pulled the shirt on his head. 

And when you finally reached his face you caught him dragging his own eyes up your body, making you sharply intake a breath when they landed on yours just as his tongue shot out, moistening his beautiful, pink, lips. Without a word Luke motioned for you to enter his place, and when you walked by him you caught a whiff of the fresh, oaky scent of his shower gel - a smell you found yourself wanting to be completely engulfed by. 

Before you could figure out what to do with yourself, you felt Luke’s presence behind you, his large hands running up your arms as he dipped his head closer to your own, “You came back.” He said, his voice husky in your ear. You only nodded in response as Luke ran the tip of his tongue over the skin of your neck, making a shiver run up your spine as goosebumps appeared all over your body.

“What changed?” Luke muttered, as he began suckling on a particularly sensitive part of your neck, causing you to let out a loud moan. It had been too long since you had last been intimate with Luke, and you were desperate to feel his skin pressed against yours, every inch of your body already lighting on fire wherever it was connected to his.

Flipping around you pressed your whole body flush against his, staring up at him from between your lashes, “Luke, I’d love to have this talk with you later, but right now the only thing I can think about is having you inside of me in one way or another.” His eyes darkened at your words, a smirk gracing his features as he walked the two of you back against the wall, his large hands pulling your hips flush against his.

You could already feel him pressing against you through the thin material of his athletic shorts, and you wanted nothing more than to feel the weight of him in your hand and on your tongue. Sliding your hand down to the waistband of his shorts you teasingly ran your fingers back and forth over the skin there, smirking as you felt his stomach muscles clenching, before dipping your hand into his shorts.

Pulling your bottom lip between your teeth as you focused on making Luke feel good, you only glanced up at him when you heard a groan come from his throat, and you were caught by surprise as he immediately crashed his lips to yours when you tilted your head up. His tongue immediately working its way into your mouth, as his hands ran up the sides of your body until his fingers were running back and forth under the curve of your breasts.

As you continued to luxuriously pump your hand up and down Luke’s shaft, you could feel him growing incredibly hard, to the point where you could feel the pulsing underneath your fingers. The thought of feeling him pulse like that against your tongue, remembering how you could always tell when he was just about to cum by how hard the pulses were, had you dripping, and sliding out of his grasp onto your knees in front of him.

He watched, completely out of breath, as you pulled down his shorts and stared up at him as you placed just the tip of him in your mouth. As you slid down farther, Luke moaned above you, placing both hands against the wall to steady himself and hanging his head from his shoulders. “Fuck Y/N.”

After working both him and yourself up until he was panting above you and you were whimpering around his cock, you gripped onto his hips and took a deep breath, slowly pushing yourself farther down onto him until he hit the back of your throat - making your throat constrict around his tip as he found purchase on the corner of his wall to grip on to.

“Keep going.” He said, his voice strained as he pressed out the words with his eyes closed tightly. You did as he said, taking a deep breath through your nose before you pushed further until your nose was pressed against his pelvis and his dick was snugly situated deep in your throat. 

“Fuck, fuck, fuck-” Luke continuously called out above you, his hand pounding against the wall with each curse as he struggled to maintain control. His thighs were shaking underneath your hands where you were rubbing light circles, and his cock was pulsing harshly on your tongue. 

When he dropped a hand to the back of your head, tangling it in your hair and holding you tightly against him, you couldn’t stop the moan that slipped out of your mouth - the vibrations causing Luke to let out a yelp. Glancing up at him, you could see it in the way his clear blue eyes were clouded over that he couldn’t hold it off any longer. 

As you pulled back you swirled your tongue around him, and with the sounds he was making above you made you unable to stop yourself from slipping a hand between your thighs and running it through your wet folds. Luke took notice of what you were doing, “Oh god, are you touching yourself?” He said, his voice shaking in desperation.

When you nodded up at him, he completely lost it. His hips bucked, fucking your mouth as he started to release the first few streams of cum into your mouth. You sucked your cheeks in, making a tight cave around him, working the rest of his release from him as he stilled inside of your mouth, your name repeatedly falling from his lips. 

When you were sure he was finished, you stood up carefully sliding between him and the wall as aftershocks continued to wrack his body. You wrapped your arms around his waist, underneath his flannel and buried your face against his chest as he mimicked your actions. 

“Luke,” You said hesitantly, unsure if he would even be able to understand your words from your spot against his chest. He only hummed in reply, the vibrations tickling your neck in the process, making you squirm and him smile against your skin. You hesitated before you spoke again, the silence dragging out as the nerves came back full force, “I want this.”

Luke pulled back, his face twisted in confusion, “Sorry babe I couldn’t understand you, what’d you say?”

You pulled your arms out from his flannel and bit your lip, glancing down at the floor before remembering that Luke didn’t have any pants on. The sight brought a grin to your lips, and before you could stop yourself a giggle fell from your mouth.

“Are you laughing at my flaccid dick?” Luke asked, tilting your head up so he could look in your eyes. His voice was serious, but the ways his blue eyes were shining told you he was joking. You shook your head no, but you couldn’t stop the small smile from pulling across your lips. “You totally are!” Luke said, pointing accusingly at you with that gorgeous smile spread across his cheeks. “As the person who put him in this state you have no right to laugh at him, he just doesn’t have the same recovery time as he once did-”

As Luke continued on his rant, you could feel the smile on your face growing, until you were smiling so big it legitimately hurt your cheeks. All the fear and nerves from earlier had completely vanished, and as you watched Luke continue to rant about the sorry state of his penis, you couldn’t wait any longer, “I want this.” You said.

Luke paused mid-rant, glancing back at you, “What?”

“I want this Luke.” You gestured between you and him, “I want us, and I know that I’ve been flaky and totally unfair to you, but all that nonsense that was holding me back before, it’s completely gone.”

He was still standing completely still, his eyes wide and his mouth slightly open. You could feel the nerves coming back, and the sinking feeling in your stomach came back as you spoke again, “And I totally understand if you want nothing to do with me, because I did ditch you numerous times, before calling you a man-whore and then going out with your best friend. But I just thought you should know that I do want this, I want there to be an us.” You paused once more, waiting for him to say something.

As the silence stretched on you took that as your answer, walking to the door desperate to escape the situation. But just as you reached the door handle Luke’s voice broke the silence, “Where are you going?”

“Umm, home?” You said meekly, too embarrassed to look him in the eyes.

“Nuh-uh, you’ve walked out on me one too many times, get back over here.” Luke said, a brilliant smile lighting up his features. You hesitantly walked back over to him, and when you were stood in front of him again he gestured towards you, “Now, please say that again so I can properly respond rather than be so shocked that the only girl I’ve ever felt something more for than lust wants to be with me too, that I stand here like a complete doorknob with his pants down, unable to speak.”

The butterflies were going crazy everywhere in your body as you listened to Luke’s confession, and you couldn’t stop yourself from wrapping your arms around his neck as you told him again, “I want us.”

Luke leaned forward as he brought his hands up, cupping either side of your face, “There’s nothing I want more in this world than to be with you.” He said quietly, before capturing your lips in a loving kiss, but before you could deepen it Luke pulled back with a look on his face like he was thinking incredibly deeply about something, “Except for maybe to make you scream my name so loud everyone will know you’re mine.”

You smacked his chest, “Way to ruin the romance, Luke.”

“Babe, get used to it.” He said, throwing you a wink before gripping the back of your thighs, encouraging you to jump up and wrap your legs around his waist. “Now, as my first official act as boyfriend, I’m going to repay you for that lovely blowjob.” 

You let out a loud laugh, throwing back your head, and as Luke walked you to his bedroom you couldn’t think of anyplace you wanted to be rather than here, anything you wanted to be doing rather than this, or anyone that you wanted to be with rather than Luke.

You had everything, and there was nothing more that you wanted. 

A/N: Sorry for the cheesy ending lmao, but I hope you all liked it and after I make it through this round of exams (which i should probably be studying for) I need help deciding which series to continue writing first! So let me know here, if you want me to continue writing Skater Boy or Broken Home next :)

I haven’t written words in a while. I haven’t journaled much either. When my audience is me, I don’t really know my thoughts anymore. 

Some days, words just roll around in my brain and make their home in the corners of my thoughts – truths, lies, funny things, dumb things. Some days, I open my mouth and nothing comes out. The words stop, they feel false, unimportant, or too fragile to bring into existence. Other days, they just fall out, emerging from nowhere, fully formed in sound before they’ve even been formulated as thought. Does that make them more honest, more true?

At the end of a heavy, heavy season, I’m not so naive to think that everything would be better, that the sun would shine and the clouds part. What I didn’t expect was the deep refining that God still desired to do, the way that the struggle would transition and transform. 

“Show me something good” – a prayer I had forgotten how much I used to pray until those words fell out the other day. Obviously, that carries with it questions of perspective of goodness, of my thankfulness or great lack of it, and many other things. Yes, I know. But for a long time, what is “good” has also been hard and difficult and testing and disciplining and sad. For once, I want something good, but I also have no more concept of what that could look like. I have little stock in my own perception of goodness. And perhaps that is g o o d.

I don’t know how long this season will be. I don’t know the length of my season here in this place. I don’t know the purpose of this season. I have my guesses, and I see glimpses of what God is doing and what he is readying in me. And when it comes time for it to be made clear – or for those steps of faith – I hope that I can not only say that what God gave me is good, but it is the best, and that I will be thankful for it.  

The Mind’s Starvation

By the Light, the nausea was becoming too much. Rolling quickly out of bed, I make my way to the lavatory not even caring that the door was open at this point with a hand over my mouth. Pregnancy filling fully setting in as I can’t help but purge everything I had in my stomach, even if it was little. Coughing, gasping and even crying just from the constant heaving for a solid hour. With my back against the wall, I tilt my head toward the ceiling while trying to calm my body down. Constantly swallowing and breathing abnormally with a hand over my stomach. ‘When will this part stop?’ I ask myself with a groan. After a time, I pull myself from the floor and move toward the shower to at least wake up more without the constant sickness. 

After the shower, I manage to dry myself off and move into the bedroom. However that nausea still linger, just not the extent as it had before. I manage to dress myself into a loose fitting shirt with no leathers feeling it would only press on my stomach even more.Laying down on my side, I curl up and fall silent to see the empty side of the bed where Garren would normally be. I close my eyes and turn to the other side facing the nightstand. Holding my head, I could feel the sting of tears setting in them the more I thought about our time in the cave, coming to the Marche, that pain he felt, wanting to spare me from feeling it. 

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Can Jin actually, comfortably, fully close his mouth?

Even when his jaws are shut, his mouth is usually still open. It could just be to show off his sharp teeth, but those teeth actually look unusually long; even compared to Lui’s and Xhaka’s, which are also filed sharp yet still seem to be a normal length. Lui and Xhaka have no problem keeping their mouths completely shut for more than just a second, but Jin almost never does.

Maybe Jin’s wearing caps. Those can be uncomfortable if they’re too long, or otherwise poorly-fitted.

Flush of Fate - Chapter 3

Ship: Nalu

Story Type: Multi chapter, humour (I hope)

Characters: Natsu Dragneel, Lucy Heartfilia, Levy McGarden, Erza Scarlett

Summary: Have you ever been stuck in a room with someone you hate? Try being stuck in a bathroom with that person…while the party of the year is happening downstairs.

| | Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3 | Chapter 4 | Chapter 5 | Chapter 6 | Chapter 7 | Chapter 8 | Chapter 9 | Chapter 10 | Chapter 11 |

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I will never forget the artists’ reaction to 2ne1 on MAMA. [CONT.] Red Velvet watching their sunbaes for the first time on stage in pure awe. f(x) Luna waving her arms about in support and Amber tweeting about 2ne1 after the show. BTS Namjoon fully focused (and putting on his sunglasses when CL got on stage because he knew it was gon be fire lol jk), J-Hope with his non-stop fist pounding in excitement, Suga and his low-key clapping, Jin and his high-key clapping, Jimin silently taking notes, Jungkook and his open mouthed reaction to Bom bowing. And of course, our lovely V, who couldn’t hide his emotions the entire performance. Lastly, iKON, though do I have to say anything about these lovable guys? They were gushing throughout the whole performance. Haha. They can stay silent about that night all they want, but the looks on their faces will forever be engraved in my mind.

@redeyestakewxrning from [x]

His eyes widened and he yanked his hand away, and he was torn between being shocked or cracking up…so he settled on both.

“Hot damn, Kim,” he cried, mouth twisted in a grin, “No need to get so violent.”

She feels her teeth scrape against his hand, her mouth clenching shut when he fully retrieves his hand. A deep frown forms on her features before she opens her mouth again to speak.

“No need to get touchy, either, but here we are.” She spits.