is the most canon paring on this show

I don’t get involved with the shipping preferences of others, I ship and let ship.

However, I’ve found the aggressiveness of the Jonsa shippers quite befuddling. You do realize your shipping a crack ship, right? Which is perfectly fine, we all have them but we are aware of it and ship the for the fun of it. The Jonsa ship has no textual evidence and no real show evidence. Kit and Sophie had good chemistry together, that doesn’t make it a ship. And it most certainly does not make it canon.

The meltdown going on right now over the reddit leaks is kinda crazy. The leaks themselves for the most part are a load of crap but they are not wrong in their pointing out of the emanate paring of Jon and Daenerys. That’s a ship with a shit load of textual evidence and series evidence. Now, that’s my preferred ship but I know it’s not canon until it happens.

Martin is a very methodical writer, non of the twist we have seen have come out of nowhere, if you go back you can find all the clues for Ned’s death, the Red Wedding, Jeffrey’s death, etc. If something is going to happen you better believe he’s laid down the bricks for it. And so have Dan and Dave, who have referred to Daenerys and Jon as ice and fire.

“A blue flower grew from a chink in a wall of ice, and filled the air with sweetness. …mother of dragons, bride of fire …”

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no, what i'm saying is that refusing to do gay icons for characters just because they've dated someone of the opposite gender before is dumb. if they're canonically bisexual such as with korra, then it's fine, but most of the time you use the fact that a character showed interest in someone of the opposite gender (i.e. corrin, for example. it differs for each person, there's no canon parings for them) as a reason to completely deny any other icons, and it's honestly homophobic.

You realize that most of the time the word is not used and bisexuality is expressed by having interest in multiple genders, right? Corrin is just as valid a bisexual as Korra. Once again: what you are asking us to do is erasure. It’s invalidates bisexuality by treating it as a phase unless it meets your arbitrary standard. And no, it’s not homophobic to stand up for canon bisexuals. No amount of arguing will make me okay with bi erasure.

“I hate how they ignore the canon and make characters gay just to please the shippers!! They’re just doing it for the fanservice!”

I’ve read so many comments similar to this one on FB and YT. I just wanted to say something; nygmobblepot was not the most popular slash ship. I think that award goes to gobblepot (Jim/Oswald).

So if they made any Gotham slash paring canon just “to please the fandom” I don’t think they would’ve chosen nygmobblepot. I also shipped gobblepot in earlier seasons before Ed and Oswald got more interaction (and after Oswald’s confession I have a feeling our little bird had at least a slight crush on Jim).

Furthermore, even though I love nygmobblepot with all of my heart we have to realise that compared to other shows we are a small shipping fandom. Look at Voltron for example! That show came out this summer - is not even a year old - and it already has so much ff:

And let’s not forget the biggest queerbait ship in the history of television, Destiel (and that’s only AO3 - there is also a shitload of it on sites like

So no, dear homophobic Gotham fans, the show did not make nygmobblepot canon just to please us. They made it canon (or at least made Oswald confess) because the writers saw that the relationship progressed very nicely and naturally. And the actors absolutely adore it too, you can sense the chemistry and spark whenever they are in a scene together. 

Sometimes when you’re writing something, some characters just naturally fit together - even if you originally didn’t plan it. And I think that’s what happened here. The creators saw the potential and sensed the amazing chemistry and decided that this was too good not to evolve into something more.

They made it canon because it fits the characters in this universe and not for “cheap fanservice”.