is the leader of the best band in the world

Welcome to the fandom of Gorillaz! The band ‘Gorillaz’ are a British virtual band created by Blur’s lead singer Damon Albarn and Tank Girl comic illustrator Jamie Hewlett in 1998. The band is made from four fictional characters, 2-D (Lead Singer, Keyboardist), Murdoc Niccals (Bass Guitar), Noodle (Guitar) and Russel Hobbs (Drums and Percussion) . They were created from Albarn’s and Hewlett’s outlook on celebrity culture, this was sparked when the two of them were watching MTV.

“If you watch MTV for too long, it’s a bit like hell – there’s nothing of substance there. So we got this idea for a cartoon band, something that would be a comment on that.” - Jamie Hewlett  

The Gorillaz’s universe, characters and storyline is explored through the band’s website, music, autobiography, interviews and short cartoons made in 2001, these are known as a ‘G-Bite’. This was Jamie’s way of showing fans the Gorillaz world.

Name: Murdoc Faust Niccals.

D.O.B: June 6th,1966. Stroke-Upon-Trent, England.

Height: 5′10′’

Murdoc was dumped on his father’s doorstep and went on to a very physically and emotionally abusive childhood. It has been proposed that his bullying attitude and sour personality were due to his upbringing. Sebastian Jacob Niccals, (or Jacob Sebastian Niccals, depending on who’s asking) was a drunk who verbally abused and exploited his Murdoc and Hannibal, Murdoc’s older brother. The local pub had a talent show that Murdoc was often forced to participate in so he could win his father drinking money. In one performance Murdoc was made to dressed up as Pinocchio and sing “I’ve Got No Strings”. It was after this horrific event that Murdoc decided to pursue a career as a performer and musician, swearing that he would never go on stage under the influence or direction of someone else. With great passion and determination, Murdoc was set to creating the best band in the world. He is known as the womaniser, satanist, drunk, dark-minded genius, self-proclaimed leader and drive of the group.

Name: Stuart “2-D” Pot.

D.O.B: May 23rd, 1978. Hertfordshire, England.

Height: 6′2′’

Stuart was brought up in Crawley by his father David Pot, mechanics and owner of a local fairground, and mother Rachel Pot, a nurse. Though Stuart wasn’t intelligent or bright as other children his age, he was very kind, warm and had a strong passion for film and music. At the tender age of ten, Stuart accidentally fell out a tree, making him temporarily loose all of his body hair. When his hair finally returned, it was a strong electric blue, adding more attention to the young man. At the age of nineteen on August 15th, 1997, whilst working as a Saturday Boy at Uncle Norm’s Organ Emporium, a Vauxhall Astra crashed through the front of the shop, driven by Murdoc, and landed on Stuart. This accident caused Stuart’s right eye to be pushed back into his head. After learning that Murdoc intended to steal instruments from the shop, the court sentenced him to community service and to take care of the vegetated Stuart. Due to Murdoc’s continuous reckless behaviour, Stuart was once again victimised when he was thrown through a car windscreen, causing his left eye to be pushed back. His dark image, singing voice and music ability was enough for Murdoc to want him in his band. Nicknamed after the “2 Dents” in his head, Stuart was reborn 2-D and was to join the band.

Name: Russel Hobbs

D.O.B: June 3rd, 1975. Brooklyn, NY.

Height: 5′9′’

Russel was very well know for his good, soft-spoken and respectable manner as a child. He attended the School For Gifted Youngsters in NY, but was expelled after attacking several students while possessed by a demon. He fell into a coma for the next four years, at the end of which, the demon was finally exorcised from his body by a priest. He returned to school in Brooklyn, where many of the students were gifted in Hip-Hop and Rapp music. In a drive-by shooting, all of Russel’s companions were killed, and their spirits came to reside in his body, the most prominent being Russel’s best friend ‘Del the Ghost Rapper’. For his own safety, Russel flew to Soho, London, and worked in Big Rick Black’s Record Shack. After Murdoc and 2-D established the band and began to write music for the debut album, Murdoc set out to find the next link in the chain, the drummer. After hearing rumours about a one-man rhythm king who was possessed by the dead, Murdoc instantly wanted him in his band, and even want as far to kidnapped Russel from the store. Back at Kong Studio’s, the first home of Gorillaz, the music they played Russel was good enough to keep him there. He is the heart and soul of the band and is known as the Hip-Hop Hardman.

Name: Noodle

D.O.B: Octorber 31st, 1990. Osaka, Japan.

Height: 5′1′’

Noodle spent her childhood in Japan as a subject of a classified Japanese super soldier project under the management of the Japanese scientist, Mr. Kyuzo. Noodle, along with the other children were trained with the sole purpose of fighting as soldiers of the Japanese military and government. After the children were deemed too dangerous and unstable for combat, the project was scrapped. Mr. Kyuzo was then ordered to dispose of all possible traces of the failed experiment, as well as its participants. After killing the other children, Kyuzo was reluctant in killing Noodle. After temporarily clearing her memory of the project, Kyuzo smuggled Noodle to the United Kingdom in a FedEx crate and falsely reported her death. Noodle was the last band member to be recruited and arrived at Kong Studio’s in 2000 inside a large FedEx crate, shortly after Murdoc had put an advertisement for a guitarist in the magazine NME. Though she didn’t speak any English and was only ten at the time, her guitar skill got her the place within the band, replacing the old guitarist, Paula Cracker. She got her name from the only English word she spoke when meeting the trio, “Noodle.”

The three main albums, “Gorillaz”, “Demon Days” and “Plastic Beach” all follow a storyline that is incorporated with Gorillaz. The album, “The Fall”, was released in 2010 shortly after “Plastic Beach”. This album was made whilst on tour. 

If you would like to know more I would recommend getting the Gorillaz “Rise of the Ogre” autobiography. You can buy it or read it for free online on a PDF file. It is such a good read!  

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Band AU Fic Tips.


- Person A of the OTP being the vocalist who constantly strains their voice, and person B being the exasperated throat-medicine buyer.

- Big brother plays the drums while little brother sticks to keyboard, and doubts that they will ever stop hearing the ‘Drums are not manly’ joke.

- 'Okay so you said that there was no way I could learn this rif so I practiced it all week and I was going to shove it in your face but I’m on the way to practice and your sitting on the pavement and you look like you’re about to cry and by God now I feel like a piece of shit for even thinking that’

- “I don’t /want/ to teach your ignorant ass how to play the bass but now I have no choice huh?”

- 'So I stage-dived and then your hand reached a rather inappropriate place and now you’re laughing pleASE STOP LAUGHING’

- Person A constantly having bleeding fingers after gigs, and person B having no idea what to do to help.

- One member of the group secretly loving Elvis and getting teased to hell when everybody finds out.

- Tour-gone-wrong when the small band end up hitchhiking across the country and playing on makeshift instruments made of rubbish on street corners just to get to the studio in time.

Tips from band member-

(1) When you stop playing, the amp gets switched off - it’s like a commandment. If you don’t switch it off, your ears are in for a world of hurt.

(2) Most of the time, bands don’t practice in typical 'mom’s garages’. In fact, all the bands I’ve ever been in are far, far cooler. The oldest member/leader of the band will often bring practice into their apartment for convenience, dealing with grumpy, stoogeish neighbours in moderation.

(3) Bands will also join in communities, booking paid gigs together and sharing resources and practice space. Some of the best friends I’ve ever made are members of other bands.

(4) I may have mentioned this above, but NEWSFLASH - playing the guitar/bass for hours hurts! An experienced guitarist will have hard skin on the tips of their fingers from years of playing, but if someone’s new to playing and is doing it for a continuous amount of time, fingers can ache and spasm, and be worn down the the point of blood.

(5) The same applies to playing the drums or keyboard/piano. When playing the drums, your shoulders can ache and strain, and damage to your ears often is a problem. Some of the more experienced drummers I know are even HoH, because of what they do. When playing the piano in a band, you are often constantly standing, shoulders hunched rather awkwardly, and finger cramps are also common.

(6) Stickers on instruments are a turn on.

(7) Bass players tend to be tall and silent.

(8) The most a band will get paid for playing a night at the pub is $40, so they’re not living the high life (especially when they have to divide money between members). As well as this though, they do have a good chance of selling some CDs at gigs.

(9) Electronic drum sets are a gift from God above.


Luhan ft. Suho : Thank You [Scenario; Slight Angst]

“Hello?” You answered the call from an unknown number. Your breath hitched when a familiar voice came from the other end, “Hey!”

Your eyes widened, heart palpating as you gulped with your fingers enclosed around your phone tightly.

It can’t be…

“J-Joon Myun?” Your voice was so fragile and soft that it made him reply with, “Yeah! You remember me?” You didn’t answer as you kept silent, not knowing how or what you should reply.

“Can we meet up? I… I need to talk to you about something.”

“Sorry, wrong number.” Was all you replied before you hung up, putting your phone down on the table where you stared at it weirdly. You swallowed hard, eyes focused on the screen where your phone came to life again because of another incoming call – it was Luhan this time. You sighed in relief, a hand reaching for the phone where you wanted to answer but a knock came from the door. Before you could answer the call, it had came to an end. With that, you paced towards the door where you opened it, only to be stunned when Luhan was on the other end with a sheepish smile. “Hey you.” He breathed out cheekily, entering where you closed the door as he took off his shades just to look at you happily.

He noticed how you weren’t happy, he noticed that little frown you had when you saw him.

Was it because of him? Did he come at the wrong time?

“H-Hey, what’s wrong?” He questioned carefully, walking towards you where he patted your shoulder.

You licked your lips nervously, closing your eyes where it made Luhan sigh. “C’mon now. We promised no secrets. I may be a guy but I will understand…” He reasoned out, causing you to sigh when you mumbled, “Joon Myun called…”

Luhan’s eyes darkened, “That Suho guy from EXO-K?”

With your eyes closed, you nodded once. “Is he bothering you again? I thought we settled this the last time? Do I need him to fucking punch him in the face to remind him not to hurt you again?”

You shook your head with a small whimper, arms spreading out where you silently asked for a hug. Luhan gave in as he resulted to pulling you into his embrace where he hugged you tight, stroking your head with a small frown – he never liked it whenever you were like this. “I… I just think he might want to see me, again…” You mumbled in his chest, making Luhan hug you tighter to assure you quietly, “I’ll be here. You know that.”

“It’s not that…” You croaked out, gently pushing him away by his chest where you looked up to Luhan. “He was my first love, Luhan. You know that…”

Before Luhan could say anything to tell you otherwise, you cut him off.

“And I know that I have you now. You have no idea how happy it makes me feel when you came into my life but…”

“Shh…” Luhan hushed you, bringing you back to his loving and warm embrace, “I understand completely. Don’t beat yourself up just to answer me.”

“It’s not that, Luhan. What if I-“

You couldn’t speak when he pulled away to look down on you with determination, “Fall in love with him again?”

There it was. Indeed, you were once in love with your best friend who is better known as Suho, the leader and oldest in EXO-K: one of Korea’s biggest and most famous Korean boy band in the world consisting of six very good looking boys. It’s not until one day, you saw on the news that your best friend was now a big time superstar and that he was dating one famous celebrity. She was gorgeous, and beautiful and not to mention, everything that you knew you couldn’t be even if you tried. You cried all night when he avoided you, not wanting to meet up with you secretly like how he usually would. He ignored your messages and your calls – it broke you to pieces.

Not until one day, Luhan, came into your life. He was this ray of sunshine that gave you hope that love, was still possible for a broken girl like you that was in love with her best friend for six years. For six years of tormenting yourself, feeling alone and lost when Suho went ignoring you, Luhan came in out of nowhere like magic to be your Prince Charming.

Not to mention, he was also the guy that stood up for you and protected you when fangirls thought that you were coming in between Suho’s relationship with his girlfriend. They were downright mean and hateful but because of Luhan, you were able to get through it all. However, Suho still doesn’t know what happened in your friendship with him. He is still so oblivious to what happened that he didn’t know you have been hurting, that you have been crying.

He didn’t know he broke his own best friend.

Because of that, you avoided him with all you’ve got with him doing the same to you. And with Luhan by your side, it was a bit easier.

“I’ve said it before, baobei.” Luhan whispered, hands moving up to frame your cheeks as if you were the most delicate and fragile thing in the world that he would want to protect for the rest of his life. “If you ever come to love another man, if you ever find happiness with someone else that you can’t find with me, I’ll…”

You knew you didn’t love Suho anymore when you felt a deep pang the moment Luhan said, “I’ll let you go.”

You held your breath, eyes blinking at Luhan rapidly as they were glossy – how could you ever let go of Luhan?

“Don’t cry on me.” Luhan chuckled, thumbs caressing the under of your eyes lovingly. “Please don’t cry. Especially when it’s me who should be crying.” Luhan rasped, voice growing weak just thinking about how it’ll be like to let go of his first love. Indeed, Suho was your first love but to Luhan, you were his first and only love. It may look like it was easy for him to mutter the few words that allowed you to be with someone else; another man, but to him, it was the hardest thing he could do.

But… as long as you were happy, as long as you didn’t cry and as long you found true love; that was all that mattered to Luhan.

“I’m… going to go now, baobei. Can I ask for one thing before I go?”

“But you just got here…” You whispered, arms hugging around his waist meekly when you thought he was going to pull away. He sighed and dipped down to whisper on your lips lovingly, “I know but… I’m giving you time to think. Whether you love me or… if you love that Suho guy. Of course, I’d prefer for you to choose me but, if you really choose Suho over me, I’m willing to let you go just for you to be happy, baobei. Just don’t get yourself hurt.”

You swallowed hard, not being able to say anything when he brushed his lips with yours slowly, “Can I kiss you before I go?”

You gave him a nod instantly, bringing a smile to his face when he tilted his head up a little to let your lips meet pleasantly when he let you feel the amount of love burning from his heart that he portrayed in one, loving kiss that made your insides melt as you held onto him for support. His hands moved down to hold onto you by your waist tightly, not sure if this was the last kiss but if this was, he wanted to make it last. He tilted his head to the side, getting a better angle at kissing you. His hands brought you closer, making you gasp when you bumped into his chest and he took that golden opportunity to smirk against your supple lips, tongue entering your precious wet cavern where he reminded you of the reasons why you fell in love with him in the first place.

He was everything he could give to you when Suho couldn’t.

It all came to an end, it was all crashing down when Luhan broke the kiss. You winced and chased for his lips, zealously initiating a kiss again that made Luhan chuckle into the kiss when you abruptly started kissing him again. Luhan complied well, kissing you back with his arms snaking around your waist to hug you tight. He pulled away again, making you frown with Luhan giving a kiss on your forehead. He lowered down to meet your eyes, “Make sure you make the right decision, baobei. I love you so much.”

Before you could tell him to stay, he had reached over for his shades where he held onto it weakly before he heartlessly walked out of the door without saying goodbye.

Not because he didn’t want to – because he couldn’t. He couldn’t bear to see the face that he might never see again and if it was possible, he wanted to erase the image of you in his mind if he wasn’t your first choice.

You let out a soft scream when your phone vibrated out of nowhere in the quiet apartment. Your feet brought yourself towards the phone where it was him calling again. Joon Myun was calling once again.


His voice was stable, “I know I have the right number.”

You boldly replied, “So?”

He sighed, “I need to talk to you – meet me at the park tonight?”

As much as you didn’t want to, you had to settle this once and for all. You had to clarify something that was hidden and buried in your heart since the day Joon Myun walked out of your life. You needed to end things clearly and you wanted to be fully happy to your heart’s content.

Your lips parted to whisper a soft “Fine.” And with that, you wanted to switch off your phone but because you could even do that, a text message popped in from Luhan.

Your heart skipped a beat when you opened the message.

‘No matter who you pick, no matter who you choose to love, I will still love you with my all. It seems ridiculous and stupid, but I guess I’m ridiculously stupid in loving you with the rest of my life. I’m still willing to let you go and I’m shaking as I type this, but I hope you choose honestly.

I love you, baobei. I hope you know that.
||From: Luhan♥

You smiled a little and read the message over and over again just to sigh when you didn’t switch off your phone. You put it in your pocket as you sat down on the sofa; you were clear on what you were going to do tonight.

“Is that you?” Your heart skipped a beat when a voice spoke up in the quiet night. You were leaning against the tree trunk that hid your presence but it seems like he could sense it as he walked towards you.

“It really is you.” He sighed dreamily when you were standing in front of him. He reached out to hold onto you but you took a step back, making him feel a tug at his heart when you looked at him with cold eyes. He lifted his cap a little just so he could look down on your perfectly but you were avoiding his eyes.

“H-Hey…” He breathed out quietly, “How are you?”

You shook your head, looking at him where you asked, “What do you want to talk about?”

He sighed when he could see that you wanted to get straight to the point and that was what he didn’t do when he moved to sit down on the nearby bench. He looked at you expectantly, patting the space beside him. With a small groan, you paced over to sit down beside him where he smiled at you. “How have you been?”

You gulped when you didn’t reply him, instead, he replied you.

“Well I’ve been good, until I realized that I lost my best friend.” Your eyes widened, peeking to look at him when you tilted your head to meet with his gaze. He broke the gaze when he stared up to the stars, “I noticed that being pushed into this open and public relationship was a wrong thing to accept. To feign my fans that I’m in this open relationship with someone that I didn’t love…” His eyes moved to look at you with a small frown, “I didn’t like it at all.”

Your lips parted when he was saying the things you’d never thought you’d hear.

He was in a fake relationship?

“I didn’t like how I had to stay away from the one I truly love. I didn’t like how I had to push away that one person that I wanted to be with just for the publicity. I hated it.”

“J-Joon Myun…” You croaked out uncertainly, a hand lapping over his that was on your shoulder.

“I’m sorry. I’m really sorry for making you cry, for breaking your heart, for avoiding you when all I wanted to do was see your face a little bit more everyday. Those days where you were not in my life, I hated it. I wanted to see you everyday but in the contract, it was stated that I needed to be in this fake relationship for two years and now that it’s ended, I want to be with you.”

His hands moved to frame your cheeks but this time, there was no spark.

Nothing connected.

“I want to be with you, only you. I just need a chance.”

You wanted to say yes. You wanted to say yes to the boy you’ve been in love with for roughly six years of your life now but there was no strong urge for you to agree on. This was the moment you’ve been waiting for in those six years you were in love with him but you couldn’t now.

You couldn’t say yes when you wanted to because this isn’t what you needed; this isn’t who you really loved because the way you looked at Joon Myun in the past, is the way you look at Luhan now. The way you used to feel so happy around Joon Myun, is the way you feel around Luhan.

Joon Myun was too late.

Your heart belonged to someone else.

“I’m sorry, Suho but I can’t be with you.” He frowned when you used his stage name on him.

This was the very first time you called him like this. “We promised you wouldn’t call me that.”

You scoffed and stood up, “And you promised you’d never make me cry.”

His lips parted, hands wanting to reach out to you but he knew better than to stay put and let you say your share.

“I was in love with you for six years. For six years you’ve been acting as if my feelings was nothing and as if they didn’t exist. When you were out there chasing your dreams as a superstar, I didn’t hold you back. When you told me you got accepted, I supported you. When you told me that you won your first award, I congratulated you. When you got into a relationship with her, with someone so perfect, I gave you my all in hoping you’d accept but for what? You didn’t appreciate it and now you’re telling me it’s all fake? What do you want me to believe from you?”

He shook his head almost too immediately, “No no no! Listen to me!”

“No you listen to me,” You deadpanned, making him shut up with his lips parted to say more but he couldn’t.

“I loved you so much, Joon Myun. I really did. But you lost me when you chose to lie to me about the relationship. You lost me when you said that you didn’t want to meet up anymore. You lost me when you chose this path of life ahead of you that you couldn’t even tell me the truth. You lost my love for you in the process and I’m sorry.”

His lips quivered as he stared down on you, lips closing to gulp with his fingers trembling.

“If that is all you have to say, then go. I’m sure you have training tomorrow and you need your sleep. Go, Suho.

You used his stage name on him again, it made his heart crack. As much as he wanted to stay, as much as he wanted to coax up to you, he couldn’t.

Not when you were so determinedly in love with another guy.

With a heavy heart, he gazed at you sadly before he brought himself away from you. Indeed, he wanted to try again but he knew he had no chance. Because the way you were clarifying your love for another guy was the way you used to clarify to the guys who wanted to hit on you that you loved him. Now he could see that another guy held a special spot in your heart.

You felt as if a heavy burden was released from your shoulders; as if everything was carefree that you could love Luhan with all your might now. That you could ensure Luhan that he was your happily ever after…-

“Ouch!” A small grunt came from the other side of the park and you knew that voice very well. He was spying on you again just like how he did the last time you went out secretly meeting Joon Myun. You remembered that Luhan would always come to spy and keep you safe in case any fangirls would come after you and it seems like this time it wasn’t any different.

You stifled a laugh, turning around where you cupped your mouth with your hands, “Come out, Luhan! I know it’s you!”

You hear him gasp as he wanted to run away when you heard the tree branch break.

“Now I definitely know it’s you! Don’t make me run after you!”

Still, he was trying to escape when you heard the leaves crunch.

“I’ll fall in the dark if I have to come after you!” You persuaded him successfully when he groaned loudly, you could vaguely see his head falling back - you definitely hit the jackpot, “Must you always use yourself as an excuse?! You know I can never leave once you put it that way!” He hollered from the other end where he made his way towards you. You laughed when he appeared in front of you with a huff but you hugged him tightly with your arms around his waist. He gasped when he felt how strong your grip was, but he hugged you back nevertheless.


“I choose you, Luhan.” You whispered in the quiet night, making his heart flutter as he exhaled shakily, “What?”

You leaned away to look up at him lovingly, your warm gaze and aura making him warm up in an instant, “I love you, Luhan. It’s you that I love…”

Luhan’s breathing got shallow as he tugged you into his arms again where he buried his nose into your hair, arms appreciatively hugging you. “Thank you, baobei.”

He pulled away to dip down, kissing your lips passionately. “Thank you for choosing me.”

Create A Band Asks!
  • 1: you’re a trainee in an entertainment agency; what is that agency and what are the pros and cons of said agency?
  • 2: who/what convinced you to join the agency you’re in?
  • 3: what is your personal idol back story? did your parents disapprove or support you?
  • 4: if you could create a band with any tumblr users, who would they be?
  • 5: what would your band name be and why?
  • 6: what would the name of your fanbase be?
  • 7: what would be your band chant/greeting?
  • 8: what would be your official band color?
  • 9: in your band, what position would you be? (i.e. visual, leader, main/lead vocal, sub-vocal, main/lead dancer, main/lead rapper, maknae, etc.)
  • 10: what would be your genre of music?
  • 11: would there be a story behind your band? if so, what would it be like? (i.e the story of B.A.P, Mato, and the Matokis)
  • 12: what kind of different concepts would your band do? what would be your favorite kind of concept?
  • 13: what kind of intense hairstyles/clothing styles do you think would look good for you and your band members?
  • 14: what would be the position do you think your other bandmates would be?
  • 15: what kind of nicknames or labels would you and your members have? (i.e. who would be the 4D one, the traitor, in charge of aegyo, village idiot, etc.)
  • 16: would each member have individual fanbase names? what do you think they would be?
  • 17: which band member do you think would be shipped with you most by your fans? why?
  • 18: if you were shipped with your bandmates, what would your ship names be?
  • 19: assuming you live together with your bandmates in a dorm, what chores would you be in charge of?
  • 20: who’s the best and worst cook in your band?
  • 21: who do you think would be the most difficult member to live with or has weird habits in your band?
  • 22: how would you spend your free time at the dorm?
  • 23: which member would be able to adjust the best or learn things the fastest?
  • 24: what kind of activities would your band do to bond at the dorm or when you’re not promoting?
  • 25: what does your band mean to you?
  • 26: outside of your band set positions, what do you think is yours and each of your members best quality?
  • 27: preform your position: if you’re a vocal/sub-vocal/leader, make an audio. if you’re a dancer, make a video. if you’re the visual, post a selca.
  • 28: would you write songs for your band? what are they about?
  • 29: would you make/help make the choreography for your band? what is the style?
  • 30: CONGRATULATIONS! YOU WON YOUR FIRST AWARD! where would you want your first award to be and how long do you think it took you?
  • 31: giving a small speech for winning your first award.
  • 32: your band has the opportunity to do a world tour, which countries would you like to go to?
  • 33: what special side shows/break times would you do to introduce your band at the world tours? (i.e. activities you would do during the concerts that aren’t necessarily part of the tracklist like just talking to your fans.)
  • 34: which bandmate would be best suited/most like in the foreign countries?
  • 35: your band has the opportunity to do a variety show based on your daily lives, what would it be like?
  • 36: how would you deal with fans who invade yours and/or your bandmates personal space?
  • 37: of what bands or languages would your band do covers on?
  • 38: what’s the best and worst part about being an idol?
  • 39: what does being an idol mean to you?
  • 40: if you could say anything to inspire your fans, what would you say?
  • 41: would you have social networks to speak to your fans or see what they’re up to? if so, which social network(s)?
  • 42: would you ever date a fan or an idol? does it matter to you?
  • 43: if you can do activities with another band (including the tumblr ones that were possibly created through this ask meme), who would they be and what activities would you like to do with them? (i.e photo shoots, a song together, or maybe even a drama.)
  • 44: your band has the possibility to do mixed sub-group album. create the possible different duets/sub-groups that could have at least one single in this album. if there’s more than one sub-group, would there be a group that has more songs or would it be all even?
  • 45: you have worked hard promoting with your band for months now, what would you and your bandmates do if you have the opportunity to finally take a break?
  • 46: would you promote your songs in other countries and different languages? if so, which ones?
  • 47: if you had the opportunity to promote by yourself (like being in a movie or drama), would you take it if it means you’d take a break from your band?
  • 48: as an idol, you don’t get to see your family or friends often. what would you like to say to them if you had the opportunity?
  • 49: what are some activities would you consider doing outside of your band? (i.e acting, mc-ing, a radio show, modeling, etc.)
  • 50: give some love and write a letter to each of your bandmates as if you were one of their fans!

“Constantly! Constantly. All of the above! But you know, that’s what’s great about it. There’s a brother thing going on there. We’ve been through so much together. He forgives me for my stoicism and my hard-headedness, and I likewise do the same with his flamboyance. I mean, he only hits me with the microphone like once or twice a tour. And he regrets it when he does! But it’s fun watching him, and it’s just not in my nature to do that. I suppose if it was up to me, we’d wear black suits and sunglasses and just stand there and play (…)”

67 years ago Demon of Screaming was born. The most colourful bird in the world, the most piercing voice. He’s the man whose lyrics and feeling can move every mountain and do it incessantly for almost 50 years. The walking charisma and truly visionary who once had a dream. Who had believed in all of his dreams and became a king. Who teaches us that all of us can do it and no matter who we are. ‘Cause there are only us and our visions. Strength.
All the best, Mr Steven Victor Tallarico aka Steven Tyler - world’s icon, toxic brother, leader ofthe best rock and roll band of America and one of the greatest music giant in the world.

“(…) Oh man, he definitely gets dressed in the closet with the light off.” ~ Joe Perry

hey. just a lil bit of something more serious that i have realized in the past few days.

all you marching band kids will know the struggle of getting leadership. it always passes through the mind at one point. but with the leadership in my band had always a slight stereotype…well…kinda. it was always percieved that only the good players were student leaders..and it still is. but recently, i had tried out for it, and got rejected unfortunately. lil o'l me did the whole ‘cry at home alone’ scene, and that i was useless part of my band. of course i vented out to my close friend and realized something. the person who got picked over me wasn’t a better musician than me. im not tooting my own horn or saying that they are crap, but in ensemble auditions ive always gotten the higher/more important part. which led me to discover this

please all of those who are trying out for student leadership or had gone already or are thinking about it, remember this.

student leadership does not 'entitle’ you a good player.

and i know some of you are gonna be a little butthurt about this, but its true. i know i am a decent musician, and i help out the music community in anyway i can because i want to major in music education and to teach music to students just like me and you, but i am just not cut-out to be a leader.

yes i did take conducting lessons to be able to further my ability to make the position of drum major or even section leader. my band director was actually impressed at my skills. but i was not picked.

because i am not a leader

and thats okay

so all of you out there who are stressing about these try-outs, or are sad about the turnout just remember, you can be the best musician in the world and be mozart, but leadership is more about being able to lead, and it doesnt connect with your talent as much as you might think

sorry for tagging you all but i really want this message to go somewhere

thanks for just reading this little *vent* of mine, and sorry it is very uncharactaristic of me to post this

FMA school AU where everyone’s happy and they all have parents and they are all students and teachers. Ed, Al and Winry are science whizzes and are way out of everyone’s leagues. Ling and Lan Fan and May are foreign exchange students that everyone loves and Ling has a twin called Greed.

Mustang teaches chemistry, Hawkeye teaches languages and maths, Olivier teaches gym with Izumi (they all die in gym btw)l, Hughes teaches history and is that teacher that always does charities and brings his cute daughter in all the time, Armstrong teaches art and tells about the beauty of the human anatomy every day.

Garfiel teaches auto and physics, Scar teaches world religions, Miles is a really friendly police along with Buccaneer. Sig owns a grocery store.

The homunculi are a band that’s called the Seven Sins and everyone loves them and they perform at the talent show every time. Also Envy is the hipster leader of the fashion club, Gluttony does the food club, Bradley is president of the fencing club, Lust does peer counselling, Greed is the treasurer of the student counsel, Sloth…sleeps in class a lot, and Pride is the student council president.

Father is the principal of the school and Hohenheim teaches chemistry and biology and they are best friends.


A Richonne Christmas

- This was a prompt from a STD member.  Rick catches Michonne wearing his shirt.


Michonne’s eyes opened wide in the darkness when she heard her name whispered sharply.  A hand touched her shoulder to shake her awake and she quickly turned over, muscles tensed just in case she was facing someone who shouldn’t have managed to slip into the safety of her home and her room within the walls of the Alexandria Safe Zone.

She relaxed, however, when she made out Rick’s figure holding a steadying hand out to her.  “It’s just me,” he whispered.

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special1004: .. I was shaking so much.. because the kids sing well and it’s a ballad concert so i will feel sorry if i ruin it ㅋㅋ Thank you to the band members too.. All the members isn’t around and we are singing Suju songs as 4 members so i was like what is this and my tears.. ㅠㅠㅋㅋㅋ I miss the kids..Come back quickly ~~.. Anyway, everyone has worked hard for KRY tour !!! Handsome !!^^.. [c]

Myers Briggs Types as Musicians

INFP: Thom Yorke (Radiohead)

INFPs are often band leaders or solo artists. Self expression is very important to them and they care deeply about the meaning and message in their music.

INFJ: Annie Clark (St. Vincent)

INFJs are creative and highly cerebral. They’re acutely aware of emotional energy as well as hidden meanings and connections and they’ll often write profound music that reflects this.


INTJs are deep-thinking, creative musicians. They have powerful intuition, which they apply to logical, results oriented thinking and their personal feelings, which they often keep hidden.

INTP: Jack White

INTPs are logical and unique. They tend to be very accurate, experimental and unusual as musicians. Many are inventors and innovators.

ENFP: Bruce Springsteen

ENFPs are creative, spontaneous and enthusiastic.They value freedom and self-expression and care deeply about people and animals.

ENFJ: Bono (U2)

ENFJs are highly empathetic and often find themselves in leadership or mentoring roles.They’re very creative and will usually seek to be a catalyst for positive transformation.

ENTP: Celine Dion

ENTPs are creative, spontaneous and logical. As musicians they’re often funny, unusual, clever and/or innovative.

ENTJ: Gene Simmons (KISS)

ENTJs are visionaries and talented performers. They take control of most situations and are very good at creative thinking and executing new ideas.

ISFP: David Bowie

ISFPs are often band leaders or solo artists.They’re very artistic by nature and their music often reflects themes of self-expression and sensory pleasure.

ESFP: Beyonce

ESFP musicians are physical performers.They live in the world of sensation. They’re guided by their feelings and prefer action to introspection.

ISTP: Keith Richards (The Rolling Stones)

ISTPs are some of the best technical musicians.They strive for accuracy and will often spend inordinate amounts of time perfecting their craft.

ESTP: Madonna

ESTPs are action-oriented sensation seekers.They’re one of the most physically talented types and they make for some of the most dynamic performers.

ISFJ: Kenny Chesney

ISFJs are detail oriented and traditional.They’re sensitive and caring people who
are most often found in Country, Bluegrass, Classical, Adult
Contemporary and Retro music genres.

ESFJ: Diana Ross

ESFJs are people-oriented performers.They tend to have an extravagant but
traditional sense of style. They love to perform and feed off the
emotions of their audience.

ISTJ: Alan Jackson

ISTJ musicians are loyal, hard-working and traditional.They’re most often found in Country, Bluegrass and Classical music and are rarely found in Rock, Pop or Rap music.

ESTJ: Frank Sinatra

ESTJs are take-charge no-nonsense performers.They’re traditional and as musicians they tend to be more performance oriented than creative.


December 27th 1988:

25 Years ago born a special girl in Meridian, she was  born with a special talent,and mission: Be one of the most greatest female voices of all times …25 years later We can say 100% sure, that SHE MADE IT!She’s not just a singer,or the leader of  one of the BEST BANDS ever! she is a person with a heart of gold,her personality is AMAZING, so unique,She inspired so many people around the world  even to me.. who knew it??

Thank you Joey Williams & Christie Williams

You brought to the world this BEAUTIFUL,PERFECT girl :


Happy 25th Birthday,you deserve the best!!! :’)

PS: Never forget The best things come in small packages

Beat The Drum: The Wrap-Up

Covers, Covers, Covers

What better way to start an amazing day of unique covers than to have Ball Park Music performing a wild rendition of Hoodoo Gurus’ 1985 classic ‘Like Wow – Wipeout’, complete with a helping hand from Gurus frontman himself, Dave Faulkner, busting out rock shapes like there was no tomorrow.

Vance Joy also worked in an iconic 80s tribute into his set, taking on Australian Crawl’s ‘Reckless’, with Bernard Fanning and #1 Dads/Big Scary’s Tom Iansek helping out with smouldering vocals and a beautiful guitar solo respectively. Just look at that heartfelt hug!

The Preatures squeezed two covers into their early evening set. Firstly,  ‘At First Sight’ by Perth band The Stems, “one of our favourite songs” Izzy told the crowd of the 1987 tune; “the year I was born: good vintage!” They were joined by Cloud Control’s guitar-toting Alister Wright and Heidi Lenffer, each adding vocal power to the tune.

The Sydneysiders then tackled Divinyls’ debut single ‘Boys In Town’, accompanied by Divinyls guitarist Mark McEntee as Izzy perfectly channelled the "late, great“ Chrissy Amphlett (who’s no doubt smiling down with approval from somewhere).

Sarah Blasko brought out Paul Dempsey to bring Crowded House’s ‘Distant Sun’ ”out for a special occasion.“ The original sounded great when it ranked at #60 on the 1993 Hottest 100, and it sounded even better in acoustic mode as Ms Blasko and the towering Something For Kate frontman traded vocal lines. Tingles? You betcha.

You Am I wrapped their muscular showing with ‘Young Man Blues’. They might not be the first group to give the Mose Allison jazz original a rock makeover – that honour goes to ‘70s titans The Who - but it’s never sounded as burly and brilliant as it did rumbling over the capacity crowd at The Domain.

Daniel Johns made music history when he showed up out of nowhere to perform Nirvana’s deathless classic ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’ - in a completely transformed piano and harp arrangement. Following a lovely intro from Midnight Oil’s mouthpiece Peter Garrett, Johns proceeded to make everyone lose their collective minds with his emotive take on Kurt Cobain’s classic.

Of all the bands Down Under capable of covering Kylie Minogue, you might not have predicted The Cat Empire to be at the top of the list but their interpretation of ‘Confide In Me’ was nothing short of incredible. Chiefly thanks to Owl Eyes swooping in to play the role of the pint-sized pop princess.

With a little help from their friends

Collaborations were a huge part of the Beat The Drum celebrations (heck, did you read any of the above?!?) and there were some truly special crossovers, pairing the most unlikely of Australian music all-stars together.

Case in point: rock vanguards You Am I told Lewis backstage they would “step outside of our genre comfort zone” and into the world of hip hop.

Helping them cross the threshold was Joelistics with the multi-talented MC joining You Am I on stage to bring his Blue Volume album opener ‘Say I’m Good’ to life on stage.

That cracker was followed by rolling out the red carpet for the Queen of Aussie rock, Adalita, for a rip-roaring version of ‘Jewels And Bullets’ (from 1995’s Hi Fi Way).

As if that wasn’t enough, Courtney Barnett then popped up – grinning and shredding her way through Hourly, Daily single ‘Mr. Milk’, a definite highligh in a day chockas with them.

As well as their stunning Kylie Minogue cover with Owl Eyes (see above), The Cat Empire squeezed in Remi too, performing the rap hero’s own ‘Saggin’, bringing major swag as he rolled his rapid fire rhymes over some James Brown worthy horns.

Kicking the party into the evening, The Presets crammed their set-list with special one-of-a-kind appearances. Hermitude brought their characteristic funk to ‘Ghosts’; Megan Washington imbued major passion to a classy ‘This Boy’s In Love’. Finally, DZ Deathrays brought the house down on the juggernaut ‘Are You The One’. We’d love to hear it all again but we fear we witnessed something that’ll never be repeated.

If there was a ‘Collaboration to end all Collaborations Award’, Hilltop Hods won it hands down. The Adelaide trailblazers delivered a re-worked version of ‘Cosby Sweater’, to 25,000 hyped up humans, complete with a cavalcade of hip hop royalty spitting top rhymes.

Supplying vocal acrobatics with MCs Suffa and Pressure were (*deep breath*) Illy, Drapht, Seth Sentry, Horrorshow, Thundamentals, and Tkay Maidza - plus a few recognisable gatecrashers. A history of Aussie hip hop in action and it never sounded so dynamic, daring, and legacy-making. 

Spine-tingling moments a-plenty

An audience with Gotye is always a special moment, but hearing him shorn of his textured bells and whistles is a particularly rare treat.

The multi-instrumental wonder was greeted by a very big, very loud crowd, only for him to bring it back to whisper quiet with an intimate take on ‘Heart’s A Mess’. With naught but a backing guitarist and auto-harp strumming, when Gotye’s voice hit those soaring notes, our heart’s were a mess… of fluttering feels.

Those shivers continued with 'Thanks For Your Time’, as Gotye’s ensemble grew to a five-piece as he conducted a lung-belting audience to sing the sampled vocals and textured beats. Euphoric indeed.

You Am I’s set was filled with eye-grabbing moments, from the glam back-up singers to Tim Rogers’ glitzy smoking jacket. The best 'did you see that!?’ came as Adalita arrived on stage with a bottle of white wine, had a ceremonious swig, then later took a daring dive over the barrier for a crowd-surf before floating back to the stage for a big finale.

Can we just say Izzy from The Preatures absolutely killed it. The Preatures have already played some of the biggest festivals in the world, and their frontwoman is now totally accustomed to growling, strutting, and stalking the stage like the most iconic of band leaders before her. Dressed in a slinky black number, she was lurching one moment, cosying up to her bandmates the next, and it was impossible to tear your eyes away from her bona fide rock star presence.

Speaking of stars in the making, get your horoscope pointed to Tkay Maidza. At 18, the femcee may have been the youngest artist on the bill but she more than matched her older peers in sheer talent and attitude. 'Switch Lanes’, 'U-Huh’, 'Brontosaurus’, her set is already a greatest hits in the making and Tkay looked just like a top billed festival act delivering it.

If you didn’t save enough energy for The Presets, you made a big mistake. Though one glance at the heaving crowd, it didn’t seem like anyone slipped up, nor could you see anyone not moving, so powerful was the Sydney electronic duo’s throbbing bass and sinister beats. The Domain stage, lit up with a multicoloured sheen of projections, shone like a beacon in the middle of a very sweaty rave. 

It didn’t take long into the Hilltop Hoods’ grandstanding set to understand why they were the perfect closer to the night. Orchestrating 25,000 people to clap, bounce, sway, scream, and sing an a capella breakdown of 'Won’t Let You Down’, they were in top form, pulling out all the stops with a live horn section, good mate Plutonic Lab on the drums, DJ Debris cutting and scratching like a pro.

MCs Suffa and Pressure formed an electric connection with the audience as they barrelled through a best of set-list that peaked with the hip hop showcase of 'Cosby Sweater’ - the kind of event that’ll never be repeated -  before bringing it home in spectacular fashion with the festival-sized 'Nosebleed Section’.

I’m so happy and proud for them.

When Yoongi was writing his letter, he wanted to win a daesang but he didn’t think it was possible. Now they have two… Album of the year and Artist of the year. These two awards has made Yoongi the happiest person in the world. This is a man who lives and breathes for music, he suffered a mental illness, he fought his way to get where he is now. Countless long nights at the studio make the musical we all love so very much. Yoongi is one of the most precious people in this world.

BTS are one of the best bands in the world. There isn’t anything they wouldn’t do for us. Junkook gives us extra songs that he’s recorded. Hoseok, Jimin and Jungkook give us videos of the dances they’ve made up in their spare time. Seokjin gives us lives streams when he’s the happiest, when he’s eating, seeing Seokjin happy and eating makes all of us ARMYs happy. Taehyun gives us silly little videos that he makes that brighten all of our days. Namjoon is the most deserving leader in the world, without Namjoon we wouldn’t have these amazing boys who we have loved since the day we saw them.

ARMY are proud to have BTS…